Chapter Seven: Seven.

(Tris's POV)

"People are starting to notice! Lynn and Peter called my fat! And noticed my breasts are getting bigger! Tobias, I hate it! And when they know the truth... It'll be so much worse! Help me..." I sob into his shoulder on his bed.

"Oh Tris... I'm sorry... I should of thought of protection, you know, I never thought of this happening while we were in the Compound. I knew one day we would have kids but I never thought this soon... And if Peter or anyone else insults you again, I will kill them,"

"Me too and punch the shit outta them," I sigh. "Oh fuck it, it's time we go to training. Fear landscapes today isn't it?" I ask jumping up.

"Yeah, good luck in yours, Six,"

"Thanks Four," I chuckle.

Today my fear landscape was different. I'm sorry to say that I'm now Seven... Not Six... Plus my other fears, I'm now scared of loosing the babies. After my landscapes, I'm starstruck and shocked. Four just stares at me with an expression that says: "Wat da Fuq?!"

"What's up Tris?" He asks.

"I'm not Six, I'm Seven, I have a new fear... I'm scared of loosing the babies..."

Tobias stares at me, then out of the blue, anger rushes through him and he punches the wall. Very hard actually, so hard it makes the wall crack. And his fingers crack. Broken knuckle and fingers, I bet. Surprisingly, he doesn't cry out in pain.

"Four! Why the fuck did you do that?! You've broken your hand!"

"Eric is watching all the simulations today..."

Oh shit. That is a VERY good reason to be punching the wall...

"Shit," I mutter. "What are we gonna do?"

"I really have no clue, Tris... Hang on, what exactly happened in that fear landscape?"

I really don't wanna think about it. "We'll it started off you, me and the twins were sitting on a bed in the infirmary and then Eric, Peter, Kenzie, Oli and Jay came in and shot you and the twins," I whisper.

"Oh shit," Groans Tobias.

"I'm so sorry, your gonna loose your job, and we'll both be Factionless," I pout.

"You couldn't help it darling, it's one of your fears," He says comfortingly. Then he hugs me. Then kisses me. That's when Eric storms in.

"Four!" He screams.

That's when we immediately back away.

"Yes, Eric," He grins. Why's he grinning?!

"You have got a student knocked up! How dare you!" He screams then he holds a gun at Four's face.

"Don't shoot Eric. You'll regret it,"

"I won't," Smiles Eric then he turns to me. "Did he rape you?"

"No!" I scream in shock. "No, no. We're together, and you wouldn't dare shoot him,"

"At least you two are together," Eric removes the gun from Tobias's face. "Now, you two better come with me. We're going to the Pit, that's where I'm gonna decide what to do with you," We follow and the whole way those words echo through my body. "Gonna decide what to do with you,"

Eric, Lauren, me, Tobias are at the front and all the initiates are in front of us waiting to find out what's going on.

"So," Eric starts. "You're probably all wondering why your here, aren't you? Well I shall tell you,"

I look at Christina and Will. Christie is burying her face in her hands and Will looks at me sorrowfully.

"Four and this... Girl... Are together. I believe so for a while, I presume at least 5 months. But, even if that isn't bad enough... Four has got one of his students pregnant," Everyone gasps. "With twins," Now more gasps. "What do you think their punishments should be?" Eric asks with an evil grin.

"Behead them both!" Shouts Oli.

"Abort the babies!" Says Jay.

"Make them both become Factionless!" Screams Peter, with a massive grin on his face.

"Nothing!" Shouts Christie. "I know it's wrong but we can't loose them! 2 years ago it was Four who came first in initiation. This year Tris came first! We can't loose the two best initiates, Four and Six! Can we?"

"No," pipes up Uri. "And say you kill the babies, they will be so distraught they might throw themselves other the chasm!"

"I suppose..." Groans Eric. "But they can't go without punishment. Here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna be myself and be mean and cruel. They cannot get away with this... Once the babies are born, Four, Tris and their fucking offspring will leave Dauntless and become Factionless,"

Author's Note: Aren't I horrible ending you like this? ;) Hahaha well anyway, I'm gonna start a poll on my profile to choose the babies middle names coz I already have their first names planned... Can you please Review or PM me saying 2 girl names and 2 boy names? Coz the babies MIGHT be identical twins that are the same sex or they MIGHT not, I really don't know yet! But I just know 2 special baby names for their first names... Please tell me some boy and girl names to put on the poll! Love you all so much!