Chapter Six: I Hate The Dormitory.

(Tris's POV)

"How are we gonna tell everyone?" Whispers Tobias.
"I don't know... But with Eric you might both end up Factionless, and I'm not kidding. We all know he's mean like that," Whispers Christie.
"Yeah... I've only ever tried to do the best for Tris, but I always end up doing the opposite..." He sobs.
"No you don't. You don't really know how much she loves you. She'd die for you, she'll do anything. I mean it Four," She sighs.
I would answer with comforting words, but I can't. I'm asleep but I can still hear. I mean being 15 weeks pregnant means you sleep... A LOT...

Christina, Tobias, Will and Me are all worried about the next 5 months. I mean I have a tiny, tiny bump growing already and my breasts have even started getting bigger, and sorer, coz soon my babies will need milk... I often spend the night in Tobias's room, but Christina is ALWAYS here just before I'm woken up bright and early and she takes me back into the Dormitory.
I open my azure eyes and smile at them both. "Hey,"
"Hey Tris," They both reply.
"Come on oh-lady-of-the-lump," Giggles Christina. "Let's get back to the Dorm," Then we walk there, hand in hand.

"Wow, Stiff! You're finally filling out! Took you long enough! Finally hit puberty?" Chuckles Olive, as she walks round my naked body. Now we've known each other for over 5 months, we've seen all of us naked and now we don't really give a shit about nudity.
"No, Olive," I groan angrily.
"Yeah Stiff! I mean your boobs are a bit bigger," Then Peter strokes them before I pinch him on the ear, so hard, my fingers almost break a hole in his skin. He shrieks in pain. Then mutters my 'new nickname' "Feisty Stiff Bitch,"

"Yeah, Tris. I don't mean this in an offensive horrible way... But girl... You're getting fat..." Sniggers Lynn.
"Oh piss of Lynn! No one fucking asked you!" Screams Christie. I love it how she's so protective over me.
"Well, someone got out of bed on the wrong side!" Mutters Uriah. Then I give him my death look and he shuts up. Good.