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Chapter 11: Aftermath

Adelina's eyes flickered open, only meeting the same blackness when her eyes were closed. Adelina raised her hand and pressed her hand against a large frame that was above her. Pushing her hands up Adelina felt the still warm wood through her leather glove. Adelina grunted as she pushed the charred remains off, letting them crash and shatter against the stone floor.

Adelina leaned up and immediately halted, a sharp pain shooting across her stomach and back. She grasped at her stomach and winced as the pain returned, looking down she found several burns along her clothing and also on patches of exposed skin. She must have been burnt when she was unconscious, but at least she didn't end up like most of the charred wreckage around her.

Adelina tried to move again, finding her burns still gave her grief with every single movement, the burns may be quite painful but she was sure she had some internal injuries. Hopefully they weren't fatal, if she had any broken bones or even a lacerated organ than she would either get an infection or bleed internally. But for now she had to worry about getting out rather than thinking she will expire in the next few minutes from an internal injury.

Adelina limped her ways through the debris cluttered cellar of the inn; her eyes looked for a way out of the dismal dark pit she was in. Her eyes found the ruins stairs under a fallen roof, making it impassable. Adelina hobbled away from the wreckage and tried to find another exit, but before she moved far enough away she saw a glint in the corner of her eye.

Turning her eyes widened as the sight of Zangetsu, Ichigo's Zanpakuto, lying on the ground nearby. As soon as she saw it she realised what she had forgotten to consider, the wielder of the blade.

"Ichigo…" Adelina murmured, reaching down for the blade, grasping the handle and with a grunt of effort was able to lift it up to stand vertically.

The blade was quite heavy; it had to be ten kilos at least. How Ichigo carried and swung this sword around made her wonder.

'Where are you?' Adelina thought, looking around for Ichigo, trying to see any sign of the Shinigami, if his blade was here then he couldn't be far behind.

Yet she had no idea where to begin searching for him, there was no telling if he was down here or still on the ground floor of the inn buried under some rubble up there. Adelina needed to try and find him, there was no telling what condition he was in, or if he was even alive.

Adelina's eyes soon dropped down to the blade, something had brushed against her fingers. Looking at the handle she was surprised to see the white cloth that bound it was uncoiled. It ran from the pummel of the hilt and led to a large pile of rubble beneath a massive opening in the cellar roof. Was the cloth always like that?

Adelina shook off the unimportant question and move for the rubble. Dropping the blade and rushing over to the side of the pile and started digging.

"Ichigo! Can you hear me?" Adelina called out, trying to rouse any sort of reply from within, but silence was all she was met with.

Adelina continued to dig, shouting out his name to try and see if he was still alive, but she could barely lift and move the massive chunks of wood and stone. Adelina fell back as she failed to lift a stone chunk, falling on her back and letting out a pained groan as she tried to rise again. Pain shooting through her stomach and back again, clear signs of severe trauma.

But she fought it down, she was stronger than this, rising back up with clenched teeth she moved back towards the rubble and tried once more. Again she failed, the stone falling back down with a heavy thud, Adelina growled at the stone that refused to be removed. Adelina couldn't lift it as she was, she would need a little more muscle for this.

Slowly closing her eyes and then focusing her energies, calling upon her animals spirits to give her their power and form. Adelina called upon the bear, and soon enough she felt it give her a reply and she felt her entire body shift. Growing and getting heavier, she fell down onto her hands as they shifted into front legs.

With a growl Adelina moved forward and pulled the stone from the pile, dragging it aside and snorting at it irritable before moving on. Digging through the debris and wreckage she tried to find any sign of Ichigo being within, following the white cloth. To her joy she found the very end of it, wrapped around the pale arm of Ichigo.

Adelina moved around and carefully dug around the substitute, not willing to try and pull him free with so much weight on him. For the next twenty minutes she dug ferociously, removing large as much as she could from around the substitute until he was completely free. Adelina hovered over him, her form reverting back to her humanoid appearance.

"Ichigo, please don't die," Adelina murmured, looking at the battered and still form of the Shinigami.

Her hand drifted to the tattered robes, completely in tatters, singed and torn in many places. Showing off several burns and cuts, he was lucky he was buried so deep, he had been saved from the fire because of it. Adelina lifted up the robes along his stomach and felt his clothing peel off his midriff. Adelina winced when she saw the massive wound to his stomach, still bleeding and cauterized by the powerful lightning bolt that had struck him.

