The Pajama Game

While Katniss had successfully evaded the Careers, at the moment she was stuck in a tree with them waiting down below her.

Cato, frustrated with his immediate loss of a kill, dragged Peeta back to camp for some necessities while they waited her out.

Clove snickered up the tree, "You can come down now twelve! Lover boy doesn't have to see you die now."

"Whatever!" Katniss scoffed back.

Glimmer laughed, "Don't like the term lover boy do you twelve?"

Katniss didn't respond.

"Aw look at how cute she is, falling in love with that little weak-link." Marvel cooed.

"Hey I'm not in love with him!" Katniss shouted down.

"Yes you are!" Glimmer teased, "It's written all over your face."

"No it is not!"

"I think I can see a blush from down here." Marvel gasped playfully.

"I'm not-"

"Love comes to a little girl from twelve!" Clove laughed.

"I'm not... Love?" Katniss turned up her nose, "Are you nuts?"

"Some people can't tell when it hits them." Glimmer laughed.

"UGH!" Katniss crossed her arms and leaned down to look at them, "All you gotta do is say 'hello' to a man, and they've got you whispering in his ear. All you gotta do is be polite with him, and they've got you spending the night with him."

She swung her leg and rolled her eyes, "If there's a guy you merely have a beer with, they've got you setting the wedding date. It seems they've just gotta have some dirt to bend your ear with. So before you start I herewith state!"

The three below her laughed as they stared at her. Katniss shook her head, "I'm not at all in love, not at all in love not I. Not a bit. Not a mite. Though I'll admit he's quite a... Hunk of guy. But he's not my cup of tea, not my cup of tea. Not he. Not an ounce. Not a pinch. He's just an inch too sure of himself for me."

She was just about to turn away when Glimmer stepped forward with an odd little dance, "Well of course you've noticed his manly physique and that look in his eyes. Say I'm sure he can cut most any man down to size!"

Clove stepped forward and stalked around Glimmer, "He must be as fierce as a tiger when he's mad!"

Marvel put his hands on the two girls shoulders, "And I'll bet he cries like a little boy when he's sad!" The three of them awed and laughed for a moment.

Katniss huffed in distaste as she continued, "But I'm not at all in love, not at all in love, not I! Not a straw. Not a hair. I don't care if he's as strong as a lion or if he has the rest of you sighin'." Katniss paused as the three below her sighed dramatically. She found this ridiculous, "You may be sold, but this girl ain't buyin. I'm not at all in love!"

Glimmer, Marvel, and Clove all began to dance in a circle below her, "She's not at all in love, not at all in love oh no!"

Katniss leaned forward, "Not a pin, not a crumb."

The three laughed, "Must be the summer heat that gives her that glow! Cause she's not at all in love, not at all in love, she cries."

Katniss folded her arms, "Not a snip not a bite!"

"Must be the light from above here shining there in her eyes." The three below her began fanning themselves and swooning, "He's young and handsome and smart and we can't get over it!"

Katniss pointed to herself, "But this lady's heart he doesn't affect a bit!"

"It's easy to see that her daffy grin is the grin she always wears. And she's breathless because she ran up a flight of stairs!"

Glimmer laughed, "Obviously!"

Clove snickered, "Naturally!"

Marvel cocked his head to the side, "Certainly!"

Just then Peeta broke through the bushes. The four of them turned to stare at him with gaping mouths. He stared back unknowingly walking in on a song all about him.

"Um... Cato just wanted me to drop this off first." He said awkwardly placing some rope on the ground. He looked back up at Katniss with apologetic eyes before disappearing into the brush. Katniss kept staring at him without feeling a blush creep up on her face.

"Obviously!" Glimmer smirked pointing at Katniss gawking.

"Naturally!" Clove placed her hands on her hips.

"Certainly!" Marvel winked at her.

"HA!" She shouted grasping her attention. Katniss gasped in horror down below her. They all began again with their dance, "She's not at all in love, not at all in love she cries."

"No I'm not!" Katniss assured them

"Not a dot." They nodded, unconvinced.

"Not a touch!" She got on her knees.

"No not much." They laughed again unconvinced.

"Ugh!" She jumped up onto her feet and stomped her foot, "When I fall in love there'll be no doubt about it cause you will know from the way that I shout it!"

"You're shouting." The trio popped her little bubble of accomplishment, embarrassing her beyond words.

She lowered her arms, that she just now realized she raised and made her voice very small, "I haven't fallen..."

"She hasn't fallen."

"Ugh!" She stopped her foot again, "I'm not at all in love!"

"She's not at all in love!"

But they weren't buying and neither was all of Panem. Correction especially all of Panem. Including, Haymitch, Their families, and most of all Gale.

Haymitch snickered at the screen as Finnick wandered into his viewing room.

"You saw that right?" Haymitch asked.

"Oh yeah." Finnick laughed. "She fell hard and fast."

"Reminds me of someone else I know." Haymitch laughed.


"Really." Haymitch turned back to the screen, "I've gotta hand it to her, she can't act for shit, but her showmanship is top notch."

Finnick laughed, "I can't wait to meet this kid, it'll be a riot." Finnick winked at his fellow mentor.

"It sure will." He said as the account for his tribute grew exponentially with sponsors gifts.