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Frustrated with all the attention he's been getting on Valentine's Day, Darien lashed out and pointed to the booth occupied by Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita and Mina declaring for the whole arcade to hear that HE is in love with one of the girls. Confusion, misunderstanding and...a Valentine's kiss and declaration... 'Before the Clock Strikes Midnight'

Before The Clock Strikes Midnight (Part 1)

The Arcade (Valentine's Day, Morning)

Darien sighed after turning down yet another chocolate valentine from yet another adoring admirer.

"You really need to get a girlfriend Dare. It's the only way to get them off your back." His best friend Andrew offered his insight from the other side of the counter.

"How do you know that? I used to go out with girls before, haven't I? It didn't stop the others from coming at me though, does it?" he asked tightly, frustrated.

It's true. There was a time when Darien was...a player, for lack of a better word. But that was years ago. Three years to be exact. Before a certain meatball headed beauty ran into him, literally knocked him of his feet and...turned his whole world upside down.

He had been too stunned, too taken in by her clear cerulean blue eyes that he had lost not only his heart but also his head that day, which is why he had ended up insulting her by calling her 'Meatball Head'.

Now three years later, he is still in love with her. In fact he's even more in love with her. He still calls her 'Meatball head' and she is his greatest nemesis. How did that happened? He thought desperately.

"Well, that's because you were never in love with any of the girls you were with," Andrew's voice broke through Darien's thoughts.

It took Darien a moment to realize what Andrew was talking about. When he did, he rolled his eyes.

"So, you're saying I need to get a girlfriend I'm in love with? Great! Where do I get one?" He said mockingly.

Walked right in! Andrew smirked. "There's one in her usual booth, sitting with her best friends over there whom unless I'm very much mistaken, each are about to leave on their Valentine's Day date," he answered, tilting his head towards a booth occupied by a certain 'Meatball Head' and her friends with a twinkle in his eyes.

Darien groaned and slammed his head lightly to the counter, "Will you cut it out already? I have no idea what you're talking about! She's Meatball Head! Klutz extraordinaire!" he said exasperatedly.

Liar! His mind and heart both shouted.

"You think I don't see the way you look at her?" Andrew smirked again.

Choosing not to fight in a battle he has no chance of winning, Darien took a sip of his coffee and changed the subject. "I swear, if another girl asked me to be her valentine..."

Oops! He spoke too soon. Another girl came and did just that. Andrew laughed. Darien stared at the girl incredulously. She's pretty enough. Light brown hair, bright green eyes. He stood up. Andrew stopped laughing. Uh, oh.

Darien ran his hand through his hair and face in a gesture of frustration. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"No. I'm sorry. I cannot be your valentine. I'm in love with someone else. I am completely and irrevocably in love with her," he finally said.

The arcade was silent. It's not every day the elusive Darien Shields speaks up about his feelings publicly, if ever at all.

The girl stuttered. "But...but...Who is she? I've never seen you with any girl" she braved.

"That's because she doesn't know that I'm in love with her and I haven't decided if I want her to know yet. But I'll give you and everyone a clue," he said, putting both hands on the girl's shoulders and pointing her in the direction of Serena's booth.

"You see those five girls? They are best friends. I'm in love with one of them," he said with a note of finality in his voice, lets the girl go and walked out of the silent arcade with everyone including the five girls gaping at him in astonishment.

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