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A/N:- This is a re-post of my original story, I have also turned this story into the chapter story it always wanted to be, telling a slightly fanciful version of both Lucius and Severus' time as death eaters, and how their better nature's saw them to the end of the drama, then how they found the women who gave them peace. Of course as all my writing is, it will be very AU with cannon facts and timelines loosely inserted. I shall be posting it under the title, 'Shattered Souls – A Story of Redemption,' and it will contain the same pairings as this one shot.

Just a warning, this story will ultimately be a Lumione love story, if this offends or upsets you, DO NOT READ! I will not take kindly to people abusing me when I have already warned you at the beginning. It also contains a minor character death, which is never graphically portrayed only alluded to.

This fiction starts out quite dark, but ends with a HEA. Even though this is a Hermione Lucius story, Severus makes two cameo's and essentially saves the day (I just couldn't leave him out.) While the story will be told mainly from Lucius' POV, Severus will have equal footing in the chapter story version. Please enjoy…


Shattered Souls, Broken Hearts

How much longer must I endure this filth in my home? Is this my home anymore... Was it ever? Lucius Malfoy poured another tumbler of whisky. Look at them… her... she truly is mad, look what she's just done to her own sister. His eyes panned drunkenly down to the sickening spectacle on the rug.

I want no part of this… this horror is not what I wanted... this is pure twisted evil. They move in take over and use the owners for their perverted little pleasures. Lucius interrupted his thoughts to glance up at the impressive portrait over the mantle of his cruel excuse for a father, who was coolly taking in the scene. He did this to me. It was men like him who encouraged this monster. I'm glad he's dead… yet the terror continues, and I'm still a pawn in this perverse little game.

A slightly abstract thought entered his head. Had he not been drunk he may not have wondered about it. Why did they take Narcissa first, it's usually the other way round. Take the stronger one's first… have I really sank that low?

Looking to the mess in front of him he tried to feel something. She was my wife, but I didn't want her… I didn't love her. She lays there deformed and expired and I feel nothing but empty. He took a sip of his liquor. She bore my son, that should count for something... yet all I can think is to thank every deity I know that he isn't here to see this.

Lucius swallowed the remainder of his whisky in a gulp, and without thinking rose unsteadily. "Lussiusss, you look a little upssset. You don't object to dear Bella'ss play toy do you?" The voice sent shivers up and down his spine.

His response was conditioned. "No, My Lord," but he abruptly realised he'd been too casual in his answer. Close your mind, close your mind... push the falsehoods to the front. Severus says he only wants to see you adore him. The helpless blond aristocrat felt the invasive spike of Voldemort's mind entering his. The madman's uncaring form of Legilimency cracked into Lucius' head like a sledge hammer, driving him to his knees. Unfortunately a side-effect of being drunk enough to block out the pain meant he was unable to protect yourself from the other forms of terror.

"I sssee, Lusssiusss." His tone was definitive. "Although you disssapoint me, it doesn't ssurprisse me." Then the pain hit, "Crucio!"

It always amazed Lucius how this wizard couldn't manage to speak without the hiss but could enunciate this curse perfectly. It was the last thought Lucius Malfoy had before he felt like his blood was boiling in his veins and fire was replacing it.


Consciousness drifted back in slowly, the pain pushing against it made it even more acute. What's that noise? I must be hallucinating… don't move, it hurts to move. Shit! It hurts not to move… Where am I?

There was one small window high on the wall, and the full moon unexpectedly decided to drift from behind the clouds to taunt him further. With a sinking feeling, Lucius realised he was caged. Now at least, he was an official captive in his own house. Yet in the quiet, what he now realised was sobbing continued. Painfully attempting to get to his knees another tremor hit his nervous system causing him to crash back to the floor with a cry.

The sobbing abruptly ceased, and turned into panicked shallow breathing at his expression of pain, then a tiny, weak, frightened female voice tried to speak. "W-who's there?"

Lucius was momentarily unable to answer. The voice sounded again. "Please can you come to me? I'm frightened to die alone." He heard her plead as a chain rattled against the wall.

Out of the blue realisation hit him. The mud... no I will not be like them anymore. Potter's friend, he corrected in his mind. I forgot she'd been captured. The whole last few months were lost, the fear and horror just continually playing through his constantly inebriated mind.