Adelina couldn't believe he hadn't been completely skewered by the lightning bolt, that kind of power could only be blocked by enchanted metal or a magical barrier. The fact Ichigo survived with only a stomach wound could only mean his unique physiology as a Shinigami had saved him. But even so she could clearly tell that he had lost a lot of blood, his skin and deathly white and he felt cold. She would need to get him to safety, seal the wound and then make sure he could recover.

Adelina winced slightly when she felt her own wounds give her grief, she thought about healing them, but fought the pain down along with the idea. Ichigo was in clear need of aid and she would give him all her attention. Adelina placed her hands over Ichigo and began to sooth his wound with a healing spell. Adelina concentrated, focusing the energy over his stomach to seal it.

Soon enough swirls of green energy flowed around Ichigo and brushed over his wounds. Adelina knew she couldn't heal him fully, her powers were not as potent as a seasoned druid, but she could at least keep him from deaths door.

Adelina remained at Ichigo's side for several minutes, continuing to pour her energy and concentration into rejuvenating Ichigo's battered and drained body. Letting out a tired sigh Adelina stopped her ministration and looked down at Ichigo. Finding his wound was no longer bleeding and appeared to have healed over slightly. But it was enough for now; she needed to get Ichigo and herself somewhere safe.

There was no telling if this inn was stable, the fire that had engulfed it would make this place a death trap. Adelina looked up through the opening above them, seeing through the ruins of the inns interior, the sun was up, she could see the rays of light were still shining from the east. It was still sometime in the dawn, early morning, that was good. If she could get Ichigo out of here she may be able to get him to Theramore before the sun sets.

Adelina lifted up Ichigo, placing his arm over her shoulder and her hand around his waist, and then dragged him away from the pile. Her eyes fell onto the large Zanpakuto that lay in front of her, making her wonder how she was going to get that out along with Ichigo. There was no way she could carry both the sword and Ichigo, she could barely lift the blade up. Adelina looked to the sword and then to Ichigo, her mind almost instantly making up its mind on what she needed to do.

She would get Ichigo out of the inn and to safety, his sword would have to come later, his life was more important.

Adelina carried Ichigo through the cellar, looking for an exit or a means to climb back up to the ground floor. With some luck she found just that, a wall had collapsed and created a makeshift ramp for her to scale up. Adelina pulled herself up, dragging Ichigo with her, and found herself back in the kitchen. Everything inside had been completely destroyed by the fire, not even the kitchenware had survived the roaring fires. The wooden floor had collapsed into the cellar below and also partially blocked by the roof that had caved in on top of it.

Adelina carefully navigated across the edge of the room, trying to avoid coming to close to the unstable floor. Several times she nearly fell in as the boards beneath her began to crack and break under her and Ichigo's weight. Luckily they got through without major incident. Adelina stepped into the ruined dining hall for the inn; it was in a sorry state, completely desolate and destroyed.

Everything that once was inside was now nothing but cinder and ash, only piles of grey remained along with the charred skeletal husks of all the furniture and bar. Adelina couldn't even recognise it to the vibrant establishment it once was. Adelina moved forward, ignoring the horrible atmosphere that consumed the interior of the destroyed inn.

Halting for a moment Adelina found several charred husks on the ground, her eyes softening as she realized that they were not furniture or pieces of the collapsed building. Their shapes were too bulbous to be simple furniture. Adelina offered a prayer to the goddess to let their souls know some peace, these poor unfortunate people who died in this massacre.

Her eyes drifted to the bar, having simply crumbled away into ash, looking at the large burnt down pile of wood and wreckage. She saw a single arm extended out of the rubble, charred black and already crumbling to dust. Adelina's eyes watered slightly at the flurry of emotions she felt when seeing that charred hand and the golden band that still was wrapped around his finger.

'I am sorry Lynn Hyal, I could not save him,' Adelina thought, moving away quickly from the carnage, not having the stomach to face the scene she failed to prevent.

But as she stepped out onto the single street of Shady Rest she could not help but feel despair fill her heart. Every building, every stall, every single person was simply gone. Skeletals were all that remained, cushioned by a pile of ash that littered beneath the bones of the buildings and the people who once lived within them. Bones littered the street, splayed over the ground and sometimes in pieces rather than as a whole corpse.

'Why? Why do this?' Adelina couldn't help but wonder in horror, the simply destruction of this village was completely adherent to all she knew.

