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Blaine Anderson

Nothing was sweeter to Kurt's ears. He would repeat it over and over, letting the letters roll on his tongue. He would savor every syllable of the name and all the promises it held. Because this name didn't belong to a random person, didn't belong to an unrequited crush or a lab partner. No, this name belonged to a boy that was the perfect match for Kurt.

It was the name of his soulmate.

No matter what life had thrown at Kurt; the death, the illness, the loneliness and bullying, it didn't matter at the end of the day. Because in the safety of his room, Kurt would look at the name written on his chest, right above his heart, he would talk to it and brush it lightly with his thumb, knowing that at the other end of the bond was a boy that would care for him, that would love him for who he was, someone who would get him and all his quirks and flaws.

It was his mom that used to tell him stories about soulmates. She was the one that had explained everything to him, that when people reached 3 years old, a name would appear on their bodies. The name you'd have written on your body was your soulmate's name, the name of that one person that could complement you and was your perfect match. The bond you had with your soulmate was something mysterious and there had been numerous scientific studies about it. The bond was something unique between two people and every bond varied but it was common knowledge that your soulmate entered your life when it was the right time, that when your soulmate died a line would cross his or her name on your body and that another name would then appear.

Elizabeth also told Kurt that the bond he shared with his soulmate was something to cherish and protect. Just like love could bring you happiness and joy, a mistreated bond could bring sorrow and despair. Kurt had been afraid of not treating his bond properly and bringing pain to his soulmate, but his mother had told him that all he needed to do was to be patient with his soulmate and to wait for him, that he just needed to be himself, and that would be enough.

Kurt loved talking about soulmates with his mom. It was magical and so romantic.

Kurt spent hours looking at the name. He cherished it, the bond it formed and the promises it held. He knew he wasn't alone in this world, no matter how hard and harsh things got. He knew that when he would need it the most, Blaine would come into his life. Until then, the name was enough for Kurt to go on and to find the strength to be himself.

Kurt Hummel

Blaine could spend hours imagining the boy, imagining his face, the color of his eyes, the form of his lips, the softness of his chest and the strength of his arms. Blaine also tried to imagine Kurt's voice. Low and sultry or heavy and mysterious. He knew his soulmate had to love music, so the boy had bought a box that he was hiding in his closet. The box contained all the duets he wanted to sing with Kurt. He bought the partition sheet or printed them, folded them in different files and then safely placed them into the box. He couldn't wait to meet the boy, he couldn't wait to look into his eyes and sing with him, touch his hand and open their bond.

Blaine loved all the significations behind having his soulmate's name written on his body. The hopes and dreams that came with it. But what he loved the most was where the name was written: on his left hand, inside of his ring finger. The one directly connected to his heart.

Sometimes the mark would grow hot and Blaine was sure that it meant his soulmate was caressing his own mark. Sometimes the mark would be cold, even icy that one time when he had been around 7. In those moments Blaine just knew that his soulmate was going through hard times. The boy would just kiss his mark or brush it, hoping that Kurt would feel their bond and would know that someone, somewhere was here for him.

Every bond was different and no one really knew what kind of powers the names and bond held. But it was powerful enough to bring the two soulmates together when they most needed it and to influence their health and moods.

Blaine had decided that he needed to be strong and to stop being ashamed of who he was. That was the reason why he had asked the only other openly gay boy to the school dance. They were both nervous, knowing that it wasn't a date since they both had agreed that they only wanted to go as friends but they didn't want to hide who they were by going with a girl. So here they were, at the Sadie Hawkins dance of their school.

No one really paid them attention at first. The two friends could see people whispering to each other but it was fairly common for them. People would talk behind their backs all the time at school. It wasn't right but they were used to it by now.

They danced and had fun all night, drinking a bit of the punch that had been spiked and just having fun like two teenagers should at a school dance.

When the two teenagers stepped out to go home they didn't see the jocks coming towards them. They didn't anticipate the first punch or the kicks that followed and were dragged to different corners so they couldn't see what was happening to the other. The two jocks that had grabbed Blaine started to spit on him before kicking him harshly in his stomach. Blaine was lying on the ground trying to relax his body so the pain wouldn't be too overwhelming, but each hit made it more difficult. He could feel his ribs cracking under his chest and he knew that hot blood was dripping from his head. He laid there, taking every blow and hoping that someone, anyone could see what was happening and make it stop. The pain was overwhelming and his injuries were now making him suffer more than every kick he would receive. He couldn't move and could barely stay conscious; every second was a fight against the pain and the ache. He could feel his body weakening every time he tried to take a breath, the pain slowly fading and a white cold unconsciousness engulfing him instead. It could've been minutes or hours later when the pain shot through his body as he regained consciousness and felt his body being manhandled so he would be standing up. The second he felt a strong fist collide with his jaw, the hard and unforgiving unconsciousness submerged him again.

Blaine's body was found an hour later in a corner of one of the school's building and immediately rushed to the hospital. His heart was beating far too slowly for it to be normal, and he had lost so much blood that he needed a transfer immediately. His body barely made it to the hospital. The second he was hurried into the emergency room and the doctors and nurses were gathering around him to stitch and patch him, his pulse fell flat. No one panicked and quickly the doctor started to perform CPR.

Dr Patterson had already lost a young patient that night; he wasn't going to lose another one, not so young, not when he had his life in front of him. He would do anything to save him. He heard the nurses telling him that the boy was suffering from internal and external hemorrhages from perforated lungs, that he had multiple broken ribs and severe concussion.

The doctor asked for the electro-shock and tried a first time. Nothing happened, the boy's pulse was still flat and not even the slightest beat had appeared after the first electro. The man tried again and again for several minutes, not seeing any results. The nurses tried to tell him that the boy couldn't be saved anymore and that he had to announce the deceased. But the doctor couldn't, not tonight.

Kurt was lying in bed; it had been a terrible day. Karofsky had pushed him so hard against the locker that Kurt's skin had split and blood had stained his clothes. Kurt blamed himself for being so openly gay that people felt insulted by him, and this situation had once again caused his father to come to his rescue when Finn had used the F-word. Kurt acted like he didn't care, like the word just rolled off his body and didn't affect him. But the truth was that every word cut him deeply and hurt him so badly that he would cry himself to sleep almost every night. During those nights he was almost certain that his mark was hot. The feeling would make him feel comforted and cared for. He had no idea if it was possible but he loved the idea of his soulmate knowing he needed him just thanks to the mark.

That night Kurt lay in bed, waiting for tears or sleep – either one, really - but instead a dull pain in his chest appeared and kept hitting him forcefully. It was like he was being ripped open, and it continued for several minutes, it was like his entire body was being punched before everything stopped and a cold icy feeling surrounded him. His chest started to burn again and quickly he stood and ran to his mirror. Kurt opened his pyjama top and stared at what was happening to his body.

Blaine died that night.

In result of Blaine's death, Kurt saw a dark, bold line cross his soulmate's name to hide it from the world.

No other name appeared on Kurt's body over the night or over the months that followed, leaving the young boy completely alone.

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