Daughter of The Death God

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Chapter 17: The little thief


On the peaceful grass field as the freezing winds were dancing on the grass with white softly clouds in many sizes, they were hovering near the grassy ground and in the middle of the field. A lovely young lady with long silver white hair that curly liked the ocean waves, she was wearing a simple white dress with blue belt warps around her waist as her white angel wings were shining softly under the sunlight. She was looking up the blue sky liked she was waiting for someone, suddenly, a strong gust appeared as it ruined the peaceful cool air around the young lady, the young girl just sight heavily, without looking back, her soft angelic voiced was heard

"What are you doing here?" She closed her eyes as she asked the young man who had long black hair and he left two locks fall down on his shoulders, he had a pair of beautiful purples eyes and he wore a simple white robe as he had yellow ribbons warps around his waist and he seem to be mad and angry at her "I thought you hate me..." She slowly looked at his angry eyes.

"I hate you a lot! But...I come here to warning you" He said with the hateful voiced "I don't care if my brother love you or not! Right now, the Heaven is divide into two factions, one follow Father and the others follow Lucifer, the traitor. If my brother follow Lucifer I swear I will make you pay!" He growled at her, suddenly another male voiced interfere him

"That's enough!" Another angel scowled and he look liked him, but he had a pair of dark blue eyes and his hair were tied into the low ponytail by a red hair tied that had crystals on it's tips and he had dark blue almost like the color of the night sky and he had dark blue almost liked black ribbons warps around his waist.

"Brother..." He looked at his brother and then he grumbled "Fine! Don't blame me if you are in trouble!" He left as he send a death glared to the young lady before he gone

"****, I'm sorry for letting you alone" The angel rush to her as she smiled sheepishly at him

"It's nothing, I'm the one who should be sorry"


"It's because of me...you and your brother are hatting each others" She sigh lightly

"It's wasn't your fault" He embraced her

"****..." She called him softly and he looked at her "...which factions you're in?" She was kind of afraid of the answered as he just looked at her worry blue eyes and he hugged her tighter and instead for the answered, he said their three magical words...


Aiyana slowly opened her eyes and she sat up as she looked around her, she was in bed as she wore her ice blue attractive nightgown. Aiyana sigh heavily and she looked outside the inn's window, she walked to the window as the sky were about to greeted the sun and the snowflakes were falling and dancing in the breezed winds. 'Even in the past's dream...I couldn't heard our magical words...' Tears silently falling from her blue ocean eyes and she opened the window, enjoyed the morning air to calm herself and she welcomed a lovely snowflake fall on her finger 'Miracle...can happen everywhere even from the tiniest thing that you never expect...' Aiyana smiled lightly...


Kanda shot opened his eyes also as he sat up as sweats over his body, Kanda panted and he slowly placed his hand on his forehead 'What the hell was that dream about?!' Kanda mentally growled and he laid down on bed 'Why...I felts so...upset when I hugged her?' Kanda though and he remembered the blurry lady that he hugged in his dream was about to cried when he said something to her but he couldn't heard what he said to her...something he tried to said in the dream made him felts so uneasy and a small...pain in his soul. He didn't know why but he felts somehow that Aiyana was involve into this, suddenly the knock sounds could hear from the door as he ignored it. But as he tried to ignored it as the sounds were louder, many vein marks appeared on Kanda and he rush to the door as he snapped it opened, created a loud sound 'BANG!'

"WHAT?!" Kanda growled but he saw no one "What the hell?!"

"BaKanda! Why are you so noisy in the morning?!" Allen exclaimed as he appeared also as Link and Marie

"Who knows? Some idiots knocks my room's door! Made me feels annoy in the morning and I feel more annoy now because I just see a bean sprout!" Kanda scowled

"Excuse me?" Allen's eyebrow twists

"You heard me...Moyashi!"