Even the Horde could not be this savage, the orcs and trolls yes, but the Tauren? Could they have become so vile that they would slaughter so indiscriminately. Adelina didn't know how anyone could do something like this and not feel remorse for their actions. Murdering innocent men, woman and children, people who should live their lives out in peace and quiet than being slaughtered like pigs.

Had there not been a weight on her shoulder at the moment she would have felt another press down on her. Adelina looked to Ichigo, still limb as she dragged him along, she didn't have time to remain here – as much as it pained her to leave this without looking for others that may have survive. Ichigo was her main priority and she would get him to safety.

Adelina looked to the side of the inn, and to her expectations she found all the horses were dead. Their throats cut and burned, again she felt herself shudder at the horrific atrocity that had befallen this town and the ones who had committed it without remorse.

Adelina turned back and realized she had no choice but to carry Ichigo the way to Theramore herself. Quickly shifting into her panther form Adelina positioned Ichigo onto her back, making sure he was secure before quickly taking off towards the north. The path should be a few hundred yards from the town and would lead her directly to Theramore. She just hoped she made it in time before nightfall.

Caverns of Time

A swirling mass of sand spiralled around the chamber, so thick that it was impossible to anything by a tornado of dull brown sand. Yet if one could see within these masses of sand they could see images flash and appear, showing events from all across the world and also from the past and future.

In the centre of this storm of sand was the focusing iris of the Bronze Dragonflight, known as the Chronosphere. A large ornate table that is a hollowed out centre with a golden ring with archaic runes etched into the surface. In the opening was a thin layer of sand that would shift and turn, showing off specific images and events that were unfolding.

This was the Bronze Dragonflights main method of focusing the powers of the sands of time, allowing them to glimpse into the future with crystal clear clarity. It is with this device that the Bronze were able to determine the correct course of the timeline and plan out their mission to prevent its change.

Chromie looked down at the Chronosphere, its gaze fixed on the events focusing around Dire Maul. She watched as the demons advanced through the city, coming to blows with the Gordunni Ogres and the Highborne. Yet even as she watched the events unfold she saw them change considerably, certain events such as key battles that were won or lost changed. Ones that were lost turned to victories, and even some changed to never occurring, while new ones popped up.

Chromie scowled as another shift occurred in the timeline, yet the cause of the shift still eluded her and the rest of the flight. This was a difficult investigation for her, the changes in the timeline were coming in randomly but at the same time they were specifically targeted to a certain key point.

"The changes occur mostly in battles, but only for the demons, as if something that is beyond our sight is guiding them," Chromie surmised, watching as another shift occurs.

Watching as a demon war party assaulting a Highborne pylon, they were expected to fail as they charged into an ambush and were subsequently slaughtered, prevailed where they should have not. The demons regrouped and quickly countered the elves attacks; even reinforcements from another fight appeared, aiding the demons in their assault on the pylon where in the original timeline they had no direct involvement.

"Also the demons appear to be moving for the pylons, they are a target, but the reasons are not known to me," Chromie continued to observe the demons moves, each and every single one of them was focused on removing the Ogres and Highborne from the city.

But also at the same time gaining control of major parts of the city and the resources present. In fact the demons were actually securing the Highbornes pylons and siphoning off the arcane energies. They were also maintaining a more defensive approach rather than outright attacking, meaning they were fighting a slow uphill battle rather than simply rushing in and trying to overwhelm their enemy. But that would mean they were being led by a commander of some sort, yet she could see no image in the timeline to support this.

"Unless the Legion has somehow promoted cohesion over follow the bigger demons, then none of this makes sense," Chromie huffed under her breath.

Already events were going wrong for them, the event of Dire Maul were a major part of the fates of several beings. One of whom is very paramount on having his destiny fulfilled, if they don't clear this up soon then there is no telling the ramifications of Stormwind remaining under the control of Onyxia.

As Chromie finished this thought she heard something behind her, realizing that her agent had arrived back from his observation of Dire Maul. He was surprisingly seven minutes and thirty two seconds late. It would seem that even the always tactful Bronze Dragonflight was being thrown off by all the chaos in the timelines.

"Mandormu, what took you so long?" Chromie asked, looking at her compatriot who mumbled an apology.

"I am sorry for my delay, I did not expect my mission would take so long, but the anomaly was hard to approach without the use of my powers," Mandormu said, moving closer to the shorter dragon.

"What did you find? Did you see him?" Chromie asked, hopeful that they would have something to work with.

