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Sorry for the sad note. Even though it was hard, I am happy with how this chapter turned out. Like I said in the previous chapter, the boys' birth is covered in the epilogue (Chapter 35) of Barely Breathing, so I decided not to put it in this story because it would be the same as the epilogue. I can't believe there's only one chapter left! I will definitely miss this story, it's by far the longest I've ever written. I do have plans for my next one though :)

Chapter 61: No More Elementary School

On May 11, Christopher William Hudson and Liam Burt Hudson were born. It was definitely a change to have four kids instead of two, but Finn and Rachel were both thrilled. Allie and Caylie were also both excited to have little brothers. Allie had been a big help. While she didn't want to change diapers, she would sometimes help with giving her brothers baths, feeding them and changing their clothes. Caylie just liked holding them.

A few weeks before the boys were born, the Hudsons moved into a larger four bedroom apartment in the same building. The boys were a few weeks old now and it was the night before Allie's last day of elementary school. Rachel and Finn both hoped they would sleep solidly through the night. Allie's school was having a special recognition ceremony for the fifth graders today, so Finn and Rachel both wanted to make sure it was a special day. For the past few weeks, they'd focused mostly on the new babies, but today was about Allie.

It was about five in the morning, and Rachel heard some cries on the baby monitor. Rachel opened her eyes and saw that Finn had opened his as well. "Hey, its okay," Rachel whispered to Finn. "You stay here, I'll go okay? "

Finn nodded. "Okay. "

Rachel kissed Finn's head and went into the boys' room, noticing Liam crying. She picked him up, noticing her son calming down as she held him. "There we go baby boy," she whispered, kissing her son's cheek. "Did you want Mommy?"

Liam curled into Rachel. "I thought so," Rachel said. She carried her son into her and Finn's room. "Let's go sit with Daddy, shall we?"

"Hey!" Finn said as Rachel came in with Liam.

"Hey you," Rachel said softly. "Someone wanted to come see you."

"Can I hold him?" Finn asked.

"You don't need to ask, you're his daddy," Rachel giggled.

Finn began cradling his son as they heard more crying on the baby monitor. "I guess what we heard from Santana, Brittany, Blaine and Kurt was right," Finn said. "When one wakes up, the twin wakes up."

"I'll go get him," Rachel said, going into the twins' room and seeing Chris awake. "Did you miss your brother?" she asked, picking her son out of his crib. "He's with Daddy." She brought Chris back into her and Finn's room, where Finn was holding a sleeping Liam.

"He fell asleep," Finn said.

"Maybe he just wanted to see Mommy and Daddy," Rachel said. "Look who wanted to see us now."

"Hi Chris," Finn said.

Chris looked over at Finn as they sat down with their sons. They took turns holding Chris before he too eventually fell asleep. Finn and Rachel took their sons back to their room before going back to sleep.


"Okay, their bottles are ready," Rachel said to Finn. She, Finn and Caylie were having breakfast and she'd just finished making Chris and Liam's bottles. Her sons were in their basinets.

"Can I help give them their bottles?" Caylie asked.

"Of course you can," Finn said.

Finally, Allie came to the kitchen. She was wearing the dress she, Rachel, Kurt, Santana and Brittany had picked out for the fifth grade recognition ceremony. It was light pink with some purple sequins on it.

"Are you excited for today?" Finn asked his daughter.

"Yeah! I'm going to middle school!" Allie declared.

"Yeah, we know," Caylie said.

"No you aren't," Rachel said. "I'm not going to let you." She couldn't believe her daughter was going to middle school. In another year, Caylie would also be starting elementary school. She had two babies again, but not for long.

"Oh really?" Allie teased Rachel.

"Yeah," Rachel said. "You're not going."

"Sorry, but I can't repeat fifth grade," Allie teased. "My grades are too good for that."

"I know," Rachel sighed. "Guess you'll just have to go to middle school."

"Yeah, guess so," Finn said. "Are you excited to play your viola solo at the recognition ceremony?"

"Yeah," Allie said. "I think it sounds perfect." Several kids would be playing solos on their musical instruments as part of the recognition ceremony.

"You also do get to welcome everyone, since you're student council president," Finn said. He and Rachel were so proud of Allie for being elected student council president.

"Of course," Allie said proudly. "I hope I can be on student council in middle school."

"Unless they're insane, I don't see why you wouldn't get elected to student council," Rachel said.

"I don't know if the eighth graders who are getting ready for high school would vote for someone just out of elementary school," Allie admitted.

"Trust me, they won't be able to resist you," Rachel said.


"We're actually going to middle school!" Gracie said as she, Allie, Mia and Abby sat in their classroom, waiting for the fifth grade recognition ceremony to begin. The younger students had gone to the auditorium and the family members had arrived as well.

"My parents are getting me an iPod for an end of elementary school present," Mia said.

"That's so cool!" Gracie said. "I'm getting my second ear piercing."

