"Where are they?" Dick asked, eyebrows scrunched in confusion.

"Do you think something happened?" Tim felt a pang of worry.

"I'm not sure, let's check it out."

They began to walk to the bathrooms and checked all the stalls. No signs of struggle or trouble. They walked out and looked around.

"I wonder . . ." Dick muttered to himself.

Tim was looking for possible suspects when he noticed one of the nearby theatre rooms was open and people were walking in. He sighed. "Dick." He called.

"You found something? You know where they are?" he asked walking over.

Tim nodded forward. "Call it a hunch."

Then Dick sighed seeing the theatre room with Django. "Of course."

They went to the entrance and to the man working there. "Did a guy with a leather jacket and white stripe in his hair come in with a kid that looked elevenish?" Dick asked

He eyed him coolly. "No one under eighteen years of age is allowed without a parent or someone over eighteen and with tickets."

Tim sighed and handed him a fifty.

The man took it and put it in his pocket as he looked away. "About five minutes ago."

Dick rolled his eyes and they went in. "Not that I mind but why did you give him a fifty?"

"'Cuz I figured Jason paid with a twenty. Or he threatened him enough that he deserves a fifty."

Dick nodded. "Good call."

They walked to the foot of the rows, eyes scanning. Sure enough it was easy to pick out a small boy and the daunting figure next to him in the middle of the theatre.

Damian sat to Jason's left and they had a bucket of popcorn that Jason had ever so nicely asked the guy in front of him for. They also had some left over boxes and bags of candies plus a jumbo Icee cup to share. They heard a loud cough to their right.

They turned and saw a disapproving Dick and appraising Tim.

Damian merely turned back to the commercials playing and Jason gave a lazy grin. "Hey did you guys bring nachos?"

Dick snorted. "For the record I don't agree with this Littlewing." He said as he shuffled down the row to them with Tim behind.

"But you'll enjoy the movie and so will they." Jason smiled knowing Dick wasn't all that mad since he called him by his pet name.

Tim snorted but Damian nodded.

Dick rolled his eyes. "Whatever." He said as he passed them to sit next to Damian.

"I'll take that as a no for the nachos." He raised him an eyebrow but his attention was quickly on Tim who was also passing by to sit next to Dick. "Sit with me Babybird!" Jason smiled wrapping his arms around Tim's waist and pulling him down.

Tim gave a squeak as he practically landed on Jason's lap and blushed when he chuckled into his neck.

"Jason!" he whined trying to get him to let go and trying to get off. Instead he sat next to Jason easily since the armrest was up and Jason kept an arm around his shoulders securely. "Fine." he grumbled arms crossed but Jason merely smiled looking right through the pout.

Then the trailers started.

"That looks good!" Damian said quietly to the trailer of "Now You See Me."

"Yeah." They said in agreement.

"That looks badass!" Jason cried to "Gangster Squad".

"Can we see that one too?" Damian asked looking at them.

"When it comes out." Dick nodded.

Damian nodded having forgotten he actually had to wait for the movies to be released.

Soon the film started.

After minutes Dick sighed. "Does Damian need more violent ideas?"

"You can never run out." Jason grinned.

"That was cheesy." Tim chuckled.

"That's the point! That's what Quentin is known for! Have you not seen Pulp Fiction?!"

"Ssshh!" Damian hushed with a finger over his lips.

They were silent longer Jason and Damian laughing while Dick and Tim rolled their eyes but soon they were cracking smiles. When it came to the part of the KKK arguing about the hoods Jason nearly snorted out the Icee from his nose and Damian started laughing. It was a rather delightful sound in Dick's opinion even if the circumstances weren't the best. As it continued they laughed louder, Tim was out right laughing as was Dick along with the rest of the audience.

"I always wondered about that!" Tim cried.

"Well now you know Babybird!" Jason smiled as he held Tim closer to him and then turned to Dick in a mocking voice. "By golly gee and we're learning!"

Dick threw a piece of popcorn at him which he caught with his mouth.

Tim snorted but again made no protest to being close to Jason. If anything he scooted in closer.