"My name is Allen! A.L.L.E.N!" Allen corrected as Marie and Link sigh lightly and before Kanda could replied, everyone heard a young feminie voiced and they could see Lilia was yawning, she wore a lovely violet nightgown and her platinum blonde hair seem a little messy as she looked at them with her big innocent eyes

"Where is big brother?" She asked them with her sweetly voiced

"Who's knows? He is death!" Kanda growled and he fold his arms as Allen gave him a death glared

"Death...?" The little girl repeated "Big brother is death?" Tears could see from her eyes "Big brotherrrrrrr!" Lilia cried

"Kanda!" Allen glared at Kanda


"Kanda, you shouldn't say that to her" Marie sighed as he placed his hand on his headphone

"Che! Whatever" Kanda grumbled as Allen knees down to Lilia's eyes level and he smiled at her

"Is alright Lilia, Leo just gone for a moment" Allen smiled

"Gone?" Hearing this, Lilia cried louder as everyone cover their ears

"Nice try, Moyashi!" Kanda growled

"Who was the one caused this?!" Allen spatted and before they could star the argument, Aiyana's angelic soft voice could hear

"All of you seem so excited this morning, is not it?" they turned and saw Aiyana, she was wearing her simple blue dress shirt and her long white skirt liked usual, but somehow, from her sweet voice, they could tell that she was a little bit angry "I know, all of you are very excited for this mission but at least please, don't overdo it. I really don't like noisy in the morning" Aiyana smiled as she was folding her arms

"We...understand" They all replied but Kanda as they could feels the cold chill air from her

"So, what's all the mess?" Aiyana asked and she could see Lilia was crying, wanting for her brother. Aiyana sigh lightly as she walked to the little girl and she knees down "Lilia, stop crying, Leo will come back" She smiled warmly

"B...Back?" The tears from Lia's eyes were stopped "Big brother...will come back?"

"He will, I promise" Aiyana smiled and she hold the little girl up "Now, stop crying...good girl" Aiyana smiled as Lilia was hugged her neck and she patting Lilia's hair gently

"How...did you do that?!" Allen asked as Aiyana covered Lilia's ears

"Never say 'gone' or 'death' when you are talking about Leo in front of her" Aiyana whispered "Especially when she is in 'Innocent mode'"

"I see" Link nodded

"Where's Leo?" Aiyana asked quietly enough not for Lilia heard

"We don't know" Marie answered, suddenly they could hear Leo's voiced behind Kanda's room door. Allen opened it and they saw Leo was smash into the wall

"Big brother!" Lilia exclaimed and she rush to him "Who made this to you?" She asked as everyone looked at only one person...Kanda Yuu. Leo slowly pointed at Kanda and Lia stared at him

"Kanda..." Marie sighed heavily

"What? He was the one knocks my room's door and that was annoyed me" Kanda looked at Marie

"Kanda san...If I were you...I'd run as fast as possible" Aiyana smiled nervously

"Huh? Why?" Kanda confused but he don't need the answer because Lilia surprisingly jump on him

"OI! LET'S GO OFF ME!" Kanda exclaimed

"How could you...HURT MY BIG BROTHER?!" Lilia yelled as she pulled Kanda's hair

Everyone looked at Lia, sitting on Kanda as she pulled his hair, while Kanda was trying to wrestling her off him

"Wow..." Allen was look in awed as Aiyana sigh nervously while Leo was lying on the floor and he tried to got up

"That's...my baby little sister. I'm so proud" Leo said and everyone stared at him dumbfounds liked he was growing a second head 'Seriously?' They all thoughts as Aiyana sighed nervously

"LET'S GO OFF ME! YOU LITTLE DEMON!" Kanda shouted as Lilia still pulling his long hair and then...he accidentally tripped then he falling down stairs and before he fall, Lilia did let's go off him as she was holding a lock of his hair

"Can I keep it?" She asked innocently as she hold Kanda's hair up and everyone sweat drops but Leo, he was grinning proudly at his little sister

"Of course my sugar candy" Leo smiled as he hold her up

"Leo..." Allen and Link's faces were paled as they watched Leo and Lilia

"You...You...Little..." Kanda growled as they saw him walked up stairs as he grips his teeth, but what caught their eyes most was the small bald spot on his head

"Ka...Kanda san..." Aiyana sweat drops as Allen were holding his laugh

"LEONARDO DE JAINERO! YOU DAMN FUCKING BASTARD!" Kanda cursed as many vein marks appeared on his head then he rush to Leo

"Kanda, calm down" Marie sighed

"What?! You were the one who hurt me first" Leo smirked "Beside...it wasn't my faulted that...part of you head is bald, girly"

"You...You...YOU!" Kanda growled and thankfully, Aiyana stopped him before he could cursing more

"Kanda san, why don't you return to your room? I can fix your...hair. So please stop cursing Leo and Lia" Aiyana smiled softly as she placed her hand on his shoulder

"Che!" Kanda looked away as he walked back to his room and he slammed the door.

