Love Comes In Unexpected Forms

Chapter 6: I kissed my nephew?!


Ib (pronounced "Eeb," similar to "Eve") is a freeware horror adventure game by kouri made in RPG Maker 2000.

The Witch's House (Majo no Ie) is a freeware puzzle-oriented horror game by Fummy made in RPG Maker VX.

Mad Father is a freeware horror adventure game by Sen (of Miscreant's Room) made in WOLF RPG Editor.

I, The Angel Of The Crescent Moon own no rights to these three games and I am only writing a Fanfiction in order to entertain readers of this story. The only things I own is this story and the characters Penn and the Unnamed Witch, later revealed to be named Numeric along with the previously mentioned character Xalbador. Luna Willow and Eden Joeseph belongs to a good friend of mine, "The 13 Paged NoteBook". Thanks again for all the help Note, it really helps! If there's anything you think I should change and or work differently, just PM me! ^^

Current Character Parties:

Dio(COUGHOliverCOUGH), Ellen(In Viola's Body) & Ib.

Aya, Jean, Luna, Maria, Mary & Viola(In Numeric's Body)

Penn & The Lady In Red

Numeric(In Ellen's Body) Eden and Garry

Current Pairings:

Dio X Aya

(One-Sided)Ellen X Dio

Mary X (OC)Penn

Viola X (OC)Numeric

(One-Sided)Luna(OC) X Viola

Character Themes: (Canon characters have their original themes, and the new themes(These songs give me inspiration to work the character)).

Aya: Monster by Meg and Dia

Dio: I Don't Want To Be by Gavin DeGraw

Ib: Hero by Enrique Iglesias

Garry: Shattered by Trading Yesterday

Mary: Imaginary by Evanescence

Viola: Safe And Sound by Taylor Swift

Ellen: My Last Breath by Evanescence

Jean: You And I by Anarbor


Penn: Promise Me by Dead By April (Acoustic Version)

Numeric: White Rabbit by Egypt Central

Luna: Everytime We Touch by Cascada

Eden: Paradise By ColdPlay

Parings Music

Dio X Aya: Battle Scars by Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian

Ib X Garry: Kiss From A Rose by Failure To Excel

Mary X (OC)Penn: Louder Than Thunder by The Devil Wears Prada

Viola X (OC)Numeric: You And I by Anarbor

Ellen X (OC) Luna: Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John

Jean X (OC)Eden: Far Away by Nickelback

Before anything starts, I'd like to thank my friend, (Who wishes not to be identified) for combining both the songs and a small amount of her own lyrics for the opening. :D So this is the combination of two versions and she added some of her own lyrics to connect to the story a bit.

Opening song: E? Aa, sou. (Triple Crossover Parody)

Original Singer of "E? Aa, sou (Ib parody): 96neko

Singer of E? Aa sou used for song: Miku-tan

Ib: *Picks a rose and smells it*

For all the sentimental reasons reeling,

They're only superficial feelings,

Viola: *Reaches out for her father and Numeric in her own body*

Bad shot, Cannot,

I'll laugh when I want it,

Aya: *Sneaks up and holds Dio's hand*

This chance you'll get, are you ready yet?

Ellen: *Lying in bed, hugging a pillow in tears*

Although I sometimes think it, for fun I will dream it,

Mary: *Staring at Penn's painting of her, him and The Lady In Red before burning it*

I never know the time to be so,

So happy, so snappy, you'll be friendly,

Till the time you throw me away,

Penn: *Draws a knife and cuts himself, only dripping black paint*

Ah stabbing me through the heart,

It's like a nightmare,

Garry: *Staring at himself in a mirror before punching it*

Giving the chance to start,

It's like a lie now,

Jean: *Dancing in a field of flowers before corpses appear, Eden holding her close to him*

Swirling and whirling,

If this is love I, cannot wait to part,

And run away,

Eden: *Stuck in a maze, calling out for Jean with wide eyes*

Hey, call my name, just as loud as you can,

Penn: *Braces himself for a slap only to get a kiss on the cheek from Mary*

I will adore so, more so, I really wanna scream,

Numeric: *Grins at Viola from behind before spinning her around and kissing her*

Can't escape, No, no, not if you're in my lair,

Perhaps you'll grin, I'll win, you never saw me coming.

