I blame Rhiannamator…

"Dammit!" Dean cursed quietly as he and Roman darted into the ring. Seth had entered first and been hit with a vicious Brogue Kick, and as much as he wanted to check on his younger lover he knew that they had to subdue Sheamus first. He leapt at Sheamus and Roman followed, the two of them working together get the ginger on the mat. Dean kept kicking him, wanting to make him pay for kicking Seth when Roman almost shoved him off.

"Let me do it, get Seth up!" he ordered, Dean moving to allow the bigger man to straddle Sheamus and slam his head into the mat. Dean crouched by Seth and helped him up, catching him when he stumbled.

"Triple power bomb," he murmured softly in Seth's ear, touching his back lightly. "Then we can head back to the hotel."

"You owe me for this," Seth whispered in reply, allowing Dean to let go and stumbling over to the ropes before bracing himself to lift Sheamus up.

They hit the power bomb, and Seth stumbled back to the ropes, using them to hold himself up. Dean was straight at his side, helping him to support his weight and even Roman backed up, glancing over and ruffling his hair.

"Let's get out of here," Dean muttered quietly, helping Seth down and touching him gently to get him to roll out of the ring. He followed quickly and pulled Seth up, stepping back when he was pushed off. Dean knew that Seth was determined to support his own weight and not drag the team down so he allowed him the space, even as his heart ached when the youngest member of the Shield clung to the ring post for support. Romans hand clutched at the back of his vest, pulling him backwards and Dean backed up accordingly.

"Seth," he uttered, and held a hand out, dragging their final member to the barrier and helping him over.

"I want a massage and sex at the hotel," Seth whispered in his ear as he stumbled into Deans side again, gaining a small smirk and an increased pace as they ascended the stairs.

"I'll put a damn leash on you at this rate, you were told to let Roman go first," Dean hissed back, Seth grinning and pulled away from him, rubbing his jaw.

"Just you try," he challenged, hurrying up to where Roman was waiting. Dean shook his head and followed, planning on tying Seth down to make him see reason for once.