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Brave Little Lion:

"Ranger Change! Fever!"

The Galactic Pirate Rangers found themselves locked in combat against one of the Empire's Action Commanders yet again. They had cleared out the Centurions just moments before when they decided to perform a Ranger Change to terminate the Commander. Unleashing the powers of the Battle Fever J Rangers, each one morphed into a generation of Rangers that was non-native to the planet.

A burst of light washed over the Rangers as they got their dancing shoes on. Red Ranger became Battle J Red Ranger wearing a white suit with red gloves and boots plus a white scarf wrapped around her neck to go with the helmet she wore. Blue Ranger became Battle J Blue Ranger with a white bodysuit on with blue lines, blue boots, and blue gloves to go with his scarf. Green Ranger morphed into Battle Fever J Pink Ranger which had a light-pink bodysuit that went with blue gloves and boots, a light-pink scarf, and a helmet with feminine hair peaking out. Yellow Ranger morphed into Battle Fever J Orange Ranger which gave her an orange body suit with a white scarf wrapped around her neck. And Pink Ranger morphed into Battle Fever J Black Ranger which gave him a black bodysuit with green accents and a white scarf.

Now that they were dressed to kill, the Rangers marched into a fight against the Action Commander.

The Action Commander on today's menu was Shikabanen. He was a rather grotesque Action Commander that was all black accept for the blue orbs that were scattered across his body. He had only one hand which had a blaster attached to it, while the other hand was simply a large rifle. As the Rangers were coming towards him, Shikabanen began to open fire on them to blast them into oblivion with his rifle hand.

With the powers of the Battle Fever J Rangers, the young warriors were able to move away from with enough agility to avoid getting shot at. Green Ranger and Pink Ranger dove out of the way before the blasts could overwhelm them, while Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger ran some interference. The duo kept charging towards the Action Commander before finally splitting ways as well.

Shikabanen barely had time to prepare when he became aware of Red Ranger missing from the line-up. He had only seconds to turn before Red Ranger appeared behind him. She drove her foot into his face to easily catch him completely off guard. The force of the attack was enough to cause him to stumble back, leaving him open to another attack.

Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger gave Green Ranger and Pink Ranger a boost. Those two were thrown up into the air, flinging themselves at the Action Commander to deliver a karate chop on the shoulders were the blue orbs were contained. This attack caused a great deal of pain to Shikabanen but it didn't end there. Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger went in after that to deliver a swift punch into the torso just in time as Red Ranger sprang up out of nowhere to deliver an upper cut to the jaw of the Action Commander.

With that last blow, the Rangers knew that Shikabanen was done for.

The Action Commander flew halfway across the construction site before finally landing in a tar pit. His mass was able to crack the foundation of it, causing a cloud of broken cement to fly up into the air.

The Rangers reverted back into their Galactic Pirate forms to finish off the fight. Red Ranger was surrounded by her crew, each on armed with their Pirate Pistol and Pirate Cutlass. "It looks like things are done for you, Shikabanen," said Red Ranger. "You picked a really bad day to come to this planet. You were better off staying under the rock you crawled out of!"

"Don't get arrogant, Rangers!" growled Shikabanen. "The Empire will crush you and claim this planet under its possession! Our princess has a plan that will destroy you."

"What a shame then that it won't save your skin," said Yellow Ranger. "Let's finish this bozo!"

Inserting a pair of Ranger Keys into the keyholes, the Rangers charged their weapons up for the final attack. "Final Wave!" shouted the quintet. "Pirate Finish!" Firing a bullet from their pistols, the Rangers let their attack out before sending out a slash attack from their cutlasses to join it. The twin energies formed a single blast that rocketed towards the Action Commander to end the battle.

Five blasts of energy connected against the Action Commander's being, blasting Shikabanen into the graveyard where he belonged.

The Rangers weren't quick to celebrate though since they knew how this routine usually went. Red Ranger already had her Pirate cellular out, ready to summon the Galactic Galleon for when the Action Commander was revived.

Only this time, the purple beam never came down from the sky. The Rangers waited for what felt like a mini-eternity when they realized that the Empire wasn't going to revive this Action Commander to destroy them.

"Well…that's new," said Green Ranger.

The Rangers powered down, reverting back into their civilian forms.

Tomas was scratching the side of his head as he turned toward the rest of his crew. "I wonder why they didn't revive this Action Commander," said the prince. "Do you think that they've given up on fighting us?"

"Far from it," said Chris. "Shikabanen said that the princess is up to something. Clearly, she didn't want to waste her time by reviving him."

"Now, we need to worry about what it is she's up to now," said Jade. "We'll work on uncovering her plot tomorrow. For now, let's get some rest." Flipping her cellular open, Jade made a call to the ship anyways. "Beam us up, Alpha."

Following her command from the Galactic Galleon, Alpha 8 activated the teleportation system to safely transport the Rangers home.

The transmission ended the second that the Rangers had left the battlefield. Emerald and Atlas turned away from the monitor, still unsure why Jezebel had forbade them from reviving Shikabanen so that he could try destroying the Rangers once more. They knew better than to openly question her, but it still bothered them immensely while they took to their stations.

Lifting his head up, Barizorg turned towards his princess. Despite lacking human emotions, the android could sense that something was wrong with his master since their return from the Moon. His basic programming caused him to be concerned for the princess, but that was the limits of where it could go.

At her throne, Princess Jezebel's eyes were locked on the screen with a frightful glare. She appeared to be drained, devoid of any sensible amount of emotion that would show any possible degree of reasoning. What the princess had was the look of a madman as she continued to hold in her hand the last remaining fragment of the Nexus. The dark shard was glowing in her hand, emanating wicked energy that held the power that she sought to defeat the Rangers.

Jezebel arose from her throne with a sour look on her face as she abandoned her place. She began to dangerously approach the monitor to where the live transmission was frozen to the second that the Rangers were teleporting away. "You should be very concerned, Rangers," said the princess. "What I have in store for you is beyond even your wildest of nightmares. What I plan to unleash is power, pure power."

Gazing upon the Nexus Shard with a loving smirk, Jezebel couldn't sense the harm that the shard was doing to her mind. All she knew was that she had the key to ultimate power in her hand. "The downfall of the Power Rangers is upon us," said the princess. "I want an Action Commander summoned, one who can distract the pirates long enough for me to complete a very special ritual."

"And what is the goal of this ritual?" said Atlas.

Holding the Nexus Shard out to him, Jezebel continued to smile as her pupils began to dilate in a way that concerned the Champion. The hunger that was in his eyes raised alarms for Atlas as he feared the harm that the Nexus's influence was doing to her.

"My ritual will unleash power," said Jezebel, "but not just any kind of power. This power that I seek will drastically tip the scales of good and evil. The power source that I seek is that of another world, a dimension of untapped potential if you will."

Jezebel continued to hold the Nexus Shard up, gazing upon its splendor. The raw power contained within it was almost enough to do what she desired, but some more blood needed to be spilt. As Thrax needed to feed the Nexus with the blood of innocents, Jezebel needed to do the same which is exactly why she had Shikabanen sent to fight the Rangers. The lives that were lost gave the shard more power, but now the princess needed to turn to more supernatural forces to accomplish what she desired.

"What realm are you trying to siphon power from, princess?" asked Emerald.

"The Forgotten Realm," said Jezebel. "A world beyond the Fade is where a great power waits. Its potential has never been claimed by good or evil since the early centuries of Creation so it is bursting from the seams." Pressing the shard against her chest, Jezebel fed the Nexus some of her power to release the first step of her ritual. All she needed to do now was to wait for a full moon on the Earth before she could complete the final steps, which luckily was tomorrow night.

Atlas and Emerald had a terrifying feeling that they knew exactly what the princess spoke of. The look of fear on their faces was proof enough, which even felt glorious when the princess took notice of it as she returned to her throne.

"Yes, my dear advisors," said Jezebel, "the pupil has finally surpassed the master. The power that I seek is that of Purgatory, the Forgotten Realm where the souls of monsters and Celestials are sent to upon death. With the powers of Purgatory feeding our Empire's weapons then there will be nothing that Heaven or Hell can send after us that has even the slightest of chances to defeat us."

Jezebel sat upon her throne, cackling as she knew that the end was soon coming for this miserable planet.

With sun gone for the day, the Rangers had gone their separate ways for the night. They parted ways after dinner to find a little bit of adventure for the night. Tomas was successful in conning Chris and Jade to go to some movie with him. It was going to be some cheesy romantic-comedy that neither of them wanted to see, but Tomas was able to get away with it by poking at Chris's softer side and by paying for extra snacks for Jade.