"Oh! God! That was funny!" Allen laugh as tears could see from his eyes "But it isn't as fun as lady Yuri! Ahahaha!" Allen kept laughing as Leo smirked mischievously

"You're right, is not as fun as 'Lady Yuri' But it's still good" Leo agreed as Marie, Timcanpy and Link sweat drops

"That's enough, both of you" Aiyana said softly with a sweet smiled on her pink lips, she said so soft that her voiced could silent everything as everyone just stared at her "I will help Kanda san, meanwhile, why don't you guys be ready for the mission?" Aiyana smiled sweetly and the group just only knowing nodded at her requested "Good" Aiyana nodded as they were going to prepared their stuffs. She sighed lightly and she opened ajar the door gently "Kanda san?" She looked inside as she saw Kanda was sitting on the chair, he was folding his arms and crossing his legs as he let his hair down.

"Che! Hurry up and fix my hair!" Kanda growling as Aiyana looked at him and she smiled lightly.

She walked in and closed the door gently, Aiyana sat on the bed so she could fix his...bald spotted, Aiyana mumbled as her hand was glowing into the soft white light and she hold two fingers up then she wrote some ancient runes and the runes were glowing white and hovering in the air, waiting for her ordered movement and when she finished, the white ancient runes she wrote, stacking into the small circle as they were gathered around the spotted and Aiyana hold her hand up as it's glowing into the soft white light and the runes were twirling slowly. The air surround them were silent as Aiyana silently fixing Kanda's hair and when she finished, the bald spotted was turned back with full of long dark blue hair liked it used to be. Aiyana stood up and took a comb on the table then she brushed his long dark blue hair in silent, Kanda was enjoyed her fingers were fixing and also brushing his hair, liked they were dancing, he closed his eyes as he enjoyed her hands fixing his hair until Kanda desired broke the silent air.

"What's wrong with you?" Kanda asked not even opened his eyes

"Eh?" Aiyana confused as she stopped brushing his hair but then, she continued "What do you mean?"

"You're seem likes upset something"

"Is that's so?" Aiyana smiled as she stopped brushing and she took the silver hair tied on the table. Kanda immediately stood up and grasped her hand

"What wrong with you?!" Kanda almost snapped but he was holding himself from yelling at her "How can you smile when you are upset?!"

"Kanda san..." Aiyana looked at his dark blue eyes and she gave him a warm smiled, warm but it somehow painful that showed in her blue sapphire eyes, then she gently put his hand down "Is alright...as long as I still have hope...I'm fine with everything...And yes...even it's really painful but I'll be fine...even if I'm hoping and wishing on something that would never come true...I'll never give up hoping on it" Aiyana smiled at him as Kanda's eyes widened at her answered

"Tch!" Kanda grips his teeth "You're an idiot" He then let's go off her hand and he sat down, back on the chair

"Kanda san?"

"Hurry up and finish. We don't have all day for gossips!" Kanda closed his eyes, Aiyana stared at him and she smiled

"Alright" She smiled and she tied his hair up into his usual ponytail "There...I'm done" Aiyana smiled and she let's go off his hair gently "You should be ready for the mission Kanda san" Aiyana smiled as she walked out, as she was about to walked out...

"Thanks...for fixing my hair" Kanda mumbled without looking at her, Aiyana looked at him for a moments

"Your welcome" She smiled and she closed the door...


They were followed Marie, who lead them to where G was as Aiyana and Kanda walking silently next to each other...Aiyana looked up to the cleared blue sky liked crystal and she smiled lightly as she welcome the cool breezed wind hit her face gently, she sight lightly and then she looked down the snowing road and a small bitter smiled appeared on her lips silently as she tried to comforted herself but what she did not know that Kanda did notice her bitter smiled...

"We're here" Marie looked up also as the others and what they saw was an orphanage, Aiyana wasn't surprised much when she already knew that G was a kid as her usual smiled appeared on her faced

"Are you sure this is the place, Marie?" Allen asked as he started to walk on stairs

"Yeah, this is the place where G's cried stopped last night" Marie nodded

"An orphanage?" Leo looked at the building as he still holding Lilia in his arms

"Don't you remember? I did say about G could be a kid last night" Aiyana looked at Leo

"Well...I didn't pay much attention" Leo rubbed his back as Lilia was grinning liked a little angel and she was playing and braiding his long platinum white hair "Lilia...stop pulling my hair"

"Hihihi...hairy" The little girl giggles

"Alright..." Leo sighed as Aiyana looked at the two brother and sister as she sweat dropped while Kanda seem to be annoyance and then Aiyana noticed that Allen and Link were about to open the door

"Are you still upset about last night?" Allen smiled nervously as he opened the door

"No" Link glanced at him as Aiyana just smiled sheepishly

"Excuse..." Allen smiled but he never expected that he will be kick flew away...