"Yes, the one responsible for this is the Dreadlord Abraxus," Mandormu replied, some bite in his tone at the mention.

"Abraxus?" Chromie said, shocked at that little fact.

Although she knew who he was, this was a surprise since he had almost no major participation on this world in person. Yet he was a major player during the creation of the scourge. Abraxus was the creator of the plague of undeath, he created it using potent alchemy and necromancy to create the virulent disease that changed the very foundations of the world.

Because of Abraxus the Third War occurred, as it was meant to in this timeline. But apart from that he had no other interaction with Azeroth, in fact he should still be in the Nether right now, his fate was scried along with many other races that have even been tied to Azeroth. His fate was not meant to come here and start a small war that would topple the very balance of the world and the future.

But despite that there was a major problem. If this was Abraxus, then how was it possible that he came here and how he was able to hide himself from their presence?

"He seemed to possess a form of Temporal Stasis shield around him," Mandormu said, as if hearing the elder dragon's thoughts. "Just as you suspected, it would seem your hypothesis that it was using temporal magic was correct."

"That doesn't make me feel any better," Chromie replied, not liking this one bit.

The legion in control of powerful Chronomancy magic is something they cannot allow, especially if they are using it to this extent. With it they can avoid the detection of the Bronze Dragonflight and also keep their actions completely hidden. It was a perfect tool against them sadly, likely their one weakness.

"What are the properties of the shield?" Chromie asked, there had to be more to it than she first thought, maybe determining the makeup of it she can determine the way it was made and possible who.

"The shield shifts the Dreadlord out of time, but maintains him in the same space; this allows him to interact with the world as anyone would normally." Mandormu stated, to that Chromie nodded, that was well known right now. "The shield also seems to also negate the strings of fate on other beings that interact with it, preventing him from integrating with their destinies, although he can still alter them through interaction."

Chromie's eyebrow actually raised from that little detail; it explained why she wasn't able to see into some of the fates of some of the demons. Their strings of fate were being restricted from their sight to keep them from revealing the one with the temporal shield.

"But the most disturbing thing is that the shield seems to be specially designed," Mandormu said, his voice low and grim. "It seems to be designed to specifically counter our temporal magic, the reason for my delay was an attempted attack, and it did not succeed. The Dreadlord was unscathed when I tried to assault it; the shield was designed to counter our abilities, offensive and defensive."

Chromie looked at him sharply; the demon could actually survive against their temporal magic. This was even worse than she thought. Originally she suspected that the shields were meant to prevent them from planning out a counter attack or even locating them. But that was not the case; the shield was as much offensive as it was defensive. If their powers over time couldn't actually affect the demon, then they would basically have to fight him without the use of their magic.

They may be powerful dragons, but even a mortal can lay low a dragon with the right skill. A Dreadlord would be well within its power to do the same, especially if it had enough magical potency.

"You said it was specially designed, by whom?" Chrmies asked, almost dreading the answer, so much that she didn't even feel like scrying to see what that answer was before it came.

"The Bronze Dragonflight," Mandormu answered, his tone hushed so that only she could hear.

Chromie was silent for a moment; a very cold chill went up her spine as she heard those words. What Mandormu was suggesting was something that no one could even begin to think was possible. He was suggesting that the Bronze Dragonflight had designed this Temporal Shield. He was suggesting that there was a conspiracy within the Dragonflight.

But that cannot be the case, the Bronze have always been steadfast in their roles as guardians of the timeline. They would not forsake this duty so foolishly, the consequences were insurmountable. No, they wouldn't, the Bronze would never do something like this. But if she trusted Mandormu's report, something she has never had to doubt in her many years as a Temporal Investigator, than the powers of the Bronze were being used by the Legion.

The only way she could possibly exonerate their kind was by saying that these Infinite anomalies were responsible; they had similar temporal magic as they did. But at the same time, their magic was a near exact copy of their own. Chromie exhaled and turned back to the Chronosphere, looking deep into the flowing mass that was the timeline. She could not make a decision on this quickly, she would need to keep this close to her chest and figure it out on her own.

"Have you spoken with anyone else?" Chromie inquired, looking at Mandormu with a very serious glare.

"No, you are the only one who knows," The Drake replied.

"Good, I will make the report myself, for now you will only be answering to me," Chromie stated, walking past the Bronze Drake and towards the exit.