Mika ended up following Leona to the bars for a little night out on the town. The ladies strolled towards a rougher end of town, something that Mika wasn't totally thrilled with but was assured by Leona's presence. As they strolled in, Leona made sure to keep up with the badass biker chick look as she changed into something all in black with a nice leather coat over it. Mika, on the other hand, kept it simple with a pair of jeans and a vest.

The two briefly split up for a moment before they would regroup at the bar. Mika needed to use the restroom then had to check up on Alpha with something, leaving Leona alone to start the first round of drinks without her buddy.

When Leona found some seats at the bar, she heard some rowdy guys playing pool not that far from where she was. She quickly ignored them since she could easily tell that they were stupid boys from the local university. Signaling the cute bartender for some shots, Leona wondered just how much trouble she was going to get herself into tonight.

The first shot slid across the bar and with a quick chug, it was in her system. Leona slammed the glass down on the bar before calling for another. The second shot was gone just as quickly as the first as Leona allowed her senses to dull for a second. She called for a real drink after that and felt a little chummy when she glass was placed in front of her. The taste of rum was good, but nowhere near as strong as the drink was on her home world.

Leona dulled the memory of home as she chugged about half of the drink. She just listened to the stupid boys playing pool when Mika finally showed up and called herself a drink. A sigh of relief came from Leona as she had a worthy distraction now. She turned her sights on Mika as the two began to talk about their quest for the Greatest Treasure in the Universe.

"What do you think it is?" asked Mika. "I know Alpha said that it will defeat the Empire, but it has to be something more with it. Will it be just jewels or gold coins? Or do you think it's something else?"

Taking a swig of rum, Leona bit down on her bottom lip. "I have a feeling that it's just power that we're after," said the darker-skinned woman. "It's something so powerful that it can destroy or create anything that we desire." Leona started to chuckle as she took a little more rum into her system that night. "But what do I know? I'm not a fortune teller like Tomas is. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe Alpha is wrong for that matter. The treasure could just simply be the lost treasure of a Space Pirate or it can be the ultimate weapon with the power to destroy Zangyack."

"Or something ancient and unholy that can kill us all," said Mika.

Noticing that Mika had sipped about half her drink away in a second, Leona decided not to venture any further. She didn't want to deal with picking up the pieces tonight. "You're a depressing drunk, light-weight," Leona said, taking her drink away. "No more booze for you!"

Before Mika had the chance to respond, there was a shriek at the other end of the bar. The dullness that came from drinking instantly vanished as the two of them got up from their seats to see a woman not that much younger than Mika being manhandled by some guy. He was clearly drunk and getting very aggressive, but the young woman was unable to get away from him as he had a strong grip on her.

Feeling a rush of adrenaline coming on, Leona slammed her drink on the bar before going after them. She ignored Mika as the petite girl tried to pull her back in. What she did was storm towards the man, pulling her off of the woman that he was trying to run off with.

"The lady said back off, douche bag," said Leona. "I suggest that you listen before I make you."

"You and what army, little bitch?" said the man, booze was clearly the culprit in the case. He drank a little too much liquid courage and had turned into a beast. That was something that Leona wouldn't stand for, especially after what he did next. "I'll fuck the shit out of you too. I'll fuck this bitch, then you, and then your little friend behind you."

Leona offered him a smirk before rocking his world. She grabbed the hand that he was using to hold the young woman and easily snapped that wrist. The man screamed at the top of his lungs as his captive ran out the bar, while Leona went on to finish him off. She slammed his face against the bar before pushing him down to the ground where he stayed there, unconscious.

Too bad it wasn't over there. Leona's display of prowess caused the man's buddies to go after her too. They were just as pathetic as he was though and they would about to see what it felt like to get their asses kicked by an alien chick.

The next one that tried to attack Leona had his arm pulled back before getting kicked in the spine. It wasn't enough to dislocate anything, but it sure as hell hurt. Leona was on the next one by driving her elbow into his throat before kicking him in the shin. Another tried to grab her from behind only to get a bottle of bear smashed against his head, only this time it wasn't Leona that did that.

Mika tossed the broken end of the bottle to the ground, away from him. She let out a sigh before looking at Leona with a look that basically said that she was going too far. "Let's get out of here before someone calls the cops on us, again," said Mika.

"He shouldn't have tried to be a rapist," Leona said as Mika guided her out the bar. "I could castrate him if you give me like five seconds."

"I think the broken wrist and nose will do for now," said Mika. "If he tries anything again then I'll give you the gun to shoot him in the balls."

Leona skipped over one of the fallen buddies of the guy as they left the bar. The two spotted the girl that had almost been the victim of an assault entering her car, but not before stopping for a minute to thank them. The two pirates simply smirked at her before they too got out of the bar before the sirens began to get a little too loud for comfort.

Fighting off a hangover the next night, Leona lifted her head up from the table to guzzle the glass of water that Mika had got for her. She was still barely aware of where she was since the crew had decided that morning that they were going out for breakfast. All she knew was that her head was fighting her like a bitch, but she felt good about the first bar fight she had last night.

Mika wasn't exactly thrilled to get dragged into two more fights after the first one, but she had to keep Leona from going out of control. Oddly enough, each fight involved somebody trying to take advantage of someone else whether that was sexually or just for the sake of being an asshole. This type of trouble wasn't kept to herself. Mika made sure to inform Jade of this before they had left the ship with the captain assuring her that Leona would be dealt with.

Until then, the crew was to enjoy their morning out on the town. It was a lovely day too, which made the breakfast bounty that they were about to receive all the more wonderful.

Without drifting too far out of the ordinary, Jade was inhaling her food with remarkable speed as Chris and Leona weren't too far away. Mika and Tomas could only roll their eyes as they ate their food at a slower pace, but one that didn't put their meals in jeopardy. They needed to remain especially vigilant since Jade had a tendency to steal food away from her crew if they didn't eat fast enough.

The minute that Jade tried to snatch a bite from Tomas's plate, her hand got struck with a fork. It caused the captain to glare at the prince as she retreated back to her end of the table.

"What are our plans for today, Captain?" asked Chris as he finished the last of his eggs. "We still have no idea what the princess is up to."

Jade rubbed her sore hand, while glaring at Tomas for a second. The prince tried to ignore her as he went on to eat his bacon as she turned her attention towards Chris. "I don't think we can ignore her for much longer," said Jade. "We cannot allow her to catch us off guard so we need to be on the run. Until we find our next clue, we're going to be constantly moving around the planet until she makes her move then we strike her with full force."

"You hope to ambush her instead?" asked Mika. "Do you really think that'll work?"

"I'm not too sure about ambushing her, Captain Marvelous," said Tomas. "As crazy as she is, Princess Jezebel is still brilliant plus she had Atlas and Emerald serving as her advisors. They will be waiting for us to ambush them. It'll be a trap then we'll have to face the forces that they have to attack the Earth."

Letting out a deep sigh, Leona finally fought through the after affects of drinking too much to make herself known to the crew. She held up a pancake above her head to wave at them for attention before finally speaking up. "We can't exactly sit around like ducks though," said Leona. "If we don't strike them then they'll strike us. At least if we make the first move then we might be able to catch them by surprise."

"It still sounds a little too risky," said Chris.

"Risky is my middle name!" Leona said with a cheerful smile. "You can't win a war without taking some risks."

The table fell silent after she spoke. The realization that they were at war against the Zangyack Empire was starting to settle on their shoulders. Before they had arrived to Earth, the five of them just settled for creating chaos for the Empire and stealing what they could. Now though, they were wagging an open war against the most powerful force in the universe.

It was still a lot to take in. It was so much to take in that none of them spoke for the remainder of the meal.

Jade threw some gold coins on the table before rising up from her chair. Following suit, her crew began to stand as well as they prepared to leave, still silent as their war against the Empire was still hovering over their heads. None of them wanted to say another word about it since they were all thinking about just how much trouble that they could be in as Jezebel was planning something serious against them now.

Tomas, especially, felt a little miserable about it all as he thought back to his lost planet. Even after mastering his Animal Spirit, he still felt incomplete, but tried to dismiss those thoughts though as he followed Jade's lead. He was keeping up pretty well when he felt a sudden chill run down his spine that caused him to freeze where he was standing.

"Captain Marvelous," Tomas uttered before his mind was pulled back.

The Captain looked back at the perfect moment as she caught sight of Tomas's eyes glazing over with a white haze. She immediately ran toward him to catch him before he fell as his body began to heave and shiver as the latest vision was overwhelming him. Mika and Leona drew in closer too as Chris hovered closer towards Jade, preparing to heal Tomas if necessary.

Feeling mystical energy playing with his mind, Tomas could see what appeared to be an island in the sky while his body fought against the psychic effects. There was a large island up in the sky with gigantic animals unlike any that he had ever seen before. The sight of the animals was joined with five figures appearing before him which was clear to him were a previous generation of Rangers.

