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Elizabeta smiled as she watched little Alfred play with Ivan. The sound of children's laughter was the usual melody within the daycare with an uplifting tune. In the harmonious haven, the inhabitants were unaware of the dangers of the outside world.

"Excuse me, are you Ms. Héderváry?" A courteous voice asked from behind Elizabeta. Elizabeta turned around to see a young girl with bright green look up to her.

Elizabeta smiled, "You must be Lily. Aren't you a little early?"

"Yes, but something told me I should arrive now," Lily smiled sincerely, her bright green eyes sparkling in the light.

Elizabeta chuckled, "We'll you're timing was great because we need help moving some of the boxes in the back, Roderich is already back there, ok?" Lily nodded as Elizabeta pointed the young girl towards a small desolate hallway. Cautiously, Lily walled down the hall that lead to a single door at the end of it. Before she opened it, she could hear a frustrated voice on the other side. Normally, Lily wasn't a nosey girl, but the hint of desperation that laid in the voice behind the door peeked her curiosity.

"You know I can't do that now…..I'm very busy at the moment…I don't get it though, why me? Why can't you take care of it?" A thoughtful pause silenced the room. "Yes I understand that" a frustrated sigh followed, "yes…ok, I'll see what I can do." Lily stepped away from the door, although she wasn't sure why, it was just a man having a normal conversation on the phone, right? But something didn't feel right about that conversation. Something felt odd. Lily shook her head, no, she might just be imagining things. The door swung open, causing the young girl to jump as Roderich appeared with several boxes stacked up in his arms. Roderich, not noticing Lily, continued to walk down the hall with the boxes while Lily watched him.


Noticing how quiet the office was, Kiku looked up from his desk.

"Asa-san, I think we have been here longer than it seems…" The building was nearly empty, the majority of its light had been off, except for the two lonely lights over Kiku's, and Arthur's desk.

"Huh?" Arthur looked up from his work, his heart dropping when he saw the vacant office.

"Hold on a second….What time is it?" Arthur looked down at his watch and gasped, quickly packing the rest of his papers up. "I'm sorry lad, but I need to go and pick up my brother." Arthur ran towards the staircase, swinging the stairwell door open. He figured he could go down the stairs faster than him waiting on the elevator to arrive. Kiku sighed as he watched Arthur disappear down the stairs. Packing up his stuff, Kiku headed towards the elevator, he could still here Arthur running down the steps until he heard what sounded like the ground door opening and slamming shut. Technically, Kiku could go down the stairs as well, but he didn't mind waiting for the elevator to arrive. He didn't have the same energy as Arthur anyways. The elevator rung when it arrived to Kiku 's floor, the sound echoed through the empty office.

"We wouldn't be in this situation if it wasn't for you!"

"Que? So it's my fault now?"

"C'est ca!"

The door opened to reveal an irritated Frenchmen with his hands grabbing the neck of an equally irritated Spaniard. Kiku stared at the duo, puzzled. Why were two usual amicable comrades fighting? After the elevator door had opened all the way, the two realized the elevator stopped and both simultaneously looked out to Kiku with a shocked expression on their faces. Francis loosened his grip around Antonio's neck as Antonio shamefully looked away.

"Désolé Kiku, did you need to get on the elevator?" Francis moved away from Antonio, motioning for Kiku to get on. Kiku needed a moment to ingest what he just saw.

"Uh, n-no, I think I left something in my desk, I'm sorry," Kiku bowed as the elevator door closed. Francis groaned as he leaned against the wall of the elevator. He looked over at Antonio, who had his arms crossed and who was still looking away from Francis, and he noticed Antonio was no longer angry but he was upset.

"Mon dieu ,what should I do?"


Alfred sat on the steps of the daycare with his knees close to his chest. It was unusual for his brother to be late to pick him up. Alfred buried his face in his knees, as a dreaded thought came to his mind, what if Arthur didn't come? He started to cry, did Arthur really forget about him this time? Elizabeta looked out of the daycare window, noticing Alfred alone on the stairs. She decided to put down her paperwork and join Alfred outside. She didn't know Alfred was crying until she sat down next to him. Elizabeta softly rubbed the child back, trying to calm him down.

"Shhh, Alfred, what's wrong?"Alfred looked up, his eyes puffy and red from crying.

"He's not gonna come, Awthur forgot about me!" Alfred sobbed, as he started to cry harder. Elizabeta pulled Alfred into her arms. Alfred continued to whimper about Arthur forgetting about him.

"No no no honey, he didn't forget about you, Arthur loves you too much to forget about you." Alfred continued to whimper. "Don't worry, Arthur is going to come, actually, I'm sure he's heading this way right now." Alfred looked up at Elizabeta, calming down a bit. "Okay Alfred?" The boy nodded closing his eyes as he started to drift off into sleep in Elizabeta's arms.