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It was yet another warm summer night in the city of Pasadena, California. Sheldon sat in his apartment, staring at the computer screen, most specifically watching the clock, almost too impatiently. Another thirty minutes and she would be here. He squeezed his blue eyes shut, running a hand across his face in frustration, nearly allowing himself to let out a groan, but that was just not like him. He was no animal. Sheldon composed himself, taking a breath and trying to shift his focus back to the task at hand.

He wanted to get some progress done on his work before being dragged into the pointless social convention that was date night, but his mind kept betraying him, causing the genius to wonder about a certain someone at the most inappropriate times. Vixen, he thought, with a tinge of resentment, and some other feeling he couldn't quite figure out. Nor did he want to, no. Romance was nothing but shenanigans that often got in the way of great achievements, such as, perhaps, a certain Nobel Prize he yearned for so long. This was his goal, and Sheldon Lee Cooper, Ph.D, had vowed to never get anyone get in his way, no matter what.

Surely he meant to keep her by his side for as long as they could enjoy eachothers company. Amy was bright and quirky, a woman like no other he ever met before. Unlike most people, she understood him, and despite the increasing attempts to start a physical relationship, she was still rather patient with him. He was deeply found of her, alas, the hotsy-totsy from Glendale was starting to get in the way of his work. And he did not like this, not one bit.

"This is ridiculous." , he mumbled, closing the lid of his laptop. Sheldon walked into his room, changed into his date night clothes comfortable shoes, gray pants and a black formal shirt. He pondered ending things with Amy and possibly going back to their boy/friend/girl/friend status, and felt a strange pang against his chest. Most illogical, the physicist thought.

As he finished neatly combing his hair, Sheldon hear a knock on the front door. Looking at his watch, he took notice of the time. 7 PM, it read. Always sharp on time. He walked back into the living room and peered through the hole, a simple, but necessary safety precaution. Amy stood there, her image blurry and distorted through the round, small glass. He tore his eyes off the peep hole and twisted the keys, calmly opening the door for her.

"Hello Amy." , he greeted, offering a small smile. He noticed her hair was kept as usual, long and straight, but she had definitely bothered to put on some makeup tonight. Her eyelashes were longer, and her lips looked somewhat glossy. Penny and her damn influences, he figured, but he had to admit Amy did not look bad. Not at all.

"Hello there Sheldon." , she nodded his way, and he step aside to let her in. He locked the door once more and turned, glancing her way as she stood by the couch. "How was your day?"

"It was fine, thank you." , Sheldon said curtly, there would be time to catch her on with details on his progress later. He made a quick scan of her attire: a dark blue dress with sleeves that went to her elbows, and the skirt almost hit her knees, but it was still a lot shorter than the skirts she usually wore. Actually, he realized the clothes she had been wearing were getting overall shorter as time passed by. Once again, probably Penny's doing. He didn t really have an opinion on it, Amy was a smart, independent woman, and she could wear whatever she liked.

The dress had a vintage-y look, and somewhat resembled the female uniforms on Star Trek: The Original Series, he thought with amusement. Was she doing this on purpose? Amy had not mentioned any of her attempts to increase his feelings for her in over a year now. He figured she would have finally gave up on this nonsense, but one could never be sure; she really was a tricky little vixen, after all. Finally, he ended his analysis of her outfit choice for the evening, noticing how she had black tights on, and black flats. He knew Amy couldn't bear to wear heels, and he was secretly thankful for that.

"My apologies.", he finally said, taking notice of the silence that filled the room. He had been looking at her for at least five seconds without uttering another word. "How have you been?"

"I'm alright." , she smiled, taking a seat next to his famous spot on the leather couch. Her green eyes followed him across the room, always fascinated by how adorable her boyfriend was even though he wasn t even trying.

"I'll just go grab my bag and we can be on our way", he gestured for her to wait there, and walked into his room, picking up the messager bag that lay casually on top of his tidy bed. His Enterprise sheets caught his attention, and for a moment he thought about Amy's dress, and how good she looked tonight.

Good?! He stepped back and softly leaned his back against the wall, placing a hand against his chest. His heartbeat was irregular. Maybe he was having a panic attack? Pull yourself together, Cooper!

"Sheldon?" , he heard her voice from afar. Sheldon stiffened, opening his mouth to speak, but shut it before any words could come out. He frowned, worried that perhaps he was getting sick. No, it could not be. He always made sure to avoid contact with germs. Taking a deep breath, he turned off the light switch on his room and exited through the door, his eyes meeting Amy's as he stepped back into living room. There was a hint of worry in her face, and he felt the need to calm her down, even though he was the one freaking out, apparently.

"I got a little distracted." , he gave her an unusual boyish grin, fidgeting with the straps of his bag.

Amy stood up, quirking a dark brow at him, watching her lanky boyfriend with curiosity. He seemed a little distressed. "Are you okay?", the concern in her voice was apparent.

"Oh, yes, of course.", the grin had switched into a forced smile, as he tried to shake off the feelings of unease. "We should go. I have a table reserved for us and as you already know, I despise running late."

Amy beamed, glad to see the good old Sheldon Cooper back. For a moment there it seemed his mind was elsewhere, but it was probably just her being overzealous. She did love him, after all. Her eyes followed as he crossed the living room, as he opened the door, and she exited promptly, excited about another date night. Sheldon followed shortly, locking the door before walking down the stairs hand in hand with her.

Just another concession to keep Amy in line, he thought, trying to convince himself how much he disliked this whole hand holding business, but a small voice within his mind questioned him, unconvinced. Is it?