"The island above a turtle's cove holds the secret to a wild power," whispered Tomas. "To gain the power, one must embrace the call of the bears in order to hear the call of the lion." Tomas's head fell back as he gave out a deep sigh, unable to think anymore as he passed out in Jade's arms.

The Space Pirates saw that there wasn't a crowd around them, so Chris quickly orbed them back to the ship to regroup and solve Tomas's latest vision.

Alpha 8 entered the bridge of the Galactic Galleon just as a series of blue orbs began to appear near the Captain's chair. The Alpha bot gave out a startled yelp when the Rangers came into view with an unconscious Tomas in Jade's arms being one of the first things that he saw. The Captain was quick to place Tomas on the nearest sofa, while Chris knelt over him to begin casting his healing magic over the young prince.

Since the vision, Leona's hangover had finally gone away which led to her joining Mika to try and crack the puzzle. Both of them were repeating Tomas's prophecy under their breath. They had an idea of what they were supposed to do in order to uncover the latest Greater Power, but no idea at all about where to begin their search.

Jade opened the treasure chest beside her chair to begin piecing the puzzle together for herself. She grabbed a few Ranger Keys, making sure that she had in her hands a key from different generations of Rangers before returning to Tomas's side. By then, Chris's magic had worked their charm and was able to pull Tomas back out from the darkness of his mind when Jade held up the Ranger Keys for him see.

"Do any of these look familiar?" asked Jade. "Which generation is it?"

Surprised that Jade was moving so fast, Tomas tried to recall what his latest prophecy was before he even began to open his mouth. Chris stayed beside him to make sure that Jade didn't try to push Tomas too far when the prince pointed at the Blue Ranger Key in her hands. "That was one of the Rangers that I saw," said Tomas.

Jade dropped the other Ranger Keys on their laps as she held up the Ranger Key of the Blue Wild Force Ranger. She flicked it open for just a second before closing it back up again, turning her sights on Alpha 8 next. "You've worked with Power Rangers before in the past," said Jade. "Where can we find the Wild Force Rangers?"

Alpha 8 approached the Captain with his robotic feet scrapping against the tiled floor. The others began to gather, forcing the Alpha bot to speak up for a change. "I cannot tell you where the Rangers currently are, Jade," said Alpha 8. "I do not know where they disappeared to, but what I can help you with is tracking down where each team was active. Since uncovering the Mystic Force Rangers' powers, I've noticed that most of the Rangers have been at or around the cities that they were active in originally."

"Then that means one of the Wild Force Rangers might be around back in their town!" said Mika.

"In theory," said Alpha 8. "The Wild Force Rangers were active in a city called Turtle Cove. I can plug in the coordinates then we can begin our search in the city."

Leona shook her head as Alpha 8 had already started to make his way towards the computer. She stayed over his shoulder as he began to plug in their destination. "We need to go to Turtle Cove, but we're not landing there," said the young woman. "Tomas's prophecy was about an island in the sky that was located above Turtle Cove. The key to unlocking the Wild Force Rangers' Greater Power is in this sky island."

"You're after the Animarium?" said Alpha 8.

Hearing the latest bit of information that Alpha provided them with, the Space Pirates went silent for a moment. This silence wasn't as depressing as the first, but instead it was warmly welcomed as they realized that they were on the right track now to getting their hands on another piece of the treasure. Leona was especially giddy as she threw herself down on a chair, closing her eyes to take a nap to prepare for their latest quest.

All while the engines of the Galactic Galleon began to roar to life, the Rangers were on their way to an island in the sky.

Far away in the heart of an ancient woods, a lone wolf stepped over a fallen tree that was of no particular importance to him. However, he found himself pausing for a moment as the wind began to howl against him. The silver hair at the back of his wolfish form was pulled by the wind, opening his ears to the howl of a higher power.

He clenched his dark fists as his yellow eyes turned to the sunny sky above him. He continued to listen to the wind, listening to the words that commanded him to follow a strict set of orders that he had been left with centuries ago.

The haze that once clouded his mind began to fade away as the Duke Org, Zen-Aku, shed his old form to embrace his true destiny in life. He grabbed the Org horn on his head, breaking it off to strip himself of his Org powers as the wind continued to caress him. Without uttering a single word, Zen-Aku allowed himself to slip away as he felt his dark essence being changed by a power far greater than Master Org overwhelm him.

Zen-Aku's appearance had not changed a bit since being released by the General Org, Nayzr. His form was still solidly black with black armor protecting his form, a black train that went from his waist, and his wolfish face formed from the Wolf Mask that contained his Org spirit.

However, he was no longer an Org now that Zen-Aku shed that form to take his true form. He gazed up to the sky one last time as he felt the wind touching the hand that he extended up to the sky.

"As you command," said the grim voice of Zen-Aku. "The forces of the Empire shall not claim your power. I will steal the Nexus from them to awaken my brothers." The former org gave out a soft sigh, the longing sigh that a child might give to his parent. Zen-Aku felt the wind's strength renew him, proving that he was making the right decision. "The Empire shall not claim Purgatory from you, Mother."

Zen-Aku turned his attention to the path before him. He resumed his journey, but this time with a new destination in mind. With trouble about to brew, it meant that it was time for him to return to where it all began.

Turtle Cove was about to be reunited with the Cursed Wolf.

High above the Turtle Cove, the Rangers sailed the Galactic Galleon through the clouds with hope of tracking down this island in the sky. So far, their search was turning up empty, but the Rangers remained optimistic about it as they all stood on the deck, looking out into the clouds for any sign of the Animarium.

Jade leaned off the front of the ship, gazing through the sea of clouds for anything at all that looked like it might be an island. She wasn't having any luck with it and found that her crew was hardly doing any better from their stations. Not even Alpha was able to pick up any type of signal from their computers. It was starting to become a pain for them as they kept on peering into the clouds.

From the crow's nest, Leona was on top with a telescope in hand. She shifted angles to find any sign of the Animarium since she was very interested in seeing this island and finding out what type of treasure might be there. She went through her pocket to feel the ring that was safely kept hidden with her, and made certain to ignore the feeling that came with it, before turning to the side to search for the island.

As the others were about to give up on the quest, Leona spotted something in the clouds. Her attention was caught when the Rangers all stopped what they were doing once they heard what sounded like an eagle, only the sound was monstrous in volume. Leona dropped her telescope as a giant eagle flew in front of the ship, causing all the Rangers to panic by what they just saw.

"What the hell is that!" shouted Mika.

Leona slid down from the crow's neck to join the others on the deck. She could see where the eagle was flying and felt that it was what they were looking for. "I have a feeling that the eagle can lead us to the Animarium," said Leona. "We should follow the damn bird!"

Chris ran towards the door that led to the bridge, yelling at Alpha to have the ship follow where the eagle was flying. Tomas and Mika were hanging towards the front of the deck to see that the eagle was still in plain view.

The ship's engines blasted with renewed vigor to catch up to the eagle. The Rangers hung in there, watching the skies to see the eagle and where it was leading them to. When the eagle gave out another cry, it came at the perfect moment. They all gasped in wonder as they saw the island in the sky that Tomas had prophesized.

They had found the Animarium.

The Galactic Galleon continued to fly towards the island as the eagle vanished into the jungle that was part of the island. As the wild beast disappeared, the Rangers prepared to make their landing as they grabbed some rope. They didn't want Alpha to land the ship on the island just in case of an attack, so they were going in there as they were.

Landing in the middle of the jungle, the Space Pirates found themselves out of their element as they entered the wild. Leona was the only one that seemed fairly excited about where they were, while the others were hoping to get this done as quickly as she could. The pure beauty of nature called out to Leona in a way that she had never thought possible. There whole place was just so wonderful that she almost didn't want to leave, but those feelings were diminished as she reminded herself of the search for treasure.

Jade nudged Tomas to the front of the line since they needed the memories from his vision to track down where they needed to go. Now that they were on the Animarium, they just needed to find out where they needed to be to find the person that was going to "hand over" the Wild Force Rangers' Greater Power.

For a while, the Rangers wandered through the jungle until they finally found something of interest. They entered a mildly, cleared area that housed various statues of animals there along with a fountain of running water.

"Nice place," said Chris. "I wonder if anyone lives here."

Almost as soon as those words escaped his mouth, the fountain began to spring forth with a geyser of water. The Rangers stopped what they were doing as a burst of blue light followed from the rising water, sending it back into its depths as the orb of light expanded before taking the form of a person. What the Rangers saw was a beautiful woman with wavy, dark hair that went down her back as she wore a white dress decorated with fresh flowers.

