The Three Worlds

Chapter 1: Reunion, Rescue and Reality


Ib X Garry

Mary X (OC)Penn

ViolaX(OC(The Unnamed Witch))

At the Drevis Clinic in Northern Germany...

"Now..." A girl with black hair said as she put a surgical mask over her mouth. "We're going to do some research." she said, reaching for her saw with a smile. She grinned as she looked down at her unconscious patient. "My my, your eyes... I'm so captivated by their beauty..." she said, raising her knife, readying to kill the girl. "I'll have the perfect doll soon..." she said, smiling.

"Aya stop!" someone said, bursting into the clinic, wearing a white mask that only revealed his mouth. She swung the saw downward but before the jagged blade could touch the girl's tender flesh, he ran up and grabbed her wrist, stopping the blade in mid-air.

"You interrupted my research." she said, looking at the boy, noticing his body. "Oh my... so firm yet elegant... surely you must join als-" she began before he kissed her forehead. She blushed and dropped the saw onto the ground as she looked at him. "Y-you..." she began as she pulled the surgical mask to her chin.

"It's me... I'm back..." he told her, looking into her eyes. She blushed before wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him into a deep kiss which he didn't return, for he was blushing too much and was to caught off guard as the event was registering in his mind. She pulled away after a bit and had tears in her eyes.

"You... you don't... feel the same... do you?" she asked, looking down before beginning to cry. He sighed and picked her head up to face him, her face already soaked with tears. "Why would you come back? I'm happy!" she said, continuing to cry.

"If I take off this mask... just promise you won't scream or run..." he said. She nodded, wiping her tears away.

"I'll never repeat that event." she said, watching as he took the mask off. As it was removed his blonde locks fell out and his face was shown. He held a hand over where his right eye would be. "I'm not scared." she told him. He nodded and moved his hand, revealing both of his eyes. In his left was his original eye but in his right, there wasn't an eye... well, it wasn't a human eye. This eye was like the eye of a cat.

"... I'm not even human." he said, looking at her before putting his mask back on.

"But... I don't even know your name..." she began.

"My name... is Dio." he told her, smiling at her.

"And... I'm Aya..." she said before Maria walked in.

"Doctor Drevis? I as-" she began before seeing Dio. "Y-you're alive." she said, looking at the previously dead boy, who hid his right eye behind his hand.

"Yeah... I am alive..." he said, smiling at her.

"How did you survive?" she asked him. He shook his head.

"I'll explain later, first we need to get you three out of here. Someone's planted a curse upon you both." Dio told her, pointing to them both. "Your mother said to protect you, and I'll protect you." Dio told Aya. "Now, we need to get to the horses. You need to get on and run. Get the patient and escape." he said, pointing to the girl laid on the table.

"O-Okay Dio..." Aya said as she and Maria picked Jean up and put her on their shoulders.

"And Aya?" Dio asked, turning down the hall where four dolls were standing.

"What is it Dio?" she asked him, looking up at him before he put his mask back on. He leaned down and kissed her forehead once more.

"Don't be your father, be yourself." he told her, smiling at her as she nodded. "Now go." he said, pointing to the door. "Get to the town, then keep running. Take the patient with you. And if you meet a young girl named Mary, go with her." he said to the two girls.

"Dio, what about you?" Maria asked as the boy turned to her and smiled.

"I'll be fine Maria." He told her. She nodded and looked at Aya.

"Let's go Mistress." she said as she and Aya left. They both ran outside and loaded Jean into the cart. "Mistress?" she asked, looking at Aya, who was crying.

"I'll be fine Maria... let's just go." she said as they got in the carraige and rode away.

"... They're gone." Dio said, looking outside. "... You both can come out now." he said as a boy with blonde hair and a boy with midnight blue hair walked out from the shadows.

"Nice work Dio, didn't know Dio stood for diabolical." the bluenette said as Dio face-palmed at his spelling error.

"Silence. Now, we must dispose of these dolls then get to our arranged areas." Dio told them.

"I've to meet Viola." the blonde said, looking at his watch. "She and this Ellen are very cute I hear."

"Excellent. And I've got to meet this, Mary. She sounds exceptionally beautiful." the boy with midnight blue hair replied.

"Will you two please focus?" Dio asked. "Remember, Mrs. Drevis told us to protect Aya, Mary, Ellen and Viola."

"What about that Ib girl?" the blonde asked.

"Ugh, remember, she's already safe with that Garry fellow." the bluenette replied.

"Riiight." the other blonde replied.

"Will you two please stay focused?" Dio asked them. They nodded. "Okay, we all know who to protect. Mathematical you're covering Ellen and Viola. I've got to protect Aya, Maria and Jean."

"Why did you let them leave on their own then?" asked the bluenette. "That's the quickest way the cat can catch them. The cat tends to avoid males for some reason."

