A/N: Sorry it's taken so long to get this story up, but I'm in the process of moving to my step-Mum's in the summer, meaning I've been packing everything up, and I think I may have thrown the plan out while we were packing :L

"Ah!" the Doctor announced as he stepped out the TARDIS, arms spread wide, and a grin on his face "Barcelona!"

Behind him, Jack and Rose slipped out of the TARDIS, Jack looking around eagerly while Rose quickly moved to stand beside the Doctor, watching the strangers carefully. Jackie was more reluctant to leave the TARDIS, and had only poked her head out of the door.

"Why's everyone so… Orange?" Jackie asked in a stage-whisper.

Several aforementioned orange people glared at Jackie and hurried on their way. Jack merely chuckled at Jackie's embarrassed expression.

"Can you try being a little more subtle during our stay here, Jackie?" the Doctor asked, rolling his eyes.

However, the Time Lord didn't see Jackie's responding glare, because his attention was now focussed on Rose, who was gripping his arm and looking around nervously.

"You alright?" he asked her gently.

Rose nodded distractedly.

"Why don't we go find a café, yeah?" the Doctor suggested "We can sit down for a while and you can take your time getting used to being outdoors before we go to the market."

Rose nodded again, and Jackie's eyes gleamed.

"Market?" she echoed excitedly.

The Doctor rolled his eyes at Jackie and began leading them down the street.


"Here we are!" The Doctor announced with a grin as he set the tray on the table.

As the Doctor handed the mugs out, Jackie wrinkled her nose slightly.

"Wha's this?" she asked the Time Lord, glaring at her mug as if it were a Slitheen.

"It's the Barcelonan equivalent of tea," Jack answered before the Doctor could reply.

"But it's purple!" Jackie protested, wide-eyed.

"Mum, jus' drink it." Rose groused quietly, already sipping at her own bright purple beverage.

"What if it's poisoned?" Jackie hissed in panic.

"Jackie," the Doctor told her, fighting the urge to roll his eyes- he had to remember that Jackie wasn't used to this- "I wouldn't give you anything that could harm you. It's perfectly safe for humans."

Jackie still looked unconvinced, but after staring warily at her mug for a few more moments, took a sip. She was pleasantly surprised, and it tasted much like that herbal tea Howard had picked up for her down the market. The mug was soon empty, and Jackie placed the mug back down on the tray. Looking up, she saw that the Doctor, Jack and Rose had also finished their drinks, and were watching the passers-by. Rose was gripping the Doctor's hand tight, eyes slightly wide and breathing slightly laboured. Just then, Jackie squeaked, drawing her legs up. Quickly glancing under the table, she was met with one of the strangest sights she'd ever seen.

"Ah, a Barcelonan dog!" Jack exclaimed, grinning at the dog.

Jackie blinked, recalling what Jack had said earlier about Barcelonan dogs being noseless.

"Don't get too close, Jackie," the Doctor warned "I think he's a stray. Can't be too sure if he has anything wrong with him."

By now, Rose was craning her neck to see the dog, a small smile forming on her face.

"Looks like a Siberian Husky," Rose noted, a tinge of excitement colouring her voice.

The Doctor grinned, and encouraged the dog over to him so Rose could pet him.


A few hours later, the Doctor, Rose, Jack and Jackie were wandering through a market. Rose paused every now and then to look at some of the stalls, but the Doctor could tell that her mind was on the strangers milling around them. She was tense, eyes wide, and she was responding to every little sound.

"You ok, Rose?" the Doctor asked gently.

She nodded, forcing herself to smile.

"Rose?" he repeated, eyebrow raised.

Rose's smile faltered. She knew the Doctor knew she was lying, and she was quite frankly too tired to hide it any longer.

"I…" she began nervously, trailing off and licking her lips "I wanna go back to the TARDIS."

The Doctor nodded quickly, squeezing her hand.

"I wanna have a look in the market for something, would you be alright going back with Jack?" he asked after a moment.

Rose took a deep breath, but nodded. The Doctor squeezed her hand again and called Jack over.

"Jack, can you take Rose back to the TARDIS?" the Doctor asked.

Jack nodded.

"Of course I can," he replied, taking Rose's hand and shielding her from being jostled by passers-by "but why aren't you going back?"

"Oh, I need to look for something," the Doctor answered evasively "and I don't think Jackie's ready to call it a day yet,"

Jack and Rose looked over at Jackie, who was at a nearby stall, examining the jewellery and talking animatedly to the stall owner. Rose smiled slightly.

"I'll see ya later, then?" she asked the Doctor quietly.

He nodded.

"I promise we won't be more than another half hour or so." He assured her gently.

Rose nodded, and allowed Jack to begin steering her through the crowds, back to the TARDIS.