This mysterious woman was smiling as she began to approach these strangers. These oddly dressed strangers that dressed like pirates, but she did not fear them since she was well aware that the eagle brought them hear for a reason.

"It appears that the Earth needs its guardians once more," said the mysterious woman. "I am happy to help those who will defend the Earth from the forces of evil. Although, you appear of questionable character, I know that you are here of good intentions." The woman shook her head though before finally growing closer towards them. She slowly began to bow before them, to introduce herself. "I am Princess Shayla, the Guardian of the Animarium and the Wild Zords."

Tomas was smiling as he got closer to the princess before properly bowing before her as he had been raised to when addressing royalty. "I am Prince Tomas del Sol," said the young man. "Over there is our Captain, Jade Marvelous. The rest of our crew is Leona Lockhart, Mika Heartily, and Chris Halliwell. We are the Galactic Pirates Power Rangers."

Princess Shayla was thrilled as she heard it. She had a feeling that they were Rangers, but now she could tell for certain that they were. "It is a pleasure to meet you all," said the princess. "Now how may I help you, Rangers?"

Breaking through the others, Leona jumped forward to get closer towards the princess. "We're after the powers of the Wild Force Rangers," said Leona. "We need a representative of theirs to grant us access to their full power so that we can get one step closer to finding the Greatest Treasure in the Universe, which is supposed to help us defeat the Zangyack."

"I understand," said Princess Shayla. "However, I am unable to grant you access to the Wild Force powers for it is not my place to do so."

"Then who can help us?" asked Chris.

There was a loud thump that caught the Rangers' attention. They all turned around at once to find a woman standing behind them, dressed like a soldier with her blonde hair tied up into a bun. She was walking towards the Rangers with a pilot's helmet in hand as she gaze them suspicious looks.

"That would be my job," said the latest stranger. "If you want our power then you'll have to do as I say."

"And who are you?" asked Mika.

"I'm Taylor Earhardt, the Yellow Wild Force Ranger."

Off towards the edge of town, following the remains of where many battles between the Orgs had been fought, Princess Jezebel brought her forces there. She was joined by a squadron of Centurions that were led by Atlas, Emerald, and Barizorg. They were all to be stationed to guard the princess, while she worked her dark magick on the Nexus Shard to unleash its powers over opening a gate to Purgatory.

The princess had dressed for the occasion, wearing a battlesuit to protect her should a fight break out between them and any of the locals. She was also prepared should the Rangers come after them too.

But Jezebel had her eyes on the prize though as she held up the Nexus Shard. The Centurions put together the station that she wanted to work the ritual on. A golden podium was standing in front of her with several magical items scattered across a table. The princess needed all of these items if she were to properly open the gate to Purgatory and control the power that was sealed away within its unpolluted depths.

"And now the real fun begins," said the princess. "The ritual will begin as the Moon rises as we need the lunar power to successfully open the gate."

Gazing at the time, Atlas turned his head back towards the princess as he held onto the sheath of his sword. "Two more hours then, princess," said Atlas. "Is there anything else that you require for the ritual? A virgin sacrifice or two?"

Jezebel laughed as she opened up a jar full of eyes. She plucked just one of them out before tossing them into a bowl that she was busy preparing. "Unfortunately, I don't need one for this particular ritual," said the princess. "Maybe I will need one in the near future though."

Realizing that she wasn't joking, Atlas returned his attention to the soldiers, while Emerald waited to receive word from the Calnus that their Action Commander had arrived. They had yet to hear word from the commander that they had selected to assist them for this special mission.

Barizorg dropped to one knee with his sword struck on the ground, while waiting for his princess's commands. The cyborg closed his eyes and stayed silent until something of importance aroused his attention.

As the ritual was being prepared, the Empire's forces were all oblivious to the wolf that was watching over their shoulders.

Taylor stared at these new Rangers, questioning their attentions as she joined the side of Princess Shayla. They were both pleased to see each other again after being separated from one another for so many years. Princess Shayla kept out of Taylor's affairs though since it required a Ranger to bestow the Power to another Ranger.

"You want our powers to find this great treasure that can defeat the Empire?" said Taylor. "What are your real intentions though once you get your hands on our power? Will you really use them to fight Zangyack?"

"Of course," said Mika. "The Mystic Force Rangers, Turbo Rangers, and Jungle Fury Rangers have already trusted us with their powers. We've been using their powers wisely since then."

"And we would be honored if you bestow us the powers of the Wild Force Rangers too," said Tomas.

Taylor could tell that those two were honest and true. She could trust them with the power, but she had her eyes on the other three. There were some questions she had on Jade and Chris, but she felt that they might be trustworthy enough if it came down to it. Who she was really questioning though was Leona, whom seemed very suspicious in her eyes. But then again that could just be from her military training.

Knowing that she was being watched, Leona shot a glare back at Taylor so that the Air Force pilot would get the point. She gave out a light sigh before turning towards the princess since Taylor was getting on her nerves. "How do we unlock the Wild Force Greater Power?" she asked. "What is your test since I have a feeling that she'll be too stubborn to just give it to us?"

Smirking, Taylor already knew what kind of test that she had for them. Even Princess Shayla saw the humor in it before turning away to leave Taylor in charge. "You have to earn the trust of a Wild Zord," said Taylor. "If you do that then I can trust you with our powers."

"Sweet!" said Mika. "Then when do we start?"

Before Taylor had the chance to speak, there was a bit of an interruption. The Rangers' Pirate Cellulars began to go off all at once with Chris being the first to answer. The call was, of course, from Alpha who was reporting on activity just outside of Turtle Cove. Alpha picked up the Empire's forces with the princess and her warriors all present with an Action Commander there as well.

"There is a massive search of dark energy around the area too," reported Alpha 8. "Please be careful, Rangers."

"Thanks, Alpha," said Chris.

Ending the call, Chris turned to Jade who nodded her head. Jade pointed at Mika and Tomas who followed the orders then took off with Chris to return to the ship. Leona was about to join them when Jade stopped her from going any further, too the other woman's surprise.

"It's your turn to unlock a Greater Power," said Jade. "We'll deal with the Empire, just get a Wild Zord to like you well enough that it doesn't try to rip your head off."

Rolling her eyes, Leona knew that she was going to be stuck with Taylor for the day. She started to walk away, while Jade took off with the rest of the crew to get into a fight.

All of them were gone soon enough, which meant that Leona was all alone with Taylor and Princess Shayla. Leona heard the roar of a lion though which startled her a bit as she prayed that she wasn't going to be sent off to tame that Wild Zord. Luckily enough, Taylor was going to show her a bit of mercy as she needed to figure out about Leona before trying to pair her up with the appropriate Wild Zord.

Taylor dragged Leona off into the jungle with Leona dreading what was about to happen.

Wandering further into the jungle, Leona mumbled about the heat under her breath as she tore her jacket off her sweaty body. She continued to follow Taylor into the jungle with the veteran Ranger still not budging about giving a clue on the secret to tame a Wild Zord. How in the hell was she supposed to tame one if she didn't have the slightest idea how they even functioned?

Leona wanted to say that they had the wrong girl for the job, but she was a stubborn woman who didn't like to get told no. She wanted nothing more than to prove herself as she kept following Taylor, only she wished there was just some hint on what she was supposed to do.

In front of her, Taylor was slowly figuring out more about Leona's character. The older woman understood that Leona quite the character since she was grumpy as hell, but stubborn too. A dangerous combination that was giving her some leeway into figuring out what Wild Zord would be the best for her to commune with. Still, Taylor needed more information than that. She needed to see who Leona really was about a person, and the fastest way to find that out was to dig into their past to see what they've done and where they've been.

"Why do you want to protect the Earth, Leona?" asked Taylor. "You're an alien, aren't you? Why would you care about this planet?"

Leona huffed a bit as she pushed a branch out of her way. They crossed further into the jungle where it felt like they were entering no man's land, but Leona tried to keep that bit to herself. "I don't," admitted Leona. "At least…I didn't at first." She had a feeling she knew where this was going. Tomas, Mika, and Chris mentioned something along these lines happening when seeking a Greater Power. "I'm doing this for them."

Stopping, Taylor turned to Leona as she tried to understand what she meant by that. "You're only doing this because the other Rangers want to defend the Earth?" asked Taylor. Could someone really be that cold, she wondered.

"Not them," said Leona. "I'm doing this for the children…I'm avenging my younger brothers and sisters."

"What happened?" asked Taylor.

This time, Leona stopped dead in her tracks as they entered a large clearing with a small pond nearby. She closed her eyes as her hand immediately reached for her pocket to pull out a ring. "My home planet, Olympia, had been invaded by the Empire and completely devastated. The Zangyack poisoned most of the water, scorched the ground to the brinking point, and slaughtered countless people," said Leona. "I was one of the few survivors, so was my younger sister and brother. I found shelter for us when I discovered about twenty other orphans. I took care of them all, finding them clean water to drink and edible food to eat. We lived together for about two years when the Zangyack returned to finish off the survivors when it became clear that Olympia wouldn't surrender to them."

