The Principal of the Thing – A Two Shot

Bella Swan accepted a job at Harris Elementary as the After-School Program Director. She had no idea what else she'd find there. ExB. AH. All BPOV. A bit of lemon and some language.


So, I thought I'd post a very fluffy two-shot I've had in my pocket for a while. I hope you like it. I'd love to hear from you!

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"Line up," I called to the Extended Day kids in the hallway of Harris Elementary in Seattle.

"Ah, Miss Swan," I heard called behind me. It was the last day of the school year, and I was glad. It had been a long year, and I was as anxious for summer vacation as the kids.

"Principal Cullen," I greeted as he strolled down the hallway to where I was standing as the kids assembled against the wall to walk to the gym where the after-school program was held.

"So, last day? Any big plans for the summer?" he asked as he snapped his fingers at two boys who were horsing around. I could tell we were going to need to spend time on the playground before snack and inside games because they were really keyed up.

"I've got a wedding to deal with, but other than that, just sun and sand for two weeks, then settling in to a new town," I answered as I took attendance from the clipboard in my hand, slowly walking down the hallway.

"A wedding? I thought women loved weddings. You sound like you're dreading it," he responded as he followed behind me.

"I'm not the type who really enjoys all the girlie stuff. I'd have…well, if it was up to only me, it would be different," I answered.

"I forgot my lunchbox," James Hall called from the line.

"Go get it, but hurry," I told him. He was always forgetting something.

We watched him run down the hallway until he heard, "Walk, Mr. Hall," ordered from the principal.

"STOP IT!" a girl yelled. I turned to see Rosalie Whitlock yelling at the boy behind her who was apparently pulling her hair.

"Emmett, knock it off," Principal Cullen ordered with a snap of his very nice fingers. I was happy he was there to witness the behavior because I'd held off officially complaining about the kid so I didn't sound like a bitch. He was all boy, but he tried my patience endlessly, and poor Rosalie was always the target of his abuse.

"Aw, Pop, I was just teasing. Sorry, Rose," Emmett remarked quietly. I knew he knew better than to piss off his father. I was pretty sure I wouldn't have any problems with him the rest of the afternoon.

James sped down the hallway toward us, taking his place in the line that his backpack had held for him, smiling at me. "Okay, let's go," I ordered as we walked down the hallway slowly toward the gym.

"Put your stuff in your bin, and get ready to go outside," I called after everyone, Principal Cullen included, was in the gym.

"So, you don't have anything else to do on the last day of school besides help with corralling your son and his rowdy band of hooligans? I assumed you'd be busy packing up your office," I teased.

"It's the last day of school, and I've already packed. I'll miss it here, and I still say the school board got it wrong by consolidating the districts, but they didn't listen to any of us, so… Actually, I told Alice that I'd take her place to help you out this afternoon because she needed to get home to pack. So, you're not excited about your summer plans?" he asked as we ushered the kids outside after he pushed the ball bin out to the playground.

"No, I'm looking forward to it. It's just getting through the next couple of weeks, but after that, I'm very happy about everything. I've got to pack up my apartment to move, but I'm not the only person on the earth who's ever had to move. How about you? Summer plans?" I asked with a smile.

"Quite busy, actually. I've got a family thing coming up that I'm excited about, and then settling in to the new house and getting Emmett settled. Acclimating myself to being nearer my parents will definitely be a test of patience. But, at the end of the day, I think it's for the best," he answered.

"Has Emmett talked anymore about moving? He seemed pretty upset by it at first," I remembered. The tantrums in the aftermath of the closing of our little school had been felt by all of the teachers at Harris Elementary. When word came that the school was closing and being absorbed into another small school a few miles away, teachers, parents, and students alike were pissed off about it. We had no say in the matter because the decision had been made at a higher level, but that didn't mean we accepted it graciously.

"You know Emmett. Once he found out that the Whitlocks were moving to Forks as well, he really didn't care. Has he said anything to you about it?" he asked.

"Nope. But then again, he doesn't talk to me very much at school," I responded.

