Author's Note: Hey this is my first Divergent Fanfic! I love Divergent, but I wanna thank Sammyloveshutch because they made me realise it was time for me to do a Divergent Fanfic. Now if you've read the book, then you will know what but this is. This chapter is set in the bit in the book where Tris has just got the Abnegatation Tattoo and Tobais says he has one just like it, and then Tris asks to see it and he takes off his shirt. Well this is fanfic is what could of happened if they undressed "completely"... Oh yeah sorry if the sex description isn't good... I've never had sex. ENJOY!


Chapter One: A Night To Remember.

(Tris's POV)

"I have a tattoo on my back just like that!" Tobais laughs.

"Can I see it?"

"Are you asking me to undress Tris?"

"Yes," I say uneasily, not sure whether to say yes or no.

He nods slightly and pulls off his shirt... Oh my god... He's so masculine and strong... He has perfect muscles and luscious tattoos. I just stare blankly at him, my mouth wide open. But then I walk over to him and I kiss his perfect face softly. He kisses me back, a little harder though, and we sit on the bed together. Suddenly, he breaks away.

"Tris, now you've seen me shirtless... Isn't it only fair that I see you shirtless as well...?" He whispers. Oh my god, are we on the road to having sex? But he knows it's one of my fears... I know that I should stop him... But the truth is, I do really want to overcome my fear. Also, I don't want to disappoint him.

I nod slowly and I get back to kissing Tobais. But his soft, but warm hand slowly slides up my back... Until it reaches my bra. Then he undoes my bra.

Oh shit.

Soon enough he pulls off the tiny black bra and it's laying on the floor. Next he aims for my ebony shirt, and he unbuttons it carefully and once again, throws it on the floor. Soon he's staring at my breasts for a little too long.

"Tobais. Tobais, are we really doing this?" I ask nervously.

"Well... I want to... Do you Tris?" He asks in a confident whisper.

This is the part where I should say no...

I bite my lip and nod slightly unsure. "Yeah, I think I do,"

"I don't want to pressure you into anything, babe, you don't have to," He whispers softly in my head, his hot breath tingling in my ear.

I nod again, more confident this time. "I want this, c'mon," I partly lie. I do want it, but I'm petrified for it...

I carefully pull off his baggy trousers and he slides down my skirt and panties.

Before I know it, we're on the bed. Making love, with each other. I can't believe it... I've over come my fear and I'm making love with the man I truly, truly love...

Author's Note: Yeah that's the first chapter! I hope it's ok! Also this is gonna continue as if the war and everything never happened.