"It all happened so fast," Leona said to Taylor. "I still don't fully understand what happened. We were all dead asleep when the Zangyack attacked our little shelter. I tried to fight them off to give the kids time to escape, but the Empire had other soldiers waiting on the other side of the building we were hiding in…the Centurions shot them all on sight."

Taylor felt her heart tighten as she fought the urge to cry, while Leona was choking back sobs. The memories were still fresh in her mind of all that she had seen. "My sister was the oldest of them, she was only thirteen and my brother was ten," said Leona. "The other kids were from twelve to seven. They couldn't hurt a Centurion even if they tried, but that didn't stop the soldiers from killing them so I did the same when I saw the bodies. I killed all of the soldiers, but it wasn't enough…I had to make the Empire suffer for what they did to them."

"So I became the Lady Bandit," said Leona. "I stole from the Empire since I knew the only way to make the Emperor hurt like I did was to bleed him of his coin. I was doing really well too, especially after I stole an imperial ship, but I got too cocky. When I thought I was going to get the biggest score of my life, I ended up falling for a trap that would've cost me my life had Jade and Chris not shown up to intercept a supply ship."

"So you fight for revenge?" asked Taylor. "It doesn't sound like you do. What's your real reason?"

Leona didn't want to budge too much with her past. She returned the ring to her pocket since she didn't want to speak anymore about her true plans, at least not to summon she couldn't fully trust. "It's all for the kids," Leona said, telling most of the truth. "None of them should've died for this senseless war. I can't let other kids be murdered by these heartless monsters."

Knowing that she wasn't telling the entire truth, Taylor decided that she saw enough of Leona just there. She could see a fiercely protective woman who would do anything to protect her cubs. "I understand," said Taylor. "Children are the most precious things in the universe. I can understand why you want to protect them and the memory of the ones you lost." With that said, Taylor had the perfect Wild Zords in mind for Leona.

Uncertain of where this was going, Leona just waited as she noticed Taylor raising her arm up into the sky. She caught sight of two crystals in her hands too, which seemed to be really weird to her but she didn't say anything about it.

"You're like a lion…or a bear, Leona," said Taylor. "To be more precise, you're a mama bear who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her cubs. And God help you if you even think about touching her cubs because mama bear will rip you to shreds. That's why, I have a feeling that the Bear Brothers will come to respect you."

"Bear Brothers?" repeated Leona.

There was a roar from the jungle as the ground quickly began to shake. Leona fought to keep her balance, while Taylor just stood there like a pro since she was used to this.

Out from the jungle of the Animarium emerged the Bear Brothers. The fiery Black Bear and cool Polar Bear Wild Zords appeared before the woman that summoned them. Taylor grinned from ear to ear as she was reunited with her old companions before turning back to see the surprised look on Leona's face as she saw these lively animals.

The Bear Brothers stared at Leona, sniffing the air around her with much curiosity. Leona was completely speechless as she had never seen anything like them before in her life, leaving her frozen with both fear and excitement.

"Go ahead," Taylor said, handing the crystals of the Bear Brothers over to Leona. "They'll trust you because they can sense you're a kindred spirit. They won't hurt you."

Leona looked at Taylor with uncertainty, but decided to gather her courage as she felt the weight of the crystals in her hand. She turned to the Black Bear and Polar Bear, watching these majestic beasts for a moment before taking that leap of faith. Slowly with a great deal of caution, Leona began to approach the Bear Brothers to see if they deemed her worthy.

And fortunately enough, the Bear Brothers allowed Leona to come closer before finally dropping to the ground with a playful growl escaping their mouths to show that they accepted her as one of them.

Descending from the Animarium to the rocky plains outside of Turtle Cove, Jade led her crew into battle against the Zangyack forces. They moved with caution and stealth as they were within range of the Empire's radar, which made a surprise attack all the more unlikely. It was crucial though that they got as close as they could before morphing if they were going to have any chance at taking them by surprise though.

Chris and Mika stayed on one end of the field, while Jade and Tomas stayed on the other side as they now spotted something strange over the horizon. Peaking over the boulders that they were hiding behind, the Rangers could spot Princess Jezebel and all of her soldiers. The Empire's forces had assembled to this particular spot as twilight was upon them with something odd going on with the princess as the air was particularly thick with dark energy.

It was dangerously thick too; something that led Chris to realize that the princess was unearthing dark forces at this spot. Tomas could feel the magic shaking his bones, while Jade and Mika were equally as concerned about this ritual that the princess was performing.

However, before they could do anything about it, the Rangers were in for a bit of a surprise. There was clicking that caused their guards to immediately fly up as they turned back to see a large supply of Centurions and Centurion Officers present with an Action Commander leading the pack of them. They should've seen this one coming as the Rangers found themselves falling for whatever trap that the princess had set up for them.

The Action Commander had stepped forward as he took a particular interest on the Rangers that he had heard so much about. This particular Action Commander was a lot different than the last one that they took down as he was more beastly then grotesque. The Action Commander was a sickly, green-yellow fleshed beast with black dots scattered all over his body with pink fur accenting certain parts of his body. He was armed with a left arm that had a mechanized claw arm attached that could easily dice them to bits.

"Hello, Pirates!" said the Action Commander. "I'm afraid that you won't be interrupting Princess Jezebel's ritual today. She has employed me, Browser, with the specific task of destroying you!"

"You're not the first loser to say that," said Jade. "And you won't be our last!"

"Fire!" ordered Browser.

Responding quickly, Chris threw up a magical wall to protect them from the immediate round of fire. A shield of flickering, blue orbs projected themselves into reality as the Rangers grabbed onto their Pirate Cellulars and Ranger Keys to morph. "Ranger Change!" shouted the Rangers. "Pirate Revolution!" A bright flash of red, pink, green, and blue light washed over the Rangers as they morphed to jump into battle.

The orb shield collapsed as the second round kicked in, but that was all that the Rangers needed to buy them precious seconds. The Rangers leaped out of trouble as they scattered apart to cause the Centurions and the Action Commander to scatter in order to deal with them.

Red Ranger and Blue Ranger tossed their pistols at their companions with Green Ranger and Pink Ranger handing over their cutlasses in exchange. The Rangers had completely split up after that switch, taking off to do what they did best.

Once again, Pink Ranger and Green Ranger found themselves in a shooting match against the Centurions. There were so many Centurions coming after them that the Rangers almost had no idea what to do to get out of their sticky situation.

Green Ranger leaped over a boulder to avoid getting shot at before sneaking from the back to fire a couple of shots after the Centurions. The occasional bullet would actually hit its mark, but that was about it as Pink Ranger was left facing the bulk of them. He found himself busy dancing out of the way to avoid getting hit before getting lucky and landing on top of a Centurion.

Using what skill he had, Pink Ranger manipulated the situation to use the Centurion as a shield to protect himself from the fire and to lure Green Ranger out of hiding who began to open fire on the distracted Centurions. As many of the Centurions were dropping, Pink Ranger kicked the good as dead Centurion aside then began to shoot back at the Centurions with his pistols as well.

Facing off against the three Centurion Officers, Blue Ranger had to dash and slash if he was going to finish them all off. The three officers tried to swarm him, but Blue Ranger was a master at avoiding close-ranged attacks as he pushed his body in a variety of ways. He kicked himself up into the air as a Centurion Officer tried to rush him, which resulted in the officer colliding with one of the other officers to knock them both down.

Blue Ranger landed behind the only officer standing at the time and used the two cutlasses to slash the soldier across the back. The officer groaned as he collapsed to the ground, while the other two were getting back on their feet. Thinking fast, Blue Ranger took charge to fend them off before they had the chance to strike.

Blue Ranger danced with the Centurions for a bit as he would dodge one attack to strike the other Centurion before repeating the process again to attack another officer until the officers were too badly beaten up to kick up with him. With a charged slash slamming against them, the officers finally collapsed in defeat as Blue Ranger came out of that one victorious.

Meanwhile, Red Ranger was busy dealing with Browser on her own. She had to admit that the Action Commander was a bit of a trouble maker, more so than she had originally anticipated. Weaving away from the clawed hand, Jade avoided getting cut apart as she took the exposed opportunity to drive a cutlass against the hip of the Action Commander.

Browser growled with pain before slamming his fist into Red Ranger's shoulder with his normal hand. The attack briefly stunned her, but not long enough to make a big enough difference in their fight. Red Ranger avoided the incoming claw once more as she dove out of the way and rolled to higher ground.

