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ONWARDS! To smut and happy endings!

If Canada was being honest with himself, he would admit to not even noticing the England was present. His eyes always wandered to the same place after every good play, goal, or penalty. It was almost automatic how he would look to the same spot, seeking the albino haired man out in the crowd.

When he thought about it, Canada supposed it was a bit odd he never once looked for England; the man who had been the star of his mind for more years than Canada could count. It was as if England didn't exist anymore, and the world was entirely hockey and Russia.

After the game Canada dressed as quickly as possible rushing into the hall. England was walking back and forth outside the door, head down, hands folded behind his back. Russia stood against the wall opposite, a slight purple aura resonating from his person as he frowned.

When England spotted Canada his eyes got wide and he rushed over to the confused Canadian.

"Matthew! You were amazing!" England spoke excitedly, grabbing Canada's hands in his.

Russia moved forwards quickly, a feral growl making its way out of his throat as he approached.

"I didn't even score or anything, it wasn't that spectacular." Canada whispered as England jumped away.

"It doesn't matter, you were beautiful!" England smiled as he looked down. "I'm sorry I've ever paid attention to it, I really seem to have missed out."

Russia stepped closer, an arm wrapping around Canada's waist. "Quite." He answered curtly as he glared at the Brit.

"Umm Matthew, and I suppose Ivan as well… Would it be ok, umm… if we went out for drinks tonight?" England started nervously.

Canada was stumped. He looked to the ground nervously, using what little self-control he had not to back up into Ivan for support. "Well um… actually…"

Russia reached into Canada's pocket and grabbed his car keys, gently taking the hockey bag from Canada's hand and striding into the parking lot.

"Um… Tonight isn't a good night Arthur…" Canada let the sentence trail off.



England's eyes also darted to the floor. A harsh silence raining over both men.

A car horn could be heard from the door, and both men knew it was Russia signaling for Canada.

"I uhh… I gotta go…" Canada spoke softly as he turned towards the door.

"I know you did the right thing by trying to re-build the bridge he set fire to, but I do not understand how you can be so calm and accepting about all of this. The things I would like to do to that man right now…" Russia spoke as he pulled the car into the driveway.

"Well… It hurts. But England has always been a part of my life." The blond sighed as he un-buckled his seat belt. "I'm curious to see if Arthur truly want's to be a part of my life. If not, he'll stop trying soon enough, and I'll continue on. No biggie." He turned to look at Russia and smiled, watching as the larger man smile.

Russia turned quickly and opened the door, moving to the trunk and rolling Canada's hockey bag to the front as Canada put the key in the lock. It was pitch black, and he could hear his hockey bag be placed against the wall as he reached for the light.

Canada gasped as he was suddenly tackled to the wall, any further noises stopped as Russia's lips clashed against his. The younger man was stunned for a moment as Russia's tongue plundered his mouth, those strong hands already pulling his jacket from his shoulders.

"Ivan?" Canada gasped for breath as Russia's lips moved to his neck, kissing and nipping at the sensitive skin as his jacket fell to the floor.

"I've been waiting to do this all night." He whispered hotly against Canada's pale skin. "Damn English bastard."

Canada gasped as Russia's strong hands worked under his clothes. Fingers ghosting over his torso as his shirt wrinkled against Russia's talented hands.

Canada put his own hands to work, undoing the buckles and pushing the heavy jacket off of the larger mans broad shoulders and onto the floor. He could feel himself melt a little as his eyes took in Russia without his coat. What could he say, he had a thing for dress shirts. And Russia, with his broad shoulders, heavy breaths, and lust filled eyes was almost too much for the young blond.

Russia's scarf was quickly unwrapped and hung gently on the coat hooks before Russia's lips rushed back to Canada's, his tongue exploring that of his soon to be lovers.

Russia's fingers seemed moved faster than Canada's brain could at the moment, and before he realized what was happening he felt a cool breeze over his body and the familiar feel of his pants pooling around his ankles.

Canada pulled away from the kiss, panting heavily as Russia continued, his fingers finding a pert nipple and brushing it oh so gently. A soft gasp left his mouth as Russia's tongue laved over the other, leaving Canada dizzy and confused as to when his shirt had joined his jacket on the floor.

"Ivan wait." Canada panted as Russia dropped to his knees.

