So I've been wresting with this idea of Canada just wanting England to notice him, then having Russia step in. I just haven't been able to figure how how to write it. So I sat down the other night to just write it out and see what happens. Before I knew what was going on I was at 5000 words and still no smut!

So I'm going to split it up into a few parts and see where it goes. I may just scrap the whole thing if I don't like it. Who knows!

So here it is. Tell me what you think!

"Oh your hockey game? I'm sorry Matthew but I've got loads of paper work to do tonight. I'd love to stay but I just don't have the time, I've got to get back home and take care of some papers." Arthur patted the younger nation on the head a few times before turning around and moving towards the door.

"Is Alfred staying over at your place again tonight?" Canada asked quietly, his eyes not able to meet England's.

"Yes." The rest of the sentence went unspoken. They both knew what that meant. And England didn't want to rub it in Canada's face anymore than he had to. "I'll come to the next one. Promise." And with that, England picked up his overnight bags and left through the front door.

Canada sighed, locking the door and returning to the couch. He couldn't help but be disappointed. Of course he knew when he asked that England wouldn't come to watch, but it still hurt to have his assumptions proven right. England never came.

Matthew had been playing hockey now for 5 years, England had not attended even one game. Sure he always said he would, but it was always paper work, or America, world meetings, or America, "I've already booked my trip home," or America.

Canada picked up the dessert plates from his and England's meal and left them in the sink, picking up a few stray dishes here and there before gathering up his hockey bag and packing it in the car.

Canada loved hockey. The first time he had played, he knew it was the perfect match, nothing could ever compare the feeling he had playing hockey. Hearing the ice crunch as his legs powered him across the ice, the cold wind on his cheeks as he chased the puck, the breath being pushed from his lungs as he checked another player into the boards, the weight of the stick in his hand. Hockey quickly became the thing Canada lived for.

As he stepped onto the ice with his team, Canada looked into the crowd, searching the seats quickly for the albino haired Russian. They had a sort of agreement, him and Russia. Canada pretended not to see him, and Russia pretended not to be there. Canada didn't know why the larger man came, but he was always there. Silently watching each of Canada's games.

At first it bothered Canada. When he realized the Russian came to watch him he felt awkward, like he was being stalked. However, as time went on, Canada began to take comfort in the constance of the large man.

"Well you see Matthew, Alfred has a baseball game that weekend and I've already told him I'd be there. Besides it's dreadfully cold in there, how does your skin not freeze?" England spoke a-matter-of-factly, tucking his hands into his pocket.

"Well we wear a lot of padding…" Canada looked at the ground as he spoke, shifting his weight from foot to foot nervously. "Is Alfred staying over with you tonight?"

It was England's turn to shift nervously, looking around the room until his eyes settled on Canada's shoulder. "Well yes, actually he is." England nodded shortly and turned to the door, he didn't turn around as he spoke "Next one! Promise!" before shutting the door behind him.

When Canada arrived at his hockey locker he found a sunflower stuck between the ventilation slits. As he stepped onto the ice he searched for Russia, who else would have given him a sunflower. When he spotted the large man he smiled and nodded, Russia nodding back.

"Now Matthew you know I've got a meeting Thursday morning. There isn't a way in heavens grace that I could make it there on time if I stayed." Arthur explained as he laid his hand on Canada's shoulder.

"Could I maybe stay over Thursday night then? After your meeting?" Canada blushed feeling very bold for asking such a thing.

"Matthew…" England frowned his mouth opened and closed a few times, trying to form the right words.

"Alfred is already staying over, isn't he?" Canada's heart dropped in his chest as England's hand gave a slight squeeze.

"Next time Matthew, Promise!" And then he was gone.

Canada was always the last to leave the arena. He would stay on the ice, long after his team mates had left to keep skating, only ever leaving when the Zamboni man honked him off the ice. He dragged his large hockey bag behind him through the parking lot, the tiny wheels loudly echoing through the air.

"You know Matthew, your team, they have terrible line changes."

Canada dropped his bag and turned around quickly looking towards the voice. It was Russia.

"Oui, the center on my line is not the most observant person." Canada stood awkwardly, unsure of what to do now that their unspoken agreement had been broken. "You… know hockey?"

Russia pushed himself off the wall he had been standing against and walked closer to the blond. "Da, it's a very popular sport in my country."

"Mine too." Canada bent down to pick his hockey bag back up, tilting up upwards on its wheels.

"Also, you need to start checking your corners." Russia turned around slowly walking away to the other side of the parking lot. "You passed that puck right to number 87 in the second period." He turned around momentarily to wave goodbye before turning back around and walking out of sight.

Canada frowned. How dare someone tell him to watch his corners! But he let the smallest of smiles creep onto his face as he realized, not only was the Russian correct, but that Russia noticed him.

"I scored 2 goals in my last hockey game Arthur! We totally destroyed the other team!" England looked up momentarily as Canada's voice moved above the usual low murmur.

"That's good Matthew. You heard about Alfred's baseball tournament right? They have won 3 games in a row now. They think they might go all the way this year." Arthur spoke as he spread some butter on his dinner bun.

"Oh… that's fantastic." Canada did his best to sound excited, even as England continued on with the conversation, speaking of America's baseball feats.

When dinner was over, Canada helped clear the dishes, loading them into the dishwasher.

"Would it be ok… umm… if I stayed over tonight?" Canada purposely tried not to look at England as he asked.

"Tonight isn't a good night Matthew…" Arthur let the sentence trail off.


"Indeed." England put his tea cup down on the counter as the doorbell rang.

Canada finished loading the dishwasher, looking around the small kitchen, wondering what was taking England so long. He walked to the front door, only just holding in his small gasp of surprise as he turned the corner to find America pinned to the wall, England grinding against the younger man as they kissed passionately.