Through gritted teeth Lucius managed a sentence, and for once in his life he told the truth. "So am I, Miss Granger." He couldn't tell you why he admitted that to her of all people, he'd never said it to anyone, yet he'd lived his life in fear. "I'm sorry," he whispered and painfully dragged himself towards the sound of the now raw raspy breathing.

"Why are you sorry?" It was only a small voice, half dazed no doubt, and terribly rough.

He finally reached her and fell down, exhausted by his effort. "This is not what I wanted. This was never what I wanted," he groaned. All his fight was finally gone. His words came at a high price, a throb of excruciating torture pulsing through him with each section of his admission. "I'm a broken man, Miss Granger, I can't deal with it any longer. Lying here in piss and vomit stained clothes on the stone floor of my own dungeons. In their eyes I'm in the same category as you now, merely prey for their perverted games." There was a break in his voice, "My one aim in life was to stay drunk enough so it didn't feel real anyone. Now even that's not possible, all we can hope for at this moment, is an unlikely merciful death at the hands of maniacs."

Unsurprising the young woman started sobbing weakly once more. "I'm sorry Miss Granger, if I'm not allowed to be drunk then I need to be brutal to fight the desolation." As gently as he could his shaking, burning and useless hands gathered her into his arms.

She was chained to the wall like an animal. How long had she been here? he pondered in his pain and alcohol dazed brain, the smell was overpowering.

He hadn't been at the Manor when they'd arrived with her. It would have been over a week maybe. I can't even think what day it is let alone how many days ago something happened… I wonder if anyone's thought to feed her in all that time? His disjointed thoughts were punctuated by more aftershocks of his punishment for the disgust and loathing he could no longer hide, he grit his teeth as each one hit, so he wouldn't alarm her further.

This intelligent and strong young witch, such promise… He felt a shuddering sob building deep within him, she's so broken, and resting her head on my chest for comfort. He tried to see her, the moon obligingly showed its pale face once more. Taking possibly he's only opportunity the desperate man raised his head and their eyes met. Exhausted, bloodshot, amber flecked, chocolate, gazed deeply into haunted sorrowful iron grey. An understanding, a trust and something undefined passed between them. "Never mind Hermione, lay with me until the end." He brought a shaking hand up to cradle her head.

Her voice was resigned to her fate. She'd given up, swallowing thickly she murmured, "Yes, Lucius." Lucius wasn't certain after that if the young woman slept on his chest or had finally given in and was unconscious.

Never-the-less, in a moment of complete desperation, against all the odds she'd obviously trusted him, if only he could get them out of here. Lucius Malfoy suddenly felt less willing to resign himself to the horror and death that awaited them. No one had ever placed their trust in him like this before, and she deserved much better than this. This one spark of hope in his broken soul spurred a thought. He couldn't bring himself to do it just for him, but for her, her act of blind desperate trust meant everything.


When Lucius heard them coming some undefined amount of time later, he drew Hermione tighter to him in the darkness. The only thought circling his addled brain was how right she felt against him. This confused him terrible, Why would I think that?

Then it hit him through the fog of his thought processes. When they open the door I can call an elf. What do I have to lose? If it fails we're dead anyway.

Years ago, with nothing better to do, the master of the estate had taught himself to communicate non-verbally with some of his elves. Lucius was never more thankful for this accomplishment than at this moment.

Seeing a lit wand approaching and hearing the titter of his mad sister-in-law's demented cackle, he heard a key in the lock, a creak, but when he tried to concentrate another tremor hit him.

He ground his teeth together in agony and despair. It was then he felt it, magic rise up and meld with his from the woman in his arms, holding her tighter he tried again. Searly come to me immediately, as quiet as you can, stay in the shadows.

He almost cried in relief when he heard the elf. How can Searly help, Master?

Lucius acted quickly they were only inches away from grabbing them. Her manacle, release her, he felt Hermione's hand fall free. The death eaters heard the noise but didn't know the significance of it, another wand tip lit in enquiry, and he felt a hand trying to close on his ankle. He had to hurry, kicking his would-be tormentor away, he concentrated all his thoughts. Both of us to the French estate now, he commanded silently.


