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Two weeks later, Enjolras and Jehan were walking along an old side-road near a forest, the poet's favorite walking trail. The blond student remembered his promise to take an hour off to go for a walk with Jehan, and to be honest, he was fully enjoying it. Jean's soothing, warm voice and the cool breeze were better than any medicine a doctor could procure, and he was breathing easier than he could remember ever doing in his life, even before his heart started acting up. Both he and the poet had discarded their coats a while back, and now Enjolras was so at ease he was even considering loosening his cravat and taking his hair out of the ponytail and goodness, it really was time for a haircut...

"I said aren't the clouds nice today, Julien?" Jehan's voice cut through the blond's thoughts, causing Enjolras to glance over at him quickly.

"Oh, yes," Enjolras chuckled a little. "I suppose they are. I'm afraid I don't usually notice things like clouds too much..."

"That's because you're always looking down!" Jehan laughed. "I do declare this must be the first time you've taken a walk in nature! Or at least, the first one that hasn't been taken just to get somewhere."

Enjolras ran a hand through his wind-blown hair. "Yes. I believe you're right."

"So, how are you feeling, Julien?" Jehan asked, stopping to pick a flower and lace it into his braid. "You're so much more robust than you were even last week."

"I feel fine, Jehan," Enjolras smiled. "Honestly. I really do. Practically my normal self again. Of course, my heart still bothers me from time to time, but it's nothing I can't handle, and I've learned to deal with it anyhow."

The poet returned his smile, sadly. "I still wish I could take away your pain, Julien."

The blond shook his head. "Jehan, please. Each of the Amis have said those words to me at least once this past month. The fact of the matter is, though, you can't. None of you can. But you can let me know you don't view me differently, or pity me, or want to replace me as leader of the Amis just because I have a little heart condition."

"One," Jehan wrinkled his freckled nose. "Of course we don't view you differently. Two, if you think we'd ever replace you, you're utterly mad. And three, I think we've basically established it's not a 'little' heart condition. It's something to be taken seriously."

Enjolras sighed, looking away. "Yes. You're right as always, mon ami. I suppose it was rather a...hinderance there for a bit, wasn't it?"

"Yes," Jehan nodded solemnly. "But Enjolras, aren't you glad that's done now? Now we can make sure it doesn't happen again, and life can go on as normally as before! Or, as next to normal as it was, rather."

The blond chuckled a little. "Yes. I suppose it can."

The poet stooped to pick another flower and, with a teasing smile, hooked it into Enjolras's blond locks. "Just admit it. The Amis were right. You need to take better care of yourself."

Enjolras bit his lip and nodded a little. "Yes...I admitted that to myself a long time ago. I'm just to pigheaded to admit it."

Jehan chucked. "Yes. That's one of you're more...dominating qualities." He stepped in front of Enjolras suddenly, then, and took his friend's arms in his hands. "But you're also kind, and selfless, and loyal, and smart, and very, very dear to an awful lot of people. So don't you forget that either."

The other revolutionary was silent for a minute before a beautiful smile spread across his marble face. "Thank you, Jehan. I'm afraid I forget those more redeeming qualities about myself sometimes."

"That comes with the selfless bit," Jehan said wisely. "You rarely think about yourself, or what you need or want. You don't demand the spotlight unless you're giving a speech, and then that's for someone else. For the people. You don't try and be the center of attention apart from when it's necessary for the cause, and you don't dwell on your own personal abilities and necessities. So it's up to the rest of us to make sure you remember just how special you truly are."

Enjolras offered him a weak smile, nodding. "Yes. Thank you for that."

The two continued on for a while in silence, comfortable in each other's company, occasionally stopping for Jehan to pick a flower and loop it into either Enjolras's hair, or his own. Usually, the blond would have protested bitterly against having his hair decorated with such silly things as flowers, but even Grantaire couldn't put Enjolras in a bad mood today. It was far too lovely out for that, and besides, nobody could be in a bad mood while taking a walk with Jean Prouvaire.

Eventually, Enjolras broke the silence. "Jehan?"

"Yes, mon fleur?"

"When the time comes...You all won't prevent me from fighting, will you?"

The poet was quiet for a minute before pressing his hand and smiling. "No. Of course not. That day is the day you live for, and stopping you from fighting would be the cruelest thing any of us could do. You're like an angel, mon ami. Put on this Earth to save unknowing victims, and ready to return Home when the time and day comes."

Enjolras smiled at him sadly. "Thank you, mon ami." He paused a minute before lightening the mood with a small laugh. "I definitely picked you correctly to lead the meetings while I was gone... You speak wonderfully."

"Thank you," the poet blushed. "I was... I am... very flattered." Jehan glanced down at his pocket watch. "Well, we best start heading back. Combeferre will have a panic attack if we're late...Think something happened to you again."

"Yes, I suppose we better," Enjolras nodded, slipping his coat back on. "And Jehan? Thank you so much for this afternoon. It's been lovely."

"Oh, it's been my pleasure!" the freckle-faced boy beamed. "Don't forget, we're doing it again Wednesday."

"I won't," Enjolras promised. "It's been nice actually...Taking a break. Even if just for an hour."

"Yes," Jehan chuckled. "I told you it would! Oh! And have you heard? There's to be a new boy at the meeting today! One of Courfeyrac's friends."

"Really?" the blond glanced over at the poet. "What's his name?"

"Marius something-or-another," Jean replied, ducking to avoid a tree branch. "If he has differing views than you, Enjolras, please, for all our sakes, don't get yourself worked up and argue with him."

"So long as he's not a Monarchist or Bonapartist, I think I'll be just fine," Enjolras chuckled warmly, ruffling the poet's hair. "Now come along. We're going to be late."

And with that, the beautiful poet and the revolutionary angel headed back once more to the Cafe Musain.

The End

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