"Stiles." He turns around and meets Scott's worried gaze, "What have you been doing?"

For a minute Stiles turns back and just stares at the door through which his daughter has disappeared. "Every parent wishes that for child to be special, adopted or not, but I would give anything for her to not be."

He pulls in a shaky breath, still looking at the door, "A little over three years ago I was walking through a small village in Southern Italy when I heard gunshots. Naturally, I ran straight towards it."

He finally turns to them and offers a weak smile. "As I got closer, I saw a house with the door broken down. I thought about walking away, I really did, but I heard a woman scream, and I just didn't think – I just ran in.

"I still have nightmares about it; a man lay on the ground with an arrowin his chest… he was just staring at me with his eyes wide open in shock.

"I heard another scream and ran down the hallway. That's where the woman was. She was standing in front of a crib begging at a man with a crossbow. The way he was dressed, what he was carrying; it was obvious he was a hunter."

At this the pack growled low in their throats, but Stiles continued as if he hadn't heard them,

"She was speaking in Italian so I don't know what she was saying, but she just kept begging him. Before I could move, the man pulled the trigger and she was dead.

"I barely remember what happened after that. I had picked up a gun just in case, and I think I shot him. When I went to the crib there was a toddler there – she looked to be about two years old. I heard shouts from outside – more Italian. I just picked her up and ran. Something inside me was just yelling that I needed to protect her.

"I found out why they were after her a few days later. I had left her in the hotel room to sleep while I went to get more supplies. When I got back the mattress she was sleeping on was floating a foot off the bed."

A gasp was uttered from someone in the pack but once again Stiles ignored it,

"After that I would notice it here and there. She had no idea what she was doing but that just meant I had to keep a closer eye on her. The hunters kept coming. Not the same ones but at least once a week we would be attacked by one group or another. A few werewolf packs gave us shelter. We stayed with Jonathan the longest. He, his wife, and the rest of their pack were very peaceful. I was able to help Nikki gain some control over her abilities but things still go flying when she's really scared – sometimes when gets too excited – but we're working on that."

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, and finally focused his attention back on the people he had left so many years earlier. For a minute no one moved or said anything as they tried to wrap their minds around what they had just been told. In the end it was Lydia that broke the tension by walking over to Stiles and pulling him into a tight hug.

"We're glad you're safe," she whispered soothingly into his ear.

There was a time when Stiles would have swooned at just the thought of being held in the arms of Lydia Martin, but that time was long gone and now he just hugged her back, relishing the comfort. When she finally pulled back he gave her small smile of thanks.

"That still doesn't explain why you're back."

Everyone shoots Jackson a dirty look but Stiles just chuckles, smile widening at the familiarity of Jackson's cold demeanour.

"Well, since Nik's five she needs to go to kindergarten. I was hoping she would be safe here."

His last sentence was directed towards Derek, being more of a request than a statement.

The world seemed to freeze for a minute as everyone held the breath, waiting for the Alpha's response. With a nod from the gruff werewolf, everyone sighed at the exact same time then burst into laughter.