When a soft rug replaced the hard stone floor Lucius quickly scanned the room for hangers on. Then sighed when he found them alone, his eyes thanked the elf standing over them gazing in horror at their appearance. Lucius heard running footsteps. "Father, Father I felt you come through the wards." The younger blond wizard stopped dead, gaping at the picture in front of him. "Bloody hell, what happened?" Then his eyes panned across to the young woman. "Father, why are you hugging Granger?" His son gave him an alarmed look, "Is she dead?"

"Stop asking stupid questions, Draco and summon the healer," his father growled. No she can't be dead… please don't let her be dead. He sat up painfully and saw her frail chest still rise and falling slightly, breathing a sigh of relief his stress softened a fraction. "Just get our healer son, I need to send a message to Severus," then turning to his elf, he said, "Searly, gently take her to the best bedroom, clean her and make her as comfortable as you can until the healer arrives."


Next morning the papers both English and French crowed that the man who called himself Lord Voldemort was dead. Harry Potter the-boy-who-lived had fulfilled his destiny in a heated battle on the grounds of Malfoy Manor.

Lucius looked at the still sleeping woman and breathed a sigh. Now, maybe I'm free of them all, he thought, flopping back into his chair by her bedside, he was still uncertain where the strange love he felt for this witch had come from. But will she run screaming from me when she wakes and sees the truth?

The young woman slept on, the healer had declared it a miracle that she had survived at all. He healed her broken legs and wrist. He removed all of the curse damage, but warned she may always be affected by her ordeal as there were something's he couldn't rectify.


Lucius didn't leave her bedside. The day after the battle Severus arrived with Harry Potter. The young man spoke to the healer, who recommended Hermione not be moved. Lucius opened his still creaking heart further. "Stay with her, she will need a friend, a familiar face when she wakes." Potter nodded, "You look like you would also find it beneficial to have a break," the uncharacteristic acts of kindness shocked the young man, but he accepted it in the spirit they were offered.

"Thank you, sir," he responded quietly. A sigh and a movement in the bed made them all turn.

They heard a husky frightened whisper. "Lucius," it became more urgent, "Lucius, I can't feel you anymore."

The blond aristocrat reached the bed in a stride and dropped to his knees beside it. "I'm sorry Hermione… I'm here. Open your eyes, love," he was stroking her hair as he spoke.

Her voice was a soft raw whisper. "Are we dead yet, it still hurts," her eyes flickered and finally started to open, blinking against the light. "Where are we? She gazed into his face, "Is this heaven?"

He chuckled with relief. "No we're definitely not dead, and this is France."

There was a snort from the dark man standing quietly by the door. Lucius turned, his eyes narrowed.

Severus snorted again, before he spoke, "Well I'm off on the adventure I've always thought I should have, seeing everything appears settled," he announced. He watched as his dearest friend's eyes turn back to lock with the sleepy ones of the young woman he'd saved.

"Was that Professor Snape? Hermione croaked, confused.

"Yes, he's delivered a friend of yours. The battle's over and more importantly won. Here, can you drink some water?" She flinched as he lifted her head for her to drink. Placing it carefully back on the pillow, Lucius asked, "May I leave you with Harry while I see Severus out?"


The next few months were spent almost constantly in one another's company, from morning til night. No one seemed concerned that the Gryffindor witch spent all her time with a man whom everyone thought should have hated her. Her friends simply watched in wonder as the unlikely duo appeared to start healing one another.

Hermione cried bitterly on Lucius' shoulder when the healer declared he didn't think she would ever be able to conceive a child. Her saviour encouraged her to rise above it. "I'll help you if the time ever comes, love," he declared, uncertain how he'd manage it, but positive he would never deny her anything.

So eventually a slight limp when she was tired was the only external symptom of her ordeal, she was otherwise glowing and healthy once more. Lucius Malfoy the supposed cold hearted death eater had lovingly encouraged her as she recovered. Hermione Granger discovered in return that the wizard who had saved her, meant everything to her.


Their first kiss was their second Christmas together, under the mistletoe in the entrance way of the newly finished Malfoy Manor. His thumbs stroked her cheeks lightly, "I'm glad the old place burnt," he murmured. "I never wanted to set foot in it again, and I would definitely never expect you to." Inhaling a shuttering breath through his nose, his lips tenderly caressed Hermione's, "You make me so happy, kitten," he affirmed in her ear while he held her immediately afterwards.

