Natsu left the guild grumbling. Just moments ago he was slapped across the face by non other than Lucy. After he had asked a simple question, she proceeded to smack him and stomp out of the guild. 'Boy, was she angry,' thought Natsu, rubbing his swollen cheek. 'Maybe I should apologize.'

Lucy walked towards her apartment, fuming. 'Stupid Natsu,' thought Lucy. First, he sneaks into her room without her permission and sleeps with her. Then, he tells the guild that they're sleeping together! Lucy blushed at that last thought. "Why did he have to say it like that?" Lucy sighed.

Couldn't he have been more specific. He could have said, 'Hey everyone, Lucy and I sleep together!'. Lucy shook her head. 'No, that could still be misinterpreted'. He could have just said nothing. Just walk into the guild with that stupid grin on his face, fight with Gray, and pick a mission. If he had done that, they could have both been on a mission by now!

Lucy reached her apartment and stood outside. She desperately needed rent money, and a few extra jewels on hand for herself. 'What should I do now?' She thought. She could find Natsu, demand him to apologize for his behavior so that they could go on a mission, but no, she was stubborn.

'If I see him right now, I might knock his stupid head off of his body' she thought bitterly.

'Guess I better go find Gray or Erza.'

Lucy looked up at her window.

Seriously! Why does he always have to use her window to get in?

Lucy sighed.

'I should install iron bars outside my window'.

Gray walked, slowly back towards the guild.

He cursed under his breath.

Six long hours, but no luck. He had been walking the streets of Magnolia, asking women if they wanted to sleep with him. He must have asked 10, no 20, no, 50 women by now! Everyone of them had either slapped him or called him a pervert and rejected him. Most of the time, both.

He rubbed his red cheek, considering his options. He could continue asking random women and risk getting his face damaged further, or he could ask some women at the guild. But who?

Gray walked to a nearby park bench and sat down. 'Let see,' he thought. 'Who should I ask?'

Lucy was out of the question. He doubt she was the type of girl he would do itwith more than one guy. He could ask Levy, but no. He didn't really wanted to risk getting murdered by Jet and Droy and of course, Gajeel. 'What about Cana?' He thought. That could work, but then he would have to deal with Gildartz. Turning into a million little pieces is not very fun.

He could also ask Erza, but that was like betting your life. If she says 'yes', all was well. If she said 'no'...she wouldn't say no. She would do something much more painful. Of course there is Wendy, but she is too young. He was not the type guy who would ruin a girl's innocence. There's also Lisanna and Mira, but then he would have to deal with the overprotective brother. You're pretty much guaranteed to get your ass handed to you if you messed around with his sisters. He knew what Elfman was capable of. Lastly, there was Evergreen. However, one wrong move and he would risk being turned to stone.

Gray grabbed his head in frustration. 'Isn't there any girl who would sleep with him?' he thought. 'I can't let Natsu win!'

Just then he spotted the one person he had missed. 'This could be my chance!' Gray thought with determination. He stood up and started to run towards that person.

"Oi! Juvia!"

Lucy walked through Magnolia, her head drooping. 'Erza is too busy and I can't find Gray' She thought. How is she suppose to pay her rent now? It was due in two days. 'Stupid Natsu.' Lucy thought, 'this is all his fault.'

Lucy started to walk towards the guild. Maybe one of her guild mates could take her with them on a mission. Seeing as how her own team 'busy'.

Just then she spotted Gray running towards her at blinding speeds.


Gray grabbed Lucy's shoulders while panting for air.

"Gray, where have you been?" asked Lucy, shocked to see her teammate.

"Quick Lucy, where is Natsu?!" Gray asked, frantically.

"W-What? I don't know!" Lucy replied.

"Where have you been?" Lucy asked. "And why do you need to see Natsu?"

Gray smirked.

"I need to tell Natsu that we're even now!" Gray said, proudly

Lucy blinked a few times.

"What are you talking about?"

Gray then spotted Natsu who was walking over to them.

"Hey guys," Natsu greeted them. "Hows it going?"

Lucy huffed and turned away from Natsu, pouting.

"Aww, C'mon Lucy," pleaded Natsu. "You're still mad?"

"Yes!" Lucy retorted.

"I only asked a question!"

"You did not only ask a question!" said Lucy as she turned to look at him. "You purposely humiliated me in front of the guild.

Natsu smirked. "I only told them I slept with you," he replied nonchalantly. "I wasn't lying or anything."

Lucy growled

"You made it sound like we-" said Lucy, but she was cut off.

"Lucy be quiet for a second." said Gray, deranged smile still present on his face.

Gray turned to Natsu.

"We're even now Natsu!" Gray gloated. "I also slept with Juvia!"

Natsu looked confused while Lucy looked embarrased.

"That not something to be proud of!" said Lucy, a hint of pink present on her cheeks.

"Yes it is Lucy!" Gray replied.

"It proves that I am now even with Natsu"

Natsu blinked a few times, before bursting out laughing.

Gray looked confused at Natsu. "What's so funny?" Gray asked

"Gray, Natsu was lying," said Lucy with her hands on her hips. "We didn't sleep together. At least, not how you thought."

Gray look dumfounded.

"This is hilarious!" said Natsu, rolling on the floor laughing.

"It's not funny!" said Gray and Lucy in unison.

Gray ran over and grabbed Natsu. "I haven't eaten anything all day because of you!" Gray shouted, furious.

Natsu just kept laughing.

"I have asked so many women." Gray said as he loosened his grip. "The pain, the misery, the humiliation."

Gray let go of Natsu and started to sulk.

Natsu finished laughing and started to walk off.

"Where are you going?" asked Lucy raising an eyebrow. "I haven't forgiven you, yet."

Natsu turned his head slightly to look at her. He grinned.

"Yes you have, your rent's due tomorrow." said Natsu as he started to walk off again. "Erza isn't here and Ice queen doesn't look like he would be much help."

"We'll do a mission tomorrow when Happy gets back," said Natsu as he walked in the direction of the guild.

Lucy growled, but eventually gave up. 'He's right,' she thought. 'Guess he's forgiven.'

Lucy sighed and turned towards the sulking Gray.

"A whole day... wasted." Gray muttered. "Damn Flame head."

"Gray, you should go apologize to Juvia." said Lucy in a soft tone.

Gray looked at her confused.


Lucy glared at him.

"Because you used her for your competition with Natsu," Lucy stated.

Gray looked confused, before registering what she had just said.

"Oh, I didn't sleep with her." Gray stated.

Lucy looked shocked.

"You didn't?"

"Nope, I lied," said Gray

"I tried to ask her, but she just fainted."

Natsu walked towards the guild, grinning.

'Today was such a fun day' He thought as he approached the guild building.

'But there's just one more thing that could make it better.'

Natsu pushed opened the guild doors.

He stepped inside and took a deep breath.

"Hey Guys! Gray slept with Juvia!"