Not one to be ignored, Browser stomped his way towards her to keep up. Red Ranger knew that she was going to have to turn up the heat against him if she was going to win. She led him come to her then did everything in her power to avoid getting pummeled to death with that giant claw of his hand, which he did try hard to do as he swung it around at her. She proved to be better at avoiding getting hit but even the opportunities that she had to cut him down weren't enough to really put a stop to him.

So she just settled for the stunning effect.

As the battle was raged, Princess Jezebel continued her ritual to open a gate to Purgatory. The Nexus Shard was radiating with a serious amount of dark power as it infected the mind of the young woman as the moonlight was coming.

Atlas and Barizorg had growing concern for the safety of the princess, especially with the presence of the Power Rangers cutting down their assembled forces. Atlas had called for the remaining Centurions to go after the Rangers, all while watching as Emerald was simply standing there.

When Barizorg prepared to go after battle too, Emerald stopped him from going any further with a diamond hand. "Don't move, warrior," said the telepath. "Only four Rangers are fighting our men. The Yellow Ranger is missing from this battle!"

"So what?" said Atlas. "The princess must continue this ritual, safely, or else the Nexus might consume her."

"That is exactly my point, Atlas!" said Emerald. "The Yellow Ranger isn't fighting with her friends. Either she has abandoned them or she is playing the role of the Lady Bandit and is about to strike us from the shadows. The three of us must stay here to guard the princess from the possibility of the Yellow Ranger attacking her by surprise!"

Knowing that could very well be true, Atlas and Barizorg armed themselves with their blades as they got to a safe distance closer to the princess. Emerald did the exact same thing as she encased herself in a diamond shell. It was crucial for them to protect the princess, but they weren't foolish enough to get too close to the ritual that she was performing.

The closer that they were though, it provided with Zen-Aku with the opportunity that he needed. He just needed to wait a little longer since he too needed the lunar energy to reach his full potential and fulfill the orders that were given to him by a higher power.

On the Animarium, Leona spent almost an hour with the Bear Brothers, enjoying the company that came from the Wild Zords. She had forgotten all about the quest for the moment until Taylor finally interrupted the feeling of serenity that she had in her heart.

Placing a gentle hand on her shoulder, Taylor was able to get Leona to snap out of it long enough to pay attention to her. "You've done it," said Taylor. "The Black Bear and Polar Bear have come to respect you. Now, I can trust you with the Greater Power of the Wild Force Rangers."

Leona couldn't help but to smile as she realized that she had done it. She looked back at the Bear Brothers who roared at her to congratulate her successful mission. It was odd, but Leona could tell that's what they were trying to do, it was almost like she could understand what they were saying now.

"It comes with the bond," said Taylor. "You can understand the Bear Brothers when they speak to you now. Consider it as an honor because the Wild Zords aren't easy to tame. Trust me; I nearly got myself killed trying to get those two to like me."

"Thank you, Taylor," said Leona. "I have to join my friends now. I'm sure that the Empire is giving them a lot of trouble."

"Be careful," urged Taylor.

Leona thanked her once more and turned her eyes to the Bear Brothers, thanking them as well for trusting her. She spun away from them as she pulled out her Pirate Cellular and Ranger Key. "Ranger Change!" shouted Leona. "Pirate Revolution!" A burst of yellow light erupted from the Morpher as she transformed into the Yellow Ranger.

Once the transformation was complete, Yellow Ranger called out to Alpha to teleport her to the other Rangers. Alpha 8 did so, plucking the Ranger from the Animarium and sending her to the battlefield as Taylor and the Bear Brothers watched her leave.

Red Ranger and Blue Ranger were hanging onto Browser as they tried to hold the Action Commander down long enough to Green Ranger and Pink Ranger to get a steady shot. The Action Commander was freakishly strong though and was fighting them with all his beastly might. It was becoming obvious that there was no chance that they were going to get a clear shot so Green Ranger and Pink Ranger abandoned that plan to join the other two.

The four Rangers tried to overpower the Action Commander, but Browser proved to be too strong to be defeated in such a way. Instead, Browser broke free from his captors and struck them all with his claw hand. The violent slash threw the Rangers up into the air, sending them down the hill to where the princess and her bodyguards were present.

Browser jumped after them with a hearty laugh escaping his throat, while the princess's advisers and Barizorg turned their sights on the Rangers. Emerald's theory of the Yellow Ranger sneaking in after them had proven to be false as the Rangers were still missing a friend.

"The Rangers are here, masters," said Browser. "May I dispose of them now?"

"Yes," said Atlas as he drew his blade and joined the Action Commander's side. "Eliminate them!"

As Browser prepared to attack the Rangers, gunfire began to assault the Action Commander and Atlas. The two of them protected themselves from the attack as Emerald and Barizorg drew closer to the princess to protect her.

Leaping into the battle, Yellow Ranger finally appeared to rejoin her companions. The other Rangers were slowly beginning to get back up on their feet, very relieved to see that she was here.

"Did ya'll miss me?" asked Yellow Ranger.

"About damn time, Leona!" said Blue Ranger.

"You were cutting it pretty close," added Green Ranger.

Yellow Ranger shrugged her shoulders as she twirled her Pirate Pistol around. She laughed underneath her helmet too as she turned her sights on the Action Commander. "Well, it's a good thing that I come baring presents!" she told them. "I have the Wild Force Rangers power now so let's see what they're full powers can do!" She proved her point by holding up the Ranger Key of the Yellow Wild Force Ranger which sparkled with a bit of light.

"Let's make a show of it," said Red Ranger as she held up the Red Wild Force Ranger's key.

Browser was coming after them now that he had recovered from the attack, while Atlas stayed in the sidelines. The Action Commander was moving fast so the Rangers quickly brought out their Pirate Cellulars to morph once more. "Ranger Change!" shouted the Rangers. "Wild Access!" Twisting the Ranger Keys of the Wild Force Rangers into the keyslots, the Galactic Pirate Rangers went wild as light washed over them.

Red Ranger morphed into the Red Wild Force Ranger which gave her a red suit with five golden lines running across her chest and the emblem of a light over her heart. Blue Ranger morphed into the Blue Wild Force Ranger with three lines running over his chest and the emblem of a shark over his heart. Yellow Ranger morphed into the Yellow Wild Force Ranger with two lines running over her chest and an eagle emblem over her heart. Green Ranger morphed into the Black Wild Force Ranger with four lines running over her chest and a bison emblem over her heart. And Pink Ranger morphed into the White Wild Force Ranger with his uniform accented with pink as a single gold line ran over his chest and a tiger emblem over his heart.

Now with the full power of the Wild Force Rangers, the Galactic Pirates charged after the Action Commander with their beastly powers too. The five of them surrounded the incoming Browser who was in for a big surprise as these Rangers used the power against him.

Green Ranger used the strength of a bison to grabble the Action Commander to the ground before kicking him back up a bit. Blue Ranger flew in as the Action Commander was airborne to give the creature a shark bite as he slammed his claws against Browser's head. Pink Ranger moved with the speed of a tiger before jumping up into the air as Browser stumbled around on the ground with a killer head attack only to get serious chest pains from the latest slash attack.

Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger were ready to finish him off. Red Ranger went first as she summoned the Lion Blaster, firing a barrage of gattling fire from the blaster. The Action Commander was in some serious pain as Yellow Ranger took to the sky. Spreading her arms wide, wings appeared from the uniform to give the Ranger a greater deal of flight as she armed herself with the Golden Eagle Sword.

Upon landing on the ground, Yellow Ranger tapped into the powers of the Soaring Eagle, but she also called upon the Bear Brothers to give her a little more strength. "Eagle Strike!" shouted Yellow Ranger. "Fire and Ice Blast!" Swinging the sword forward, Yellow Ranger unleashed a golden band of energy that struck the Action Commander as a stream of fire and ice was swung out from the sword next to really put a hurting on the Action Commander.

The Rangers reverted back into their Galactic Pirate forms as Browser flew towards where Jezebel's ritual was being held. The princess didn't have the chance to anticipate such a move, but Barizorg was far quicker and was able to pull the princess away. Jezebel howled as her ritual was interrupted as the full moon was now truly above them. But Browser's landing totally ruined the ritual from being completed with the Nexus Shard rolling away.

"You fool!" howled Princess Jezebel. "You ruined my ritual!"

Slowly, Browser was getting back on his feet. He was about to beg for forgiveness from his princess when suddenly he was attack. A series of crescent slashes flew out from out of nowhere and collided against his body. The Action Commander couldn't even get a word out as the Rangers and the Imperial forces saw Browser being destroyed.