They got absorbed in the movie, laughing and then even harder. They ate and drank with more comments here and there.

"Pass it, don't be stingy!"


"Dude, was that like incest?"

"Drake and Todd would legally be called incest."



"That was gross!"


"That was hilarious!"

But they enjoyed each other's company. The movie seemed to be getting closer to the end, it was when they were dining.

"He knows!" Tim said as he pointed to the man on the screen. "He knows!"

"Sshh Timmy." Jason said as he put his arm down.

After awhile later Tim smirked "Told you!"

"Will they kill her now?" Damian asked.

"That would suck." Dick said.

Things proceeded and they were tense at the edge of their seats, even Jason. Damian flinched into Jason and grabbed Dick's arm when the character quickly and loudly struck the hammer on the table next to the lady's head. They let out a sigh as things calmed more in the movie till another guy was killed and things began to rise again.

"Dam, almost made it!" Jason swore.

Later on Damian laughed. "He's using a good tactic!"

"Seriously!" Tim smiled.

When it came to the part that Django made it back again to the girl some of the girl's in the audience awed.

Tim gave a snort.

Jason looked at him from the corner of his eye and whispered. "What's so funny?"

"It's just that seriously, all of that for a person!? Don't get me wrong I love how sweet it is and all but once you really think about it" he sighed then whispered back. "It would never happen."

Jason blinked. "I would do it for the right person."

Again he snorted. "Like who?"

"Like you."

Tim blinked as a light pink colored his cheeks but he shook it off. "Be serious Jay."

"I am!"

"No, you're not!"

"Yes I am Tim. I would do everything this guy did and endure everything he has if it meant to get you and save you." He whispered, his mouth mere inches from his ear and breathe tickling the silky strands of ebony. "Just to get you."

Tim had always been a realist but he couldn't help it. Not with Jason whispering so close to him, him tucked under his toned arm and into his warm side. He turned, cerulean looking up and finding emerald. "Really?"

Jason had a smile as their noses grazed each other. "No doubt."

Jason leaned in till he pressed his lips onto Tim's, firmly. Tim let out a sigh against Jason's mouth and pressed closer, hands going to his chest. Jason wrapped an arm around Tim's waist to pull him in closer and his other hand winding into his locks. They turned their head to press their mouths closer together tasting inside each other's mouth.

Finally Tim pulled away very reluctantly with a smile. "We should probly keep watching the movie."

Jason placed a more gentle kiss on his lips with a smile then sat in his former position. "You're right; we paid good money for this."

Tim snorted as Jason kept an arm around him and he leaned his head on his chest.

Damian had given them a look of disgust then turned back to the movie but Dick was smiling, it was good to see his little brothers so happy.

They watched the final scene of the movie, laughing and enjoying it. Finally when it ended people applauded. Jason jumped up clapping. "Magnificent." He cried in a rather good fake British voice. "Encore, encore!"

Dick laughed as Tim groaned. "Jason!"

Damian stood stretching. "As much as I enjoyed it I am tired of these seats!"

"Aaww, you liked it little bro!"

Damian had his ghost of a smile as he nodded. "Yes, I liked it." He smiled making a mental note to get the movie once it came out and watch it with Colin.

"Well let's start heading out." Dick said clapping his hands.

Tim stood and they began to file out. They chattered as they left about certain parts and joking around. They went to the bathroom again but Dick kept a close eye and refused to see another movie.

They began walking out when Damian seemed to slow.

Dick noticed. "What's wrong lil'D?"

"Nothing is of the matter but" he was very hesitant. "is there not another exit?"

"Yeah but the valet is in the front."

Damian nodded but still had a weary look and at the way he was holding the cat it tugged at his heart.

Dick understood Damian's concern and he gave a small reassuring smile as he squatted down next to him "Don't worry D, you don't have to answer any questions or say anything if you don't want to. But . . . we are Wayne's so they expect this of us and we have to deal with it. If you don't want to it's fine, I'll handle it."

"We'll handle it." Jason corrected.

Tim nodded as he put a hand on his shoulder.

