Everything in italics is Cammie's flashbacks while she is unconscious


I watched as my daughter tried to convince my son that they were siblings. Like his mother, he refused to believe. Townsend walked into the room. "I just wanted to inform you that Cammie woke up. She is unconscious again." (AN – ha-ha, all you people who said Joe Solomon were WRONG) I sighed and held my face in my hands.

Morgan ran up and asked, "Uncle Eddy, is Mommy okay?"

"Cameron will be fine, Morgan."

"Can I see her? Please, please, pleeeeeeeaase?"

Josh was with his school friend, Dillon. I walked towards them.

"How was school today?" Dillon taunted.


"We were just coming to see you."

"Really? But... you don't know where I live."

"Oh sure we do. I saw you Saturday. Walking back to school. With your friends."

"But... I'm home schooled. I don't know what you're talking about."

"Give it up rich girl. I saw you"

"I'm so sorry..." I whispered, turning to Josh.

"You're one of them?" he asked in disgust.


"A Gallagher girl," my chest began to ache.

"So what if I am?"

"I was bored and I wanted to see if I could get away with it, okay?"

"Look, I'm leaving tomorrow. I had to say goodbye. Hey, take care, okay?"

Somehow I knew that what I had said was a lie.


I ran down the street. I knocked on Dee-Dee's door. She opened it. "She's gone. The COC will kill us. Help me look." Then, a van stopped outside and I pulled out a gun. But there were no bullets. We were hand cuffed and taken to the Gallagher academy. I realised that even in sophomore year, Cammie had been a spy. Then, a memory flooded back to me. My memory had been wiped after I had found out the true nature of my ex-girlfriend's school. They took me in for questioning.

"You're already packed."

We chatted for a bit but as I was turning to go...

"Oh, and Cammie..." His arm slid around me, he dipped me and pressed his lips to mine. I felt a strange sensation, more intense than with Josh. This boy and I ... we were meant to be.

"I always finish what I start."

"So this is goodbye?"

"Come on Gallagher girl. What would be the odds of that?"

I then recognised him from another dream. That wasn't goodbye.


Mommy looked so tired. I rested my head on her tummy.

"I'm so sorry..." she mumbled.

My head snapped up. Oh, she was dreaming.

Joe looked at me. "How she your mama? She my mama."

Daddy's eyes filled with tears. Then he got up and burst out of the room. Aunty Macey tried to calm him down. He was angry. I hate it when Daddy's angry. "Look what you did," I snapped at my brother then gave him a hug. He was all alone.

A helicopter flew towards us. I looked at the girl beside me.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Our teacher wouldn't do anything in front of Preston."

"Maybe he shouldn't be here"

The door opened and two masked figures stepped out and another abseiled from the helicopter. I screamed, "I'M ON SUMMER VACATION!"

We began fighting. How I knew the moves, I don't know.

"I hit a guy," Preston said in shock.

"Yeah good job."

Then, we tumbled down an air vent, away from the kidnappers. Then everything faded to black.


I had Zach pinned underneath me. I'd told him that until he calmed down he was staying just here. I couldn't have him bursting into the interrogation room and attacking Josh. "Bex let me up. This won't make me calm down." I relaxed at the wrong time and found myself flipped over and Zach was escaping. I grasped his foot and tripped him up. We sparred for a bit, until us both began to laugh. This was fun.

"Preston, listen. I need your help. But first I must explain some things to you. The Gallagher academy is not a posh, snobbish school. We are spies. Well, in training."

He gaped at me "so Macey's a spy."


"Wow, she never seemed hotter. Hey! That explains Boston! Right?"

"Yes. You didn't tell anyone that I'm here?"


"Good. Now you cannot tell your dad any of this, understand?"

"Of course."

"Now, I need to rob a bank. And not any old bank, one of the most secure in the world."

A strange pulling sensation came over me.

I coughed. A girl was sitting there playing with my hair. "MOMMY!" she yelled, realising I was awake. Mr Harding ran in. "Step back now Morgan. Now miss, how do you feel?"

"Ready for answers." I replied. He laughed.

"Well first, I'm agent Zachary Goode-"

"Am I a spy too?" I butted in.

"You were. Now tell me what you remember."

I told him all about the dreams. He smiled as I described being kissed outside my school.

"I don't understand. I mean about me and Josh." Zach pushed a book into my hands.

"Read. It explains all about you and Josh. Oh and everything you were told in the past four years is most likely a lie."

I opened the book and began to read.

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