This had to be kept quiet; dissension among the ranks of the Dragonflight would only cause problems. With their Aspect and Leader gone everyone is on edge, some feel that Anachronos may not be up to par with his father. Without Nozdormu here the Dragonflight is already falling apart, and it is only getting worse with the invasion of a temporal nemesis that can rival their power and now this anomaly.

If word got out that it had the temporal signature of the Bronze Dragonflight, then Anachronos would start a witch hunt for the one responsible. Meaning he would likely go after those he hates, some of them being very high ranking members of the Scales of the Sands and Razorwings. If they did not keep the delicate balance, then everything will fall apart and when the dust settles from their infighting, the wolves will come in and finish them off.

"One more thing, the anomaly that was detected at Feathermoon Stronghold, it would seem that it is on the move," Mandormu said, halting Chromie in her exit.

"Where is it?" She asked, turning back to face him.

"Its last location was in Shady Rest, but after that it seems to have disappeared," Mandormu said. "But I have determined one of the survivors of the attack on Feathermoon is with the anomaly, or possibly is the anomaly."


"Her name is Adelina, she is a Druid of Stonetalon Peak, she was destined to die on Feathermoon," Mandormu relayed, bringing up his hand and summoning an image of the girl. "But she escaped her fate, and now appears to be on the move, I only detected her presence a few hours ago. In Shady Rest, then it simply disappeared, likely due to her proximity to the second Anomaly."

Chromie remained silent for a moment longer, thinking on this once more. One anomaly was bad, a second would be even worse, especially if it was on the move. She would need to deal with this as well, it was her job. But for now she would need to keep this one in Dire Maul under close watch and plan out an appropriate response. If she couldn't deal with it, maybe having the Sentinels would be more prudent.

"I will investigate the second anomaly, you go back to Dire Maul along with the rest of your Razorwing unit, keep an eye on things there and note ever change and every word that comes out of that Dreadlords mouth." Chromie ordered quickly, before jabbing her finger towards him. "Do not engage him; he is immune to your temporal powers, so only observe."

"Of course, I will depart immediately." Mandormu replied with a quick bow before simply walking through an unseen portal beside him.

Chromie turned back to the exit and left the room, returning to the massive main chamber of the Caverns. Looking around Chromie watched as the walls and many tunnels shift and reform, new one appear and old ones disappear at random. Old and new connections to the past and future opening and closing every few seconds as agents come and go, just the usual.

Chromie moved for the only stagnant tunnel to the caverns, the actual real connection to Azeroth, the tunnel was appropriately called The Tunnel. Admittedly they rarely used it; in fact she could count how many times she has used it in her entire life. Eight times, in her twelve thousand years she has used it only eight times. That was barely one every one and a half millennia.

But as much as she would have loved to joke to herself and ramble on about how everyone was lazy and simply created temporal portals to get everywhere. Chromie had to focus on finding out what is going on with these anomalies and how she could correct them. Also she would need to investigate the Temporal Shield around them, if they were made using their temporal magic then they needed to find out who gave it to them and why.

Maybe finding the one that was on the move would be prudent, she would need to move to Shady Rest and see about finding out who was this other anomaly. But she would have a nice walk and fly there, since she couldn't detect it she could take her time with this. Always nice to procrastinate once and a while, staying in routine was so boring.


"This is truly a bore."

The sigh that escaped with those words were quite true, being stuck on guard duty during nightfall was never a pleasant task. Especially when you had your detail at the main gate, watching the main road and making sure nothing tried to come inside.

Yet this particular duty, it was not so much boring, but very irritating.

"What's the matter blue, find standing around too difficult?"

The guard detail was being overseen by members of Red Team and Blue Team. These two small groups of warriors, at first were made as a means to train against one another in friendly competition had turned into a stupid rivalry over which team and colour was better. In short they hated one another and any chance they got to rile the other team up or make them look bad, they took it in a heartbeat.

That included challenging each other to lasting an entire shift on guard duty at the main gate. Currently no one was winning, because no one wins on guard duty, yet they seemed to be trying very hard to break that myth.

"Shut up Jarad," Guard Kahil bit back, glaring at the Red trimmed guardsman through the slits in his helmet.

"Or what?" Kahil called back, equal amounts of irritation in his tone.

Meanwhile the two women who were also part of the detail sighed in defeat at their fellow team members were at it again. They were the only females on their respective teams, and also the only ones that did not give to pile of dung about this rivalry between Reds and Blues.

