Dear Professor Dumbledore,

You know I wouldn't ask if it weren't important but it's got too hard at home. They're not looking after her anymore and I'm scared to leave her here with them. I understand that she is a muggle and therefore shouldn't be allowed at Hogwarts but I can't leave her here with them, not again. So I beg you to let my sister come to Hogwarts, she'll be no trouble I promise.


Hermione Granger.

"Come on Emalia, we'll be late." Hermione spoke gently to her sister and quietly so as not to wake her parents, though they most likely wouldn't wake from their intoxicated sleep for another few hours. Emalia slowly walked down the carpeted stairs, she was only a year younger than Hermione's sixteen but looking at her you'd think she were much younger. Emalia looked at her sister with sorrow filled, her eyes never seemed to empty of their sadness and when she smiled it never quite touched her eyes. Hermione took her sister's hand and gently pulled her out the front door of their home. Emalia shielded her eyes from the sun as they made their way to the station. Her sister had explained many times where it was they were going and why but Emalia still didn't understand, she knew that her parents had stopped talking to her, almost completely stopped feeding her but she knew this was mot likely her own fault. Hermione watched her sister carefully as they made their way down the road, she should have taken her away a long time ago, she thought to herself, Emalia barely spoke anymore and her depression had only worsened over the last couple of years, you would think the girl were dead if you were not walking in front of you. Her eyes were ringed with dark circles which was sad in itself as Emalia's had once been the brightest of blues. Her once gleaming blonde hair was now limp and dull. It pained Hermione to look at her sometimes though she loved her very much. Emalia had been born early and had always been small and weak and this had cause her mother to become depressed, eventually Mrs Granger had grown to hate her second daughter for always being ill and never being strong enough as a child. Mr Granger had eventually followed suit. Emalia had grown strong though, by the time she was ten she was able to walk as normal as any other ten year old and she wasn't getting sick as much but the damage had already been caused to her parents and they still saw the same weak little girl.

All kinds of thoughts ran through Hermione's mind as the entered the train station and tears formed in her chocolate brown eyes, she blinked them away. She was the strong one of the two sisters and would remain so for as long as Emalia needed her. She gripped her sister's hand tighter. Emalia looked down at their clasped hands then up to her sisters face, tilting her head in question she offered Hermione one of her weak smiles, Hermione smiled back and a single tear escaped her eyes.

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