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AN: Another 'sequel' story, this time a sequel to the novel "The Shadow of Weng-Chiang"- itself a sequel to "The Talons of Weng-Chiang"-, along with reference to some other classic stories that I hope will be appreciated by all

AN 2: Also a slight reference to the novel 'The Slitheen Excursion'; I didn't feel that I could do it justice if I tried to rewrite it like what I attempted for 'Prisoner of the Daleks', but I thought that it was something that should be referenced anyway

The Legacy of Weng-Chiang

As I woke up, I looked around my room in the TARDIS, and found myself smiling as I took in the sight of my new home.

It was something I would never have imagined would be possible in the past, but this incredible ship, even if it would never lose its wonder, had already become a home to me in a way that Forks had never been after the Cullens left and that even Phoenix had never fully managed to be. I might never be sure where we'd actually be in the TARDIS, but with the Doctor, I had a different sense of permanence; a sense of consistency and surety that, no matter what else I had to deal with, I wouldn't have to worry about him leaving me or attempting something new and crazy without warning.

It had taken a while to get my room the way I wanted it, but I had to admit that I was certainly satisfied with the final result. Parts of the room appeared to have been shaped by my own memories, such as the bookcase containing all of my favourite books- and a few additional texts by other authors that I assumed the Doctor or the TARDIS thought that I would like- and the bed that was a duplicate of the one back in Forks, but there was also an old-fashioned writing-desk, a wardrobe filled with clothes from my era and a few others that would have left Alice shrieking with joy if she'd ever seen it, and a small sink with various toiletries like my toothbrush and toothpaste; I'd found an incredible bathroom a few doors down from my room when I was first being shown around the TARDIS, but I liked being able to just do my teeth without leaving my room.

Looking at the makeshift calendar I'd put together for myself after I'd started travelling with the Doctor- since tracking day and night wasn't exactly practical in a time machine, I'd drawn up a grid at the back of a notebook I'd found in my room in the TARDIS with each grid representing a day-, hanging on the wall beside the sink mirror, I was amazed to find that I'd been travelling with the Doctor for almost two months already. I'd known when I realised what he was offering that travelling in the TARDIS would be a great opportunity to get away from it all, but to realise that so much time had passed so quickly…

Admittedly, I hadn't enjoyed the week or so we'd spent on board the Wayfarer during that mess with the Daleks and the Arkeon Threshold, but the rest of the time we'd spent together had still been highly enjoyable, with only the occasional moments of mad terror and potentially-life-threatening danger thrown in; how many people back in Forks could say that they'd been to the planet Peladon or seen Los Angeles in 1951 (London had been nice, but it was so close to my home time that it could have been considered a school trip rather than something completely unique)?

I slightly regretted that June hadn't decided to stay with us after dealing with the Slitheen's attempt to alter Earth's past- it might have been nice to have someone around who was at least close to my age, even if she'd been a few years older-, but I could understand her reasoning; it hadn't exactly been the best trip to the past, given the numbers of innocents we'd seen dying and the references made to the aliens that would be killed when Earth's empire began to expand…

If it hadn't been for my greater experience of the universe with the Doctor, I might have been put off the idea of travelling with him any more myself; as it was, I'd seen enough to know that humanity would get better even if they'd make mistakes as well, and wasn't going to let that glimpse of us at our worse affect my faith in what we could accomplish.

Maybe I wouldn't live to see it, but I'd know that we'd get there in the end…

I was momentarily startled at the realisation of how relaxed I felt about the idea of my mortality being a factor once again- I'd wanted to become immortal to be with Edward, but now that he was gone I found myself comparatively uninterested in following that up-, but the feel of a faint tremor throughout the ship prompted me to abandon my reflection as I turned to hurry towards the console room.

I might still feel like I would always be trying to adjust to life in the TARDIS- a part of me wasn't sure that I'd ever get used to the Doctor's incredible machine; it was so beyond anything I could have imagined in my old life-, but I knew enough to know that what I'd just felt was the sensation of the TARDIS preparing to land- or 'materialise', according to the Doctor's description- after a night in the vortex.

Arriving in the console room, I wasn't surprised to find the Doctor already there- I had yet to work out where his room was in the ship, but it was probably somewhere close to the console room, considering that he was always there first-, looking at the readings before him with a curious expression.

"Something wrong?" I asked.