"I'll just let myself out." Canada sighed, quietly walking into the house to grab his bag.

Canada smiled as he looked into the crowd, spotting Russia sitting in his usual section. Canada found more and more his eyes searching out the Russian. Not only at the beginning of a game, but throughout. If he scored a goal, or made an assist, he would look for the large man, reveling in the smallest of nods he received.

Canada was hauling his bag into his car as he heard heavy footsteps approaching him from behind. "You played a good game today." Came the deep voice, thick with a Russian accent.

Canada slammed the trunk closed as he turned around to look at Russia. "Yep! I made 3 assists and totally kicked that guy's ass after he tripped me."

Russia chucked at Canada's enthusiasm, his hands leaving the sanctuary of his deep pockets before he began to speak.

"Come for a drink with me? To celebrate." Russia mentally patted himself on the back for not letting his voice waver as he asked.

"A drink? Me?" Canada leaned against the trunk of his car, hands nervously fidgeting over the offer.

"My treat. Da?" He opened his hands shrugging his shoulders a little.

Canada nodded slowly. Why not? "There's a bar just across the street."

"Perfect. Let's go." Russia smiled faintly, gesturing for Canada to go first.

They spoke of hockey at the bar. Russia ordering Canada a beer, making a comment on how Canada wouldn't know good alcohol even if it hit him square in the face. Canada found himself relaxed in the mans presence almost immediately as they spoke about hockey, the players in Russia, their mutual annoyance of Russians moving to the NHL, it was generally a good night. Russia drove Canada home, being much larger, and being able to hold his liquor much better than the Canadian.

"Thank you Ivan. I… I really had a good time tonight." Canada smiled, bending over to speak to Russia as he got out of the car.

"Good. See you next time." Russia spoke loudly before Canada shut the door.

Next time?

"Wednesday night again Matthew? You know the world meeting is always Thursday morning." England almost scolded Canada for the idea.

"You could stay the night…"

"You know Alfred is waiting for me Matthew." England spoke in a softer voice, looking away from the smaller man.

"I know." Canada whispered as England opened the door.

"Maybe if it's on a Tuesday, or a Friday! Tata!" Watching England leave was almost as hear wrenching as knowing where he was going, and what he was going to do when he got there.

"Ivan!" Canada yelled once most of the crowed had cleared the stands. He skated over to the boards where Ivan was slowly making his way down to meet the Canadian.


"Do you know how to skate Ivan?" Canada yelled over the boards.


"Come down. Skate with me." He yelled again.

Ivan shrugged, nodding slightly and turning, making his way towards the ice entrance.

"I don't have any skates little sunflower." Russia spoke quietly as he approached the door.

Canada smiled, opening the door and stepping out, taking Russia's larger hand in his pulling him towards the dressing rooms. In the hall of the dressing rooms was a skate rental shop, Canada pulling a key from somewhere in his hockey clothes and opening the door.

"The owner lent me the key. We've gotten pretty close. Pick a pair, any pair." Canada spoke gleefully, holding his arms out and spinning around in a circle.

Russia chuckled, his lips cracking up into another pure enjoyment Russian smile. Canada felt his stomach flutter, a little blush rising to his cheeks. He had never seen the Russian smile so freely before, he thought the man looked… beautiful. Canada's reaction did not go unnoticed, Russia walking forwards and embracing Canada in a rough bear hug.

"Thank you little sunflower." He let go of the younger man, relishing in Canada's deeper blush. "Tough it has been many years since I last skated, you will need to be gentle."

Canada nodded as Russia pulled a pair of skates from the cubby, feeling the prickles of nostalgia as he took off his boots and laced up the skates.

The two men skated for hours. Russia, being a little shaky at first, soon found his strength and was trying his best to keep up with Canada. The blond lent Russia a stick, and they fooled a round, playing a little one on one.

Canada was livid with excitement, doing what he loved the most, with a man who each day became more and more important to him. When Canada would steal away with the puck, or try to check the much larger man, Russia would smile, or chuckle whole heatedly in amusement. It made Canada want to play better, to be able to take the puck one more time, or knock the albino off balance.

When the Zamboni door opened the two men picked up the puck and started heading off the ice, the driver honking a few times as Canada closed the door.

Russia grunted as he kicked off his rental skates. "My feet are weak now from not skating for so long."

Canada chuckled wiping his skates off and tossing them into his bag. "Thanks for staying today Ivan. It was really fun."

Russia nodded a slight smile working its way onto his face. "Da, it was. But I cannot stay for drinks tonight. I have a meeting with Francis in the morning."

Canada nodded completely understanding that most nations, like Russia and France had many meetings to discuss issues. Canada never had any meetings. Nobody knew Canada even existed most of the time. For that reason, he hardly ever attended the world meetings, nobody noticed him there anyways.

Russia walked Canada to his car, even helping to lift his bag into the trunk.

"Your next game is in a week, da?" Canada nodded his confirmation as the Russian slowly moved forwards, his arms reaching out and pulling Canada into a warm hug.

At first Canada was too shocked to move. But Russia was unwavering in his embrace, holding Canada to his body hoping the blond didn't notice his rapidly beating heart. Canada slowly relaxed into the embrace, bringing his arms up and resting them on Russia's chest.

Canada could feel his cheeks heating up as one of Russia's hands moved from around his torso and began to gently stroke his hair. Canada distantly thought that the embrace seemed more like that of lovers than of friends, but presently Canada was enjoying the warmth and security the Russian was currently providing.

"Good. I will see you then my little sunflower." Reluctantly, Russia released Canada, nodding his head before turning around and walking to his own car.

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