"That's why I've asked Ogre to protect Aya. I know Dr. Drevis will still be after her to turn her into a doll... I can't let my charge be killed." Dio said.

"... You sure it's just your 'Charge'? Or do you love her?" the blonde asked. Dio blushed lightly and shook it off before removing his mask.

"This is serious! Romance can last later!" Dio said as the two rolled their eyes. One of the dolls then moved.

"... Looks like we've got company." said the bluenette.

"Go, I will handle them." Dio said to his comrades as he put on his mask.

"Dio we ca-" they began before he shook his head.

"Math, you go kill the cat, Color Wheel, go save Mary." Dio said as the duo nodded before running out.

"Oh yeah!" Color Wheel said, leaning back through the door. "Almost forgot to return this." he said, tossing a small ax... no, a tomahawk to Dio. "I did steal this from Dr. Drevis when I was captive... I was lucky to escape... Oh well, you use it Dio." he said, running out as Dio raised it.

"... Thanks Penn." he said, raising the tomahawk as the four dolls stood up and looked over at him before each drawing a scalpel. "How does Math say it... Come at me, bro." he said, giving a small smile as the dolls rushed at him.

In The Fabricated World...

"Do you really mean it?" a girl asked with fear and excitement in her eyes. The boy nodded with a smile. "Thank you so much!" she said, running into his embrace as he blushed lightly and looked away as he returned the gesture. The girl wore a green dress with a blue ribbon. Her blond hair was wild and long and her eyes were bluer than the ocean.

His eyes were violet as he opened them. He wore a thick purple scarf and brown jacket. His pants were black unlike the rest of his clothing which were plain or extravagant. His hair was a shade of blue combined with a shade of black, giving a midnight blue array in a sense. They were both around the same height with him being slightly taller. "Mary... before I do this," the blue haired boy trailed off. "May I... recieve a kiss?" he asked. The two were around the age of twelve or thirteen. "I wish t-"

Before he could say another word, the blonde girl crashed her lips onto his lovingly as tears flowed from her eyes. He blushed wildly before returning the kiss. He moaned lovingly before she wrapped her arms around his neck in an attempt to pull him closer and their kiss deeper... But he pulled away from her.

"We have to do this..." he said as they walked to the painting. She placed a hand on the painting as it failed to react.

"Wait... what if we bo-"

"You need to have sacrificed a human to escape and become one... I will take your place." He said.

"B-but..." she said, her tears of sorrow and happiness were flowing. He smiled and place a hand on her lips.

"Shh... It's going to be alright." he said with a smile. "Go now, be free..." he said, pulling out his purple rose. "She loves me..." he said, pulling a petal off and ignoring the cut on the back of his left leg that opened when he removed the petal. "She loves me not-NGH!" he shouted in pain as he felt the cut on his cheek that re-surfaced despite the healing he had given the rose.

"Penn wait." Mary said, grabbing his arm before he could remove another petal. He looked at her.

"Yes?" he asked, looking at her as his fingers touched the petal.

"What if... we just waited to leave?" she asked. "Maybe someone else ca-"

"The requirements were that one had to be WILLING to stay behind." he told her. She looked down and began to cry. "Don't cry... you'll disrupt the masterpiece Guertina had created." he said, holding her chin to face him as he smiled. She continued to cry despite what he told her before he wiped her tears. The blood continued to flow from his two wounds. "She love me..." he said as another petal fell. "She loves me not... Loves me... Loves me not... Loves me... Loves me not... Loves me... Loves me not..." he said, panting heavily as upon the rose only a single petal remained. His body was covered with cuts as he forced a smile upon his pained face. "Come on Mary..."

She reached over and placed her fingers on the last petal, her face soaked with tears of happiness as they looked into each other's eyes. "... I love him." she said, pulling the final petal as he fell to the ground. His breathing had stopped and his eyes had closed. On his face was a smile. "... I do love him... I really do..." she said, placing a hand upon her own chest and feeling a thumping. "Is this... what being human is... pain?" she thought before stepping through the painting.

In The House In The Forest

"And that is what happened..." a boy with blonde hair and yellow eyes said, smiling at her.

"You... risked your life... to see me?... Even if the house tried to kill you and I couldn't help?" the blood covered girl asked, her eyeless sockets seeming to spill tears. She laid in her bed, coughing heavily as her purple hair was caked with her blood. Under her blanket she had no legs and her dress.

"Of course." the boy said, fixing his torn jacket. He smiled and kissed her cheek.

"Why? I'm jus-"

"The most beautiful girl in the entire universe trapped inside of a Witch's body." he said as she looked in his direction. Her sockets began leaking tears along with blood. "And that's why I braved this entire house... all for your love."

"My... love?" she asked, seeming to blush.

