Lucy awoke with a strange warm feeling. She tossed and turned. 'Why is it so hot?' She thought. She tossed and turned some more before angrily sitting up. She flipped her pillow and lied back down.

'That's strange' She thought. 'I don't remember Plue being pink'

Her eyes shot open. She turned over and sure enough. There was a patch of pink hair that belonged to someone who was nonchalantly sleeping in her bed. Normally, she would have just ignored this and went back to sleep, preferring to throw a tantrum when she was awake and refreshed. However, this was the 7thnight in a row that this particular person decided to sleep over. 'This is the last straw,' she thought angrily.

Lucy took a deep breath.

"Natsu! Go sleep in your own damn bed!" She yelled, before kicking him out the window, shattering the glass. She huffed, and climbed back into her bed drifting off to sleep.

Natsu landed face first onto the ground. 'What is her problem?' He thought irritably. She never minded him sleeping with her before. Usually. she would only scold him in the morning before they headed to the guild. Standing up, he stretched, rubbed his eyes, and yawned before dragging himself home.

The dragon slayer woke up the next day feeling tired from last night's events. He attempted to go back to sleep, but to no avail. 'This is all Lucy's fault,' he thought bitterly. If she hadn't woken him up, he would have been at the guild by now, eating breakfast and kicking Gray's ass. 'Might as well go to the guild now.' He thought.

Natsu tiredly walked to the guild, almost falling asleep halfway.'Where's Happy when you need him,' he thought as he forcibly dragged himself to the guild. 'He could have flew me to the guild, but he went on that mission with Wendy and Charle' He thought.

Once he arrived at the Fairy Tail building he breathed a sigh of relief, and opened the guild doors. All eyes were on him as he made his way over to the bar.

"Natsu, you're unusually late today" said Mirajane as she cleaned some bar glass.

"Yeah, I know," said Natsu. "Its okay I'm..."

Natsu paused a moment to yawn. "...all fired up"

Mirajane narrowed her eyes. "Are you sure you're okay?" She asked.

Natsu sat up straighter. "Yeah, I'm just a little tired," he admitted. "Can I have some breakfast?"

Mirajane nodded before walking away to fill the order. Natsu looked around the guild. Everyone went back to minding their own business. Natsu arriving late was not that interesting. It was unusual, but not exciting. Gray spotted his rival and proceeded to walk over.

"Flame head, you look like shit." Gray said, as he sat down next to Natsu.

"Leave me alone ice queen," Natsu retorted.

"What's wrong?" asked Gray in a mocking voice. "Tired?"

Natsu growled.

"If it weren't for Lucy, I'd kick your ass by now," said Natsu.

Gray raised an eyebrow.

"What did Lucy do?" asked Gray.

"She kicked me out of her bed," said Natsu while yawning.



The entire guild turned to look at Natsu.

Natsu raised an eyebrow.

"What?" Natsu asked. "Something on my face?"

Everyone remained silent. Their eyes wide as dinner plates. Their jaws touching the floor. No one could find the words to speak. Natsu, the oblivious dragon slayer who never shown any interest in the opposite sex, slept with Lucy.

Gray was first to recover. He ran over to Natsu and grabbed his shirt.

"Hey! Watch it Ice freak!"

"What were you doing in Lucy's bed?!" Gray asked shaking him back and forth.

"W-W-What?" Natsu asked confused.

"Answer me!" shouted Gray.

The guild awaited his response.

"I slept with her!" said Natsu while struggling to get free.

Gray dropped let go of Natsu.

He stood there, dumbstruck.

Natsu, his rival, slept with Lucy.

Natsu slept with Lucy.

'Natsu lost his virginity first!' Gray thought angrily.

They were now on uneven playing fields.

Natsu would always be ahead of Gray in terms of manliness.

Gray grabbed Natsu again.

"H-Hey let go of me!" shouted Natsu.

"I'll show you Natsu" said Gray with a smirk on his face.

Natsu looked confused.

"What are you talking about?" asked Natsu, suddenly scared for his life.

Gray looked at Natsu with eyes full of determination.

"I'll show that you won't be the only one whose slept with a girl!" shouted Gray as he let go of Natsu and ran out of the guild.

Before Natsu could register what had happened the guild was on him, asking a million questions at once.

"Natsu you slept with Lucy?!"

"How did you do it?!"

"Is Lucy pregnant?!"

"Lucky bastard!"

"That's Manly!"

"Did you use protection?!"

"I didn't know Lu-chan would do such a thing."

"What did Natsu Do?"

Natsu sat in the middle of the guild, surrounded by his guild mates. 'What's happening?' thought Natsu. Everyone was acting so weird. They were attacking him with so many questions. He couldn't even hear himself think.

"Natsu!" shouted the voice everyone was familiar with.

Natsu gulped.

"H-H-Haii, Erza?" asked Natsu, trembling with fear.

The crowed opened a path for Titania.

Erza walked to Natsu, never breaking eye contact.

'This is it' thought Natsu. He was going to die. For something he did not do. Natsu braced himself.

He felt two arms pulled him into a hug.

"Natsu," said Erza in a much softer voice, "I respect yours and Lucy's decision to take your relationship
to the next step."

