If one would look up from the busy streets to the top of the buildings above, one would see the dash of figures as they raced from roof top to roof top in an advanced game of tag.

Since April O'Neil had been training with Splinter, the turtles had tried to find ways to build up her speed. It was then the turtles decided to fix that by playing a classic game of tag. Of course she wasn't nearly as fast as them, but with time, she was moving with grace and speed faster than she had before.

Some nights she and the mutant brothers would climb to the roofs and dash from building to building in a mix of tag and hide and go seek. See who could out run their opponent and hide themselves the best in the shadows the night gave off.

It was something Donatello looked forward to. It gave him the opportunity to take his brothers down and keep her for last. He enjoyed listening to the faint pitter patter of her shoes hitting concrete as she ran across the roofs, hearing her pant from exhaustion and the way she thought she could outsmart him in the game.

It was cute. And he loved how it gave him time to spend with her. Donatello loved to allow her to think she was steps ahead of him. To think that she could win the game by staying away for so long.

But that was Donatello's weakness. Being so over confident. He heard the rasp of her breath and the thud of her heart beating against her chest nearby and tried to sneak up on her. He jumped over a rail next to a wall, expecting to see the red head but was met with emptiness.

Donatello felt confused. He knew he had heard her. She had to be there. But where? He turned around in time to see a staff be swung around and hit him square in the arm. The forced knocked him over and he felt his breath get knocked out of his chest.

Above him stood April, staff ready. Her hair stuck out here and there and her face was flushed. She breathed heavily and a smile spread on her face. She put down the staff and helped him up, their faces coming closer to each other.

Donatello felt his heart skip a beat as he tried to catch his breath. Her eyes searched his and he wanted to close the gap to kiss her. Would she let him? She grinned and leaned closer to where their lips were close but not close enough to graze. "You're it." She whispered and twirled away, leaving Donnie there to remember how to breathe. What she did to him drove him crazy and she knew it. And it was funny how he could leave her absolutely breathless in his own way just as she did the same to him.