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It was the night of the second and last day the gang would be attending Comic Con. Sheldon and Amy arrived at their hotel room, he was wearing a Green Lantern costume that fit nicely on his lean, tall shape, but Amy hadn't brought any extra costumes along, so she just wore a normal dress and shoes instead. After the whole Star Trek costume fiasco she didn't want to stir up any more jealousy anyway.

"Ah, what a fun day.", Sheldon said, peeling the mask off his face. He sat down in the bed and proceeded to remove his boots carefully. "I'm glad you decided to tag along.", he confessed with a small smile.

"Why, thank you.", Amy beamed. When Sheldon moved his hands to start undressing, she stopped him. "Wait. Don't take it off."

Sheldon quirked a brow and shot his eyes up. "Amy, I can't take a shower with my costume still on."

"It's just.. you look so sexy as a Lantern.", she grinned like the vixen she was, and leaned down so she straddled him, slowly beckoning the physicist down on the mattress. "I like a man in an uniform."

"Amy!", he cast her a frivolous look and held her wrists up so she would stop trying to push him down. "I'm not going to do the nasty with you while wearing my costume! It would ruin it."

The brunette giggled and pushed him down anyway; it wasn't like Sheldon was putting up much of a fight. She placed butterfly kisses along his neck and he gasped, pushing against her shoulders gently while trying to stop her silly attempts to seduce him.

"Amy. Amy!", Sheldon yelped hopelessly, followed by an audible groan when she dared ground her hips against him. He instantly regretted agreeing to a physical relationship now, Amy probably thought she was entitled to abusing him like this whenever she felt like it. No, that wasn't right. He was still Dr. Sheldon Cooper and god damn it, he would have order. "Stop.", his voice commanded and he sat up again with his girlfriend still against his lap. "Honestly, this is what I feared. You have become a slave of your baser urges, haven't you?"

"And whose fault is that?", Amy smirked mischievously and pressed her core against his erection. Sheldon squeezed his eyes shut for a second, trying to gather enough will power to resist her. It was proving to be harder than he thought. "Come on Sheldon. It would be a waste not to put this big bed to a good use." He opened his eyes and frowned at her. Then he saw Amy put on a serious look, adjusting her glasses. "It would be most illogical."

The physicist blinked and just stared at his stern girlfriend for a moment. Then he tilted his head to the side slightly and she could see his eyes darken. "You do have a point."

Amy felt proud, she was able to use Sheldon's biggest weapon – reason – against him. She moistened her lips and leaned her face against his own, closing her eyes slowly, as he mimicked her actions. When their mouths met she could feel his hands on her waist, holding her securely. The brunette grinned against his mouth, it felt so good to finally be able to be with the love of her life like this. She moaned in delight.

Before Amy could deepen the kiss, she was interrupted by her boyfriend gently grabbing her arms and flipping her over so he was now on top. He looked down at her cloudy green eyes and suddenly began undoing his costume.

"Aw.", she pouted, and he furrowed his brows in response.

"I cannot proceed with the costume still on.", Sheldon stated, shrugging the fabric off his pale shoulders. Amy bit her lower lip at the sight of his bare chest and nodded, entirely convinced now.

"Sorry. Go ahead.", he heard her say and his agile hands carried on with the task of removing the remaining garment. Sheldon stood there with his boxers. She gave him a quite playful look and wrapped her legs around his thin waist, pulling the man closer so their bodies met once more.

"After this I was hoping we could discuss those amendments to the Relationship Agreement.", he suggested, his lips mere inches from her face. Amy watched him through her glasses and nodded with pure excitement. "Good.", Sheldon caught her lips on his, ready to focus on giving his woman the relief she required.


A couple of weeks after the gang arrived back at Pasadena, Leonard sat at home, working on his computer. He heard someone walk in and looked towards the door. Sheldon walked in hand in hand with Amy, who looked rather enthusiastic.

"Hey guys.", he shot his brows up at the couple of friends as they crossed the livingroom together. Sheldon halted in front of the smaller man with his pokerface on.

"Hello Leonard. As you are aware this is one of my biweekly scheduled coital nights with Amy.", he explained with so much professionalism it was hard to believe he was talking about his sex life with his girlfriend. "We will be retiring into my bedroom now, if you don't mind."

"What?!", Leonard exclaimed, holding onto the arms of his chair. "I thought you joking about that!"

"Leonard, I never joke around.", Sheldon waved his hand dismissively in front of him. "If you have any further inquiries please refer to the schedule I pinned on the fridge. Good night.", the tall man turned around and dragged Amy into the hallway. She wiggled her brows and beamed excitedly before turning around and following him inside the bedroom.

"This is so romantic!", she squealed.

Leonard watched the whole thing with his mouth hanging open, and got up as soon as they were out of sight. He rushed towards the fridge and localized the piece of paper hanging there. There is was, an updated schedule of Sheldon's whereabouts, including the nights he had reserved to keep sexual relations with Amy.

"You've got to be kidding me."