Ib: *Drops her rose*

I do not hate it,

Viola: *Looks away, pouting*

Want it,

Luna: *Grunts, arms crossed in a defensive motion from a blast of white fire*

I bear it,

Mary: *Draws her palette knife*

I'm lying,

Penn: *Grabs Mary's knife, cutting his hand*

It's bitter sweet but it's making me nervous,

Dio: *Looking at Ellen with a smile*

Really? I don't know how to take it

Ellen: *Looks down before Dio puts a hand on her shoulder, smiling*

If I'm a whore, you'll tell me the truth.


I say I'm stupid, foolish, dim-witted,

Brainless, slow, dim, I face it, I break it, I'm useless

Mary: *Penn kisses her head as he hugs her from behind*

I make it by in life by trusting the ones, who tell me,

I'm worth the fight,

Dio: *Sitting on a tall sign, smiling as the rain comes down*

Ah, fell from the skies above, could it be this love,

Garry: *Drops both the blue and red rose*

Purple to petal flight, like little raindrops

Dio: *Spins Ellen around in a circle, smiling innocently*

Spinning, and dancing, you feeling dizzy?

Garry: *Scratching the back of his head with a sheepish grin as he looks at Ib*

Maybe we'll take a break, and run away?

Numeric and Penn: *Synchronized dance YEAH!*

Now show me sweetie, now don't you be scared,

Is it them, is it me?

I'll be there until the end.

See my lolicon(Numeric to Viola)/sweet yandere(Penn to Mary) aren't I drawing you in?

'Cause I know, yes I know

What it is that you desire!

Ib: *Writing slowly on a piece of paper*

This feeling, sweet or nice?

Mary: *Painting on a canvas with a smile*

It may just take your life

Ellen: *Laughing while reading a book*

After all this interpretation simply cries. (HEY! I FIND THAT OFFENSIVE TO ME! XD)

Viola: *Tosses a piece of paper into a fireplace as it burns*

So the things that we feel


We know they're all unreal


Isn't it stuffed and sealed?

We're made to believe...

Dr. Drevis: *Slides his fingers through his hair before reaching out*

So isn't it right for you to obey?

Don't tell me that you're still feeling so unsatisfied!

Mrs. Drevis: *Opens her arms, holding Aya and Maria*

The time is here, to take the last leap

Because well, there's no need, just take my hand.


Now it does not matter how it ends

Let's see how it turns out

Through those pretty eyes of yours

No matter where we go, it will never end

Because well, hey, I mean, hey!

We've breached the breaking point


No I can't take it...

*The cat appears and scares the boys and girls*

*Screaming takes place*

With Numeric and Garry... (And Eden(Even though Numeric is doing her best to keep him away))

"Where are we even going?" Garry asked, playing with his hair as he followed Numeric.

"We're going to Britain." she answered, walking forward before a snap was heard. "AH! My knee!" she shouted in pain as she fell to the ground, grunting in pain. "G-get me to a hospital Garry!" she said as Garry sighed and picked her up. He quickly ran to a conveniently placed hospital and ran her into the Emergency Room.

"Oh my." a nurse said, looking at Numeric's incorrectly bent knee. "We'll have to perform surgery quickly." she said as a doctor and another nurse came in with a bed as they quickly pulled her into the operating room. "I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait here until your sister's surgery is done." she said as Garry nodded, sitting down on a chair in the near empty room, being that only he and the nurse were present.

Hours later...

A youth with platinum hair walked in, panting lightly. "Sh-sheesh, your girlfriend makes one Hell of a magic wall." he said, sitting next to Garry as he shrugged.

