"Holy SHIT! Dudes, check it, it's England and France!"

Their eyes flew open to see a stunned America staring down at them.

England sat up first, screaming. "WHAT THE BLOODY FUCKING HELL ARE YOU—"

Clasping a hand over England's mouth, France whispered in his ear, "Arthur, you realize you're just drawing more attention to the situation, right?"


They all turned to see China fleeing the room as quickly as possible, slamming the door behind him. Everyone could hear him desperately trying to justify Russia not entering the room, while Russia's voice echoed from the hallway, "I'm tired and I want more vodka. Do not get in my way, da?"

America, France, and England all had the same horrified look painted on their faces.

In a span of a few moments, England shoved France off his bed, shrieking "Go go go go go go!" as France ran as fast as he could back to his own. Yanking America down by the collar, he hissed in his ear "If you, or anyone else, dare to tell anyone what you saw, I swear to God, Alfred, the entire world will know what you did with Russia three days ago at that nightclub."

The American nodded quickly, biting his lip, before darting to the bathroom to hide.

France and England glanced at eachother from across the room, sharing a secret smile, before a sudden crash and the door fell off its hinges.



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