this title was made by my friend because i couldn't find something else to call it. i was nearly going to call it "The Highs & Lows of Hunter Clarington" but then i'm just like


this as most of my fanfiction is not beta read. and i hope you're not offended. i might get some of the diabetic stuff wrong because well, i'm not a diabetic but i went to a two hour seminar. okay, granted it was mostly about type two but i think i got this. if not, excuse my lack of knowledge i'm sorry. this also is a three-way relationship, as in the three of them are each other's boyfriends, threesome sort of thing. yay.

trigger warning: ED (progression from muscle dysmorphia to starvation that hits diabulimia). you'll get this better when you read this, possible character death (i honestly have no clue), probably going to divulge into dark themes but hey, until now, i don't know. that's just about it. just be aware. if you've read my fanfics, you should know by now xD.


Sebastian Smythe crawled up towards Hunter Clarington's bed, watching the boy breathe. Hunter was a deep sleeper, and thus, did not sense the taller Warbler's presence around him. Sebastian swore that Hunter hated the day that he realised he was rooming in with Sebastian – the ex-cadent practically had zero privacy.

Chandler had slipped inside of the room, flustering adamantly as he was faced with the image of Sebastian on Hunter's single person bed.

Sebastian leaned down to pull Hunter's zipper down, and this quickly ended with Hunter's knee meeting with Sebastian's stomach.

Chandler tried to supress a giggle, biting down his lower lip. Sebastian only sent his other boyfriend a scowl in response.

"Fuck," Sebastian swore. Hunter didn't even stir. He was just defending himself in his own sleep. "Fuck military academy."

Sebastian shook his head, and then smirked. "Just look at how cute you are, lying there, sleeping…dreaming of the steroids that the Warblers ripped apart from your hands before stripping you from your title and position in the Warblers. You're lucky you're rich – otherwise, you'd be trapped in jail cell, and you're also lucky that you have me. Who wouldn't want to have me?"

Chandler rolled his eyes, but a bright smile still crossed his facial expression.

"I hear narcissism in the morning," Hunter groaned, pulling the sheet over his head sleepily. "Can you tone it down? You make me want to hate myself."

"Hey, it was my Father that got you out of a court order," Sebastian murmured, running his hands against Hunter's hipbones. "Fucking Hell, I'm going to be so sad to see all of this muscle go away, you know? Since the steroids are gone and…"

"Sebastian, remove your existence from my body," Hunter growled darkly, but Sebastian seemed to cling on tighter to Hunter.

"But you're so hot," Sebastian whined.

Chandler shook his head, grabbing Sebastian by his shoulder. "Come on, Bassie. I'm hungry," Chandler whined. Sebastian smirked, nodding his head.

"You know, Chan? I'm hungry too. For him," Sebastian said, leaning down to stroke Hunter's hair. Hunter tightly grabbed onto Sebastian's wrist, as Sebastian yelped. "What the fuck? I know you have muscle, but to be built off it? You practically are breaking my hand."

"Good. You'll learn how to shut up," Hunter mumbled as he let go of Sebastian's wrist. He sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"Never were those words uttered to someone who was not Chandler," Sebastian murmured, sending a shot towards Chandler and a wink.

"I like Chandler. I hate you," Hunter murmured, eyes now finally open, as he looked around. "How are you then?" he turned to look at the blonde.

"Good!" Chandler chirped, running his hand through Hunter's hair. Hunter shut his eyes again, pressing his head against Hunter's chest.

"Hey," Sebastian suddenly pitched in. "How come he likes you but not me?"

"I can write a list answering that question and it wouldn't be enough," Hunter yawned, kicking off his sheet and then standing up. Chandler pressed his head against Hunter's side, wrapping his arms around him in a pseudo-hug. Hunter's hand went to rub Chandler's shoulder. "Besides, he likes Mr Puss."

"The cat?" almost as if on instinct, the fluffy white cat emerged from Hunter's bed. Sebastian shuddered.

"Also, Chandler does not wake me up at what is it? Six am because he's horny," Hunter responded, which caused Sebastian to just shrug. Chandler proudly nodded his head. Sebastian just glared at the blonde, whom was now busy fixing his Dalton tie.

"Why'd you get held back a year again?"

