Daughter of The Death God

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Chapter 1: The painful beginning

Who was she? What was she? She didn't know, when she opened her eyes, she already doesn't know. A three year old little girl who had a beautiful long brown curly hair liked an ocean waves and a blue eyes, right know she was on the ground, everything around her was so lifeless. The trees, the ground and the sky they were liked no life in them. Suddenly…

"Who are you little girl?" A man who wears a tattered brown cloth with a robe tie around his waist asked. She just looked at him and said nothing

"What's your name?" The man smiled, asked and she just shook her head

"What a poor little girl" The man sigh as he holding her up "Let's take you to a better place"…

… The man took the little girl to his house and when he opened the door, there was a woman who wears a simple old brown dress

"Anna, I'm home! Look who I brought" The man smile to his wife

"Welcome home, Thomas who is that little girl you holding?"

"I found her on the way home"

"What a beautiful girl, what's your name sweetie?" Anna smiled as she asked her

"I… don't know" The little girl answered quietly

"Who could abandon a lovely girl liked you?" Anna wondered as she took the little girl, suddenly she saw a silver necklace and she looked at it and there was a name on it "Aiyana, so your name was Aiyana, what a beautiful name" Anna smiled

"We should adopt her, we can't let her alone out there especially there is a civil war in this country " Thomas said

"You were right, even we were poor but we can't let a lovely little girl liked Aiyana out there" Anna nodded

"Aiyana… We will be your parents from now on" Thomas smiled at they adoptive daughter

"Mother?... Father?" Aiyana looked at them

"Yes sweetie" Anna smiled warmly as she hugged Aiyana and she just smiled in return

It had been a year and Aiyana lived in the small poor village but it full of happiness, she felt happy but confused at the same time, she felt happy for her life but she confused for who she was and she never known that her life is going to be changed…

"Who I am?" Aiyana was standing on the small hill quite far the village and she watched the sun set; this was her favorite spot since no one known this place

"I been having a wonderful life here but… why I feel that… something bad is going to happen?!" Aiyana looked at the sun set for the last time of the day and she returned home. Suddenly, she saw smoke and it from her village

"No… It can't be" Aiyana's eyes wide and she run as fast as she could 'Mother! Father!' She thought in furious and when she got there, she saw her parent die in front of her eyes, fire and blood every where, all the villager dies also. The view in front of her was terrible, it was the view of destruction, Aiyana knee down in hopeless, tears streaming down her face

"NOOO!" Aiyana cries as the sky it started to rain…

… There was an army were on they way to the village in the rain but when they got there, it was too late to saved the village

"It's seem we were too late" One of the solider said

"Don't you see it was strange?" A man, who wear an armor and he had a short blond hair and green eyes and he ride a horse. His name was Louis Vanas and he was the head of the army

"I don't understand you meaning sir Vanas"

"If we were too late… Where are the villager bodies?" He replied calmly

"You… were right! I didn't see any bodies"

"Sir Vanas! You must see this!" Another solider shouting as he pointed to the direction and the next thing that made every one eyes wide.

In front of them was a cemetery, each graves was made by a wooden crosses and there was a four or five year old little girl standing in front of the two graves at the top of the cemetery. She was covered in dirt and mud with a timber next to her and tears kept flowing from her eyes which were covered by her hair.

"A… little girl?!"

Louis said not thing as he walked to where Aiyana was and knee down next to her "You did bury the entire villager didn't you?"

"…" Silent kept continue

"Are they your parents?" Louis pointed at two graves and this made Aiyana looked at him with her widened eyes with her tears kept flowing "You did a good job, you parents and the villagers will rest in peace" Louis smiled to her, Aiyana looked at him and then she fainted as Louis catch her…

…Aiyana opened her blue eyes and looked around, she was now in the bedroom and the way of the room decorated she could see that this person was a knight or a noble. The door opened and Louis walked inside as he saw Aiyana, he smiled to her

"Morning, you are in my room, how was your sleep?"

"It… was good" Aiyana answered quietly as she continued "What happened… to my… village?"

"You see… Right know is the time of civil war, there are many thieves and robbers and there are many small armies of them. They traveled to many villages and towns to robberies and… your village was one of it victims" Louis sigh and he looked at her

"Where am… I?"

