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Chapter Fifteen.

Charlie stood outside the entrance to the Slytherin dormitory, having just knocked, and waited for someone to open the door. It was early in the morning so he'd pounded very hard on the entry and he knew it would probably take some time for it to be ans- the door flew open and revealed a rumpled and irritable Pansy Parkinson standing there.

Searing ice blue eyes raked him up and down and her tone was waspish and cold, "This had better be good Big Red, you interrupted one hell of a dream."

"Could you get Draco for me please Pansy? I have something I want to give him before the graduation ceremony."

She blinked, grabbed him by the front of his shirt, dragged him inside, pushed him down onto a couch, and stalked off, "Wait here."

Draco was brutally woken from a very nice dream involving Charlie and whipped cream by someone shaking him firmly. He opened bleary eyes to glare venomously at the person who dared waking him. He blinked a few times when instead of a lowly little snake boy he saw his best friend. "What the fuck Pans, who's hurt or where's the fire, cause there bloody well better be one."

She folded her arms over her chest and flicked her thumb over her shoulder, "Your redhead is in the common room wanting to see you, woke me, and the rest of the girls up with his knock. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a graduation ceremony to get ready for."

Groaning Draco managed to sit up in his bed, wiping the sleep from his eyes. What in the world was Charlie doing here at this hour, who was even awake and functioning so early.

"Thanks then, for letting him in and not killing him." He called after Pansy's retreating back.

He got up and pulled the nearest shirt he could find over his head and pulled his silk sleeping pants higher on his hips before walking out into the common room to see Charlie.

The redhead smiled and stood up, "Hey, sorry to wake you but I wanted to see you before everything is consumed by the mad preparations for the ceremony."

"It's okay; I should probably get up anyway." Draco smiled at the redhead. His hair was completely flat on one side of his head and stuck up in fluffy tufts on the other and he had pillow creases running down his cheek but Draco didn't really care how he looked and wasn't that a shocker? "It's always nice seeing you." He hid a yawn behind his hand.

Charlie chuckled and moved close enough to rub his thumb over one of those creases. "You look cute. Congratulations on a successful school career Draco Malfoy."

"Thank you Charlie Weasley, I can hardly believe it's over. That I'm actually graduating." Draco hid another yawn. "And please don't call me cute, dashing, handsome, sexy all those are accurate but cute...A Malfoy isn't cute."

Another chuckle rumbled in the redhead's chest and he leaned in to press his lips to Draco's cheek at the corner of the mouth. "You are all of the above but just now, all rumpled from sleep and yawning, you're cute too. And I know cute." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a flat box that covered his palm. "I got you a little something to celebrate."

"You didn't have to do that." Draco meant that, for him it was enough that Charlie was there for his graduation...Even though he had to share him with the rest of the Weasels. His silver eyes were already glittering though as he reached out for the box. Draco loved presents both to give and receive. He slowly flipped the lid of the box open and watched the beautiful brooch; it was a dragon in shimmering white gold. It was so beautiful and detailed that it looked to be almost alive. Draco ran his finger over the cool metal. "It's beautiful, thank you so much."

"You're welcome," Charlie tugged at Draco's mussed hair. He could see clearly how much his little dragon liked the brooch already. A few months in the future and he'd enjoy the look on Draco's face when he told him the full meaning and origin of it. "What are you doing for the summer Silver?"

"I don't have any set plans." Draco stroked his finger over the brooch again before closing the lid of the box gently. "Mother's been hinting at France but I don't know, I've spent almost every summer at the Chateau. It's very nice there but I would like something else, something new. This is the last summer before grown up life kicks in fully and I would like to do the most of it."

The redhead smiled, "Perhaps I could interest you in Romania. A few kilometers from the reserve's borders is a very nice town that's famous for its artisan crafts, exclusive crafts you can only get any of them by purchasing them in person while staying in the town. Normally there's a waiting list two years long to stay in any of the hotels or cottages for rent but I have a few strings I can pull, if you want to visit that is."

Draco's eyes lit up, he had to admit to himself at least that he had been hoping for such an invitation. "I would love to come to Romania and visit...I can't go a whole summer without visiting my new mother now can I?" He smiled teasingly.

Charlie chuckled warmly, "Norberta would be crushed if you didn't visit once the kits hatch." His finger trailed, quite deliberately, down Draco's neck. "The invitation is extended to your parents as well. I think they'll recognize the town name, Dragoni Domenii."

