Bright sapphire eyes searched throughout the desolate hall as the tip toeing of little feet were the only noise heard. Every single door was closed along the hall, no evidence of life laid across the floor. The bare floor barely could be discerned by the human eye as every single light through it remained dark. An ominous atmosphere echoed through the hall. Having checked the rest of house, the young child knew this is where he needed to be. The hall sent shivers down his spine, For some reason, it was unusually more eerie in the hall. Trying to find an excuse not to check this hall, the child felt a little dubious about the places he last check, he could have overlooked something. As he became more doubtful, he glanced back at the entrance of the hall, deciding to double check the areas he had searched through before, and if the results remained the same, he'd come back. But, as the young boy headed back towards the entrance, a soft creaking sound reverberated through the hall. The child's eyes widened as he looked back, surprised by what he saw. One of the doors was slightly opened, as if someone were peaking through it. This confirmed it, he had to look here. He started back down the hall slowly approaching the door. Whoever was peering through it was gone now, but if anyone was there, then they still would have to be in the room, or else the child would have noticed if the person left, right? A small hand reached out for the wooden door, pushing it wide open. Poking his head through the door, the little boy scanned the room. Nothing seemed out of place to the child. Taking a few more steps in the room appeared undisturbed. Suddenly a dark figure jumped out of the room, emerald eyes meeting the sapphire.

"Boo!" The figure shouted. The young child jumped, falling backwards, scrambling to get back on his feet and ran off screaming and laughing.

"You can't catch me Awthur, You can catch me!" The small child shouted back running down the hall enthusiastically. As he watched the little boy run, Arthur Kirkland laughed, little Alfred always had an immense amount of energy, as well as a never-ending amount of happiness. After a few minutes, Arthur chased after his younger sibling, only to catch him in a small amount of seconds scooping the young boy in his arms. Alfred continued to giggle in his brother's arms as Arthur carried him to the dining room.

"So, what shall we have for breakfast?" Arthur sat Alfred down his seat heading to the kitchen, ready to make his next concoction.

"Don't know….." Replied Alfred, hoping whatever his brother made, he would not end up burning it again…or forgetting to take the egg shells out of the eggs.

"Would you like pancakes an eggs?" Arthur grabbed a box of pancake mix and several eggs, along with everything else he thought he needed.

"Don't make them cwunchy again!" Alfred shouted into the kitchen. A deep blushed played across Arthur's face, it seemed like everyone was a critic. Struggling not to drop anything, Arthur took out several pans, his cooking was not that bad, was it? He sighed, maybe he didn't exactly gain the same taste as his mother, who could cook rather well…but its not like he actually killed someone with his cooking. The worse that happened is that his co worker, Kiku had to be hospitalized for a few weeks, only a few weeks. For some reason though, Kiku never came back over for dinner. Arthur shrugged it off, maybe he was just busy.

Not having wasted all of his energy yet, Alfred started to bounce in his chair, kicking his legs back and forth. The young child would be turning five in less then a month, allowing him to go to preschool soon and would not have to go to daycare as long as he normally does. Then, Arthur could actually spend more time with his younger brother without working at several different jobs a day to pay for the radical expenses of day care. After a few moments Arthur came out with what he called breakfast. Alfred poked the burnt substance, unsure whether or not he should actually eat it, but Arthur was watching, so it wasn't like he could not eat it with his brother anticipating on him enjoying his "meal". Reluctantly, Alfred took a bite of his breakfast, which tasted terrible, only a slight taste of eggs could be found.

"Th-Thank you Awthur…" Alfred forced a smile on his face, still trying to digest the meal.

Arthur smiled back, "I knew you would enjoy it!" Finally, he did not mess up the food, or at least he thought so. The blonde went back into the kitchen to get something quick to eat for him. While Arthur in the kitchen, Alfred through his food into the trash, their probably would be something to eat at the daycare. While reaching for something in the fridge, Arthur noticed a missing child report on the back of the milk carton, the child was blonde with blue eyes, kind of like Alfred, but his hair was a lot less messy then his younger brother and the child in the report did not wear the same smile as little Alfred. Arthur picked up the milk carton reading the report.

Ludwig Beilschmidt

Age: 6

Missing: 6/03/12

Beilshmidt…..that name sounded familiar to Arthur, but he could not figure out where he heard the name before. The phone number was listed below the report, a number he knew he saw somewhere else. He just did not know where or when, the blonde sighed. Maybe he just saw it in another ad. Arthur looked back at the report, no, that was not possible, the child just went missing a few days ago. Arthur looked up from the report trying to gather his thoughts so he could remember, but out of the corner of his eye he saw the clock. Dropping the milk, Arthur realized he was going to be late.

"Damnit…Alfred we need to leave no-whoa!" Forgetting about the milk he dropped earlier, Arthur slipped and fell on his face. Checking out the racket, Alfred ran into the kitchen to see his older brother, face planted in the floor. The young child grabbed a hold of his brother's arm.

"Come on Awthur, you gawna be late!"

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