"How did we get stuck on Guard duty with them?" Lana asked, looking over to Narrisha, who only could shrug her shoulder in response.

They watched as the two guardsman stood chest to chest and glared at one another, throwing insults back and forth. Going on about how their colours were better than the other, in ridiculous and almost impractical ways. Like how Red somehow made you a better swordsman because if you got cut the enemy didn't see you bleed, and something stupid about it making you miraculously faster for some reason. They didn't bother hearing the rest.

"How long have we been here?" Lana asked, begging somewhere along the lines of an hour or two.

"Thirty minutes," Narrisha replied, and both let out another breath as they realized that they still had five and a half more hours before they could get off of guard duty and shift with the late night watch.

"Why can't we go back to the good old white and gold? It was so much simpler then." Lana asked, more than to herself than to anyone else.

Narrisha chose not to reply, realizing her friend was simply wallowing in her own misery. Instead she simply kept her eyes focused ahead of her, on the barren and empty road that had nothing on it instead of mud. The best they could hope for was a-

Narrisha stopped her chain of thought when she heard something, it sounded like running. She kept hearing rapid footfalls in the distance, all growing louder by the second. Narrisha moved forward, grasping her sword at her hip and pulling it free.

"Narrisha?" Lana asked, seeing her fellow Guardswoman drawing her weapon, something she mimicked as well.

"Someone is coming, Kahil, Jarad!" Narrisha called out, gaining their attention and quickly making them realize that someone was coming.

Both turned to the road and raised their shields and drew their swords, moving back to stand in a solid formation with their two female footmen. For the next few minutes nothing happened, only the growing clarity of several footfalls moving towards them.

Soon something moved ahead of them, the footfalls becoming more spaced apart until they were barely audible steps against the stone. The four guards tightened their hold on their sword and kept their eyes focused on the darkness ahead of them. They knew better to go out and meet whatever was out there, let it come into the light rather than meet it in the dark.

Then they saw it, two glowing orbs in the darkness moving forward, still concealed in the darkness of the night. Moving slowly forward, making them all tense as it crept into the light of the braziers beside the main gate. As they raised their swords beside their shields and drew them back it came into view.

To their surprise it wasn't what they expected it to be, where they thought it was some kind of animal or possibly something that came out of the ocean. Instead what limped towards them was a heavily panting purple panther, with a large black form shrouded over its back. Then its form was wrapped in a feint glow, slowly the panther changed form and turned into that of a young Night Elf maiden.

"Please…" Adelina wheezed out, her throat fry and her entire body aching from exhaustion.

"Get the gate open!" Jarad called, moving forward with Kahil and Narrisha as Lana moved off to alert the guard to open the gate.

"Give her some water," Kahil said, giving Jarad his water pouch, before moving up past the tired druid and examining the second person.

He turned over a young teenager with orange hair and a very serious wound on his stomach.

"This one needs a doctor, he has severe burns and maybe even internal injury." Kahil said, looking at the nasty wound that seemed to punch right through the young man's stomach.

"Send him to the Barracks, her to," Jarad said, carefully lifting up the druid along with Narrisha and helping her move towards the gate.

Kahil cradled the injured young man in his arms and with a grunt of effort followed after his two fellow soldiers. They quickly made their way to the Barracks, moving through the corridors and to the medical wing. Laying both the young elf and human down, and as soon as they hit the beds the doctor appeared.

"What's going on here?" Doctor VanHowzen called out, looking at the guards before the two young patients that were lying down on his beds. "What happened?"

VanHowzen moved past the four guards and towards the two, examining both quickly before making a beeline for the shelf and grabbing several supplies. Quickly the doctor picked up several veils of different coloured liquid, bandages and some cutting utensils. Moving over to you orange haired youth began to work, cutting away the boys shirt and examining his wounds. Several bruises and burns across his body along with a laceration or two, but the main wound being the puncture and burn to his stomach.

'At least it isn't bleeding, that's good, also no signs of infection, also good.' VanHowzen checked him over; blood loss and infection were tricky without magic, especially the former.

"Well? What happened?" VanHowzen growled out again, wanting an answer to his first question.

"We don't know, they came here a few minutes ago, the girl was carrying him," Jarad replied.

VanHowzen didn't reply or stop his ministration, quickly soaking a bandage in one of the liquids and pressing it down on the boys wound. Who flinched slightly and his face contorted in slight discomfort, good, he was conscious enough to feel stimuli.