Draco shivered and he closed his eyes at the trembles that went through him from Charlie touching his neck. "I'll ask them," he nodded and tried to focus on what Charlie was saying. "Kind of puts a damper on me having my wicked way with you all summer but I will ask them."

The redhead lean in and murmured, "I'll key you into my wards so you can apparate into my cabin if you feel the urge to have your wicked way with me Silver."

"I always have urges dragon boy, you should know that by now." Draco's voice was low and husky. "The question is if you have what it takes to sate those urges? I'm high maintenance Charlie, in every aspect."

"Oh I think I can handle it my Silver Dragon," he kissed the skin of Draco's neck, right where he knew by now that it was most sensitive then nipped the blonds' ear, "the question is, does my dragon have the stamina to keep up with me?" Before Draco could retort Charlie's mouth was on his, plundering it.

This wasn't a nice, timid kiss. It was hot, passionate and bruising and Draco absolutely loved it. He shifted so that he could plaster himself against Charlie, molding their bodies together as he plunged his fingers into bright red hair and returned the kiss with everything he had. He curled and twisted his tongue against the other's tasting and teasing.

Charlie ran his hands up and down the blonds' back and over his backside, pulling him even closer, lifting one foot to prop it on a nearby chair and bringing Draco into the space created. He made a growling sound of pleasure as his blond returned his kiss with equal fervor and explored the other man's mouth thoroughly. He pulled back just a bit and nipped at Draco's bottom lip, used his tongue to sooth the bite, then slipped it back into the blonds' mouth.

Draco moaned and sucked on the tongue in his mouth greedily. He moved his hands from Charlie's hair; down his back to cup is arse to pull him closer still. He wanted to merge them into one being. Draco wasn't one to be idle and just take what was given to him, his hands moved, squeezed and grasped and he kissed Charlie as if he was trying to devour him.

"Oh by Salazar's shriveled scrotum, I did not need to see that this early of the morning!"

Charlie made a growl of annoyance and lifted his head to glare at the Slytherin boy who was tapping his foot and returning the glare with his own irritable one. He ran quickly through his mental file of people and matched the face to a name, "Mr. Nott, go away."

"Yes Theo, do go away...Far, far away, right now." Draco's tone was like ice. The damage had been done though; there was no way they could do this in the middle of the common room, no matter how much Draco wanted to. He pulled away from the tempting redhead with great reluctance and licked his lips to savor the taste of Charlie. "Are you...Are you going with your family after the ceremony?"

"To the massive Weasley party held for everyone? Perhaps, if my boss doesn't demand that I get underway to the reserve with Norberta as soon as the graduation is over, but most likely not. Why?" He shifted to stand on both feet and tugged on a bit of Draco's hair, ignoring the impatient and irritated noise coming from Theodore Nott.

Draco leaned in close; letting his breath was over Charlie's ear. He didn't give a fuck about Theo, if he chose to stay instead of leaving then Draco could give him a show that would leave him green with envy. "If you're not partying with the weasels and if you don't have to leave then come find me...We'll finish what we just started." His tongue came out to flick against Charlie's lobe.

He chuckled and turned his head to catch Draco's mouth again in a brief, hard kiss. "If I don't have to leave I'll take you up on that offer Silver." He tugged at Draco's hair again. "You'd best get ready for the ceremony, I know you want to look your Malfoy best, dashing, handsome, and sexy all in one consistently delicious package." He stepped away and started moving towards the exit.

"Hope to see you later." Draco sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. Charlie was right; he really did need to get moving if he wanted to present himself from his best side. He would make sure that brother graduating or not the only one Charlie would really look at would be him. "I really, really hate you right now." He hissed at Theo as he passed the other Slytherin on his way back to his dorm room.

"You'd hate me more if I'd let you get shagged and fall behind in getting ready for the ceremony because then you'd have Pansy on your back nitpicking at you." Theo just shrugged and followed Draco; he had to get ready himself after all.