Ivan looked up his fingers hooked under Canada's loose boxers, and froze. He stayed like that, unmoving, hungry eyes locking with Canada's.

A small whine made its way out of Canada's mouth, the tension killing him. Russia smirked, a little flash of teeth as he hastily pulled the boxers down Canada's long pale legs.

"See? You didn't really want me to wait." There was another devastating smirk before Russia's lips parted and engulfed the Canadian.

Canada moaned loudly, his head dropping back against the wall as his hands grasped at Russia's thick hair. He could feel his knees going weak as Russia's tongue laved over his most sensitive parts, sliding over his shaft and dipping into the sensitive slit.

Russia hummed as he tasted the beads of precum, loving Canada's reaction as those long pale fingers tightened in his hair.

As much as it pained Russia, he felt the poor Canadian's legs shaking, just barely holding the panting man on his feet. He let go of Canada's member with a pop, smirking up at the Canadian before he stood. He quickly shed his shirt, tossing it to the floor as he quickly swooped the blond into his arms and strode towards the stairs.

"I think a more comfortable place is in order." Came the hushed words as Russia ascended the stairs.

Canada had no time to recover as Russia dropped his body on the bed, quickly pouncing on his pray and pinning the Canadian to the bed with a kiss.

Canada could feel the passion and urgency return. Fingers brushing over his body, ghosting over his ribs, a quick pinch of his nipples, a soothing caress over his stomach, Canada felt lost in the myriad of touches as Russia kissed and nipped down his body. His fingers tangled into Russia's hair as that hot mouth enveloped his hardness once again.

Canada's eyes were screwed shut, one hand fisting in the blankets of his bed as the other twisted the hairs at the nape of Russia's neck. His mouth hung open, pants and moans flowing from his mouth as a strong finger slid smoothly over his torso.

"Ivan-!" Canada gasped as pleasure shot through his body, his back arching towards Russia's hand as it pinched and rolled his sensitive nipple between calloused fingers.

Russia knew he was close, and after a few more bobs of his head, slick tongue gliding over and around his need, pressing just so and moving over his sensitive head, Canada called out his name as he emptied his seed down Russia's throat.

Canada panted; eyes close and body pleasantly limp as he recovered. Russia smiled, crawling over Canada and placing kisses into his neck.

"Don't think I'm done with you just yet, my little sunflower."

The younger mans eyes shot open, locking with Russia's. The mischievous glint in the other mans eye making Canada squirm.

Russia moved back sitting on his heels as he looked down at the flushed Canadian. "Spread your legs for me, Matvei."

Canada blushed at the embarrassing statement, shocked as he felt his body moving of its own accord. Canada felt his member jump as Russia smirked, a short chuckle from the man as his hand gently stroked Canada's thigh.

Russia leaned over the northern nation, kissing him gently as his hand continued caressing the pale limb. Canada pushed forwards, deepening the kiss as the older man shifted slightly, his hand disappearing from his thigh for a moment. There was a click, and something dropping on the bed as Russia gave a final lick to the smaller mans lips.

He broke away, looking into Canada's eyes seriously as his hand moved, grazing Canada's firm ass as a cold slick finger gently slipped between the cheeks.

Canada's eyes shot open, lips trembling as he tried to form words.

Russia pursed his lips, leaning forwards to that his lips brushed Canada's ear before he spoke.

"May I?"

The silence seemed to go on forever, neither man daring to move as Canada's mind reeled.

Russia groaned in relief as Canada's hands moved around him, hugging his lithe body to the older man as he nodded.

"Matvei, relax, I'll make sure you feel good." Came the whispered words as Russia moved, slicked finger pushing past the first ring of muscles.

Russia leaned his head back slightly to look at the trembling Canadian kissing his forehead to try to calm his as his finger moved slowly. "That's it Matvei, relax." He whispered again as he leaned forwards, capturing Canada's lips in a kiss before pushing in another slicked finger.

Canada gasped into the kiss, the noise swallowed by the Russian as he tried to kiss away the discomfort. He bit his lip as a third finger pushed into him, the slight sting making the younger man wince.

"You are doing so good Matvei. That's it, relax, it will feel good soon."

Canada nodded, trying to keep his breath steady as body adjusted to the intrusion.