"You are in my home town, my family been living here for many generation in this town and my family were a knight for each generation, I am the last one in the family" Louis replied as silent kept continued

"Please… teach me" Aiyana whispered


"Please teach me, I want power and strength! I want to protect everything I could" Aiyana looked at him and she begged…

"Sir Vanas! Why did you agree to teach her?" One of the solider asked

"She just only a child! If she wants to fight we must wait at least when she is ten year old!" Another exclaimed

"Didn't you guys see?" Louis asked

"Huh? Sir Vanas what do you mean?"

"When we first saw her, she was standing under the rain with mud and dirt covered her and there was a timber next to her…"

"Sir Vanas, you mean…"

"Yes, she buried the entire villagers and parents even she just only a four year old girl and she buried them with only a timber" Louis said

"That… was impossible! How could a little girl liked her could had that kind of strength?!"

"That's why I agree to teach her how to fight"

"Sir Vanas, don't you afraid she will find the robbers and revenged for her family?"

"At first I afraid so… But I could see her determined eyes and it shows that she want power to fight and to protect, with a willing heart liked her, she will able to learn fast"…

Years pass, Louis now quite old, right now, he looked at the 18 year old young woman, who tie her long curly brown hair liked the ocean waves into a ponytail and she wear a metal armor on her upper body and the last from her waist and it warped half of her simple yellow dress and the dress long almost to her ankle. Aiyana moving fast with an elegant long sword in her hand and it had a lovely yellow hilt with a blue pearl at the end of it. After 14 years, she learned and improved her sword art and her sword fighting skills, not even liked that, Louis even let her learn magic from his town's shaman Phil Collin who wear a brown cloak and he had a long honey brown hair pass his shoulder which it tied into a low ponytail and he had a pair of black eyes

"She grows up" Louis said


"How was her study?"

"She learn pretty fast I dare said. All kind of magic she already mastered them for eight years, that was impressive me. Especially healing magic skill, she could be a shaman liked me or may be even better than any shaman" Phil answered

"Healing skills huh?" Louis smiled as he looked at his adoptive daughter's training time

"Why did she always wearing heavy armor all the times? Except when she joined the battle with you, she wears a light armor" Phil asked

"She wanted to increased her speed, that's why she wearing it and the armor seem be more heavier each year"

"She could move liked that in that heavy armor, not many people could do that" Phil replied

"Yeah… You know… I never see her smiled since I found she and she never cried since then" Louis sigh as he continued "I hope I could help her"

"I understand"

"Good morning father and good morning master" Aiyana bow

"Morning Aiyana, you should rest for a while" Louis smiled and Aiyana just bow as the replied then she left…

Another battle happened; Aiyana was wearing a dark green dress with her light armor and it similar to the other one. The battle was drastic but Aiyana was fight in ease with her elegant sword, it name was followed it own power and it name was "Snow angel"

"It's all over now" Aiyana whispered when the battle was over

"Lady Vanas! Lady Vanas!" One solider exclaimed and run toward her

"What is it?"

"Lady Vanas… Your father… sir Vanas… he is…" The solider shortness of breath as Aiyana eyes wide and she didn't want to believed

"FATHER!" Aiyana scream as she rush toward to her adoptive father and she could see that her father had a big wounds on his stomach as blood keep flowing from him and he was dying in front her eyes

"Father!" Aiyana exclaim as she hugged him "Don't worry, I will save you father, please just hold on!" Aiyana exclaimed as she started to healed Louis but he stopped her gently with a warm smiled appear on his face

"No, Aiyana, my time has finally come"

"Father" Aiyana cried "Please, don't…"

"I want you hold my family's sword 'Guardian of Heaven'… (Cough)… It a holy sword passes for the generation of my family… my ancestor… (Cough, cough)… wasn't it true owner and my family had been looking for it true owner for many generation… and I believed it was you, Aiyana" Louis said as he gave her his sword, it a beautiful sword with a golden hilt and a red pearl on the sword "It will give you the power of life and the power to fight"

Aiyana touched the sword as tears flowing from her eyes, suddenly a warm golden light warp around her and Louis smiled when he saw that view

"Aiyana Vanas, you are truly it true owner… (Cough)… you will be immortal from now…"

"Father!" Aiyana cried

"Keep… the sword inside your body… and this is the first time I see you cry… since I adopted you… Aiya… na" Louis smiled as he fall down

"Father? Father! Please no! NOOOO!" Aiyana cried as she hugged Louis death body

The next day after Louis's funeral, Aiyana disappeared without words and she left in silent, no one known where was she or where was she going. But they known that she was the true owner of 'Guardian of Heaven' Some said that she was a warrior of God, some said that she was an Fallen Angel, no one knows but they sure that this was her painful beginning…