For this last day as a Hogwarts student, Hermione had gone back to the Gryffindor dormitory to get ready, wanting the other girls around her helping her and to help them as well. Beauty charms were cast about the room and giggles filled the air as the seventh year girls all primped and prettied themselves up. Hermione exchanged a grin with Ginny, who was also graduating and whispered the answer to today's Ravenclaw riddle so the redhead could go and help Luna get ready for graduation. It didn't take as long as she'd have thought until the entire gaggle of seventh year, and repeated seventh year, girls were dressed, coiffed, made up, and ready. Hermione took a deep breath and pressed a hand to her jumping stomach before shooing them all out and down to the common room to wait for McGonagall's orders.

Ron's jaw dropped as he watched Hermione, she was so beautiful, practically glowing. Once again he felt the urge to pinch himself to make sure it wasn't a dream, that this gorgeous, brilliant woman was really his. He had tried to make himself presentable with his friends help but for some reason his shirt was already untucked and his hair a mess. Ron couldn't really understand it since he had tried to be careful. "You look absolutely stunning Mione." He held his hand out for his girlfriend.

Hermione spotted her boyfriend and chuckled, shaking her head as her stomach settled. Yes graduation was a big step but she had Ron by her side and that made all the difference. She cast a spell to get his shirt tucked again and lengthen it so that it wouldn't come out again. The she lifted her hands to comb through his hair gently, settling it back into order, "Don't run your hands through your hair love. That's what always messes it up."

"Sorry," Ron grinned sheepishly. "I don't even know I'm doing it, it's a nervous habit." He looked at her again. "You really do look brilliant, I'm afraid to touch you, what if I mess you up?"

She chuckled and grabbed his hands to put them on her waist and rose to her tiptoes to give him a peck on the lips. "That's what neatening charms are for." She looked over at Harry as he came up and shook her head again with an amused smile, "Though no neatening charm has a chance against himself there."

"What?" Harry looked up as he noticed his friends look and heard Ron's chuckle. "It doesn't matter what I do," He pulled on his black tresses with a forlorn expression. "I even considered stealing some of Severus' oil but he stopped me." Other than the usual wild and out of control hair Harry looked very stylish in a dark suit. He'd been pleased to notice that Severus had looked him over both once and twice before he left their room to go to the Gryffindor common room and his friends.

Hermione laughed and moved out of Ron's grasp, "Come here you." Contrasting to how she'd fixed Ron's hair, Hermione summoned a comb and simple hair gel and briskly styled the brunette's hair to look less like a rat's nest and more like rolling out of bed after being shagged brainless messy. She nodded and conjured a mirror so he could see himself. "There."

Harry turned and preened in front of the mirror. "Thanks Mione. How did you do that? I swear I tried every spell I knew to tame my hair and it only ended up looking worse."

"My girl's got talent in everything she does." Ron stated proudly.

A becoming blush washed over Hermione's cheeks. "It's no spell, just a little hair gel and experience. Rather than make your hair straight and lying flat, use the way it grows and scrunch to make it look just shagged."

"Well whatever you did it really worked and I'm grateful." Harry turned away from the mirror and brushed Hermione's cheek with his lips. "Only hours left now of our school career, are you ready?"

"As ready as I can be?" Ron replied. "It's not as if we can stay here, clinging to our childhood. I think it will be both scary and all kinds of awesome to get out there in the real world."

Hermione nodded, "Flourish and Blotts offered me a part time job while I'm in school and Oxford is going to be so amazing. I'll miss Hogwarts but the most important part of my time here, well you two aren't going anywhere now are you? She wrapped her arms around both their waists. "We'll remain friends...no we'll remain family even through the changes and time apart."

"Absolutely. You two were the first 'real' family I've ever known and that's never going to change. No matter where we all end up we'll always be close, nothing will ever be able to change that." Harry leaned down and dropped a kiss on Hermione's temple."

"I'm not even worried about that." Ron said. "I know nothing will ever be able to tear us apart. Work, kids, whatever the future holds I know we'll face it together just as we always have. Now let's stop with the mush before I embarrass myself and actually starts to blubber...I'm a ginger we look awful with red rimmed eyes."

Hermione just smiled and kissed his cheek, "I love you Ron. Oh!" She straightened as McGonagall came in, followed by a couple floating boxes, and began handing out the graduation robes. Hermione of course got the female robes decorated with the highest honors but, surprisingly, just behind her in honors was Harry. She hid a grin at his gobsmacked expression. It was amazing what a year without being in mortal danger did for her best friend.

Harry donned the robes and poked at the honor markings as if he expected them to vanish at any second. He knew he had done better this school year but he had never imagined that he would graduate with honors. He couldn't wait to show Severus, Sirius and Remus.

