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Chapter Ten: Sleeping Beauty.

(Tris's POV)

Silence. It's all I have heard for what feels like a few hours, maybe even a few days. Time goes slowly when you can't wake up or even move your tiny toes. But then I feel the urge to wake up, open my eyes. I haven't felt before. So I slowly lift my eyelids of my azure eyes. I look around, I'm hooked up to 2 machines; one which keep beeping a few times every second which is probably measuring my heartbeat and another which is a long tube and it is stuck in my right arm, and a really weird creamy coloured liquid flows through it. I'm in a room I've never been in before, a small room and the only colour I can see is white. Lots of white. I think I'm in an infirmary, but it doesn't look like the Dauntless infirmary very much, but I suppose it has to be. I sit up, fighting the pain and then I get out of my bed and try to walk. Even after 1 metre, I'm breathless. It must be my massive stomach... I pause and lift up the weird gown I'm wearing. MY STOMACH IS MASSIVE! God how did that happen?! I thought I'd only been out for a few hours, or days at the most. Then I hear a loud beeping and I twist round to see where it's coming from, and I realise its coming from the heart machine which I'm disconnected from. I look ahead at the door which flys open. Then looking at me with scared but happy eyes is... Tobias... His dark eyes are hazy, his mouth hangs open, his hair is wild and outgrown, he's grown a small beard after not shaving in a while, and he looks skinner and appears to of lost weight.

"Tobias," I gasp.

He runs towards me, lifts and twirls me and sobs my name. "Tris, oh Tris! I didn't know if I would ever see you awake ever again!"

"Oh, how long was I... Out?" I stuttered. Something tells me that I wasn't unconscious and I've been "gone" a little longer than I thought...

"Tris, you've been in a coma for 12 weeks," He whispers.

My eyes widen. "12 weeks! So I'm... 7 and a half months! Wow!"

He pauses. "Tris... Honey... Our little girl, errrrrr... Niyah died," He whispers.

"No, no! This can't happen! It can't! NOOOOOOOOOO!" I scream.

I then collapse onto the bed in fits of tears. "Tell me! Tell me everything that's happened! Everything! Don't lie to protect my feelings!" I scream inbetween sobs.

"Ok, brace yourself," He sighs as he kneels on the floor beside me. "Peter, Kenzie, Olive and Jay abused you and you ended up battered and broken and you went into a natural coma to heal. Then it wasn't until we gave you an ultrasound when we realised Niyah was dead and Jake was hanging on and he is likely to be disabled when he is born, I'm sorry baby... At least we have one,"

One. Not two. How can I go on if Niyah's not there?! I don't know, but time will tell.