"Yes and no," the Doctor replied, looking up at me with an expression that seemed to be a mixture of a smile and a frown. "We seem to be picking up a distress call, but it's more of an automatic thing than anything else; it actually looks like it's from one of my old transmitters…"

"Transmitters?" I repeated.

"Just a few little things I gave to a few old friends in the past," the Doctor explained. "Basically, in case they encounter something that merits my attention after they've left me, they can use this to alert me to where and when the problem is so that I can come and help, but this one doesn't quite match that signal…"

"So… does that mean it's a trap?" I asked, not wanting to consider that brief implied reference to my own likely future; I would probably return to Forks someday, but at the moment I wasn't ready to think about that possibility yet.

"No, it just means that I'm going to need to backtrack it a bit and get there before it's sent; there are certain factors to take into account that make it easier to do this now compared to other occasions," the Doctor said, smiling as he finished setting the coordinates, followed by the ship making the more familiar rumble of dematerialisation as the TARDIS returned to the real world. "And here we are."

"Uh… where is here?" I asked in confusion.

"Oh, nowhere dangerous; Earth, back in the latter half of the 1970s, somewhere in England," the Doctor said, glancing briefly at the coordinates he'd just entered. "Seems familiar, but I can't place precisely why off the top of my head…"

He stared at it for a moment, but then he shrugged. "Still, that's not important; it's probably just been a while since I've been here."

"Uh… OK," I said, nodding in acceptance of the Doctor's assessment before I turned around to head for the TARDIS door; the Doctor might find the coordinates puzzling, but I had faith that he would have told me if something about the environment I was about to step into would be dangerous to me.

Walking out of the ship, I found myself in a room that put me primarily in mind of Forks' high school science classrooms, with various beakers and chemicals in a cupboard alongside a large double door, and a large desk with a couple of gas taps and a sink attached to it on the opposite side of the room. The TARDIS had materialised in an open area of the floor that gave the impression that space had been set aside specifically for something the size of the TARDIS, with a desk to its right and a window to its left once you stepped out of the ship, and a light layer of dust covered everything.

"Oh, brilliant," the Doctor said, grinning as he took in our surroundings after closing the door behind us.

"Brilliant?" I repeated, looking back at the Doctor in surprise. I knew that he enjoyed travelling for the chance to see new places, but his current grin seemed to be an excessive response to our arrival, considering the relative simplicity of our current location.

"This is my old lab!" the Doctor said, looking at me with a smile. "I worked with these people for five years- discounting how long I was here from my perspective, anyway; the advantage of time travel is the amount of spare time you get- and-"

"Hold on; you worked somewhere?" I said, my eyes widening as I looked at the Doctor incredulously; somehow, the idea of the Doctor staying somewhere to the point where he'd need to get a job didn't quite fit the picture I'd been creating of him.

"Well, it was a matter of necessity at first- the TARDIS had been damaged and I needed access to the materials that they'd find in their line of work to repair it-, but I actually came to enjoy it here, really; even after I fixed the old girl, I kept on coming back here to stay until I'd regenerated again," the Doctor explained, grinning as he walked over to examine the contents of a nearby cupboard, only for his face to fall as he took in the contents.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"My things are here," he said, looking back at me with a less joyful expression.

"Uh… I thought you said this was your lab-?" I began, before I reminded myself that I was talking to a time traveller and we were somewhere he'd spent a lot of time in the past; I might not be clear on the fine details of time travel yet, but I'd heard enough about the dangers of changing history to guess what was worrying the Doctor. "Oh, you mean… there's some stuff there that should have been packed away if you weren't going to come back to get it?"

"Quite," the Doctor said, nodding uncertainly at the sight before him. "Which could mean that I might be coming back here…"

Before I could say anything else- I wasn't sure if I should be worried or intrigued at the idea that the Doctor might end up meeting himself-, the lab door suddenly opened and three men walked in, looking over at the TARDIS with an eager expression that faltered only slightly when they registered that the Doctor and I were there. Two of the men were dressed in military green uniforms that somehow struck me as being slightly old-fashioned, while the third was wearing a white lab coat over a blue shirt and trousers. The man in the lead had a small moustache and a long thin face while the other man in uniform had a slightly rounder head and a more immediately friendly expression, the third man possessing far thicker hair than his apparent colleagues along with equally thick sideburns.

Under most circumstances, this situation would have merited an angry confrontation or panic as the military men wondered who we were and I was left wondering how the Doctor would explain this, but judging by the grin on the Doctor's face I didn't have anything to worry about.

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