Ron pat Harry's shoulder and snuck a kiss from his girlfriend. He was proud of them both and he couldn't think of anyone who deserved it more than they did.

Hermione straightened her spine as McGonagall told them to line up and proceed in an orderly fashion to the outdoor pavilion that had been erected on the Quidditch Pitch. The graduates made their ways through the halls of Hogwarts as students one last time, soon joined by the other houses as they exited and walked over the grounds towards the Quidditch Pitch. They were directed to the seats arranged for them before the pavilion where the teachers were all wearing the official robes of their positions. They sat and watched Dumbledore come to the pulpit and began the average graduation speech. Hermione didn't doubt that many tuned it out and she knew Harry didn't hear a word as she noticed that his eyes were fixed strongly on Professor Snape.

The speech was short, though eloquent and then the highest honors were called up to receive their diplomas, her name called first and she rose with a beaming smile and walked up the steps to shake each teacher's hand before shaking Dumbledore's as he handed her, her certificate.

There was a loud cheering when she walked across the stage, the Weasley clan making up most of the noise along with two persons who had been seated along with the redheads. Mr. and Mrs. Granger stood up, clapping and cheering for their brilliant daughter whom they hadn't seen in almost two years.

Remus exchanged a pleased look with his mate. It hadn't been easy but they had managed to track the Grangers down in Australia with the wolves help and they had reversed the memory spell on them. He was so happy that they had managed to get Hermione's parents here for her graduation; they should see what a wonderful woman their daughter had grown up to be.

Hermione turned to give McGonagall a hug, surprising the old cat, and murmured, "Personally I want to be you when I finish growing up." She stepped back, noting that the woman dabbed discreetly at her eyes and turned to walk back down the steps, her eyes finding the Weasleys as she did, lips twitching at the insane banner the Twins were waving but then her eyes caught on two very familiar, very beloved faces and her breath caught, her hand going to her mouth in surprise and her eyes shining with tears that only a huge amount of willpower kept from falling. Her parents were there, right there, next to Molly and Arthur and were clapping and cheering for her and her mother waved ecstatically. She waved back, a smile of incredible brilliance curving on her lips. A wicked edge was gained as she saw Blaise's expression as Harry was named as holding the second highest honors; he looked like someone had shat in his breakfast. It was brilliant.

Severus kept his expression neutral as Harry went down the line and shook hands with them all but you could see the pride adding a faint blue cast to his eyes and he knew Harry could feel how proud he was of his mate.

Harry did feel the pride and love his mate felt for him and it made Harry stand even straighter and to actually allow himself to feel pride for what he had accomplished. If his hands lingered slightly on Severus' as he shook his mate's hand...Well who could blame him? The slight physical touch did much for Harry and he walked away feeling stronger. He laughed when he reached Sirius and instead of a handshake his godfather swept him up in a bone crushing hug.

Harry hugged back and felt relieved when he could finally leave the stage, being the center of attention still didn't sit too well with him though he should be used to it by now.

He stood with Hermione watching their friends cross the stage, cheering for each and every one of them until he thought he wouldn't have any voice left.

Hermione cheered as well, for everyone, except Blaise, who only received polite applause, until every graduating student had received their certificates. Dumbledore made a short closing speech and then asked them all to send up sparks in celebration. As sparks exploded over the sky a large blast of flame also rocketed into the air from over by Hagrid's hut. It made Hermione laugh, "I guess Norberta wanted to give us her congratulations as well!"

"Well her family is graduating of course she wants to celebrate as well." Harry said with a huge smile on his face. They'd done it; they were graduates from Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. So much had happened during these years. Harry considered the day he first boarded the Hogwarts Express to be the start of his true life and now he couldn't help but feel a little bit sad that it was over even with his life with Severus stretched out before him. He knew it was only silly sentimentality but he would make his rounds around the castle one last time before he left, saying goodbye in his own way.

Hermione nodded, "Speaking of family, excuse me." Then she took off like a flash, unable to control herself any longer now that they no longer needed to sit and listen to speeches or watch others cross the stage, and ran towards her parents, throwing herself into their arms, tears of happiness coursing down her cheeks as she babbled apologies.

