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"That tickles!" Dominique squealed as a small black and slightly pointed mouth started nibbling her ear.

"It means she likes you," Molly replied with a smile as she kept her eyes on the small grey creature sitting upright on its hind legs, busy nibbling away at some tiny piece of food.

The two girls were sitting in Molly's relatively large living room and Dominique was merely the latest member of the Potter/Weasley clan to be invited to sit down on the sofa with Molly's favourite pets, Violet (the grey gerbil) and Mallory (The black gerbil). Of course it helped that Dominique and Molly were almost the same age, with Molly being only a few months younger than Dominique. There was a sudden movement and Dominique squealed as the small black creature that had been nibbling her ear suddenly jumped down the front of her top.

"Get it out, get it out, get it out!" she squealed in a semi-panic as the small bundle of fur bounced down the inside of her top, her claws feeling incredibly sharp against her skin.

"Hold still, I'll get her," Molly said dryly as she reached her hand down her cousin's top. "You know, you really shouldn't be wearing such a low cut top. What do you think Uncle Bill would say?"

"He doesn't have to know," Dominique replied just as James Potter walked into the room and suddenly stopped where he was and walked right out again.

"Got her!" Molly cried out excitedly as she grabbed the wriggling gerbil. "Honestly Mallory, you really shouldn't go down a girl's top you know." Mallory just looked at her with an expression that seemed to say, 'well if she insists on providing the tunnels like that…'

Suddenly Dominique gave another squeal as Violet suddenly ran into her trouser leg.

"Not again," Molly said with a roll of her eyes as her cousin waved her arms about in a panic once more. She really should have known better than to introduce Dominique to her pet gerbils when, despite her pretence to the contrary, was a very girly girl who was scared of a lot of things. Undoing Dominique's trousers, Molly quickly stuck her hand in and grabbed the grey gerbil, just as Teddy walked into the room, spotted Molly with her arm down Dominique's trousers and promptly walked out with an embarrassed apology.

And that is how the entire Hogwart's rumour mill came to the conclusion that Molly and Dominique Weasley were involved in a sexually active lesbian relationship, much to the surprise of both girls.

AN: Ok, NO idea how I came up with this. Really I don't.