"She's not my girlfriend. She'd sooner be my sister." Garry said as he pouted. Eden shrugged it off like it was nothing.

"If you say so." he said, sighing before a nurse came to them. Garry looked up with hope in his eyes.

"The surgery went well, and we even handled her illness." she said as the boys raised an eyebrow.

"Illness?" they muttered, looking at each other.

"Would you like to see her?" she asked as they boys stood up. They nodded before she led them to a room where she was sleeping. "Just let her rest, she'll wake up in a bit." the nurse said as she left.

"..." Garry walked over and brushed the hair out of her eyes. "... She looks like she's in pain." He sighed as Eden walked over.

"... Wake up." he said, sliding his hand along her cheek before her eyes fluttered open.

"... Hey Garry." she said, sitting up as she stretched, this time, her bones making less cracks. "... Huh... I feel stronger." she said, getting out of the bed before looking at Eden. "What is he doing here?!" she shouted, holding her hand to the side as yellow energy was showing in her left hand and charging quickly. "Try some negative energy this time!" she said as she threw a ball of energy at Eden.

"... This is gonna take a while." Garry said with a sigh as he stood up. "... I guess I can go look elsewhere for Dio and Ib." he said, walking out of the room and leaving the hospital before noticing a museum down the street. "... Guertina exhibit, October 1 - 31." he read aloud before suddenly hearing voices in his head. "STAY AWAY!" he heard someone shout as he held his head from a rapidly increasing headache. "DON'T COME!" he heard the voice say as he walked to the museum.

"... I've got to go and help this person. There's a reason I'm being told to stay away from that art museum, so that means there's something important to do there." He said, shoving his hands into his pockets and walking toward it.

With Team Dio! XD

Dio sighed happily as he drove toward an apartment complex. "... Finally here." he said, smiling as he looked at Ib, who was sleeping silently and Ellen, who was writing in a notebook that she must have picked up at a stop they made. "... You two go head up to the third floor at the end apartment. I've got to make a call." he said as the Ellen nodded and stepped out of the car, giving Ib a piggyback ride.

"... Dio wait..." she said as he looked at her, smiling.

"Yes?" he asked as she paused for a bit. "Ellen?" ... She shook her head, smiling.

"I'll tell you later." she said, smiling lightly as she closed the door. He drove off soon after as she carried Ib to the elevator and went up to the apartment. She sighed as she walked in, noticing that it wasn't as nice as she was expecting. It was rather empty, a small television set, a house phone, a bathroom, a kitchen and a computer desk. She smiled, walking over to the bed and laying Ib down before walking over to the fridge and looking inside. "... Not even a shred of food." she said before slamming it shut. "How can a person make a meal for the people she cares about without even a shred of food?!" she thought as she sat on the nearby chair and pouted. She opened her notebook and read it before blushing deeply and shutting it. "No... Stop that..." she said, holding her face in her hands. "You're going to just make you hate yourself. You can't think or admit that you're in love with-" the door opened as the other blonde walked in. "Dio! Welcome!" she said, smiling as she looked at him. He waved, smiling as he locked the door behind him.

"Sorry this place isn't as nice as the hotel." he apologized as she smiled, shaking her head.

"It's perfectly fine! I like it actually, feels natural somehow." she said, smiling as he nodded, unsure about her words.

"Uh-huh..." he trailed off.

"... Dio?" she asked, taking a step closer as he blushed lightly.

"Yeah?" he asked as she smiled up at him.

"... I know we barely know each other... But... Uh... You've been a really good friend... And... I'd like to be your friend." she said as he smiled and petted her head.

"Of course we can be friends, Ellen." he said with a smile. She smiled back as Ib woke up, yawning tiredly as she rubbed her eyes.

"... Hi." Ib said as Ellen and Dio waved to her.

"... So... Dio, do you think you could drop me off at the grocery store? I can whip up something for dinner." Ellen said, smiling as he nodded, smiling.