Mrs. Granger ran a hand over her daughter's hair lovingly, "Shh sweetheart, you don't have to apologize. We understand why you did it, can't say we're happy about it but we understand."

"We do understand." Her father added and ran his hand up and down his daughter's back soothingly. "You've grown so much; my little girl is nowhere to be seen. A beautiful woman has taken her place." It had been rough just when the memory spell had been reversed but now Mr. Granger was only happy to see his daughter safe and well. "We'll have to sit down and talk about all that's happened when you have the time...And we need to meet that redheaded beau of yours properly, see it he's worthy of our special girl."

"Oh Dad, you've met Ronald before and liked him plenty then." She hugged them both again. "I'm so glad to see the both of you. I thought I'd be graduating without you there. How did you get back? Did the charm wear off?"

Her mother smiled and pulled out a handkerchief to dab at her daughter's cheeks, "A very nice pair of wizards came by and removed it as a favor to a former professor of yours, Mr. Lupin I believe, and the Weasley family has been nice enough to let us stay with them until today."

"They certainly are...Loud but very, very kind and hospitable. We have been taken very well care of." Mr. Granger hugged Hermione again. "And yes I have met young Ronald before and he's a very nice boy but he didn't have designs on you then. A father has a right to worry and I have a lot of worrying time to catch up on."

She giggled, "Worry about me going to college, Ron loves me just as much as you do Dad but I promise if he ever hurts me you can have first shot." She heard a barking laugh and turned to see Sirius and Remus less than a meter away. She pointed her finger at them, "You two!" Then she flung herself at first Sirius, then Remus in hard hugs. "Thank you. This means more than I can say."

"You didn't think we would let you graduate without your parents here to witness it now did you?" Remus returned the hug with a happy smile. "Pads was adamant that we'd find them in time and luckily I had a few favors to collect so it all worked out for the best. Family is everything." Remus looked over at his mate lovingly. "We're just happy that we could help."

Sirius grinned when Hermione's gaze turned back to him, "You deserved to have your parents here. I'm just glad Moony had a few friends in Australia or I'd have been arranging a substitute for the final few lessons." He reached out and then froze before he could muss her hair, "Er, I'll owe you a ruffle. I don't want to ruin the masterpiece that I know probably took you all morning."

She laughed and kissed Sirius on the cheek and caught sight of Ron being shoved forward by Ginny. She waved him closer, "Come here love, my parents don't bite."

Ron smoothed his palms over his trousers nervously before walking over to Hermione and her parents. "Good day Mr. Dr. Granger, Mrs. Dr. Granger, it's really nice to see you healthy and...Well remembering. Thank you so much for coming today. Mione's missed you so much." He wanted to say more, to tell them how much he loved their daughter and that he would always do his very best to take care of her but the words wouldn't make it past his throat. Besides this was hardly the time or the place for such conversations...And the way Mr. Dr. Granger eyed him was slightly unsettling. It made Ron ache to check that his shirt hadn't come untucked again.

Hermione shook her head and pressed a kiss to Ron's cheek, murmuring softly, "You're fine love; he's just being my Dad. Same as your Dad'll act when Ginny finds herself a beau."

Mrs. Granger elbowed her husband sharply and whispered a 'stop that' before smiling at Ron. "We've missed her too. I'm glad to see that she had a good young man to help her through the difficulties and am pleased to make your acquaintance as my daughter's significant other rather than just a friend. And your family has been wonderful to us."

"Mum would likely adopt you too if she could." Ron grinned. "She has a habit of taking in strays and mothering them until they claw the walls trying to escape from her...We love her though." He wiped his palm on his trousers again before holding it out to shake Hermione's parent's hands. "It's really nice meeting you as the parents of my girlfriend as well."

Hermione beamed as her parents and Ron shook hands and started talking with each other, her boyfriend growing more relaxed when her father didn't try to crush his hand. She turned her head just a bit and grinned at Harry standing with Snape and gesturing at the honors pinned to his robes wildly.

Harry gave her a broad smile and made a show of twirling to show his robes off playfully before motioning her to concentrate on her family. He looked down at the honor markings again. "I'm just waiting for someone to come and pull these robes off me, to tell me there was a mistake...I've always been a bit of a dunderhead as you so pleasantly call us." His eyes twinkled when he looked at his mate.

