They had been a week into the second semester of their senior year when they had found out Stiles was gone. Terrified, they had run to the sheriff wanting to know if he had been kidnapped, had disappeared, or worse – had died.The sheriff explained to them that Stiles had graduated a semester early, collected his diploma and headed off to college. They had called his cell phone, but he never answered. He never replied to their texts or e-mails either. He had just disappeared.

They began to realize that they had driven him away by ignoring him and taking advantage of him; so they changed.

They made sure they checked up on each other regularly, never going a few days without talking to each other, they became more of a pack more of a family. But Stiles haunted them like a ghost. They never forgot him – never forgot what they did to him.

Sometimes they went to the sheriff to ask how Stiles was doing, and he would give them the basics: Stiles graduated college, Stiles went on to graduate school, he studied History, and he moved to Europe and spent a long time just travelling around.

That was it though.

Just the very basics; not how he was doing, if he was enjoying himself, if he made friends, if he dated anybody. That was especially curious to Derek for he eventually realized that he had been in love with Stiles. He realized it slowly, realized that he missed Stiles' scent; he missed his presence, his talkative nature; missed everything about him. Finally he realized why he always used to get so close to Stiles, why he always threatened him but never would go through with it. He loved him.

They didn't just miss Stiles' life however. Stiles missed the rest of the pack's lives as well. He missed Scott's wedding to Allison and Lydia's to Jackson. Surprisingly, Derek became a deputy sheriff. Scott, Isaac, and Boyd went to the police academy after high school then joined the sheriff's office. Allison went to law school before becoming a state attorney. Lydia and Jackson opened up a coffee shop that quickly became the most popular hang out in Beacon Hills. Danny went into business and helped Jackson out when he needed it. And Erica did the one thing NO ONE expected her to do; she became an English teacher.


Eight and a half years after Stiles left Beacon Hills

"Scott you'll have to move faster than that."

The pack is running in the woods. There hadn't been any trouble since the Alpha Pack, but Derek always made a point to keep them in shape working as a well-oiled machine,

"Pick up the pace."

Derek suddenly stops, and the others stumble to not run into each other as they come to a stop behind him. He cocks his head to the left, listening. The others share a look, and then they hear it too: the sound of about three motorcycles and a car. They're too far from the main road for it to be just anyone. The only people who usually come out here are the pack and people after the pack.

"Let's go."

They take off running again, this time towards the sound of the motors. They reach them a couple seconds after the engines cut.

When they come into view they see five men getting off of the motorcycles, and they form a semicircle on the driver's side of a black jeep. The jeep's windows are tinted and so far no one has come out.

"I can smell two people in the jeep," Scott informs the pack, after Derek directs them to stop, "I don't recognize the scent of any of the men around the jeep, but one of the scents in the jeep is familiar, I just can't place it."

"You're right," Derek seems on edge.

"Let's watch. If whoever it is needs help we can step in."

So they sit in the shadows and watch as the five men close in on the jeep. When they are about seven feet from the door it opens. Out steps a man of medium height, possibly a couple inches shorter than Derek. The hood of his jacket is up but the pack can see he is well built.

Two of the men surrounding him rush forward, but he throws a kick, catching one of the men in the temple, who falls to the forest floor, unmoving.

The other throws a punch but the man deflects it with his left arm and jabs his attacker in the stomach – who falls to the ground.

Now the other three motorcyclists join in.

The first throws a kick, but the man catches it and pulls him off balance into the second. As they tumble to the ground the third man pulls out a gun, and quickly the man from the jeep pulls one as well.

Derek growls but before any of the werewolves can move an all too familiar voice speaks,

"Your code doesn't allow you to hurt humans, and I really doubt your boss would like it too much either. Why don't we both put our guns away?"

Amazingly, after a moment's hesitation, the man lowers his gun and tucks it back into its holster.

"Good boy. Now leave."

The voice is cold and commanding. The five men get up, stumble back onto their bikes, and leave. The man sighs and puts his gun away.

Only then does the pack come out from their hiding place and approach the car.


Scott sounds tentative. The man whips back around and giving them all a clear view of his face. It is rough, with a scar on the left side of the jaw, but it is definitely the face of the long lost Stiles Stilinski.

A slow smile spreads over Stiles' face, but before he can say anything a voice comes from inside the jeep.

"Daddy? Are we there yet?"

The door on the driver's side still stands open and through it the pack can see a little girl of maybe six years old climbing out of the car. Stiles strides over and scoops her up in his arms. She giggles and Stiles brushes back her black hair, tucking it behind her ear.

"Angel, I thought you were asleep."

Stiles voice is calm and slightly lower than they remember.

Jackson gives a small cough and the pair's attention is brought back to the group. Stiles smiles sadly and walks over to them. The girl in his arms holds tightly to him as if she is afraid they will try to take her away from him.

No one speaks for awhile until Isaac breaks the silence,

"You're back."

"I am."

"And who is this?" Erica asks.

"This is my daughter, Nikki Stilinski. I adopted her about three years ago."

Nikki shyly buries her head into her father's shoulder and Stiles gives her a little squeeze.

"I'm sorry, you guys probably have a lot of questions and I promise I will answer them all, but I told my father I would be home ten minutes ago so I have to get there."

He turns and walks to the jeep before any of them have time to react. He puts Nikki down on the seat and she scrambles over. Just as he's going to close the door behind himself Scott steps forward,

"Stiles, are you staying?"

"Yeah Scott, I'm home."