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Massie ate her low-fat parfait as she read the latest issue of Lucky. "Massie!" Alicia was speed walking in her new heels. "Guess what I heard..." Massie raised an eyebrow as if to say: are you going to tell me or not? "There's a abandoned house outside of westchester. Those ghost hunting guys went to go check it out, but they didn't have any evidence that it was haunted." Dylan looked up from her lunch. "Yeah. And?"
"We should go check it out ourselves and bring Claire with us." She explained as Massie smirked. "We could scare the living daylights out of her!" Massie said excitedly. "Where would we get equipment?" Kristen asked. All the girls except Kristen put their chins on their fists. "Alright. But I don't know how I'm going to get the stuff and mom isn't gonna let me go to an abandoned house." Alicia, Massie and Dylan rolled their eyes. "Don't worry, just say we're going to see a movie, girls only. And we just need a recorder, a EVP, a computer and a video camera." Massie informed Kristen with irritation. "Fine. Done."
"And done."
Alicia leaned in. "Call Claire and tell her we're going to the movies at 6:30 pm exact."

Claire looked at the huge mansion in front of her.
"I thought we were going to the movies." Something about the place was giving her (and the others) the heebie-jeebies. "Oh come on you wuss, let's go." Dylan said, trying to push away her fears. "Everything is set up and ready to go." Kristen informed. "Lockdown begins in 3... 2... 1... Lockdown." Kristen hit a button on her computer and smiled smugly.
"We're all set. Nobody gets in or out." The four girls pushed Claire in the freaky mansion. "Okay, I've got a EVP and a camera, let's go!" Massie exclaimed. Alicia looked around. "This place is so old, they had to use lanterns back then." They walked up the spiraling stairs. But they didn't walk up but one stair when they heard the front door slam. "AAAAAHHHH!" The five girls shrieked as they clung to each other. "I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THE DOOR WAS OPEN!" They stopped screaming. "But it wasn't..." Dylan mused. Then they went back to screaming.
"Okay girls, let's get a grip and get this over with." Kristen declared. They went into what looked like a bedroom. Kristen set up a camera and EVP. "Ummm... Hi, I'm Kristen. I hear your name is Lilly, is that true? Can you tell us?" The girls tensed as they waited for an answer. Then a voice cut through the air. "Yes." It said. Massie, Dylan, Alicia, Kristen and Claire all looked shocked. This totally wasn't part of the prank. "Your turn Mass."
Massie thought for a minute. "Oh... Er... Ummm... Is it true you died in 1967?" She asked. "Yes." The voice said again. "Leesh? Your turn." Alicia leaned towards the box. "Hi, I'm Ali-" She didn't finish her introduction, because "Lilly" interrupted.
"I... Know... You... Are." Alicia paled. "D-D-Dylan.. Your turn."
"How do you know Leesh?" They closed their eyes. "I... Knew...Great... Grandmother." Eyes shot open and jaws hit the floor when Lilly spoke. "Your turn Claire." They waited for her reaction. "No thanks, I'm leaving." Claire got up to leave but that stupid voice was speaking again!. "... Stay ..." The girls all had the same thoughts when they looked at each other "I'm not gonna scream... I'm not gonna scream..." But they did it anyways. "AAAAHHHHH!" They raced to the door but it was locked. They tried a window... There is no window. They were stuck there. With a ghost.

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