"Actually, we can all just go, I can help Ellen." Ib said, smiling at her as she nodded slowly, seeming to sigh. "I can push the wagon for you and you Dio can reach the higher shelves!" Ib said as Ellen nodded, smiling at the two. Dio quickly walked over to a coat rack before getting a fedora and putting it on, using it to cover his bandages. He smiled at the girls as Ellen chuckled.

"Looking sharp." Ellen said, smiling as he blushed lightly. Dio smiled as the two girls left the apartment before he closed it behind hm and locked it. He followed them quickly before grabbing their hands and leading them to the car. He smiled, letting in Ib and Ellen before getting in the driver's seat and driving them to the grocery store. He smiled and got out of the car before two males were standing on the side and gasped as Dio smiled at them.

"Nice ride bro. Is that a 252 MPH Pontiac Trans-Am?" one of them asked as he nodded, closing the door.

"Indeed. It belonged to my uncle." Dio said before walking to the other side before opening the door for Ellen and Ib before they got out of the car and locked the door behind them. He smiled and walked forward. "Let's go girls." He said with a smile as they followed him into the grocery store. Ellen smiled as Ib quickly grabbed a wagon and pushed it with them before Dio took it from her. "I've got it, you two just shop for the food." Dio said with a smile as Ib nodded, smiling. Ib quickly ran up next to Ellen as the blonde looked at the shelves.

"What do we need to get Ellen?" Ib asked, looking up at the teen as the girl slid her left forefinger on a shelf.

"Do you guys want Parmesean Ranch Chicken and Melty Fudge Brownies for dessert, or Rabbit Stew with Chocolate Cake for dessert?" Ellen asked with a smile as Ib and Dio looked at each other.

"The first one." they said in unison with wide smiles as Ellen nodded, taking a turn down an aisle.

"Okay then, I'll need to get... This and this, this and this and this!" she said, grabbing crushed corn flakes, Parmesan cheese, ranch salad dressing mix, skinless, boneless chicken breast halves and butter before throwing them into the cart. "Hmm... Next..." she said before walking back to the fridge and grabbing more butter. "And then... White sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, all-purpose flour, unsweetened cocoa powder, salt, semisweet chocolate chips and..." she said, walking down the aisles and tossing the things into the air, which Ib was running around and catching before throwing them into thew wagon. "... Where's the things I use for the-AH!" she said before grabbing something and shoving it into the cart herself, hiding it under a bag of sugar with a smile. "Okay, I got it all!" she said with a smile as Dio's stomach growled.

"... I must be really hungry." He said, blushing as the girls giggled and walked toward the cashier's shelf... Where there was a long line. "Ah... Why don't you two go wait in the car, I've got this stuff." he said, smiling as the girls nodded.

"C'mon Ib, let's go." Ellen said as the girl nodded, smiling before they walked out of the store. The moment they walked out of the store, the two teens they saw earlier had walked up to them the moment they reached the car.

"Hey girl, why don't you ditch Mr. Fancy-car and hang with us?" one asked, leaning a hand on the car as she gasped, looking down as she rested her hands on her chest. Ib quickly stood next to her and held her hands together.

"What about you sweetie?" the other asked as she blushed, her face the same color of her eyes.

"Uh..." Ellen said before Dio walked out, whistling a happy tone as he pushed the cart. "Ah!" she said, before she and Ib ran over. She suddenly wrapped her arms around his left arm as he blushed lightly. "Hey babe! There you are!" she said as Ib hugged his other arm.

"Big brother, come on! You left us out here in the cold and we've got to get home!" Ib said as he nervously loaded the car once the two males backed off. He sighed as he got in the drivers seat and looked at the two girls.

"... Babe, huh?" Dio asked, smiling at Ellen who blushed deeply.

"H-hey, you try dealing with older teenage guys hitting on you!" Ellen said, pouting as Ib leaned over and hugged him.

"Thanks for protecting us Ollie." she said as he petted her head.