"Viola, I love you... Ever since I saw you... You see, I was supposed to be the victim, not you... you took my place..." he said, looking at his feet from the stool he sat on.

"And I've never seen your face or let alone know your name..." she said, looking down.

"... My name is of no importance." he said with a smile.

"But what about the-"

"I killed it... It blocked me from you so I ended its life." he said coldly. "It was helping Her to get to you. Somehow it allowed extra lives for her... so if you were to look around you'd see some of your bodies..." he said. "But before the magic of this house is reborn, I need you to run. Escape this place as I use the remainder of the power to restrain the darkness..."

"... Restrain?" she asked. "What power?"

"The power I stole from that demon and then the power of the Witch." he said, petting her head.

"Wait... you're going to-" she began.

"Remain behind?" he finished for her.

"But what if yo-" she began once more.

"Die? I've accepted this death if you can escape." he finished again.

"It's like you're reading my mind and..."

"Knowing what you are meaning to say next before you do." he said, smiling as her mouth gaped in surprise.

"I can't..."

"You've braved this house before... you can do it to escape." he said with a smile she couldn't see. "That cat can bring people back to life all the time..." he said.

"I know but... if I leave this body without a replacement... I won't return to the world of the living..." she said, looking down as he pulled out a book.

"That's why I'm going to do this." he said, opening the book as he looked at it.

"What are yo-"

"Whatever happens, always know that I love you." he said, grunting in pain as he looked at the book. "May the pain of this humani be transferred unto different bodies. Shall this Witch trade bodies with the youngling and take away her pain and suffering!" he said, grunting in pain.

"Wait... That's the Book Of Dea-" Viola began before he began chanting louder.

"And as the moon takes hold, shall this girl be placed in a stronger body!" he shouted as they both shouted in pain. Their screams hit a pitch that could wake up an entire neighborhood. Their screams died down seconds later as Viola opened her eyes... but... they weren't hers.

"... I-I can see..." she said, looking around. She stood up and realized she was taller as she walked to the mirror at the edge of the room. She placed her hand on it it wiped away the misty surface to reveal his face. "You.."

"Yes... I did." he replied, crawling out of bed and propping himself up onto the shelf next to her, still bleeding.

"But... why?" she asked, trying to ignore the fact that she was now a boy.

"Because I love you." he said, smiling before coughing.

"I can't let you die..." she said, walking over to a shelf and pulling out a variety of medicines and bandages.

"But hey.." he said before coughing. "At least you're not suffering."

"But you are." she told him, not caring that she was a boy now.

"Hey, as long as you're not in pain... I'm happy." he said with a smile. She sighed and bandaged him-er-her? Well, let's just say him for now. (Body switching, people, remember.) After stopping the blood from his lower torso, she wrapped it in a bandage. "Viola... you have to get out of here befor-"

"I'm not leaving without you." she said, getting up and wrapping a bandage around where his eyes would be. She then stroked his hair. "We're getting out of here together..." she said, lifting him onto her back.

"Lets." he said, wrapping his arms around her. "... My muscles are so firm." he teased, stroking her chest, since it WAS his body.

"H-hey quit it!" she said, blushing as they walked out. They walked downstairs until they got to the front door. He reached over her and unlocked the door before they both left the house, entering the forest. "I'm finally out of there..." she said, sighing happily as they continued to walk. They then reached where the Witch's Roses were and stopped. "Oh no... we can't escape... what do w-" she began before he reached into her back pocket. "H-hey stop it!" she said, blushing wildly.

"I'm not touching your butt, I'm touching mine." he said with a sigh as he pulled out what they needed.

"Is that..." she asked, looking at the bottle.

"Yes, it is." he said, opening it and dunking it on the flowers. Immediately the flowers wilted and disappeared.

"We can go now..." she said, walking out with him still on her back. "Did you do this to make me walk the way?"

"What? My legs hurt. I didn't want to walk any more." He said, smiling before they reached the straight path. "Hey... put me down Viola." he said as she put him down. "Okay... I'm gonna go forward, then you bolt." he told her.

"What?" she asked, looking down at him.

"Just listen." He said, crawling forward slowly. He continued to crawl as she simply stood there, watching him.

"Viola, what are you doing?" a voice asked as a black cat walked out from the trees. Viola flinched upon hearing her name. The cat then walked up to the boy who now was in Ellen's body.

"I'm leaving." He said, pretending to be her as he looked at the cat.

"No. You're not." The cat replied.

"But I have to go see my father! I miss him!"

"He shot you in cold blood. Ellen is you now, why can't you get it through your thick head?" the cat asked, standing in front of him. "He killed you and I revived you."

"I don't care! I need to see my daddy!" he said.

"No! You belong to the house... YOU BELONG TO ME!" the cat said, biting him.

"GRR!" he shouted in pain, whipping the cat at a tree as it hit it... Hard. "Run!" He ordered.