"Yeah, well, he doesn't talk to me very much at school either. Anyway, I took the liberty of ordering pizza for the kids for the last day. It should be here in half an hour," he informed. I turned to look at him and saw a cute smile on his handsome face that sent most of the female population of Harris Elementary into overdrive. I was most certainly not immune.

"Why, Principal Cullen, that's very kind of you," I replied as a stray dodge ball hit me in the stomach. I turned to see that Rosalie had kicked it out of the way because the girls were trying to jump rope and the boys were intentionally rolling the balls in the way to make them miss.

I saw the principal look in the direction from where the ball had come, and I could see he was not a happy day camper at all. "Shit," he said under his breath, which caused me to laugh. He was a pretty laid-back guy…you'd have to be to be an elementary school principal…so I was actually surprised that he'd let lose a swear.

"Emmett, James, Tyler, front and center," he yelled having ferretted out the culprits pretty quickly. The guilt on their faces was enough to give them away. I could also see that Rosalie was bright red as well. She dropped the end of the jump rope and ran over to where I was standing with my hands resting on my knees as I tried to catch my breath. The girl played soccer, and she packed a hell of a kick.

"Miss Swan, I'm so sorry," she called as she stopped in front of me.

"It's okay. I was just surprised," I lied.

"Are you okay?" he asked next to me. I nodded as I stayed bent over and caught my breath. It stung a little, but I knew it didn't do any damage.

I heard Principal Cullen scolding the boys and sending them to neutral corners, and I was really grateful that he was there. Alice Whitlock, my best friend, and I had our hands full with them every day, and it was nice for someone else, especially a parent, to witness how they behaved sometimes.

After the hoopla died down, we went back to observing the remaining eighteen kids playing and burning off energy, and I turned to him with a question. "Are you looking forward to teaching again?" I asked.

He pulled off his sunglasses and slipped them into his shirt pocket, turning to me. "Actually, I'm quite happy about getting back into the classroom. I've missed it more than I thought I would, and now that I've been in charge of a whole school, I'm relieved to just be in charge of twenty-eight seventh graders. How about you? It will be your first teaching job ever," he replied.

I thought about it, and I was quite happy. I loved kindergarteners, and I was looking forward to my new job. "I think it's going to be great. Hopefully, everything works out the way I've planned, and I can go back to work after the holidays. I'm really happy that the district is supportive," I replied.

"Yes, that's true. I'll be right back. I need to go check to make certain that Mike Newton isn't standing in the middle of an empty gymnasium with eight pizza boxes. I doubt that the pot-induced fog in which he roams freely would allow his mind to venture that we're outside and haven't been abducted by aliens. I'll put them in the oven in the kitchen until you're ready to go back inside," he called as he walked away.

I strolled over to where a group of first grade girls were playing hopscotch, and I got in line. I was going to miss all of the kids in my afterschool program, but I was looking forward to all of the changes in my future.

Just as it was my turn, Maisy Brown pulled on the leg of my jeans. "Miss Swan, I need to potty," she whispered as I leaned forward to hear her. I looked around and saw that the principal wasn't back, so I motioned to Angela Weber, a sixth grader, who was a very sweet girl.

"Yes, Miss Swan?" she asked as she ran over to me.

"Can you take Maisy to the restroom?" I asked. She smiled her beaming smile and pushed up her purple glasses, nodding her head and taking the little blonde-haired girl's hand. They hurried back inside the building just as Mr. Cullen returned.

He handed me a bottle of water, which I happily accepted and quickly opened. "So, you okay? That was quite a smack with that ball," he asked.

"I'm fine. It just stung a little," I replied as I picked up a soccer ball that had rolled nearby and tossed it back to a group of third graders who had been kicking it around.

"So, have you decided to dump the undeserving…" he began before I wheeled on him.

"Please don't say that. It's not anywhere near true. I'm the one who's undeserving," I snapped.

He laughed as he pulled his phone from the pocket of his khakis. He smiled as he reviewed a text, and then he quickly tapped out a message, slipping it back into his pocket. "I believe we should take them inside and feed them," he suggested.