Natsu looked confused, but relieved. He wasn't going to die

Erza let go of Natsu.

"I assume you're taking the necessary precautions right?" asked Erza with a raised eye brow.

"Sure, I guess," said Natsu more confused then ever.

"Then we should celebrate!" Erza said grabbing a drink.

"To Natsu and Lucy!"

The guild erupted into cheers.


'Everyone is acting so weird today,' thought Natsu.

Lucy put down her pencil and stretched. 'I am finally done writing for today' Lucy thought with a smile on her face. She went into her closet and got dressed. 'I wonder why Natsu isn't here yet?' She thought. He isn't still mad about me kicking him out the window last night is he?'. Lucy finished dressing and left her house. She started to walk towards the guild. 'If he's mad I'll apologize'. 'It was his fault though'. 'He can't just sleep in my bed whenever he feels like it'.

As Lucy got closer to the guild the sound of voices cheering became louder. 'Why is everyone is so loud?' Lucy thought. 'Is it another holiday already?'

Lucy opened the guild doors and stepped in.

"Minna, Ohayo!" said Lucy with a smile on her face.

The whole guild turned to look at her.

"Lucy!" Everyone shouted at once.

Lucy looked confused.

Levy ran up to hug her friend.

"Lu-chan!, congratulations!" said Levy

"Levy-chan?" asked Lucy. What is going on?

"Lucy!" said Erza as she walked up to join the hug.

"Erza?" Lucy was even more confused.

"Lucy, I always knew!"said Mira as she joined the hug as well.

Lucy pulled away from the hug.

"Congratulations on your relationship with Natsu!" said Levy and Mira, eyes sparkling.

"Wait? What?!"

Juvia walked up to Lucy, a big smile on her face.

"Juvia supports your relationship!" said Juvia, "Gray-sama is now Juvia's!"

Lucy backed away, waving her hands in front of her face.

"No, no you got it all wrong" said Lucy, deeply embarrassed

"What do you mean, Lucy?" asked the girls

"I am not in a relationship with Natsu!" Lucy shouted.

The guild stopped celebrating.

Natsu looked confused

"Hey minna, why'd you stop?" asked Natsu.

Natsu spotted Lucy.

"Oh, hey Lucy"

Lucy ran over and grabbed his ear.

"Oi, Oi, that hurts Lucy!" said Natsu trying to remove Lucy's hand.

Lucy glared at him.

"What did you tell them Natsu?!" Lucy growled

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Natsu replied. "Just let go of my ear!"

"Did you tell them we were dating?!" Lucy asked, pulling on his ear harder. "We're not dating!"

"But Lu-chan" asked Levy confused. "Didn't you sleep with Natsu last night?"

Lucy's eyes widened.

"No you got it all wrong!" said Lucy, letting go of Natsu.

Everyone thought they slept together.

"We didn't sleep together!"

"Yes, we did," said Natsu, rubbing his ear.

Lucy turned to glare at him.

"No, we didn't!" Lucy growled through her clenched teeth. Her face was felt like it was on fire.


Erza decided to speak up.

"Were you trying to keep this a secret from us?"

The guild erupted into chatters. Who was telling the truth?

Lucy slapped her head in frustration.

"No, We didn't sleep with each other," Lucy restated. This was giving her a headache

"But we did-"

"Shut up Natsu!" Lucy shouted, glaring at him. This was only getting more confusing.

Natsu gulped. He was only telling the truth. Why was she so mean? He decided to stay quiet.

Lucy turned to the guild.

"Look everyone, We didn't sleep with each other" said Lucy, still red faced. "We only laid in the same bed and slept. We didn't doing anything."

Lucy waited for the guild's reaction.

To her relief. Everyone went back to whatever they were doing before this all began.

Lucy sighed and went over to her usual seat in the bar.

'What a morning' She thought.

"Mira, can I have some breakfast please?" asked Lucy.

"Okay," said Mirajane with her head drooping.

Lucy almost felt sad for her. Almost.

Natsu sat next to Lucy.

"Lucy~" said Natsu, wrapping his arm around Lucy.

Lucy sighed. "What is it Natsu?" she asked.

"What were they talking about?"

Lucy turned to look at him. She looked confused. "Huh?"

"The guild," said Natsu. "We sleep together all the time don't we?"

"Why were they confused?" He asked.

"That's because they thought we-" Lucy stopped herself. Her face turning red from embarrassment. She did not want to talk about why the guild thought they were sleeping together. She did not want to explain to him what that particular phrase meant.

"Well?" Natsu asked with a raised eyebrow.

"N-N-Nothing," Lucy stuttered.

"Where's Gray? I haven't seen him yet." Lucy asked trying to change the subject.

Natsu leaned in. Their faces almost touching.

Lucy blushed harder.

"Why won't you tell me?" asked Natsu.

Lucy covered her face with her hands.

"B-Because...It's embarrassing..."

Natsu leaned back onto his own chair.

His face had a look of confusion before it changed to realization.

Natsu leaned towards Lucy, his face inches away from her ear. With a smirk on his face he asked.

"Were they talking about sex?"