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It was quite the lovely day.

'No rain,' Kagome thought, sitting down on a bench that already held another person. She didn't pay him much mind as she opened the newspaper, intending on searching the classifieds for the least expensive available flat, 'These costs so much...'

It shouldn't surprise her really as London was one of the more expensive cities to live in, but she didn't think it would have been this unaffordable.

'And then Sesshoumaru will give me that emotionless look that really means 'I told you so'...' Kagome sighed, knowing how bad she wanted independence from the dog demon, 'Why did I even agree to live with him in Britain for the year again?'

She was falling in complete total despair and barely even noticed a second man who sat beside her as the first man seemed know him.

'I should just move back to Japan,' Kagome thought, 'Sesshoumaru is big of a bastard as he has always been and I think my English is picking up a British accent.' She sighed silently once more, ready to admit defeat and sulk in the room that Sesshoumaru had so 'kindly' provided for her.

That is what she would have done, had it not been for the particular words the man beside her had spoken.

"Who'd want me for a flatmate?"

And like the hot-headed person that she was, she answered without even thinking.

"I would!"