"The girl isn't hurt badly, get her some food and water and see about what happened," VanHowzen barked to them, the guards complied immediately, knowing not to question the doctor's orders.

As the guards left VanHowzen continued to treat the bow, cleaning the wounds and bandaging them, stitching wouldn't be needed for this. But the wound on his stomach had him concerned, he would need a Paladin in here to help seal this would.

"Ichigo…" VanHowzen turned to look at the young Night Elf, who in turn had her tired gaze on the young man.

"He's fine, I will have him fighting off Crocolisks and Swamp Beasts in no time," VanHowzen said, giving the girl some reassurance, he could clearly see the worry in her eyes for the boy, Ichigo. A strange name that is, but none the less he was a patient.

"We were attacked…" Adelina wheezed, trying to speak more, but her dry throat betrayed her; she struggled to get the words to surface.

"Calm yourself, get some rest and some food in you, and then we can talk about what happened." VanHowzen sternly told her, making sure to give her a good stare to make her back down from trying to aggravate her already weary body.

Adelina relented to his command, laying back into her bed and closing her eyes. She was so tired that even thirst could keep her awake.

Adelina woke with a jolt, coughing slightly as she sat up and groaned as her bruises aggravated her. Looking around the room she found herself in a sort of infirmary, seeing many different potions and medical equipment. Along with a bandaged Ichigo sleeping nearby, breathing soundly and appears to be in good health. Adelina let out a relieved breath, glad to see Ichigo was alright.

"Good, you're awake," Adelina turned and found two guards standing nearby, just inside the doorway. "We would like to speak with you."

"Why…?" Adelina could only manage one word, her throat was completely barren.

"We want to know what happened, come with us we will get you some water and food," The guard said, motioning her to follow.

Adelina did so, getting up from her cot and following after the two guards. A few minutes later they entered a small room with a desk and a few chairs, a simple office. One of the guards sat down and motioned Adelina to do the same.

As Adelina sat down a pitcher of water and a small plate of food was provided, some sliced fruit and porridge. Adelina greedily drank down the pitcher and then moved onto the food before her, nearly twenty four hours of no food and running for several more hours had left the young druid famished. The guards simply watched on as she devoured the food in less than a minute, a little surprising but really not really considering the state she was on when she came here.

"Miss, my name is Guardsman Gyram, I would like to know what happened, were you attacked?" The Footman inquired, leaning forward and waiting for an answer.

"Yes, we were attacked, but that is not important." Adelina said, frantic in her delivery. "Shady Rest was attacked… I don't know if there are any survivors…"

"Shady Rest? Attacked? Who?" Gyram asked, clearly worried.

"Tauren, it was attacked by a party of Tauren, but I only saw two." Adelina replied. "I was there when the attack occurred, but I didn't see what happened to the rest of the town."

"Are you sure it was Tauren?" Gyram asked, he looked at her with a very hard stare, demanding the truth no matter how brutal it was.

"Yes, I fought against one, and they burned down the building I was in," Adelina replied. "I was lucky to survive, please there may still be survivors there; you need to send help."

"Yes, yes we will. We need to report this immediately," Gyram said, looking to the second guard who nodded his head. "Your friend, he was there as well?"

"Yes, he was, he fought against another before he was wounded." Adelina replied.

"Alright, go back to your cot; we have to meet with the Lieutenant," Gyram said, before looking at Adelina one last time. "Please keep this quiet; if the Tauren were responsible, then the Horde may be by extension. We can't have that happening; an incident like this could cause more conflict."

Adelina nodded her head, understanding the importance of his request. The Alliance and Horde were on shaky ground in terms of a ceasefire, something like this can be used as a means to dissolve that ceasefire. War between the two factions was not something either of them needed. Adelina got to her feet and thanks the two before leaving, returning the way she came and back to the infirmary.

The two guards remained behind, both remaining quiet or a long while before Gyram spoke.

"This is bad, Shady Rest is gone and there's proof that the Horde may be involved." Gyram said, the man's voice clearly tired. "We can't let this get out."

"No, we can't." The second guard said. "If people found out the Horde attacked the town they would want reconciliation and also a reason for the attack."

"If they found the reason, then were all dead men." Gyram whispered, realising now that their actions would be the death of them.

"Only if the truth comes out, what we say is proof is proof, all we need to do is get rid of anything that goes against our truth." The second guard said.

"Kill them?" Gyram inquired in a hushed town, hesitant in asking and even more in waiting for the answer.


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