"Anything for you girls." he said, smiling as he started the car and drove them back to the apartment.

With the biggest group...

"Now that everything's all straightened out... You're not my daddy." Mary said, pointing her knife at the scientist as Viola and Luna stood next to her, Jean behind them.

"Mary, put your knife down." Maria ordered as Mary pouted.

"But mom!"

"NOW Mary." she said with a stern look as Mary obeyed, pouting. Maria smiled and looked back at the man. "Doctor?"

"Please, just call me Alfred." he said as she nodded. Aya was still busy hugging the crap out out of him.

"Alfred... How are you still alive?" she asked as he shrugged.

"I don't know. I just was-As you kids say nowadays-..." he said, looking at Viola and the others. "I was 'chilling' in the other world, the one beyond this one." he said as Viola, Luna and Mary pouted. "When I met this cat-"

"What color was it?" Viola asked quickly as he raised an eyebrow.

"Pardon?" Alfred asked, looking at him.

"What color was the cat?" Viola asked, glaring.

"... White." the man answered as he sighed calmly.

"Whew... Thought something was bad." Viola said as Luna held his hand. He blushed and looked down a bit at her. "... Why are you holding m-"

"You looked worried." she said as he nodded.

"... I am... This is Ellen's house after all." Viola explained.

"... Who's Ellen?" Luna asked.

"... She's a witch." Viola said as Luna gasped lightly. "She used to be a good friend of mine. We'd play all the time with her toys and I'd sometimes bring over board games for us to play in her room... One day... I promised that we could switch bodies... She wanted to see the outside world, but her skin wouldn't be able to take the light of the sun."

"Like a Vampire?" she asked as Viola nodded.

"Just like the real ones, not the ones from simple romances... I'm talking about things like Count Dracula." Viola said as he let go of Luna's hand. "... And I never saw her again." he said before Luna hugged him tightly, not realizing she had buried her face in his chest.

"That stinks." she said as he nodded, hugging her back.

"... But I do miss her sometimes." he said, hugging her tightly as she blushed lightly.

"..." Aya coughed. "Quick, get some Mistletoe." she whispered to Jean as the girl giggled.

"Maybe a hotel room?" Jean whispered back as they burst into laughter.

"... Do you hear something?" Maria asked Alfred who nodded.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" someone screamed before flying through the painting and hitting the floor with a loud THUD. He had midnight blue hair and wore a long purple scarf. Under that scarf was a long red T-shirt and a thin brown jacket over it. He wore green pants and yellow shoes also. He sat up, groaning in pain as he gripped his neck. "Dimensional portals suck..." He muttered as everyone buy Mary looked at the painting, noticing it was gone. "... Mar-" He began before the blonde-girl attacked him with a tight hug.

"PENN!" she shouted happily, unknowingly choking him with her grip as she laid on top of him on the ground.

"... Good t-to see you t-too... M-M-Mary!" Penn said between each gasp for air. "CHOKING!" He shouted as she let him go, blushing.

"Sorry, sorry!" she said as he stood up, breathing heavily. "... Wait... Where's mom?"

"... You have a mommy? Me too!" Mary said with an excited smile.

"Yeah... I think you know her." he said, smiling. "She goes by The Lady In Red?"

"... Big... Sister...?" Mary said before turning around and sticking her tongue out before wiping it rapidly with her right hand and sleeve. "EWWWW! I KISSED MY NEPHEW! EW EW EW EW EW! EWIES KAJIWIES!" she said, blushing deeply as she continued wiping her mouth on her dress sleeve. "AND I ALMOST USED TONGUE!" she shouted, grabbing a randomly appearing toothbrush as she began rapidly brushing her teeth in the bathroom next door. Penn sighed, looking down.

"Where'd she get the toothbrush?" he muttered as Aya and Jean burst into laughter and fell to the floor, Luna and Viola simply were looking back between Penn and the door.

"... Ah!" Viola and Luna pushed each other away before blushing and scratching the back of their own heads with sheepish smiles.