"YOU PERVERTED BRATTTTTT!" Emilia shouted as she kick the boy on the back of his head and her attacked accidentality kick Allen also as Allen's and the boy were kicks flew away as Allen face was stunned. Marie and Kanda just stared as Aiyana sweat dropped and Leo looked amusing while Lia was giggling as she saw Allen flew away with the boy

"Fly, fly" Lilia pointed at Allen as she giggling then Emilia realized what she had done

"Waaaa! Oh no! I used the moves Papa taught me again!" She was panicked as Leo looked at her and he wondered ' 'again'? That's mean she done this before or she already done this for many times?' Leo sweat dropped also as Aiyana, but then she noticed something 'When the boy and Allen kun's foreheads touched...It's just like...It's couldn't be could it?' Aiyana smiled nervously as she thought

"There is it! Emilia killer kick!" One boy from the orphanage cried

"Cool!" Another cried

"Allen kun" Aiyana walked to Allen, who was lying dead on the ground with the boy and Link walked to Allen as he sat up and a small trailed of blood fall on his forehead and he rubbed it


"Allen kun?" Aiyana looked at Allen as somehow she seem a little nervous

"What are you doing?" Link asked "Oh" They looked at the blood on his hand. Meanwhile, Leo, Lilia, Kanda and Marie were checking the boy

"Are you alright?" Marie asked

"Wait" Kanda stopped Marie

"What is it?" Marie asked

"Oh right, you're blind so you couldn't see it" Kanda said

"This boy, he had...a gem growing out of his head" Leo replied as he looked amused and his eyes were sparkle a little as he looked at the gem, while Lia also looked at the boy

"Can I play his hair?" She asked innocently

"Not yet sugar candy" Leo smiled and he rubbed Lia's head, suddenly...

"PWAAAAAH! Pwaaah! Blood! I'm bleeding! I'm dying!" Allen's sudden cried made everyone attention

"W... Walker?"

"Crying baby" Lilia giggled and she pointed a Allen's funny, crying faced as Leo looked paled when he saw Allen's faced

"Marie?" Kanda pale as Marie sweat dropped also as Aiyana and she thought 'I was afraid that this would happen...'

"That's the same cry we were following last night" Marie whispered as Link was annoying and grabbed Allen by the collar as he yelled

"Hey! You're pathetic crying over something like that!" Link yelled as Allen sniffed but then he looked at Aiyana at first he was blushing at her angelic faced and this made Kanda somehow pissed off then 'Allen' saw his reflation in her blue sapphire eyes and he panic as he looked around

"WHERE IS IT? Where is my body?!" 'Allen' exclaimed as Aiyana sighed

"This one?" Kanda showed the boy's body

"Yeah! That's it!" Allen smiled but he suddenly paled 'What an idiot...' Leo thought

"So...we meet again Mysterious Thief G..." Allen or the boy Timothy paled as he looked at Kanda evil sadistic face liked demon

"Kanda san..." Aiyana smiled nervously as she sweats drops

"Now fess up, if you want this unharmed that is" Kanda smiled sadistically as he held his sword menacingly against Timothy's neck.

"A... Demon..." Leo paled...


Inside the orphanage's guest room, the everyone were sitting on the sofas but Allen and Timothy were tied up to each other on the floor as little Lia was playing and braiding Timothy's long hair and she was giggling.

"Timothy has been possessing people in order to steal?" asked Mother Supervisor and Emilia as Allen scowled

"Why am I tied up too?" Allen asked

"Just in cased, Allen kun" Aiyana laugh nervously as she thought this was a little amused and Lilia was playing Timothy's hair while Timothy just stared at her as Leo seem a little pissed off

"I'm sorry but are you serious?" asked the two women as the flowers illusion appeared around them.

"Is true" Aiyana smiled and she sweat dropped, she understand that it was hard to believed

"I know it's hard to believe-" Marie understood

"-but he admitted to it" finished Kanda.

"Admitted it? You had a sword at his throat! I don't what the Black Order or exorcists are but you can't do something like that to a child and not apologize!"Emilia was perplexed by Kanda's words

"If he had listened, I wouldn't have had to" Kanda calmly answered.

"Kanda san..." Aiyana sigh

"Why-! You think just because you're good looking you can get away with everything?"