"I got held back a year twice, I'm like nineteen," Chandler murmured, fixing his tie. "Bought times because I've been in the hospital, remember? Because people keep punching me unconscious and then there's recovery and…"

Hunter pressed his lips together. "That's unfortunate."

"Yeah, fuckers. Hate them," Sebastian shook his head. "You should learn how to defend yourself – you know, gain Hunter's muscles."

Chandler suddenly made a look of pure and utter disgust and revolt, causing Hunter to raise an eyebrow.

"I'm surely hoping you were indicating that you don't want muscle rather than the fact that you hate my body," Hunter pitched in, causing Chandler to shake his head.

"Don't want muscle," he reinforced the idea. "Also, don't want to do steroids."

Hunter's face went completely and utterly rubicund at that comment, causing Sebastian to collapse on Hunter's bed. Hunter shot him a look that implied that he was going to punch the death out of him. Chandler also flushed immediately after.

"If it helps, I helped you in-in court," Sebastian said through fits of laughter. "You're not going to go to jail for pumping a whole show choir full of steroids."

"You know, laughter is supposed to be endearing," Hunter said, clenching his hands into fists. Chandler quickly jolted, as if afraid his own boyfriend would start punching him instead of Sebastian.

Sebastian then realised something else, smirking. "Wow, Chan, you rebel. I just realised you're in a hot relationship with two criminals."

"It's always the adorable ones," Hunter sighed, for once going along with Sebastian's theory. Chandler flushed and placed his hands in his pocket.

"And I just realised I'm with two people who won't put out," Sebastian bit down his lower lip. "What's the point of having two boyfriends if both of them don't want to have sex?"

"Oh, that's not necessarily true." Hunter winked over at Chandler, causing the blonde to laugh.

"Wait, wait, wait, Chan, tell me, did you have sex with Hunter and not tell me? Did you both have sex when I wasn't watching?"

"Possibly," Hunter murmured.

"Probably." Chandler chipped.

Hunter smirked at Sebastian, whom glared at them, crossing his arms over his chest. Hunter looked for his blazer, which was thrown across the ground, and leaned down to pick it up. He fixed his blazer and Chandler did his tie. Sebastian stared at the display in front of him. "Military academy doesn't teach you how to tie your own tie, Hunt?"

"Beauty school didn't teach you how to put on proper make-up, Sebastian?"

"Make-up?" Sebastian placed a hand on his face.



Hunter sighed, shaking his head. "You two!" he called out, rubbing his forehead. "I once had a pair of ears."

Sebastian then smirked. "How'd you know I was wearing make-up, Hunter?"

"I never thought those words would one day be uttered by Sebastian Smythe's tongue," Hunter murmured. He leaned down to pick up his shoes after Chandler was done, sitting on his bed, where he caressed Mr Puss behind his ears. "Easy. You're looking a little rosy today. You look…how should I say it?...radiant. I knew something was off. Also, where did you get a bruise from now?"

"It's Chandler's clumsiness affecting me dammit. I hit the cabinet."

"That's preposterous," Hunter muttered, having have tied his shoes. "Clumsiness is not conta—"Hunter said, standing up and tripping because his shoe laces weren't properly tied, landing himself straight into Sebastian's nightstand.

"I'm sorry!" Chandler yelled.

Sebastian shook his head, when pulling Hunter up by his elbows. "You're so fucking heavy. Hey, Hunt, want to know a nice fact? I weigh like exactly twenty pounds more than Chan does."

"Congratulations," Hunter spat out. "One hundred pounds for Chandler and a hundred and twenty for Sebastian."

"I'd be dead by then I'm five-foot-seven," Chandler shook his head. Chandler looked at thin air, quickly calculating in his head. "That's like a BMI of high 15s. Ew, no. And if Sebastian was anywhere around there, he'd be in the med 15s and that's like…death."

"You're such a calculator," Sebastian muttered. "Yesterday, I kept on asking him how much time I'd have to study if I went to study right now for my exam and he didn't even spend five seconds. What the fuck? I'm sure it'll take longer to punch that in a calculator—hey, where did Hunter go?"