I pulled the whistle from inside my t-shirt and blew it. When everyone stopped and looked at me, I shouted, "Gather the balls and ropes. We have a surprise in the gym."

They grabbed everything and placed them in the bin, and then lined up without having to be told, which surprised me. "Sure, on the last day of school, they get what I've been trying to teach them all year," I chanted, causing him to laugh next to me.

We were all inside the gym at the three cafeteria tables that had been opened. The pizza boxes were on one table along with plates, napkins, juice boxes, and water bottles, and there were eighteen kids lined up, actually behaving for once.

As they sat down at the tables to eat, I stopped them before they ate. "First, thank Principal Cullen for the pizza," I began.

"Thank you, Principal…Mr. Cullen…Pop," we heard called which caused him to laugh. "You're welcome," he answered.

"Second, I've enjoyed being here with you after school, and I'm really going to miss you, as I know Mrs. Whitlock will. She couldn't be here today, but she wanted me to tell you that she'll be thinking of you, and she wishes you well, just as I do. You're a great group of kids, and it's been a fun year," I announced as I felt tears in my eyes. I didn't want to get emotional. I just wanted them to know that I cared.

"Let's give Miss Swan a round of applause for this great year," Mr. Cullen announced as they all began clapping which caused me to cry when I didn't want to. Damn his hide.

"Dig in," I ordered as I turned my back to them and dried my eyes with my fingers. A moment later, a napkin was in front of my face, and soft whisper in my ear startled me.

"I love you," I heard. I turned and looked at him in surprise because it was unexpected, though completely welcomed.

"I love you too, and I certainly can't wait for the rest of our life," I told him. He smiled and handed me a plate with my favorite…pepperoni with extra cheese. It was a complete surprise that he was there, but I was quite happy about it.

Every child who left that day caused me to go into a fit of tears. At 5:45, it was the adults, Emmett, Rosalie, and Angela. I knew Angela's mother wouldn't arrive before 6:15 because she didn't leave her job until 6:00 on Fridays, and I never charged her extra. Angela was no trouble, and she usually helped Alice and I clean up anyway, so it wasn't a problem.

Emmett, Rosalie, and Angela were playing Uno, and the adults were sitting at the end of the table leaving them to their conversation about all of the change that was coming their way.

"So, the wedding. What about it would you have done differently?" Mr. Cullen asked.

I thought about it, and it wasn't really anything more than I'd have just made it much simpler. "Well, jeans and t-shirts at the courthouse would have worked for me," I answered.

"Yes, well, for a first wedding, that sounds rather spartan," Principal Cullen responded.

I thought about it, but really, it didn't make a difference to me. "Maybe, but as a first-time bride, it would have worked. Tell me, you had an elaborate wedding when you married. Did it make it any more special than an intimate ceremony?" I asked as I sipped a cup of herbal tea.

He looked at me for a moment, and then glanced down the table to where Emmett and company were playing cards, and he smiled. "Well, if I'd have actually been in love with the bride, it wouldn't have made a difference. Considering that I made a huge mistake, it was wasted money," he answered as he looked at his watch. We'd had the occasion to talk about failed relationships because we were a close-knit group. I knew that his previous marriage had ended badly because he didn't make a secret of it, and it wasn't anything we hadn't discussed previously.

Jasper Whitlock sauntered in with a smile on his face. "Well, isn't this…" he began before he laughed.

"Don't start," Mr. Cullen announced. They were as close as Alice and me, and seeing the two of them together was always a treat. They played off of each other like a comedy duo, and I'd laughed endlessly when spending time with the group.

"So, Miss Swan. How are you this very nice last day of school? All packed up?" Jasper asked.

"I am, Mr. Whitlock. I understand that your wife is at home packing as well," I responded as I finished my tea.

"Yeah. I tried to help, but I'm sure we can all imagine how that went," Jasper offered. We laughed.

"Yes, well, at least she's ready. Some of us are dragging our heels and bitching about a wedding," I heard next to me. I wanted to smack him.

"I'm just saying that…hell, it doesn't really matter what I think, now, does it?" I asked them. I saw head shaking all around.

