Alright so explaining begins now. Hi my name is Forfun100 great to meet you nice top. Any way this story takes a few liberties not many don't worry. This one is short they won't all be like this I swear. So At the beginning the chapter name is the title of the song and in italics is the name of the artist, the underlined words are sung. Have fun my dear.

Les Miserables

The victors could never get anything done. They were useless to Coin, minus the fact they all had the most information on the Capitol than anyone.

Haymitch stood up during the meeting of the victors, "The time is near, so near it's stirring the blood in their veins! And yet beware. Don't let the wine go to your brains!"

"You're one to talk Haymitch!" Johanna laughed heartily slapping Finnick's back who was almost gagging at the joke.

He shrugged off their laughter and continued "For the army we fight is a dangerous foe."

"Danger? We all live for danger! Am I not correct my fellow victors?" Finnick asked around. Everyone cheered knowing that as far under ground and with that much alcohol in their systems A no one would hear them, and B they didn't care.

"Fin" Annie scolded knowing how Haymitch hated interruptions.

"With men and arms we never could match," Haymitch walked up to Finnick, "It is easy to sit here and swat them like flies. But the national guard will be harder to catch.

"We need a sign! To rally the people and call them to arms! To bring them in line!"

"Haymitch, what sign are you looking for exactly so I can hurry the shipment along?" Finnick caused an eruption of laughter.

"A sign that change is near." Haymitch sighed at his drunken friend. He was an alcoholic and therefore used to being drunk. So sadly, this meant he was hardly able to drink at all. His ever drunken appearance all an act of an old self.

"What the fuck does that even mean?" Johanna asked.

"Something or someone that tests the limits of the Capitol." He sat down, "Something big is going to happen and very soon. I can feel the revolution nearing."