Hello, welcome to Transcendence, a World of Warcraft and Bleach Crossover that I started over a year ago. One that you have been eagerly waiting for the last four months to be updated, with new and fresh material. For that I am sorry for the delay. But there is a reason.

When I first began this story I saw the potential to make it one of the best that is out there. Blending in so many different elements of both worlds together and making it grand and spectacular. But sadly, my way was not right, it was to narrow and limited. I didn't allow myself to broaden my perspective and make something different and unique. Instead I stuck to the narrative and chose to change little over a lot.

I wanted to make a story that was different and had a character in it that was not just some random overpowered character that will trump anything in his way.

Ichigo has always been seen as overpowered, incredibly strong in both physical strength and determination. We all know that, we always think that when we drop one character into another universe they are immediately going to be the new big dog that's gonna put the others in their place. I didn't want that, I didn't want him to be a one shot ten kill's type of character. No, his powers are already great as they are, and this is the same Ichigo we see at the very beginning of his story. A young teenager with powers he still fights to control and against enemies stronger and more experienced than he.

And that is where his true character shines through.

Ichigo strength comes from overcoming obstacles, be it in terms of power or finding the will to continue fighting despite how strong the enemy and task set out before him. I wanted to make a story where he is a nobody in a world that is filled with their own heroes and legends. And I want to make him into a legend of his own through deeds of greatness. Not him running around and doing his own thing randomly. He has never done that in Bleach, why should he do that here?

It took some strong words from someone to make me realize that I did not succeed in my first attempt and with some help from others to show me the truest nature of Ichigo's character. I did not make him the way he should have been, I went off course and deviated too quickly to who he is and actually got his character completely wrong. I made him someone who doesn't kill because he thinks it is wrong. That is not Ichigo, he is willing to kill if needed, and while the following chapters may reflect this. There is reason, as there always is for any story.

I got rid of the qualities that I thought him to have, but it turns out were just fabrications I had made up. His restraint from taking a life, something he has done many times before. The guilt over taking said life and the committing of the act itself, when he had killed Ginjo he had shown what could be remorse, or was it pity? Pity for the man that had been consumed for revenge.

I did not do this story right, for that I have no one to blame but myself for my own shortcomings. But to live and learn is the greatest expression there is and I will live by that.

But now I will tear down the stonework of my original piece and build a new one of the foundations of the old.

As some of you know this story has gone through a rewrite, the reason being is because I could not stand how poorly I did it before. Some may not agree, but as a writer I can see where I made the mistakes and took quick shortcuts to do what was quick and easy. A writer does not do that, he pushes through the block and makes it work.

So that is why I do this now, I am reworking Transcendence, so that it can rise into a story that I know I dreamed it to be.

Let's start with a few things.

The Story, is going to be completely revamped, much of the beginning will remain the same with a few key details staying in place while others are completely scrapped and altered. I have posted nine chapters in total for you to read.

Second is the Wiki I have made for this story, it had been updated with new and relevant information and is still in the process of being updated. The link to it is on my profile, and if that does not suffice simply search for Transcendence Fanon and it will be found. Look through it to receive updates about the story and also new details yet to be released and get a much more in-depth look into the story than just reading it.

Updates are not set in stone, I will attempt to be regular as possible but with the way I work and the status of my free time I cannot guarantee a chapter every week. My real life is more important than this sadly, but I will try to do my best to get chapters to you as quickly and effectively as possible.

I would also like to thank several people who have helped me over the course of my rewrite.

First is the one who gave me the criticism that showed me the faults in my work, he is the one who gave me sight to what I did not see. TeninTwang, his constant and long reviews told me exactly what my story lacked in and diverged from. If not for his critiques I likely would have continued to create a story that would have been flawed. For that I thank you for bringing the shortcomings of this story to light.

Culaio I would like to thank you for the long and informative conversations we had with one another, you showed me a lot and gave me much insight to different things. Broadening my knowledge and allowing me to find ideas and allow myself not to be so rigid with my stories and allow them to flow freely than to go a set course. For that you have my thanks.

BahamutReishiki, I would like to thank you, you were an inspiration for this story. In fact it was your story Bleached into Azeroth that got me hooked onto Bleach itself. If not for you and your stories this one would never have been made. For that you have not only my thanks but also my admiration, your work continues to amaze me, and I hope that my story can do what yours did, give someone the inspiration for their own tales to be told.

But you also gave me advice on how to write better, and also how to pace myself when writing, giving me the knowledge to improve how fast I can write and the quality of the writing. You have been a great help to me and I cannot thank you enough for that.

Xbox432 you have been helping me improve on my writing and have been in a long line of Beta-readers who have helped me make this story. I hope that you will stay as such for the foreseeable future. You are a valued friend.

David Knight, you have been more than just someone who has helped me with my writing and showing where I could improve. You have put your time and effort into showing me where I can improve, by helping me make the story itself. You have helped me build a plot for this entire universe we have made, given me dozens of characters, so many plots and details. So much that not only makes this story unique but also entertaining. You have been more than an inspiration; you have been the one who will make this story more than just another story on FanFiction, but the beginnings of one of the great stories.

Because of that I offer you this, co-authorship of this story, we make it together and we build this universe as it should be made. I offer my hand to you and I hope you are willing to take it and accept my offer. So we can make something that neither of us was able to accomplish before.

I would like to thank the many others who have given their time to give me advice, characters, plots and even idea for the future. I thank them all and I hope that in this story I can fulfil your wishes.

This story has been on the forefront of my mind for many months now, my delays are inexcusable, but I hope that from the ashes of the old the new story will prove to be the better. I thank you for your time in reading this and now with one final post I hope you enjoy the new and improved Transcendence.