GhostGirl89243 8/16/13 . chapter 5

I have a feeling that Penn is gonna be a big Mama's boy. Spanking makes a great punishment for swearing boys. I don't know about you or other people but i can see that happening. Then just having a real fluffy scene afterwards, like The Lady in Red (Are you going to give her an actual name? If so, may I suggest Victoria?) rocking him back and forth while rubbing his back, kissing his forehead and singing a lullaby as he falls asleep. From my experiences in life I can say that even big boys like to be coddled once in a while, and from what I can tell from the story you gave on Penn i'd say he needs it, not overly so but more than just a little bit. I'd also like to see a dominant female in at least one of the relationships, like Aya, Ellen, or if your really into it, Viola, you never know what those seemingly shy girls will do when they're alone with the person they like. For instance a "shy" girl could be a real dominatrix when alone with their loved one, in some cases, surprisingly so. If you do go with that, when all the groups are together you could have a guy hit on "Ellen" (Numeric in Ellen's body) and then have Viola (in Numeric's body) get jealous. That would be awesome. After all they did switch bodies, so I'm going to point out that if Numeric is going through a females thought process, wouldn't Viola go through a males. Please note I am in no way trying to make you mad or steal your story, I am just giving ideas, you don't have to use them but I would be most honored if you did. I shall hope that you update soon because this is an excellent story and i'd hate to see it go unfinished. I apologize if I sound demanding but this fic is just that good. I hope to see more of this soon, but I will wait patiently. After all i'd rather wait for a good chapter than to get one the next day that barely even resembles anything at all. Well, hope to see more soon and I wish you good luck on editing and hope that you don't have too many distractions. Bye!

Sounds great!

And I already decided on calling The Lady In Red, "Rose" sorry.

Thanks for everything though!

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The story is pretty good, but the only part I didn't like was Ellen's sudden sexual attempt (and rejection) with Dio. I felt like it was just random and had nothing to do with the rest of the story. Also I don't really understand whats going on with Maria, Mary, and Aya's memories. It seems like they remember the past, but at the same time suddenly think they're related.

Well, I always thought that the two girls only wanted a normal life and to escape their worlds.

Well actually Ellen's attempts on Dio are random, but it has something to do with the story in a sense.

And it's mainly a thing with "The Fabricated World" with it chnanged so that she could enter the real world with her own story that Aya and Maria were her family. It's basically tampered memories.

Claire 7/1/13 . chapter 1

the witch's name was ellen. just saying...

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What is going to happen next? /\/\ ME: well...I think that maybe dio, 'viola' and ib are going to meet up with Aya, Maria, Mary, Vio, jean, Dr. Drevis, And luna. You know considering WHO's house there in!

DOES THE CAT HAVE 1-UPS?! /\/\ ME: uhh...what?

Will anything ever make sense?! /\/\ ME: Being honest the first few chapters were confusing, but this one isint :)

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Am I changing the canon character's personalities too much? Or are their adaptations fine?

/\/\: I personally love their personalitys!

EXTRA: I wonder how Viola and Ellen's meeting would be like? I really hope they forgive each other (or at least Viola forgive's Ellen) The idea of them being friends is nice

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Answer these in reviews if you think you can. There are no wrong answers because we all have our own opinions. (Also, this might be a crossover into Ib or The Witch's House (Undecided because this is a TRIPLE-Crossover.))

What is going to happen next?

Is the Cat really dead?

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Will anything ever make sense?!

Is there more to this "Babe" thing with Ellen and Dio?

What is Ellen going to make them?

Will Eden and Numeric ever stop fighting?

Will the Ellen, Viola, and Numeric ever get their normal bodies back?

What will Numeric the pervert do when it's time for him/her to take a bath? *Perverted grin*

Am I changing the canon character's personalities too much? Or are their adaptations fine?

All these questions and more, may or may not be answered on the next chapter of, "Love Comes In Unexpected Forms"!