"You gave up control to my mother and Alice. You should have weighed in at the beginning, and you could have had a say into the whole thing," I heard which didn't make me very happy. He was right. I'd relinquished control, and I shouldn't have been surprised.

"I know, but I had no idea that my mother would crawl into the mix, and it would grow into something that resembled a three-ring circus. I'm just waiting for the dancing ponies," I called as I looked at the engagement ring on my finger. It had been a shock when it landed there, but I was truly happy about it.

"Don't give Alice any ideas. Now, I'm gonna take Rosalie home, and we'll see y'all on Wednesday. If somethin' comes up and someone backs out, please call us," Jasper joked as he rose from the table. We nodded and then it was just the adults and Emmett and Angela.

"Okay, let's put the tables up and pack away the games," I called as Emmett and Angela rose from their end of the table just as Mrs. Weber breezed in.

"I'm so sorry," she began her usual apology.

"Hazel, you know I don't care. It's been so nice to meet you, and I'm going to miss you and Angela," I told her as she scurried over to the table and quickly wrote her check for the last week of school.

She tore it off and looked at those of us left, smiling. "You know, I'm sorry that I'm not going to get to see the way this plays out because I could see the attraction in September. I'm so happy for the two of you," she announced as she hugged first me and then him.

Emmett groaned when she hugged him, and after they left, and we finished cleaning up the gym, we all looked at each other. "Well, this is it then, isn't it?" I announced, feeling the tears in my eyes. It had been such a wonderful year that I was hesitant to see it end.

"I'm riding with you. Can we stop at Baskin Robbins and get dessert?" Emmett asked.

"Sure," his father answered as he wrapped his arm around his son's shoulders while we all walked out of the gym.

"Will you miss it?" I was asked by my fiancé. Hell yeah I would. It was almost a magical place for me because I'd found the love of my life there.

"Of course I will. It was my first job. I had no idea where it would lead me, and I had no idea how great it would be at the end, but yes, I'll miss it," I answered as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and kissed my temple.

We all walked out of the building, and Principal Edward Cullen locked the school doors for the last time. I looked between him and Emmett, feeling tears in my eyes. It was the end of something for all of us, and the beginning of other things, but it was quite profound.

"Miss Swan. It's been a pleasure to work with you here. I truly wish you the greatest success as you strike out on your new adventure," Edward remarked in his principal voice.

"God, Pop, that's cheesy. We'll see you at home," Emmett announced as he took my bag and my hand.

Yes, I was marrying the principal of Harris Elementary. I met him just before the first day of school when I went in to interview with him, but I believe I fell in love with him the day his son put gum in Rosalie Whitlock's hair for the first time. Forget the fact that I was holding his son by the ear as I went to complain. The smile on his face when he saw me and a squirming Emmett in the doorway immediately captured my heart.

The road to hammering out a relationship had been tough. We'd endured a lot of speculation regarding the amount of time we spent together because he started showing up at the afterschool program every day. He'd sit and talk to me until the last student was picked up. We'd attended some school outings together, always gravitating toward each other no matter how much we tried not to, and there was a lot of gossip swirling around us.

We'd endured Emmett's mood swings regarding the fact that I spent a lot of time with the two of them because he didn't know there was more going on than a simple friendship, and we'd endured Edward having to deal with a bitter and bitchy ex-wife with whom he shared custody, so when he proposed to me just before spring break, I was flabbergasted.

"Bella, please listen to me. I know that we've kept this all under the radar and kept it all a secret, but I'm done with that. You're it for me. I can't keep lying to my son and telling him that the reason we have dinner together at your place or ours is because it's part of the deal you struck when you took the job as Extended Day Director. He's twelve, and contrary to his actions on any given day, he's not an idiot. He knows I have feelings for you, and he knows I'm not going to let you go. I've talked to him about you. I finally came clean about the fact I've fallen in love with you, and surprisingly, he's supportive of it because he really cares about you.

"I want to marry you. I want us to spend the rest of our lives together. I know the school is closing, and I'm interviewing at a school near my parents, but I truly believe you can find a place there. Please, consider it. I won't ask you for a yes or no answer right now, but we've been dating for six months, and I don't know how I'd survive you not being in our life," Edward explained.