Severus gave a soft snort, "No. You earned every last one of those, shocked though I was when your potions work skyrocketed. You've been able to concentrate on your schoolwork this year, for the most part, and not had to worry about evil incarnate poking you in the head or sending his merry minions to hunt you down." He reached out and ran a finger over the ridge of Harry's cheek bone. "I turned in my resignation and tomorrow the Express leaves and so too shall we. Looking forward to it Mr. Potter?"

"I am, very much so." Harry's smile softened as he thought about their trip. "I really look forward to it being the two of us, to spending time without classes or schedules and the thought of seeing the world together with you makes me want to see it even more." He reached up and took Severus' hand, squeezing it with his own. "I will miss Hogwarts, it was my first real home but I'm done...She has shown me all I need from here for now and it's time for something new."

The potion master laced his fingers with his mate's, "New I can most assuredly promise you. Our first stop is India and I can introduce you to a tribe of Nagas. Out of curiosity, did you retain the Parseltongue ability?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah, I didn't even think about it at first, the possibility that it might be gone. I ran across a tiny viper outside when day and she warned me very sharply not to step on her eggs. Only then did I remember. I'm glad I still have the ability, it feels like a part of me."

"It is. Even if it's not by blood, some gifts once given cannot be revoked. I may have you negotiate with the Naga though as, even though they can speak a human tongue they don't like it much."

"Anything I can do to help I'll do it...I'll hiss until I blow if that's what it takes." Harry gave his lover a teasing smile. "India...The name alone sounds like a fairytale to me, I can't believe I'll get to see it. Thank you so much for letting me come along."

"You're mad if you think I'd leave you behind now," a long, finger brushed over the star on Harry's brow. "Mine and wither thou goest so goest I and vise versa."

"I like the thought of us belonging to each other...Never ever letting you go now Severus, you're completely and utterly stuck with me." Harry leaned against his mate soaking up the feelings of love and strength flowing through their bond.

Severus' eyes glimmered with mischief, a rarity, "Do you recall I mentioned once that the day I tendered my resignation I would act out of character in celebration?"

"I do recall something like that yes." A shiver of excitement ran down Harry's spine at Severus' expression and the tone of his voice. "What are you planning to do?"

The older man's answer was to yank Harry closer, loop his arms around his mate's waist and lift him up the few centimeters that separated them so he could claim Harry's mouth with his in front of all of Hogwarts, the graduating class's families, and several members of the press who'd come to cover the Savior's graduation. As he ravished his mate's mouth, he was aware of gasps, a few shrieks, scandalized whispers, catcalls, and, most amusing of all, a few people screaming about going blind.

Harry would have grinned if his mouth hadn't been busy. Instead he looped his arms around Severus' neck and jumped so that he could wrap his legs around the other's waist. If Severus was fine with providing a show then Harry would make it a show to be remembered. Besides he liked kissing Severus in front of everyone, to show them who the gorgeous, older wizard belonged to.

Hermione's jaw had nearly hit the ground seeing Snape out and out snog Harry in front of everyone here, now she was leaning against Ron, giggling madly while her boyfriend groaned about how he didn't need to see that.

Sirius shook his head and shouted, "For Merlin's sake and my eyesight you crackling chicken, get a room!" He snickered at the subtle two fingered salute Snape gave him before he strode purposefully towards the castle, Harry still wrapped around him like a clinging vine.

"Let him celebrate Pads." Remus wrapped his arm around his mate's waist. "Snape is finally free from a job he's hated and did you see how happy it made Bambi? As long as no clothes come off I'm fine with a little snogging, the trick is to not look like directly at it...Sort of like an eclipse."

"Moony there are young impressionable children here! But I don't begrudge them their celebration," he chuckled as Snape and Harry disappeared inside the castle, "I just don't wanna see it." He gave his mate a smacking peck on the lips, "Besides it is my solemn duty as Harry's godfather to give Snape a hard time."

"You are impossible Sirius Black...And I love you for it." Remus grinned and gave his mate another kiss before scanning the crowd for Teddy, to make sure the boy was still with Hagrid.

Sirius chuckled and leaned against his mate as he spotted the bright blue hair and their son sitting on Hagrid's right shoulder, carefully held in place by the half-giant and grinning like a loon, "They're over by the buffet table and I'm pretty sure Hagrid just handed our son a chocolate frog."