"And you, me," was all she'd managed in return. Their souls that knew no age and were flung into pieces by their plight, seemed in desperation to have entwined on that awful night in the dungeon at the old manor, it was the only explanation any of them could come up with, for these unexpected events.


They were back in France for the summer holidays. The moon was once again full, and dancing elusively in and out of the clouds as they were pushed around by the twilight breeze. However this time the broken man was whole and lying with his love in the soft grass on a picnic blanket under an oak tree. He turned from his drawing, it was getting too dark to draw her beautiful face now anyway, even if he had memorised every feature, and catalogued every expression.

Hermione smiled softly as his face appeared above hers blocking out her view of the sky. She raised her hands and caressed it. He'd shortened his trademark locks. They now hung only to his shoulders. The patent sneer which he still wore in public was never near when he gazed on this face. Hermione pushed his hair back tucking it behind his ears.

However, suddenly frightened of the truth he needed to speak he hesitated until he heard her whisper. "I promised I would lie with you til the end, Lucius."

Then the words he knew would either make or break him were leaving his lips before he'd had a chance to sensor them. "I love you, Hermione."

Her smile widened, and her hands pulled his face towards hers. "I love you too," her familiar soft lips met his, and they kissed deeply. Placing open mouthed kisses around to his ear, she whispered, "Make love to me, my darling."

He had never pushed her, or even broached the subject, after what she'd endured at the hands of madmen. He knew it had to be her decision to break that final ground between them. "Oh Hermione, I want you, are you sure you're ready?"

"I want to feel you inside me, Lucius. I know you'll never hurt me," and she drew his head back to hers.

Lucius felt the soft cotton of her dress under his hands. He lovingly caressed her curves as he kissed her, becoming lost in sensation. A nightingale serenaded in counterpoint to her pleasured sighs when his fingers found the buttons of her dress and released her from it. His mouth left a tingling trail of sensation adoring her breasts, paying homage to each rosy peak. Soft sounds of desire met his ears when his fingers ventured to the soft silken flesh, already so slippery and ready for him, her pleasure became his undoing.

Fumbling with the zip of his trousers, Lucius sighed and shuddered in delight as he slid gently home. Hermione had only ever experienced a man as torture and the burgeoning sensations of delight that were now enveloping her brought tears to her eyes for the things she had been robbed of.

Somehow knowing what she was thinking, Lucius kissed her face. "Don't sweetheart, I love you, and I'll always protect you." His words saw a great pleasure rise in her, shuddering she groaned his name as he moved within her, building the pleasure. Her urge to meet him equally, heard him groan deeply and soon her world shattered into a million pieces of fractured coloured pleasure. Lucius felt her fluttering and convulsing velvet walls around him and unable to hold on longer, he followed her.


They celebrated the day they first made love the next year, when on the same day they married. Lucius was standing nervously with Severus and Draco waiting for his bride to arrive. She was stunning, cascades of chestnut hair flowing freely, merging with the froth of her veil. Her bright amber-flecked, chocolate eyes danced, and her smile only for him was radiant as her eyes locked with his steadfast iron grey. Harry escorted her up the aisle of the small refurbished Malfoy chapel on their new estate and they were joined as husband and wife. The small party of guests danced til dawn that day in celebration of this extraordinary event.


There was only one thing marring their perfect happiness, Hermione's wish for a child of her own. The only thing haunting her now, were the cruel words of a dead witch, as she taunted her prey before cursing her. "We can't have filth like you producing iddy biddy mudbloods now can we?" These days, Hermione realised that they had meant her to live by that curse, what would have been the point of cursing her in such a way, and then killing her?

Lucius always encouraged her. "Try not to think too much about it, she was mad, you know." However, true to his promise her husband moved heaven and earth to find a solution. Finally he employed his newly returned best friend to research a potion that would work against the curse that had been thrown at her. In his travels Severus had not only found a wife as well, but many plants with various unknown healing properties.

Almost five years to the day after they'd been married, Hermione was in agony once more. She squeezed Lucius' hand tightly in both of hers, as screaming an oath and pushing with all her might, Lucinda Hope Malfoy slipped into the world, the squalling infant was closely followed by the equally loud Augustus Severus Malfoy, in honour of the man who had found the cure and provided the couple with their longed for family.


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