Chandler and Sebastian scanned the room, finding the boy at the end of the room where he was packing his gym bag as well as his backpack. Sebastian's eyes widened drastically when he found out that Hunter was putting a syringe in his bag, and a clear-coloured bottle. Sebastian ran towards him, ripping the bottle from his hands. "No fucking steroids!" he snapped, eyes going as dark as possible.

"Sebastian," Hunter calmly began, rolling his eyes. "Can you read in English or is it confined to French?"

"What?" Sebastian hurriedly said. "Hunt, stop asking me question like that! I'm worried about you! Fucking Hell, you and your steroids – you know what? I think being too muscle-y is gross and I'd rather you be a skinny twig than you start looking like a body-builder—"

"Read the bottle," Hunter easily said.

"I know what the bottle says! If it says 'safe' or—"

Chandler picked up the bottle from Sebastian's hand and then stared at it. "Novolog. Insulin aspart injection."

Sebastian coloured deeply as Hunter took the bottle from Chandler. "Why the hell do you need insulin?"

Hunter raised his eyebrow. "I've been in a relationship with you – as well as Chandler for about several months now, and yet, you both don't realise that I'm a diabetic?"

"…you were on steroids when you're a diabetic? What the fuck?"

"Exactly what my Father said," Hunter murmured, putting the bottle into the front of his backpack as well as his syringe. "My blood sugar levels are insanely high. Where do you think I go all these times I have to leave Dalton for like a week or so?"

"Skipping?" Sebastian said.

"Hospitalised," Hunter rolled his eyes. "I was wondering why I didn't get any flowers from either of you."

"Aww," Chandler mumbled, frowning softly and then hugging Hunter. "I'm sorry."

"Chan, it's been two hours since we've been up, and you haven't hugged me," Sebastian pouted. "I'm so unloved."

"You love yourself enough for all three of us," Hunter mumbled, throwing his backpack over his shoulder and getting Mr Puss. Chandler nodded his head in the 'Hunter has a point' manner. Sebastian got his backpack.

When they were ready to go, they left Hunter and Sebastian's room, and into the dining hall which was busy even at this time of day. Dalton had a specific testing system for new students that measured their levels of intelligence, and the higher it was in certain subjects, the more they skipped the class. Right now, the hall was practically filled with the smarter people that didn't have classes. Hunter only had three classes out of the seven he had to take, and Sebastian had to take five, excluding Chemistry and Biology. Chance skipped Mathematics and Art.

"I have class at like nine – an hour of painting shit, though?" Sebastian muttered.

"I have that class too," Hunter muttered. "And it's not necessarily painting but you insist on painting. I draw quite a bit in that class, but she says that my drawings are disturbing."

"You keep on drawing lucid images of me being dead," Sebastian frowned, pouting.

"That's not nice, Hunter," Chandler pitched in.

"How can you tell it's you?" Hunter asked, and then smirked. He absentmindedly stroked Mr Puss, whom remained on his lap. "It was the hair, wasn't it? I do your hair very well I'd like to think."

"Whatever," Sebastian shrugged and looked through the array of food they had in the Dalton's cafeteria line. "Hmm. What should I eat now?"

Hunter suddenly looked alert. "Wait, wait, you eat? I truly had no idea. Chandler, are you eating too? Wow, apocalyptic."

"I always eat," Chandler reminded him and then pouted. "Hunter, are you okay?"

"Of course, he is. Built like a horse," Sebastian placed a hand on Hunter's shoulder. Hunter looked sombre for some time. "Hmm. Sausage. I want sausage. Chan, come on, let's get some."

"I will. And eggs. And pancakes. And toast."

Sebastian looked at the six-foot tall male. "Hunter, what are you—?"

"My blood sugar levels are high. I measured myself a few moments ago when you two were having a small quarrel in my room. I'll wait until it levels out to eat. If I eat and it spikes…" Hunter shook his head, noticing that Chandler was going off to get Sebastian and him breakfast. "It is not a good thing per say."

"Okay, go run. Your blood sugar level is high, right? That lowers it down."

Hunter glared at Sebastian at that comment. "It increases ketones in my body, Sebastian. I do not need more ketones. There' a limit to how high your blood sugar can be before you are not allowed to exercise."

"You look so pissed at me," Sebastian noted.

