I realize I'm skipping over a large chunk of the story but don't judge me we all know what happens!

John Rzeznik

During the train ride Katniss managed to convince Haymitch to actually help her attempt to win the games. Though she knew how futile that plan could prove. She had to keep her promise to her sister, and Gale.

She was certainly scared to play the Games, though she felt better after meeting Cinna, who seemed like a potential friend.

She didn't want to make friend with the people of the Capitol, she wanted to hate them. However, she was almost positive it was impossible to hate Cinna.

She had spent the opening ceremony terrified of actually catching fire, but afterwards she was stunned at the reaction she received.

She was stunned at how everything unfolded. How she had held her head high in an astute manner, how she looked calm and cool even with flames billowing behind her. How Peeta had taken her hand to show unity between them.

She hated how she owed him everything. She hated owing anyone anything, and he had the most valuable debt. He had given her life, not only for herself but for her mother and Prim. How could she kill the boy who had given her so much?

She tried not to think of these things much, but she couldn't help herself. Sometimes it just sort of happened. She kind of just thought that way.

Training was probably the easiest thing to do while staying in the Capitol. She didn't have to worry, she could just do anything really. She tried to stay close to Peeta if for nothing else just the comfort of being with someone from her own district. Everyday she wondered if she had been picked as someone's first kill. If someone had claimed her as dead.

When the day of the personal training had come she was nervous. About really stupid things too, like if she would mess up her shot. She never messed up unless of course Gale was there to mess with her.

She found herself so lost in her thoughts she hardly noticed her and Peeta alone when Rue had left to her session.

She found herself feeling awkward as Peeta stared at her. She looked down and took a deep breath.

He was called in and as he left Katniss was tempted to wish him well. However no words left her throat.

She was left alone in an agonizing eternity of silence. She thought of Prim, she had to win from Prim. She had to get back to her little sister.

She was called in, she slowly moved into the training area. She entered and heard laughing from the game makers, they were drunk which only slightly irritated her.

She went and grabbed the bow which was much sturdier than any other she had used. She would have liked to admire the craftsmanship of such a beautiful bow but she couldn't.

She called their attention to herself, only half of them even bothered to look her way, and she missed the first shot. Not discouraged she tried again, bulls-eye. She smiled and glanced up toward the game makers. Non of them saw, not one of them even cared.

In a low tone she half whispered "I have a question to the Earth, not an answer to be heard. Or a moment that's held in my arms.

"And what do you think you'd ever say? I won't listen anyway, you don't know me, and I'll never be what you want me to be.

"And what do you think you'd understand? I'm a kid, no not at all, you can't take me and throw me away.

"And how can you learn what's never shown? Yeah, you just stand there on your own, they don't know me cause I'm not here." She smiled slightly pointing her bow right at the apple in the pigs mouth and releasing her arrow.

Bulls-eye, though she would have been perfectly happy to have missed.

Everyone's face turned from one of merry making and glee, to that of utter shock and surprise.

Katniss smirked gladly, "Katniss Everdeen District Twelve. Thank you for your consideration." She nodded curtly and exited.

When she felt the door latch she smiled to herself before beginning "And I want a moment to be real wanna touch things I don't feel. Wanna hold on and feel I belong.

"And how can they want me to change? They're the ones that stay the same. They don't know me, cause I'm not here.

"And you see the things they never see, All I wanted - I could be. Now they know me, And I'm not afraid.

"And I want to tell you who I am, Can I help you be a man? They can't break me, As long as I know who I am"

She began to walk toward the elevator, "And I want a moment to be real, wanna touch things I don't feel. Wanna hold on, and feel I belong.

"And how can the world want me to change? They're the ones that stay the same. They can't see me, but I'm still here."

She felt the elevator move up, suddenly half way up she stopped it. "They can't tell me who to be 'Cause I'm not what they see. Yeah, the world is still sleepin' while I keep on dreaming for me. And their words are just whispers and lies that I'll never believe.

" And I want a moment to be real, wanna touch things I don't feel. Wanna hold on, and feel I belong.

"And how can they say I'll never change? They're the ones that stay the same, I'm the one now. 'Cause I'm still here

"I'm the one 'Cause I'm still here. I'm still here, I'm still here, I'm still here" She breathed heavily allowing the elevator to move on.

Her pride in herself had vanished right before the twelfth floor. She began to wonder if they'd punish her.

When she stepped onto her floor she avoided every question asked of her. She strode into her room and lay flat on her face. "What have I done?" She muttered anxiously.

She was eventually coaxed out of her room and into the dinning room for dinner.

All was silent, "I didn't do anything too terribly bad." She muttered under her breath.

"What did you do?" Haymitch asked angered.

She glanced up at Effie and Peeta, "I shot their pig." She mumbled.

"What?" Haymitch asked.

"I shot their pig." She said a bit louder.

"You did-"

"It was only the apple and only because they weren't paying attention to me!" She retaliated before he could sound extremely pissed.

"You're dead... You're so dead." He half laughed half whispered.

The rest of dinner was silent, they all sat together in a nervous apprehension as they waited for their scores. Everyone was shocked when Peeta received an eight. No one was quite as awed though until Katniss scored an eleven she knew then she had literally painted a target on her back.