The boys and the Impala in a bit of a fix; a teeny weeny one-shot written for the Supernatural Seriously Awesome Fanfic Winter Challenge ... write a story with a festive/winter theme.

Disclaimer: No really, I don't own them!


First there was a shocked silence, which gradually gave way to the soft creaking groans of settling metal.

Then there was the sharp rattling click as Sam killed the engine.

His head drooped miserably.

For a moment all that could be heard were the harsh breaths of the two men sitting motionless inside the car.

Dean's glare was molten; blazing green eyes that burned with the fury of a thousand suns were fixed unblinking on Sam.

His unspoken anger simmered silently as he glared at his cowering brother from under heavily knotted brows; jaw clenched tight in barely-controlled anger.

Withering under the weight of the scorching indignation shooting in his direction, Sam cringed pathetically; burrowing down into his seat and gnawing his lip in shame.

He could feel the heat of guilt-ridden disgrace, reddening his face, radiating like feverish remorse around the Impala's spacious interior which suddenly felt hot as hell. Hot enough to suffocate anyone within it , hot enough to incinerate an entire forest, hot enough to boil mercury, hot enough to melt steel.

But not hot enough, apparently, to melt the giant snowdrift that Sam had skidded the Impala into.