"You figured out five seconds ago that I've had type one, and you have zero percent knowledge about it. I don't know how you managed to pass either Chemistry or Biology if you didn't this one out," Hunter mumbled, as Chandler walked towards them, sitting down with a tray, pushing it towards him and Sebastian.

Hunter sighed. "Alright, then, I need to pee and I'll go to the gym to put my things in my locker. Not to run. That's the worst thing I can do."

"What's going on?" Chandler said. "Hunter's angry at you."

"Because I told him to go run because his blood glucose levels are too much."

Hunter flushed about hearing that, and then just nodded. "Yes," he sighed, before he fixed his bag and left. "See you both then. Also, I need to monitor my blood sugar."

"Have fun, Hunt, with your miserable life."

"I'd say the same to you. At least you can recognise what I draw. Not like your drawing of a parrot."

Sebastian stared up at him. "It wasn't a parrot! It was Chandler!"

Hunter Clarington was alone in the gym. He had been there for ten entire minutes, and nine of them were spent weighing and re-weighing.

By the sixth time, he had come to take in the number. He hated it.

"Surprise!" Hunter heard from the doorway, causing a jolt, as he looked back to see Sebastian Smythe standing by the doorway. How fast did they eat? Chandler was blushing from the door.

"Were you in an eating competition?" Hunter muttered. He did take his time coming up here though, and had stopped by Mr Rice's class room to discuss his assignment. Maybe it wasn't as long as he'd thought he was. Sebastian didn't choose to answer the question, as he grabbed Hunter by his shoulder and looked down at the number on his scale.

"You weigh more than me, Hunt."

"Obviously so," Hunter rolled his eyes. "My Doctor expects me to lose about seventy-five percent of the weight I gained when I was abusing steroids."

"…damn. So do we expect you to look like a twig any time soon?"

"Perhaps," Hunter mumbled. "I gained about twenty-five on mine, and that's after quite a few months as well. I was at around one-eighty-two."


"One-eighty-two. I'm sorry, Sebastian. I'm not a twig. I'm nowhere near the one twenties region and that's presuming you're there." Hunter murmured, and Sebastian shook his head.

"One sixty-five," and with that, Sebastian gestured with his head, 'and Chan's like one forty-five."

"What do you eat? Turnips?" Chandler made a face of pure disgust as he buried his head into Sebastian's side.

"You're upsetting him," Sebastian warned Hunter. "He's allergic to vegetables."

"No, he is not. He dislikes them to the point where it appears as if he has an allergy to them, but really, the poor parsley did nothing," Hunter reminded him as he got off the scale, but the thought was bothering him so he weighed himself again.

"The number isn't going to change just because you step on it a different way."

"Yes, it does. Look. I've gained like point five of a pound. I'm at 176.8 now. Look."

"Get off the scale, Hunt. Your muscles aren't going to deteriorate just because you lost a couple of pounds."

"You know how much my Doctor estimates I'd lose?" Hunter asked, looking up at Sebastian whom was shrugging. "About nineteen pounds and he says I'll probably lose it in no time. That makes me feel very uncomfortable now. Do you see why?"

"Come on, Hunt. It's not like it's a bad weight for you to be at. Plus, you can still lift weights if you want—"

"No, I cannot! My blood sugar level is too high for me to do anything about it, and it's disheartening. I'm actually simply waiting for it to go down enough so I can eat. Imagine me exercising. The ketones…disturbing. I'll wait for my blood sugar to go underneath two fifty before I even consider exercise."

"Alright, alright," Sebastian was defeated. "Hey, you know being thin isn't a bad thing either. Just look at Chandler. He's happy."

"Are you still pretending that you have muscle? Because you do not." Hunter murmured, as he left the room. "Come on, Sebastian. We have a class to go to. Chandler, are you staying here to…wait, you're not going to stay at the gym, are you?"

"You're asking me?" Chandler raised an eyebrow.

"Hunter's just not in a right mind-set. He's losing weight. He's unhappy with his life. I just pulled him out of a court order," Sebastian began and then added on. "He hasn't had sex with me."

"I think that's just about the only thing in my life I'm happy about."

Sebastian glared at Hunter. "Hey!" as Hunter grabbed onto Sebastian's wrist, pulling him out of the room, hoping that they wouldn't be late for their class.

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