Damian looked up to them and he felt relief just seeing them. Dick with his face of care and concern and would listen to him. Jason with his aloof and intimidating posture would keep him safe and Tim with his quick computer like calculations could plan and figure the best thing out. Damian was surprised by this revelation that he developed in a matter of seconds and nodded.

Dick ruffled his hair as he stood. "Just stay close."

Jason was next to Tim who had Damian on his other side then Dick.

It was horrid but not as bad as the first time because he was now protectively sandwiched between his adoptive siblings.

When Dick opened the door there was an immediate murmur and people even got louder seeing that it was truly them. Jason slipped out with Tim and Damian in tow and they resumed their earlier positions. Dick wrapped an arm protectively over his shoulder. Damian blinked at a sudden flash of a camera, then another. He could hear them crying out:

"Mr. Grayson can you please answer . . ."

"Is it true you were in Arkham Mr. Todd and that . . . "

"Mr. Drake! Give us a statement on . . ."

"And what does the youngest Wayne have to say on . . ."

"Is this outing an attempt to have a . . . "

"You guys look like the . . ."

"How sweet . . ."

Jason put a hand on the small of Tim's back as he firmly but gently led him. Jason glared at the paparazzi. "Move out of the dam way!" and he held his arm up as if to punch them out of the way.

"No comment. Please, no comment!" Tim said as he reached for Jason's fist and pushed it down.

"Excuse us. Let us through please. Excuse us!" Dick said trying to be patient but a tiny muscle on his jaw was twitching.

Damian tried to keep his head down since the flashing lights were dizzying him. Sudden a hand quickly shot and grabbed his shoulder as he almost tripped. He felt a tiny twig of embarrassment but Tim acted as if nothing.

They were slowly progressing but the paparazzi were determined and Jason was starting to lose his temper even more. Finally Dick sighed. 'Don't worry guys, this will be real quick."

Jason grumbled and Tim gave a sigh. Damian gave them a weary look but Dick shook his head and gave him a cheeky smile. "Just look as adorable as you do."

Damian gave a sneer but then turned it to the people surrounding them, finally fully facing them. Jason took his usual protective standoff stance with arms crossed and Tim rubbed the back of his neck with annoyance. But Dick gave them a look then turned on his charm. "Okay ladies and gentlemen I guess you can get some shots!" he gave an easy smile. 'All our sides are good sides!"

The crowd chuckled but was still shouting out questions.

Jason rolled his eyes as he gave the cameras a neutral look and Tim was just as blank. Dick had grown used to smiling and Damian's face matched Tim and Jason's. "Aaww c'mon you guys. Smile!"

"This is my smile." Jason smirked and sent another round of chuckles in the chatter of people. They began asking questions left and right.

Suddenly one female reporter had a recorder in front of Damian. "Damian Wayne, please give us a statement." Silence. "What is something you enjoy?"

Damian blinked and gave her a weary look. Then he spoke "Well I do like cats, especially kitties." He said holding up his new stuffed kitty.

There was a beat then all of the paparazzi 'aaww'ed.

Damian gave a smile, just the curve of his lip.

Dick smiled. "Your slaying them little D." Then he turned to the side being asked about a recent friend he had been seen with, a red head as well as what he did as a living.

Jason was being asked about the relationships in the family and if he was thinking of joining Wayne Industries. Tim was asked about the company and any new romances.

The brothers didn't really pose but there were great shots taken of them. The crowd had reluctantly thinned after a few photos so it wasn't as bad.

"And where did you get this one from?" another reporter asked Damian, referring to the stuffed cat.

Damian answered "Well, my brother Tim won it for me."

"Do your brothers usually get you things?"

Damian gave a slight frown. "Not so much as pointlessly showering me with gifts but they can be smothering at times."

She chuckled and a man asked. "Do they help you with problems, protect you?"

"Yes they can also be quite protective. They apparently don't like people messing with their stuff."

H grinned as a female asked. "How do you feel about them, being so much newer to the family and all? How is it living with them?"

He was quiet for a moment. "Well they can be quiet irritating. And incompetent fools . . ."