When Emalia woke the dorm was deserted. Everyone must have gone to class, she decided. Slowly she climbed out from the covers and began to get washed and dressed. She found a clean blue t-shirt, and a pair of black jeans and borrowed a grey cardigan from Hermione, it was a bit too big but Emalia didn't mind. She finished by tying her pale hair into a long plait down her back, like Hermione had shown her during one of her good days.

Emalia tiptoed down the stairs slowly, though she needn't have bothered, the common room was empty. What time is it? She wondered, her stomach rumbled and she decided to go see whether breakfast was still being served. She left through the portrait hole and made her way downstairs, being delayed slightly by the fact that the staircases moved whilst she was stood on them. This caused her to panic for a while until a boy who appeared to be about thirteen explained that they were supposed to move. He also informed her that breakfast was over and had been over for an hour and forty-five minutes. Emalia sighed and her stomach rumbled again, she pulled a sheet of paper from her pocket; it was the list of classes and times that the headmaster had given her the night before. If breakfast had finished an hour and forty-five minutes ago, that meant they were three-quarters of the way through first lesson. Emalia looked at the list; she decided it was pointless finding a lesson to go to for first period, since there was only fifteen minutes left. She scanned the list carefully searching it for an interesting lesson for second period.

Emalia made her way down different corridors and up and down different staircases. They all looked the same and Emalia was finding it very difficult to make her way to the class she had chosen to take. She'd decided to try out a sixth years Arithmancy class, since she was so fond of numbers and with the possibility that Hermione may also be in the class. It took her ten minutes to find the Classroom 7A on the seventh floor; she waited the last five minutes outside the door. The bell went and students filed out of the classroom, Emalia hurried inside and took the first seat she saw at the back of the room. The teacher, Professor Vector, was a tall lady with long dark hair. She smiled at Emalia as she took a seat. A moment later more students began to wander into the room. "Hey, Filth." A boy's voice spoke out from behind her. Emalia turned in her seat to see a boy with pale blonde hair and startlingly bright grey eyes. "You're in my chair." He growled.

"Draco." A dark haired girl hissed from behind the boy. "Leave her alone. It's not going to kill you to sit somewhere else." The boy grumbled and Emalia was certain she heard him mumble something about catching a disease if he were to sit there now anyway, Emalia's stomach dropped as she watched the boy sit in the next row over. The dark-haired girl dropped into the seat next to Emalia and stuck out her hand "Pansy Parkinson." She said. Emalia shook her hand and was about to introduce when the girl spoke again. "You're Emalia Granger, Muggle. You're Hermione Granger's sister, you'd be a fifth year if you went here properly. You're here for…" The girl stopped obviously notice the frown form on Emalia's lips. "For reasons you don't wish to discuss." Pansy finished. Emalia was quite shocked about how much the girl already knew, as it sensing Emalia's amazement Pansy explained "News travels fast here at Hogwarts. You're the biggest news story there is." Emalia bit her lower lip nervously. "Does everyone know why I'm here?" Emalia asked suddenly glad that she hadn't had the chance to eat for fear that if she had she would most likely be sick. Pansy laughed "Yeah, probably but don't worry about it. I'm sure most people are just guessing or have heard exaggerated rumours." This didn't make Emalia feel better and she was glad when the professor began her lesson. It was a good thing Emalia had a natural ability with numbers or she probably wouldn't have understood anything that was being talked about. Emalia was also very glad of Pansy's help and occasional chatter and jokes though it would have probably been better if she hadn't noticed the disgusted glances the blonde haired boy kept giving her, it was unnerving and made her feel as if she weren't worth the air she was breathing. "Ignore him." Pansy whispered to her whilst Professor Vector had her back turned "He can't help it, his parents have this thing about muggles and muggle-borns. Try not to take it personally; a lot of the Slytherins are brought up with the same prejudices. Not me though, my parents are more open to other blood statuses but I've learnt how to keep on the good side of my house mates." Pansy laughed. This didn't help much but Emalia tried to ignore the feeling she got when she knew his eyes were on her.

Class finished and Pansy told Emalia that if she needed anything she should come looking for her, with that she left the room. Emalia slowly packed her things away and also left the room. It happened so quick that at first Emalia wasn't sure what had happened all she knew was that she was on the floor and her elbow hurt. Looking up her eyes locked with a pair of startlingly grey eyes. "It's bad enough that Dumbledore lets mud-bloods into this ridiculous excuse for a school," The blonde boy spoke harshly "but now he's actually allowing muggles in? This is beyond a joke." Emalia couldn't stop the tears forming in her eyes anymore than she could stop them falling. The potions may clear her head and help her think straight but they were really only a mask for the darkness that clouded her head and heart. The tears came in floods and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't stop and that just made it worse. The boy didn't seem to know what to do; he obviously wasn't used to having his victims start crying. "Oh Merlin." He said slightly nervously "Don't cry. Merlin, don't cry." He continued, crouching slightly as if to comfort her but not wanting to touch her. "Malfoy!" A shout came from down the corridor and the sound of running footsteps echoed. A moment later, the blonde boy was against the wall, s wand pressed to his throat. "What did you do?!" Harry shouted, pressing his wand harder into the other boy's neck. Emalia choked back her tears and peeled herself up from the floor. "Stop it!" Emalia raised her own, wobbly voice. Harry didn't seem to hear her but Malfoy's eyes darted between her and Harry. Emalia took a deep breath and this time she shouted "STOP IT!"

As if scheduled, every window along the seventh floor corridor, shattered. Glass fragments flew out of every window, if they had broken the other way, all three of them would have been greatly injured. Harry looked at Emalia startled and Malfoy took this opportunity to dash off down the corridor. "I don't like violence." Emalia spoke, her voice barely a whisper. Harry slowly started to nod, he had no idea what had just happened but he was sure it couldn't be good. Emalia wiped a tear off of her cheek and Harry snapped out of his shocked state. Hermione's looking for you." He said motioning down the corridor, the two began to walk towards the grand staircase. Harry looked back only once at the broken windows, Professor Vector must have heard the commotion as she was now out of her classroom and staring at the broken windows, disbelief covering her face. Harry looked at Emalia, his head full of thoughts that he couldn't even begin to make sense of.

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