There was a howl that caught them all by surprise as the plains got darker. A shadowy blur rushed passed them all, striking at the Rangers and the Empire both. They all dropped to the ground from the sheer surprise of the attack until they finally saw a figure standing over the remains of Browser.

Their attack crouched down to retrieve the Nexus Shard, much to Jezebel's protests. Barizorg attempted to get back on his feet to retrieve the princess's treasured item only to be stopped by a blast of shadowy energy from their attack.

The moonlight peaked out from behind a cloud, allowing them all to see a wolf-man standing over them. "I am Zen-Aku," said the mysterious figure. "I was once an Orge, but now I am no longer one as I have embraced my true identity. I have come to take the Nexus Shard back in the name of the Mother-of-All!"

Jezebel spat out a bit of blood as she forced herself to get back up on her feet. She hurled a blast of magic at Zen-Aku who easily avoided the attack as the full moon granted him power and speed. The princess didn't seem to care about her own safety as she started to chase after the Action Commander with Barizorg and Atlas doing the same.

Realizing that the Rangers would come after them too since they were aware that the shard was precious, Emerald took to dealing with them. She activated her psychic powers to force a Centurion on the Calnus to activate the revival ray. She started to run after her comrades, while the Rangers were left to deal with a newly revived Browser once the purple rays reached the ground.

"Fuck!" said Red Ranger. "We have to go after them. Who knows what that Zen-Aku guy is up to?"

"At least he attacked the Empire too," said Pink Ranger. "But we must deal with the Action Commander before he destroys the city!"

"On it, princess," Yellow Ranger said as she called on Alpha to bring the Galactic Galleon around.

The Megazord sequence was immediately initiated. The Red Galactic Galleon began to shift its form to create the torso of the Megazord as the Blue Galactic Jet, the Green Galactic Racer, the Yellow Galactic Trailer, and Pink Galactic Submarine began to shift around as well. The four components formed the arms and legs of the Megazord with the pirate crown flying up to attach itself to the head of the Megazord.

Pirate King Megazord entered the battlefield as Browser was back in business.

The Action Commander gave out a terrifying laugh as he began to storm towards the Rangers. Well aware that guns wouldn't work against him, the Rangers turned to their Megazord-sized Pirate Cutlasses to hurt him. The two crossed paths in the middle. Pirate King Megazord swung its cutlasses forward to attack the Action Commander only to have Browser guard with his claw arm.

Browser pushed the Megazord around a bit before punching with his normal fist as the torso of the Megazord. The Rangers were knocked back a bit with Browser exploiting that advantage to strike with his claw arm to really do damage to the Pirate King Megazord.

Inside, the Rangers were all shuck up as they fought to reclaim control. The Rangers tried to keep the Megazord together as Browser was getting closer to them.

"We have to use the Wild Force Rangers' Greater Power!" said Green Ranger.

"Yeah!" agreed the others.

The Rangers inserted the Wild Force Ranger Keys into the keyslots and prayed that they would get some much needed assistance again. Pirate King Megazord got back on its feet and the doors opened with a burst of light emerging from them that caused Browser to stop in his track, but nothing else happened.

Seconds passed and there was still nothing, leaving the Rangers to feel a bit let down.

Browser started to laugh at them as he couldn't believe what just happened. "It looks like your Megazord is a little impotent, Rangers!" said Browser. "Did you have too much to drink?"

"What the hell!" said Blue Ranger. "Are you sure that you mastered the power, Leona?"

"Of course I did," yelled Yellow Ranger. "Taylor said so. Did she trick me?"

Yellow Ranger was really beginning to question herself as Browser continued to laugh at them. She slammed her fist down on the control when she heard a roar in her head. "Wait a minute!" she said, jumping to her feet. The others looked at her, puzzled by the sudden outburst when Yellow Ranger started to cheer as a ray of light appeared from the sky. "The Bear Brothers are sending the king of the jungle to help us!"

"Who is that?" asked Pink Ranger.

The ray of light originated from the Animarium, sending a Wild Zord down to help the Rangers fight. They all looked as they heard a might roar that even left Browser feeling a bit nervous about the situation. "The Red Lion!" said Yellow Ranger. "He's gonna fight beside us!"

Red Lion emerged in all his glory as he leaped into battle against the Action Commander. Browser didn't even have a second to prepare for the attack as Red Lion bit down on the claw arm of the Action Commander, while digging his claws into the sides of the villain. Browser howled in pain as Red Lion relinquished him and pushed himself closer to the Rangers' Megazord.

"Let's try this again then," said Red Ranger.

Inserting the Wild Force Ranger Keys once more, Pirate King Megazord jumped into the air as Red Lion took charge towards Browser. A connection port opened up from Red Lion's back as the Galactic Submarine and Galactic Trailer disconnected as the legs of the Megazord. The Megazord inserted itself into this new slot, forging a connection between it and Red Lion as a new combination was formed.

"Lion King Megazord complete!" shouted the Rangers. "Wild Strike!"

Red Lion roared as he unleashed a blast of red energy from his mouth as the upper portion of the combination held its swords up. Lion King Megazord unleashed a mighty blast of energy from the cutlasses as a savage roar was asking from the mouth of the lion.

The combined attack rushed through the air as Browser was completely defenseless to protect himself from such a mighty attack. The moment that contact was made, the Action Commander was blown away by the attack as he dropped to the ground, defeated before finally exploding into nothing.

Their lion friend roared with victory as the Rangers cheered inside of the Megazord.

Arriving to a location of his own desire, Zen-Aku brought the princess and her guardians far away from the ruins of the Nexus. Where he wanted them was at a location closer to where he had originally been contained as a Duke Org since he was far more powerful in his original form. No longer tainted by the Org spirit, Zen-Aku was free to embrace his inner wolf as he held up the Nexus Shard into the air.

Princess Jezebel stopped her running as she armed herself with her sword. "I will get you back for taking my possession!" shouted the princess.

"No, this does not belong to you, princess!" said Zen-Aku. "This belongs to the Mother-of-All! I will stop you from claiming Purgatory's power, by restoring my brothers to life with the power you sought to open the gate! Allow me to show you the powers of the Primordial Monsters!"


Zen-Aku held the Nexus Shard into the air, using his powers to release a surge of dark magic. The princess threw a lightning bolt at him, but her spell was quickly neutralized by the chaotic magic that had been summoned. Barizorg, Atlas, and Emerald hurled their powers at him at well, but they fared no better against Zen-Aku.

The dark powers of the Nexus had been fed to the brink and now that it was in the hands of a real monster, nothing could stop it from unleashing its wrath. Not even the Power Rangers could stop what was meant to be.

Appearing to the scene after their fight, the Rangers teleported near where Zen-Aku was preparing to do something horribly wicked. They were frozen in fear once they saw and felt the level of dark energy that was boiling to the surface. Jezebel and the others ignored the heroes as they focused their attention on blasting Zen-Aku with everything that they had.

However, all they did was make the spell that Zen-Aku was casting stronger. And with the full moon above him, Zen-Aku used his powers to finish the ritual and pull three souls out from the depths of Purgatory.

There was an explosion of dark energy that pushed everyone back, leaving Zen-Aku the only one left standing. There was villainous laughter in the air as the smoke finally began to settle. Everyone was watching with horrified looks on their faces as they saw Zen-Aku emerged from the smoke joined with three other beings.

One was a figure in a suit of blue armor and white fur coming off from around his neck. He looked more of a cyborg like Barizorg, but was far different from that as the front of his blue helmet lit up with yellow light. The creature was known as Kamdor, and he had been defeated by the Operation Overdrive Rangers long ago.

The other figure was dressed with green and purple robes, the skulls of beasts on his shoulders, and white hair running down his head with an odd headdress on his head as well. His frightful appearance was nothing compared to the last one. But this creature was infamous as well, Serrator was famously known for betraying Master Xandred before being defeated by the Samurai Rangers.

The final creature was made of fleshy, orange-red skin that had chains connected part of it together and what look like spikes sticking out from various parts of his body. His fleshy skull had several spikes on it and a green gem at his forehead. The infamous Darkonda was back once more after surviving several battles against the Astro Rangers before finally facing his final death when he tried to destroy Dark Specter to become the new Grand Monarch of Evil.

Zen-Aku and the other three monsters stopped once they were facing the princess and her forces. They all appeared ready to fight with Princess Jezebel and the others back on their feet. All while the Rangers kept their distance from them, which didn't go unnoticed by Zen-Aku.

"We do not have quarrel with you, Rangers," said Zen-Aku.

"Speak for yourself, Zen-Aku," said Kamdor. "I would very much like to destroy them."

"Another day, brother," said Serrator. "Our main concern is dealing with those imperial scums!"

"Since I only have this one life left," said Darkonda, "I suppose we can let the Rangers go for now."