"Yeah, I'm getting a digital camera," Abby said. She turned to Allie. "What about you, Allie?"

"I'm not sure," Allie said. The truth was, she didn't know gifts were a part of the end of elementary school, so she hadn't asked her parents for anything.

Before the girls had a chance to say anything else, the teacher came in. "Okay, guys. It's time for the ceremony. Get lined up."

Allie had to admit that she was excited for the ceremony. The students lined up alphabetically and followed their teacher to the auditorium.


"It's a good thing you took the day off," Rachel said to Finn. Finn had taken the day off work so he could sit with Rachel, Caylie, Chris and Liam during the ceremony and take Allie out to lunch afterwards.

"I hope the babies don't cry," Caylie said.

"They're asleep right now, don't worry," Finn said.

A recording of Pomp and Circumstance came over the speaker, and the fifth graders began processing into the auditorium, taking their places on the stage for the ceremony. Finn got out his camera and took Allie's picture when she processed in.

When all the students had arrived, Allie took a spot at the podium. "Hi," Allie said. "My name is Allie Hudson. I'm the student council president and I would like to welcome our family members, friends and fellow students to the New York Elementary School 44 fifth grade recognition ceremony. Today, we celebrate and remember the success and good times we've had for the past six years as well as look forward to middle school. Some students will give speeches about their memories of elementary school, some will perform solos on their musical instruments and all of us will sing a few songs together. We will also receive awards from the school.

"I have attended this school since I was old enough and I don't think I could have gone to a better elementary school. The teachers here really care about all the students and make sure everyone understands the lessons. They also encourage the students to be better people and to be friends with others. There are also lots of great kids here and everyone here has found good friends in this class. I'm sure that even in middle school, when we're all in different classes every period, we'll stay friends with the friends we've made here. Thank you all for being here today and enjoy the day we have prepared for you."

Finn and Rachel applauded as Allie went back to take her seat on the stage. The students all sang the school's alma mater together and then a few other students played solos on their instruments. Then Allie took the center of the stage to perform a solo on her viola.

"She's really talented," one of the parents whispered to Finn and Rachel at the end of Allie's solo.

"Thank you," Finn whispered back.

Then Finn and Rachel heard some quiet crying. Rachel looked and saw that it was Chris. "I think you need to give him a bottle," Finn whispered.

"But Allie will be so mad if I leave!" Rachel protested.

"She'll be humiliated if her brother starts crying in the middle of the ceremony," Finn said.

Rachel sighed as she took her son out of the auditorium and in the hallway to feed him. It took a few minutes before he stopped crying, but she was back in the auditorium soon. "Did I miss much?" Rachel whispered as she sat back down with Finn, Caylie and Liam.

"Just a few other kids' solos and an annoying song," Caylie said.

"You're back just in time for the awards," Finn said as Rachel sighed with relief. She knew that this was probably the most important part of the recognition ceremony for Allie. Allie had worked hard all year and had decided after last year's fifth grade recognition ceremony that she would get as many awards as possible. And whenever the teachers were reading a category for awards, it always felt like Allie's name was called: Honor Roll, Good Citizenship, Outstanding Artist, Outstanding Musician, Student Council Recognition, Safety Patrol Recognition, Orchestra Recognition, Gifted Student, 100% Work Completion, Good Work Ethic, Recognition for being a Preschool Helper. But the one that was the most impressive, the one Finn and Rachel were most proud of, the one Allie had been working hard for all year, was the President's Award for Academic Excellence. Finn and Rachel both saw how happy Allie looked when her name was called for that category. They all knew that it would be close whether not she would make it, as she was part of a very smart class, but she'd made it.

After the awards were presented, the students performed one last song together, the certificates for completion of elementary school were awarded and the students processed out of the auditorium. When the students were gone, Finn turned to Rachel. "Well, I'll be coming here without her next year."

"Don't worry!" Caylie said. "I'll be coming the next one."

"That's right," Rachel said. She put the boys in the double stroller. "And when they're old enough, you'll be bringing three kids here."

"Wow," Finn said.

"Can I push the stroller?" Caylie asked.

"Of course you can," Rachel said. "I can't wait to give her her gift."

"What is her gift?" Caylie asked.

"We didn't tell you because we knew you'd tell her," Finn said. They found Allie in the cafeteria, talking with Mia, Gracie and Abby. He tapped his oldest daughter's shoulder and handed her the giftwrapped box. "Here's a little something for you."

"Thank you," Allie said as she hugged her parents, then opened the box. "A CELL PHONE?!"

"Wow, you got the coolest thing out of all of us!" Abby said.

"We thought you'd like that," Rachel said.

"Thank you," Allie said, hugging both Finn and Rachel. "I gave up on asking!"

"Well, we thought this would be a good time," Finn said. "Now, how about we go out to lunch to celebrate?"

Allie smiled. "I'd love that."

Chapter 62 preview: Allie starts middle school and the Glee club gathers together for the last Glee wedding, the first time many New Directions alumni meet Chris and Liam.