I was stunned. I thought we were just sneaking around and messing around. I had no idea he was serious, and it shocked the hell out of me because I was certain he'd never want to get married again as long as he drew a breath.

After dating for two months, we took the next step in our relationship and started having sex. The first time was a bit hurried and clumsy because it was a Sunday afternoon, and we didn't know when Emmett would be back from his visit with his mother, but we'd been fighting it for too long, and when I showed up at his place that Sunday afternoon to help him hang curtains, an innocent kiss led to clothing being shed in record time as he backed me down the hallway to his bedroom. Neither of us looked at the bed before we fell onto it, and it was only after we were both satisfied and breathless that we noticed we were on the clean laundry that he'd folded before I'd arrived.

"God, I've wanted you since the first day you walked into my office. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever met," he whispered as he pushed me down on the bed and quickly pulled the drawer of his nightstand open, grabbing a condom and quickly whisking it on. The next thing I knew, Principal Cullen, the sexiest man I'd ever met, was inside me, and we were going at it like crazy. Oh, the man had moves, and I tried to counter every one of them, and when we both exploded, me first, then him, I knew I was on the brink of something great.

"Jesus," he gasped as he pulled out of me and settled on top of the laundry, moving a pile of towels out of his way and pulling me close.

"Um, yeah," I commented as I moved a stack of socks from behind my head.

"We can do that again, right? Well, maybe not on the laundry, but holy hell, that was incredible," he remarked as he pulled me closer. Oh, hell yeah, we could do that again.

From then forward, every other weekend Emmett spent with his mother, Jane, was a fucking free-for-all between me and the principal. After the initial nerves wore off, we fucked everywhere we could, including one night in the janitor's closet during a middle-school mixer of which neither of us was very proud.

"Miss Swan, Mrs. Whitlock, you both look quite lovely," Edward commented as he walked over to the table where Alice and I stood behind a large punch bowl and a table full of snacks.

"Why Principal Cullen, that's just so nice for you to say. How's everything?" Alice asked as she laughed at my red cheeks. She knew that I was seeing him, and she loved to play with me, the bitch. I'd have to get back at her, and I wanted to hug her as well for lending me the dress I was wearing. Such things did not exist in my wardrobe, but apparently, the principal liked royal blue because I felt his hand on my back in an innocent gesture.

"Things are fine. Oh, it appears that we need more punch. Um, I believe I saw jugs of it in the kitchen. Miss Swan, could I trouble you to open the door for me? I'll carry the bowl," he volunteered not so covertly.

"Yes, Miss Swan, why don't you assist the handsome principal in filling the punchbowl?" Alice teased.

I gave her a dirty look and followed him toward the kitchen where he dropped the punchbowl on the counter and grabbed my hand, finding the kitchen empty.

"Hell, you look gorgeous. I've got something to show you," he joked as he led me out the back door of the kitchen to the empty hallway and into the janitor's closet where he locked the door once we were inside, having pulled the chain for the overhead light.

"Principal Cullen, this is, um, well different. I've never been in this closet before, but um, if I ever need a mop or a broom for extended day, I certainly know where to…" I began my joke when he flipped a bucket over and sat down, pulling me to straddle him on top of it.

"Don't start with the crackin' wise. You look stunning. I don't know where this came from, but the moment I saw you walk into the gym with Alice, I was stunned. Jesus, you look so fucking sexy," he whispered as he kissed along my chest at the "v" in the dress, lighting me up like a candle.

"Edward, we're supposed to be chaperoning…" I tossed out as he moved the jersey knit dress low enough to pull my breast free from my bra and take my left nipple into his mouth which stopped my mouth from moving. Before I knew it, my panties were off and in his pants' pocket, and he was inside me. It was a whirlwind experience, but I'd never change a moment of it, including the rough paper towels we had to use to clean up after.

Of course, our disappearance from the dance at the same time did nothing to quell the gossip that swirled around us, regardless of whether we carried the punchbowl back into the gym not fifteen minutes later. It was full, by the way.


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