(A\N *Dramatic voice* Prepare for ghostly randomness! P.S. To answer Ailes Du Neige's question: there'll be hints at who Lilly is. But, I'm not telling who it is. Just read closely. MWAHAHAH!)

The girls clung to each other as they walked into what looked like the living room. Kristen pulled out a video camera. "Hey guys, while we're here, freaked out and all, let's at least get some evidence. This could be made into a movie." Just as she said that, a shadow-y figure appeared at the doorway. "Uhhh... Where's the EVP?" Kristen whispered. Claire gave the EVP to her, and as soon as it came on a voice said "... Baby got back!..." Then a radio you have to crank up (A\N I forgot what it's called, it's the same thing as that thingie from Scooby-doo 2 when it started playing baby got back, which the ghost shall now dance to!) and Baby Got Back started playing and the ghost started break dancing. "Dang, this ghost got mad skills!" Dylan exclaimed.
The ghost stopped dancing after the song stopped, he\she bowed and then POOF! Disappeared into thin air! "Well that was odd." Alicia stated. "Totes." The girls agreed. "Lilly? Are you here?" Claire called. "I got a question." She was holding the camera. A shadow appeared. Well, more like ghost, 'cause the shadow was floating and it had a ball gown. "Lilly?" Claire asked as she put the EVP on the old fashioned coffee table. "... Martha..." It said. "Your name is Martha... Or are you looking for someone?"
"... Name..." Claire nodded. "Well, Martha, do you know who Lilly is?" Before they got a answer, something made of glass shattered. The girls jumped and turned towards the noise, but then turned back around. The ghost was no longer there. "Am I the only one thinking Martha caused that?" Massie asked.


"Um, like, what was that?" Massie asked in a preppy voice.

Author: Much better! :D

Kristen and Claire shrugged. "Most likely? Martha." Alicia clapped. "Let's go check it out." They headed towards the kitchen entrance. "Um, like, hello?" Dylan called. The only response they got was evil laughter. They all turned to Massie. "Sorry, I just had to do that." She, like, apologized... Sorta. Claire walked up to a portrait of what looked like a girl around 18 or 19. "Wow..." Alicia breathed over her shoulder. She was wearing a dress that looked like the one on the cover of "Rumors". (A\N Book by Anna Godbersen, it's a really gorgous gown! You guys should type Rumors by Anna Godbersen, then click bing\google images.) "Hello?" I tiny voice called out. "Like, what the *beep* " Massie asked. "That sounded like a child's voice..." Kristen whispered. "... Mama..." It said again. "AAAAHHHHH!" The girls screeched. They huddled and look around... Then Claire spotted a... Rabbit sitting on top of the counter?! "Awwww!" She exclaimed. "EhMahGoshIt'sACuteTalkingBunny! WhatWillWeDo?!" Alicia, Massie, Kristen (sorta) and Dylan freaked. The bunny suddenly morphed into a giant (the size of a loveseat giant) bunny with red eyes, a chainsaw in one paw and a blowtorch in ze othah! When it spoke, it had, like, a freaky robo-voice! "Cute? Who's cute?" He asked. The clique once more screeched. But! To make things different: they fainted. "Ha. Ha. Ha." The bunny laughed. Then the bunny hopped away to TAKE OVER DA WORLD! MWAHAHAHA!

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