"I'm sorry; my partner doesn't know what he's saying. I apologize." Marie said, trying to calm down the fuming blonde woman as Leo watched the view in amusing.

Allen, meanwhile was watching the strange nun that stood in corner. When the two met eyes, the nun turned to leave. But Allen wasn't the only one who noticed the nun, Aiyana and Leo also noticed her suspicious aura as they listened the storied how Timothy had the gem on his forehead. When they knew that his father was a thief and before he was caught by inspector Galmar, he forced Timothy to swallowed a gem, then when Timothy was brought to this orphanage...he already had the gem on his forehead. Knowing this, Aiyana felt sorry for the little boy while Leo paid no mind in the story 'Poor thing...' Aiyana looked at Timothy with her sympathy eyes

"You want to take Timothy to the Black Order?" Mother Supervisor asked

"Actually, we are searching for something we call 'Innocence', his power may have come from the gem on his forehead. We want to see whether or not the gem might be it" Marie explained

"We promise he'll be safe, if it turn out it's not, we'll bring him back immediately" Aiyana smiled lightly

"Wa...Wait a minute!" Emilia sudden called made everyone had their eyes on her "So if Timothy does have this innocence you're talking about…what are you going to do?" Emilia asked cautiously.

"Of course we can't leave him here. The Black Order will take him in and make him an exorcist." Kanda answered as he sneaked a glance at Timothy and Timothy looked at them with his blank face then he cried

"NO!" protested Timothy "YOU CAN'T JUST DECIDE THINGS FOR ME! I WANT TO STAY HERE! I WON'T LEAVE EVEN IF YOU KILL ME!"And with that, with Allen tied with him, he jumped to Mother Superior, crying.

"I don't care, if we have to drag~mmph!" Kanda dragged Timothy's clothed as Marie hid his mouth

"Forgive him, he doesn't now what he's saying" Marie paled as Aiyana sigh

"Pwaaah! Mother superior!" Timothy cried

"You can't force him" The Mother Supervisor hugged the crying boy

"That's right! Have you no heart?!" Emilia shout

"May be we should way for Komui's order" Allen sigh

"Hey kiddo" Leo finally said and Timothy looked at him as Lilia was sitting next to Leo and she was hugging him "You are so annoying! Stop being selfish and listen to us"

"Selfish?! Who do you think you are?!" Emilia shouted

"Oh?! Such a manner, a lady shouldn't yelling and shouting like that" Leo chuckled "If you keep shouting like this...you can't have a boyfriend" Leo smirked

"What?!" Emilia exclaimed as Aiyana shook her head

"You've heard me" Leo gave her an amusing looked while Lilia was giggling

"You are so mean, big brother" The little girl giggled

"I know" Leo smirked and before Leo could teasing more, Aiyana stopped him

"Leo, I think that's enough" Aiyana smiled then she looked at Emilia straight into her eyes "I'm sorry for my friend behavior, but Leo was right, Timothy is being selfish"

"How could..." Emilia was cut in by Aiyana, who was saying with the soft sternly voice

"You should listen to our explanation first, now, where were we?...Ah...Right now, there is a war happening under everyone noses without noticed, many people die because of this war and what if Timothy's gem is really Innocence? Our enemies will come here and try to kill the boy not even he could involved everyone lives around the orphanage" Aiyana said as everyone, especially Emilia, Mother Supervisor and Timothy were quite then Leo continued

"She's right! We need the kid's power, we will need everything we could get to end this war as soon as possible...and protect everything we dearest" Leo said and he whispered the last part and he looked down, Aiyana understand, he was worried for the one he loved most, more than anything, his wife, Halley. Suddenly Aiyana and Leo tenses whiled little Lilia was shaking as she hugged Leo tighter

"Huh? Outside..."

"It's still day time isn't?"

"Shit!" Kanda cursed as he looked outside the window

"The town...?!" Allen exclaimed

"...Is disappear?!" Marie finished

"No! We're inside the barrier" Kanda shouted as Allen seem panic and confused 'Akuma?! My left eye's not reacting'

"We're so careless..." Leo sigh as he hold Lilia up trying to comforted her "So how many are they?" Leo glanced at Aiyana who was closing her eyes

"Not much...only a level 4 in the barrier" Aiyana opened her eyes as the group eyes widened at her "But I doubt that the Earl would sent more..." Aiyana finished as she sat up, ready for the battle

"Be ready then..." Leo smirked...


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