The Rangers were slowly moving, watching these villains carefully. They were easily outnumbered but it seemed that Zen-Aku and his companions were not immediately against the Rangers. But just why they were more concerned with the Empire was beyond them.

"Why are you willing to let us go?" said Red Ranger.

"Because we don't want to deal with you just yet," said Zen-Aku. "Now go or we will destroy you."

Yellow Ranger was willing to get into a fight, but she realized that the odds weren't in their favor today. When Zen-Aku attacked earlier, he was easily able to crush them all. The Rangers needed time to regroup and gather their wits to fight again.

Blue Ranger turned to his friends, grabbing hold of them to take off. Swirls of blue orbs followed the Rangers as they vanished from the scene.

Once they were gone, Zen-Aku turned his sights back on Princess Jezebel and the others. Oddly enough, they hadn't fled but their pride had been damaged by these monsters.

"Kill them all!" ordered Jezebel.

Atlas, Emerald, and Barizorg took charge against the monsters with Jezebel soon following behind them. Zen-Aku, Serrator, Darkonda, and Kamdor charged after them to meet them in battle as well.

Encased in diamond form, Emerald went slammed a fist against Kamdor to crush him into dust. It proved to be a failure though as Kamdor caught her fist and slammed his directly into her diamond chest. The force of the attack caused part of the diamond to crack, forcing Emerald to revert back to her normal form when Kamdor struck her in the face, sending her down to the ground.

Barizorg and Zen-Aku met in the middle with their blades drawn. Mighty and swift, both warriors were trying to rip each other apart as they tried to prove their strength. Zen-Aku finally gained an upper hand as he struck a critical gear for Barizorg before dragging his Crescent Blade across the chest of the cyborg to defeat him.

Atlas met Darkonda blow for blow, but found that the bounty hunter was incredibly powerful. It made sense since Darkonda was one of the most powerful swordsmen in the United Alliance of Evil, making him more than a match for the Empire's Champion. Atlas was disarmed as Darkonda struck with a stealthy blast of energy before feeling the wrath of the monster as the blade then struck Atlas's armored form.

Jezebel hurled blast after blast of magic after Serrator who avoided everything by flying up into the air. The Ancient Nighlock would begin to counter by sending jolts of lightning after the princess to bring her down. The sheer force of power that Serrator unleashed was too much for the princess to fight against. Jezebel cast her die with a blast of icy magic only to have it burned away by Serrator's next attack that knocked her down.

The four monsters had easily defeated the Empire, but they weren't quite done yet. Zen-Aku gathered his fellow monsters together to really put a stop to the Empire's forces when a band of Centurions arrived to put a stop to the monsters. A transport bridge was opened up that took Princess and her men to safety, while the Centurions rushed into battle against the monsters, knowing damn well that they would be crushed within an instant.

Loyalty, an admirable quality but one that would prove fatal as the monsters unleashed their power against the Centurions to destroy them.

Away from the battle but lost in confusion, the Rangers found themselves regrouping on the Animarium for the time being. They had no idea who Zen-Aku was or who the other monsters were that he summoned, but they had a good feeling that Princess Shayla or Taylor did.

The Rangers entered the sacred area of the Animarium to reach their new allies. Leona looked around for any sign of them when finally the pair appeared from the other end of the grove. Both appeared to be very concerned, which is when Princess Shayla mentioned that they had watched the fight.

"Who is Zen-Aku then?" asked Chris. "And who were those other monsters?"

Princess Shayla was about to speak, but Taylor decided to speak for them. Taylor had the Rangers sit down so that they could speak. "Zen-Aku is a powerful Duke Org that I fought against with the other Rangers," said Taylor. "In Ancient Times, he had been sealed away in a wolf mask, but an ancient warrior named Merrick used the mask's power to destroy Master Org and was cursed by him. We broke Zen-Aku's curse to free Merrick, but Zen-Aku found a way to return in physical form but he was defeated against."

"Then what happened?" asked Mika.

"Zen-Aku became…well good," said Princess Shayla. "He even fought beside the Rangers during the Apocalypse. I thought you would remain good, but he's change by renouncing his Org side and became a new beast."

Tomas thought back to the things that Zen-Aku said when he first arrived. That's when a particular name came to mind that he figured he should ask about. "Zen-Aku said that he and his friends serve someone else," said Tomas.

"His friends are past villains," said Taylor. "The monsters that Zen-Aku brought back were villains that had been destroyed by other generations of Power Rangers, powerful monsters too that couldn't be defeated easily."

"And they're seeking someone called the Mother-of-All," added Tomas.

"Do you know who that is?" asked Leona.

Princess Shayla rose from her seat as she placed a hand over her heart. The Rangers and Taylor took the hint that she had a theory about who it was that Zen-Aku and the others served. "I've heard legends of the Mother-of-All," said Princess Shayla. "She is said to come from an age long before the Age of Man."

"What is she the mother of?" asked Jade.

"The Mother-of-All," said Princess Shayla, "is the Mother-of-All-Monsters."

Entering his chambers, a young man slowly began to remove the armor that he wore from his meeting with the Emperor. He had his assignment, he was to assist the Princess Jezebel in her battles against the Space Pirates. Now that most of her fleet was destroyed, the Emperor had decided to send one of his most trusted warriors to boost his daughter's forces.

The young man gave out a soft sigh now that he was briefly free for the moment. He ran a hand through his long, dirty blond hair as his blue-green eyes looked up to the starry ceiling where the bright starlight shinned over the Empire's throne world, caressing his pale flesh.

Without his armor, the young man fell to his bed and waited for his companion to appear to wish him well. He would wait and wait until finally his door began to creak open, allowing the young man to see another one of the Emperor's "loyal" generals.

"You took your time, Loki," said the young man.

The general entered the room, still dressed in his formal attire. The general appeared hardly a few years older than him. As light-skinned as he was, the man's hair was golden blond with his blue eyes easily mesmerizing the young man on the bed as he joined his side.

"But I always make it on time, Wyatt," said the general.

"That you do, Loki," said Wyatt as he pulled on the front of the general's shirt. He dragged the general on top of him as their lips hovered dangerously closer to each other. "Or since we're in private, may I call you Yahweh?"

Grinning from ear to ear, Yahweh brought his lips to Wyatt for a kiss. The Divine Celestial and second-born son of the Creator had found his way into the Emperor's Inner Circle to infiltrate their enemy on behalf of Orphan. It was only a piece of the plan that the Celestials had in mind to exterminate the Zangyack Empire.

And Wyatt had his own role to play since he was a young man of such great power.

Kissing him on the cheek, Yahweh pulled himself away from Wyatt. The Celestial crawled away from the bed, leaving the young man alone as he went through Wyatt's personal belongings to retrieve a special sword. "Now Wyatt," said Yahweh, "you are to follow the orders given to you by the Emperor and the orders you'll receive from the princess. But do remember one thing, you are to make up with your little brother. The Rangers are critical to our plans."

"Do I have to?" Wyatt asked as he began to undress to lure the Celestial back into his bed. His muscular torso was fully exposed, showing every little bit of his smooth form to contrast against his rugged, scruffy facial features. "You know how much he annoys me. He's always been a bit of a brat that likes to spoil my fun."

"Oh now, Wyatt," smirked Yahweh, "you know that's not true. Little Chris was always a good brother to you." Taking the sword out from the chest, Yahweh returned to Wyatt's bed with it in hand. He handed it over to Wyatt who got dangerously close to trying to cut Yahweh free from his clothing only to be stopped by the Celestial. "Do as I say, love. And who knows, maybe my brother will give you a big reward for your service to Heaven."

Playing with the steel of his sword, Wyatt finally gave in to Yahweh's request. He dropped his sword on the bed as he extended his hand out to him. "I'll play nice if you make nice with me," said Wyatt. "Does that sound like a fair trade?"

Yahweh agreed to Wyatt's conditions as he pushed the Earthling down on his back and the two resumed to their earlier session.

As Yahweh embraced his feelings of passion, Wyatt had a conflicting thought in his mind aside from wanting to get naked with Yahweh, he was trying to figure out a way to deal with his little brother.

What a fun family reunion that would be.


Yes, did I not tell you things were about to get very crazy? Old villains, the Monster Mother, and Chris's older brother! Shit's getting crazy!

On the next chapter, Wyatt's arrival on Earth creates havoc for Chris as the monsters plot to bring their Mother into this world. Jezebel leads a massive attack against the Rangers to regain her stolen pride, while Serrator decides to do attack the Rangers as well. The Rangers have to master the way of the samurai if they are to stand a chance against these new threats, but when Chris is pushed to the edge by Wyatt there just might be too much damage done and it may cost the life of someone that Chris deeply cares about. Find out what's going to happen in The Samurai Rebellion!