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Chapter Fourteen: Scream.

(Tris's POV)

Before I think, I just scream. At the top of my lungs. I just scream and scream and scream. Within a few seconds, I hear the door burst open.

"TRIS! Is that you?!" Screeches a familiar male voice.

"Will?! My waters just broke..." I whimper. The toilet cubicle door is still shut and I don't know whether to open it or not.

"Oh shit, god Tris... What do I do?"

"What do YOU do? WHAT DO I DO!?" I sob.

"Errrrr... Should I get someone?"

"Yes! Wait no! I don't want you to leave me here alone!"

"I have to get someone!"

"Take me to someone! I just don't want you too lea- AAAAHHH!" I scream against the pain. "Shit, shit, shit, shit! Will I've got a contraction!"

"I'm coming in! Open the door now,"

I reach forward and undo the lock of the door and he bursts in and looks at me in horror. "I-it's ok... Y-y-your okk," Then he picks me up and carries me in his arms. "Oh god, I'm not that strong. You're really heavy..."

"Well I'm fucking pregnant..." I cry. Then another contraction hits me. "WILL! CONTRACTION ALRET!" I then squeeze his hand and scream. Then another person bursts through the door. "Uriah! Help me carry Tris!" Cries Will as he struggles under my weight.

"Yeah! Course," He stutters shocked and they share my weight between them.

They take me out and we go across the corridors and people look at us in horror. Yeah course they are; I'm in labour. Then we pass Christie on the next floor up.

"TRIS! Oh shit..." She shouts. "Nurse! Doctor! SOMEONE!"

"Yes, what is the pr- Oh my, take her in here," A nurse named Silver says as she points to a door.

The guys place me on the bed and then I'm hooked up to several machines and stripped and put into a white gown.

"Please spread your legs," Whispers Silver.

I then look up at Uriah and Will as I do as she says. "Look away you fucking pervets..." They all laugh, so does Christie but the boys do as they're told.

"Ok Miss. Prior. You're 1 centimetres dilated out of 10 but remember we decided you shall have a caesarean? Well, we'll finish Mr. Eaton's operation, which will be in about an hour, and then we'll get your son out. Also when you feel a contraction, don't push. Just bare through the pain," She sighs before leaving the room with me, Christie, Will and Uriah in.

"So," Begins Will. "What now?"

"We wait..."