Part 13

Rachel informed her dads that she's having dinner at Quinn's and Quinn told her mom that Rachel's joining them for dinner. They're currently in the kitchen because Quinn was cooking dinner for the night.

"So do you always have to cook?" Rachel asked.

"We take turn cooking. Although I've been doing most of it for the past few weeks because my mom's been busy with her business. I quite enjoy cooking now, so I don't mind. Do you want to help?"


Quinn took out a Vegan cookbook.

"Are you turning vegan too? I thought you love bacon," Rachel teased.

"Sometimes we like to try some healthy eating."

"By the way, how do you know that I'm vegan?" Rachel was curious.

"I heard you mention it once during lunch."

"I didn't know that you paid attention."

"Well, I do pay attention to certain things," Quinn gave her a soft smile. "Okay, how about if we make pumpkin pasta?"

"Sounds yummy."

Quinn laid out all the ingredients needed on the kitchen counter. "Can you please cut this kale?"

They had fun cooking together. When Judy came home she heard laughter from the kitchen.

"Hi girls! I've never heard Quinn laughed like this before," Judy was quite surprised. "It's really good to hear it. Hi Rachel, it's nice to see you again."

"Hi Mrs Fabray."

"Well I'm going to take a short nap. Can you please just call me when dinner's ready?"

"Okay mom."

After Judy left, Rachel asked, "Do you think your mom will be okay with us?"

"I don't know. But I don't think we should tell her or even your parents yet. This is so new and so different, and we have lots of things to figure out together. It'll be nice to have this just between us without added pressure from the outside."

"Yeah, we'll see where this goes."

Dinner was ready 30 mins later and they had a nice laughter filled dinner. After dinner, Judy went to the TV room while the girls did the clean-up. Quinn was rinsing the dishes while Rachel put them in the dishwasher.

"How long can you stay?"

"My curfew's at 10."

"Do you want to stick around? We can do our homework together."

"You like having me around, don't you?" Rachel teased and hip bumped Quinn's side.

Quinn chuckled lightly, but hid her face from Rachel's view. Rachel loved seeing this part of Quinn; she felt that she's finally being allowed to enter that secret garden, where she hoped not many people have entered.

Afterwards, they went back to Quinn's room. Quinn was lying on her stomach on the bed and Rachel was sitting on the bed, both trying to do their respective homework. Minutes passed and the only sound in the room was the music from the radio and papers being scribbled, and then Rachel noticed that Quinn was staring at her.

Rachel glanced, "Aren't you supposed to be doing your homework?"

"I am," Quinn turned back to her homework. She wrote something on a piece of paper, crumpled it and threw it at Rachel. It landed on her head. Rachel opened the note.

'You look pretty cute tonight.' Rachel can't contain her smile, she replied and threw it back at Quinn. It landed on Quinn's right cheek.

"Hey!" Quinn opened the note, 'Only tonight?'

Quinn replied and threw it back to Rachel's chest, 'Well, last night you look HOT!'

Rachel blushed reading the note and threw it back at Quinn. Quinn giggled uncontrollably. Rachel closed her books and pushed it aside. Then she closed Quinn's books and lied down next to her. They were both lying on the bed facing each other.



She played with Quinn's hair. Quinn had her arm around Rachel and they inched closer. Rachel slowly traced her fingers on Quinn's cheek, eyebrows and nose. Quinn kissed her fingers when it traced over her lips.

"You are so beautiful," Rachel said breathlessly. "But today I saw something more. I feel privileged to be let in into this wonderful world of Quinn Fabray. I wish more people can see you this way, but then I am also selfish, I don't want to share this with anyone else."

Quinn smiled, touched by Rachel's words. She kissed Rachel slowly and intimately, and turned her to lie on her back, so that Quinn was on top of her. She broke the kiss before it got too much and sighed, her hand played with Rachel's hair.

"Your hair smells so good and so soft. What do you use?"

"L'Oreal hair product."

"Ahh, of course, because you are worth it," they both laughed. "By the way, what did you do with my nose?"

"What?" Rachel was confused.

"Do you remember last time you had pictures of my nose for that operation you wanted to do?"

"Oh, that one, erm, I kept them in a box," Rachel was embarrassed. "When I die and the only thing they can find is that box, they would think I have a weird nose fetish." Quinn giggled. "I didn't have the heart to throw them away."

"We should take lots of pictures." Quinn grabbed her phone, "Come on." They posed for a picture and looked at the result, "I love this."

"Can you send it to me?"

Quinn sent it to Rachel's phone and it beeped. Rachel looked at her phone and realized that it's a quarter to 10.

"Oh My God! I have to go," Rachel panicked, so she quickly got off the bed and packed her things. Quinn didn't move but just watched her movement. Once Rachel had finished packing, she noticed that Quinn looked sad, so she sat on the bed and ran her fingers through Quinn's hair.

"Hey, we'll see each other tomorrow. But I really have to go."

She stood up to leave and Quinn followed her to her car, but as she was about to reach her car, Quinn pulled her behind a big tree that concealed them from any prying eyes.

"How about if I pick you up tomorrow?"

"But my house is not on the way to school."

"It's okay. It's just a few minutes the other way."

Rachel laughed, "Okay."

Quinn became serious, "Listen, I'm not ready for us to … be something at school. This thing needs time, I need time. I want you to know that I do have feelings for you, but I'm so used to be defensive and hiding behind a mask, so I might not act the way you would want me to act in school. I can be myself when it's just you, but I put up all these guards around other people. I'm not saying this as an excuse to treat you like the way I used to treat you. I'm not going to do that anymore, but if I somehow act indifferent, it's just my way of dealing with this in public. Does this make any sense to you?" Quinn looked at her worriedly.

"Don't worry Quinn, I understand." Quinn let out a sigh of relief.

"Rachel, I want this to work. I know this is such a cliché, but I've never felt this way towards anyone before. You make me so happy. I want to make you happy. And I really hope that you feel the same way too," there's a certain desperation to Quinn's voice.

Rachel looped her arms around Quinn's neck and Quinn grabbed Rachel's waist.

"I know that everything happened so fast but I really want to try this with you. I do feel something for you and I want to explore those feelings." Quinn smiled at that. "Besides, this has been like a fairy tale, and you know what they said about fairy tales."

"What?" Quinn looked at her curiously.

"'And they lived happily ever after'." Quinn chuckled because it was pretty corny.

Rachel smiled and pulled Quinn down to kiss her.

They both knew that their lives might not end up like the fairy tales, but for now, they clung to that.

The End

Author's Notes: Thank you everyone for reading this and a very big thank you to everyone that reviewed this. I love reading your reviews and your thoughts. This has been a wonderful journey and I'm sad to part with this Quinn and Rachel. I love them, but every story has to end somehow. I hope you've enjoyed their journey too.