"Bu-" she began.

"GO!" He shouted at her before the cat came running at him again, tackling him as he flew through a tree. She then looked back at her friend who was struggling to sit up.

"You will not leave this place Viola!" the cat said, glaring at him.

"NO!" she cried out as the cat looked at her.

"Run now!" he said, wrapping his arms around the cat's neck and began to strangle it.

"You puny..." the cat said, choking from a lack of air.

"If I'm going to Hell... I'm you with me you filthy son of a devil!" he said, tightening his grip on the cat's neck with one hand before pulling off his blindfold and thrusting a finger into the empty socket, drenching it with blood. "Get out of here!" he told Viola who was frozen on the spot. "GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE I KILL YOU!" he said, trying to frighten her as she shook violently in fear before running way. "I'm sorry..." he said, seeming to cry as he continued to choke the cat as he managed to crawl to the middle of the road.

"What are you going to do? You know you can't keep this up forever!" the cat said with a grin. But he grinned back.

"You're right. That's why... I'm sending you straight to Hell!" he said, drawing a symbol on the ground with his blood.

"No... Don't tell me..." the cat began. "You're not Viola you're Numer-"

"I'm a Witch too... but unlike Ellen... I excel in ripping holes into dimensions." he said with a grin before placing a hand on it.

"You filthy brat!" the cat said, trying to kill him.

"Your body limits you to weakness. So... We've won an all expenses paid ticket to Hell!" he said, grinning as he smudged the symbol.

"NO! You're going to lock us both in the cage!?" the cat snapped at him.

"Yes, the very cage that is inescapable unless you weild The Four Rings." he said with a grin as the area began glowing. "Diameter: 2,000 feet! Pi! Equals 6,283!"

"No! A mathematician too?!" he asked. The boy simply grinned.

"There's a reason I pay attention in class, not for work... for sealing." he said as the circle spread to surround the area around them. Viola was far away and safe from the blast.

"I'm going to kill you!" the cat shouted at him, trying to hit him.

"Not today!" He said as the area began to glow red like blood. "Boni noctem amicus meus!(Latin Translation for "Good night my friend")" He said as the area suddenly expanded before imploding, leaving no trace of The House, The Cat or The Boy; only a large crater remained from where he had unleashed it.

Viola had just barely reached safety as the area imploded. She looked back to see an empty part of the forest. "No... The boy..." she said, beginning to cry. She cried for minutes before looking up toward the sky with a smile but tears in her eyes. "Let's meet again in the next life..." she replied, smiling as she wiped her eyes dry. And for the first time above that forest... the sky cleared, allowing the sun to shine. She smiled and put a hand through her new body's short blonde hair, allowing her fingers to flow through and ruffle the neatly brushed hair. "... Now... what's it like being a boy?" she asked, turning away and walking off.

In another place...

"What could be taking him so long?" a girl with red eyes said, sitting at a table in a macaroon shop. "He did say today... didn't he?" the girl thought as she played with her red tie-like scarf around her neck. She wore a button up shirt, red tie-scarf and a red skirt that reached her knees along with knee length socks in her red shoes. This girl was around the age of thirteen as she sat there, her red eyes glowing with boredom. "Garry... where are you?" she asked no one in particular as she played with her dark brown hair.

Down the street a youth possibly entering his early twenties was running down. He wore a jade green shirt, an old and tattered dark blue jacket, and tight khaki pants along with his brown shoes. As he ran his messy lavender hair flowed behind him like a flag in the wind. "I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!" he said, running down the street before entering the shop, panting.

The girl turned around to face him as her eyes widened with excitement. "Garry!" she said, running over and hugging him as he fell back onto the ground, laughing and smiling as he hugged her back.

"It's great to see you too Ib." the youth named Garry said, smiling as he hugged the young girl. They let go soon after and stood up, smiling with light signs of a blush on their faces.

"You're late." she said as he nearly fell over in embarrassment.

"Yeah... sorry about that..." he said, blushing lightly as he scratched the back of his head. She nodded and walked back to where she was sitting as he soon joined her.

"So, how long has it been since our last date?" Garry asked as Ib blushed lightly and looked at the table. "Ib? Are you okay?" he asked as she nodded, still blushing.

"I think it's been... a week?" she said, still blushing. "And you've been late to every one." she said as Garry nearly fell off of his chair in shame.

"Look Ib, I sai-" he began before she giggled.

"I'm just kidding Garry." Ib said with a smile. "Now, shall we eat?" she asked.

"Sure." Garry said with a smile.

"... C-can I join you?" a girl with blonde hair asked, walking up to the two friends.

"Sure!" Ib said with a smile.

"I'm Garry." Garry said.

"And I'm Ib." said Ib with a smile.

"And I'm E... Viola." 'Viola' said, smiling as she sat next to the people.

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