"It's a special day so I suppose it's okay, we better get over there though before he bounces away on a sugar high...You know what chocolate does to us with wolf blood." Remus gave Sirius a downright dirty smile before pulling his mate along towards the buffet table.

Teddy waved happily at them as he fiddled to open the pack his frog was in. "Look Daddy, Papa. Haggy gave me a fwoggy." He finally managed to get the pack open and he pulled out the tasty frog and the card that followed. When he looked at the card he gave a loud shout of happiness. "Look...Look!" He waved the card in the air frantically. "It's unca Hawy!"

Sirius blinked and peered closely at the card with his godson's likeness smiling back at him, "Bloody hell it is! I never heard about them making Harry cards for the frogs, did you Moony?"

Remus shook his head in the negative and watched as his son cradled the card close to him protectively. "I had no idea. Do you think Harry knows?"

"Not a chance. He'd have been broody and pouty over it for days. I wonder if anyone else has cards?" Sirius pursed his lips in thought, "Snape probably does, his part as a spy for the Light was well publicized."

"Hermione and Ron probably have their own cards too, they wouldn't split up the Golden Trio even in card form and they were a huge factor that lead to Harry beating snakeface." Remus chuckled. "I can just imagine Ron's face when he finds out...He will preen like one of Malfoy's peacocks."

Sirius snickered, "Until Hermione boxes his ears anyway." He pressed a kiss to Remus' jaw, "You deserve one too you know, with all the effort you went through to liaise with the wild packs."

Remus only shrugged. "If anyone deserves one it's you, with all that you went through and that you still worked tirelessly afterwards to make sure Harry would win." He turned his head and kissed Sirius very gently. "You are a hero in the truest sense of the word Sirius."

The animagus shook his head, "No love I'm no hero. I've always been just a man trying to keep his family safe and happy." He kissed the corner of his mate's mouth. "And I've got what I've always wanted." He gave Remus a soft kiss of his own, "You right here with me."

"Mmm and I'll never ever leave." Remus brushed a lock of Sirius' dark hair out of Sirius' eyes. "I love you and you are my hero." He kissed his mate again and pretended not to hear their son making gagging noises behind their backs.

Sirius couldn't help but laugh into the kiss even as he wrapped his arms around his mate and returned the kiss lovingly.

Hermione watched them and looped her arm though Ron's, "I'm so glad. Everything's worked out just right for us all."

Ron watched Hermione with a besotted look on his features and he had to focus to hear what she was saying. "I'm happy you're glad." He kissed the top of her head. "And I'm happy things have worked out. It makes it easier to leave don't you think? Knowing that the ones we care about have someone to lean on."

She nodded, "Makes it infinitely easier," her gaze caught on Pansy and Draco who were both wearing evil smirks as they watched Blaise talking with the dean of London University, "plus there's still entertainment about in the form of justice being aptly served. I wonder if Zabini forgot that the Malfoys endow London U when he made his unfortunate decision?"

"I think Zabini forgot his entire brain all year. Who in the world treats Pansy Parkinson like that and expects to get away with it?" Ron shook his head and watched with wicked glee as Zabini's shoulders drooped and he started to gesticulate frantically as he ran after the retreating dean of London University. "If he did forget then he just got reminded."

She watched as the dean went to talk to the Malfoys for a few moments and saw the realization dawn on Zabini's face, "It is small and petty of me but, as a girl, I am deriving quite the nasty bit of joy from seeing him brought low. I really do wish Harry had been offered the Head Boy position, it was such a bloody pain sharing common space with him."

"I wished it had been Harry too...I never trusted that slimy git and I told you so." The fact that Ron disliked Zabini because he shared a common space with his very attractive girlfriend was left unsaid. "We'll never have to deal with him again though, so there's a bright spot to everything."

She laughed and turned to hug him. "Very true." She kissed the tip of his freckled nose. "I love you Ron."

"I love you too Mione." Ron wrapped his arms around her slender waist and held her close. "Come on, we better go find Mum before she freaks and sends out a search party."

"Yes sir. I'd hate to miss a Weasley party." She leaned her head on his shoulder as they walked to find Molly, still looking around at everything and everyone, the couples who'd found each other through the last seven, or in their case eight, years, the friends and family, and of course the professors. She smiled. The future held only excitement and peace for her and most everyone she cared for; proving that everything they'd all gone through was worth it. They had peace and freedom and a jump-start on reform, everything was perfect.