And it wasn't long before Russia delivered His fingers moving more quickly, pushing further and further each time until his fingertips brushed against something that made the Canadian jerk and gasp.

Russia smirked, pushing back in to the same spot, groaning as Canada's mouth hung open, his eyes wide, and small moans escaping his throat. Russia moved slowly, his free hand gently grasping Canada's slowly hardning member as he continued moving his fingers in and out of the gasping man.

"Ahh! Ivan-" Canada called out, his body jerking as he was stroked from both sides.

Russia groaned, pulling his fingers from Canada and rolling off the bed. He shed his pants pushing them to the floor along with his boxers before climbing back onto the bed.

Canada smiled up at the larger man as he climbed on top, positioning himself between the Canadians legs. "Bare with me Matvei. I'll make it worth it."

Canada nodded, wrapping his arms around Russia and kissing the man passionately as Russia pushed into his willing body.

Canada cried out, knuckles white as he held onto the larger nation. Russia paused, keeping still and allowing Canada time to get used to his girth.

Russia forced a smile, it took all his self-control to not pound into the tight heat surrounding him. But he could do it for Canada. The sweet innocent nation below him, eyes screwed shut, biting his lip, trying not to make a sound as tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Shh Matvei. Relax. It will feel good soon." He leaned down and kissed the blonds forehead, moving down and kissing the corners of his eyes as he wiped the tears.

"I love you Matvei." He spoke confidently as he began to move.

"I-I love you too Ivan." Canada smiled as he spoke, his hands pulling Russia's head towards his for another kiss.

It was uncomfortable at first. Feeling Russia's hardness move inside him, but as the pain eased, Canada could feel the pleasure rising.

Russia took his que, moving faster and searching for that one spot that would have his little sunflower seeing spots. With a few more thrusts Russia smirked, making sure to pound into that same spot as Canada cried out loudly.

The blond moaned again, his hands scratching down Russia's back in pleasure as the larger man increased his speed, making sure to hit Canada's pleasure spot every time, making the smaller man writhe in ecstasy.

Russia smiled, his hand slowly tracing patterns over Canada's thigh as his hand moved towards Canada's neglected member. Canada's moans spurred him on as his hand closed around Canada's shaft.

"Ivan!" Canada panted his name, the air being pushed out of his lungs with each thrust, electric shocks of pleasure pulsing through his body as Russia moved inside him. "Ivan! Please!" Canada practically begged, but for what he wasn't sure.

Russia groaned in response, pushing one of Canada's knees against his chest for better access. The effect was immediate, Canada moaning out loudly as Russia's lengths stroked his insides over and over, pushing inside him deeper than before.

Canada's moans were incoherent as Russia pounded into him, the familiar feeling in his lower regions warning him he wouldn't last long.

"Ivan. Ivan. Ivan." His name became a chant as Canada felt himself decending the icy spiral of orgasam.

"I love you Matvei." Russia moved faster pushing in harder as he felt the Canadian tightening around him. "Come for me, my little sunflower."

That was it for Canada, his vision sheeted in white as his body arched, seed spilling over Russia's hands and onto both their chests, crying our Russia's name in ecstasy. Russia followed, grunting in pleasure as he jerked, spelling his seed deep inside.

When Canada came to, Russia stood above him, a damp clothing moving across his torso and over his legs.

"Matvei? Are you ok?" Russia put the cloth on the side table and leaned over, kissing Canada gently. "I apologize I was… not as gentle as I had hoped to be."

Canada smiled, hands reaching out to pull the larger man down onto the bed. Russia calmly climbed on to the bed, lifting the blankets and snuggling next to the Canadian.

"It's ok Ivan. It was wonderful." Canada whispered as he pressed his body into Russia's warmth.

They laid in silence for a long time. Listening to the others breaths as their minds wandered.

"Become one with me Matvei." Russia asked quietly.

Canada sighed, turning to look at the larger nation. "You know I can't do that Ivan. I have my own Nation. My own people to-"

Russia silenced him with a kiss. "Then stay with me. Always."

Canada smiled returning the kiss once more before taking his glasses off and placing them on the side table. "Always."

Russia smiled giving one last kiss to Canada's forehead before settling down, hugging Canada against him.

"Goodnight, my little sunflower."

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