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Dick relaxed as he finally returned home or rather Slade's home he corrected himself mentally. He knew he had done the right thing, staying with his backstabbing former friends would have slowly driven him insane. In a way it felt like a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders, no more judging looks, no more cold remarks, he could finally enjoy being a hero again. How the hell Slade fit into the whole mess was beyond him to be honest. Yes the man had wanted to turn him into a criminal before but now? Criminals didn't save the world, did they? He felt heroic, the support from Buldhaven's civilian was a little disorienting but not unwelcome. Yes the prostitute shouldn't have kicked the man on the floor, yet who was he to tell the people they couldn't take the law into their own hands? Really thinking about it, it felt rather hypocrite to be honest. Hadn't he done the same thing since the tender age of eight? Just because they didn't dress up for it like the heroes they have to be punished? It wasn't like he was killing anybody was he? Maybe breaking a few bones would be an improvement? With an arm bound the criminal would have a hard time to commit new crimes. Satisfied with his own moral reasoning he continued to train his peace, dismissing Slade's action as too complicated for him to grasp. All the while the heavy weight of the older male's gaze on his form was a welcome comfort.

How to approach this sensitive subject? Dick valued his independence, a character trait he respected in general. But right now he hated it, it made things almost ridicules complicated. The younger male had his own mind and he didn't want to break him, didn't want a mindless dog to follow his orders. Yet making Dick financially depend on him, making him trust him like a child trusted its parents to provide and care, would be such a big step towards the final goal. How to get there? Theoretically he could pull a few strings with the government to get Dick fired but there were too many things which could go wrong. For one Dick could get suspicious and figure it out, destroying any chance at gaining his trust. Another could be that the government become interest in the young male and offer him a job. Dick could have his happy end there, people who acknowledged him as the Wayne heir with a mind of his own and skills to match. No he needed to be kept away from the public eye, especially as he just quiet the hero community, proving himself to be more than a mindless follower of the Bat. Now he would be considered an easy target be it to kill him or use him as leverage against the other heroes. And once that happened his claim would be known. Luthor should be able to keep his word or Superman would have one enemy less. A sudden flash of red stopped his train of thoughts. Dick had hurt his hand and it bleed slightly, nothing serious but he reacted instinctively to the sight of blood. Yes the boy would train here and hurt himself, giving him a weaker version of the serum could heal it and make him depend on him. Not in a drug addict sort of way, those people were pathetic to be honest, no but the younger male would be driven to keep himself up and defend the city on his own without calling for help. Taking the serum would be a matter of pride and not of addiction.

Tired he looked towards the older male, training under the watchful gaze of Slade was strangely familiar in a way he didn't want to think about.

"You can stay here", said Slade as he stopped moving. Well that was not nearly as shocking as it should be. Of course there was a spare room for him, probably better than his own god damn flat. But why?

"And you sleep on the sofa?", he asked instead in a lightly. It couldn't sound as if he demanded information but getting him to talk could be succesful.

The amused smirk could be counted as strike," I have enough space here", yes, he expected as much. Well, he was in costume he still needed some clothing to sleep in. Now to tease the man a little.

"And how should I sleep, nude or are you giving me a t-shirt of yours?", he wondered out loud with a teasing smile on his lips.

A low chuckle and a second smirk," until you have some clothing here you can borrow one of mine", Slade answered. What the hell? Why should he have clothing here? The smile was starting to feel forced, yet if he decided to run he would never get answers. So he nodded and followed Slade to a room as big as his own apartment. One night couldn't hurt could it?

Where the hell was the blue bird? Wally looked confused around the heroes flat. The clothing was still there and even some weapons to be repaired, showing that the place was clearly used. Maybe he still patrolling? Yet would he be welcomed if he stayed here? The pictures of the other heroes were taking down and it scared him to be honest. He was still their friend wasn't he? Feeling ill he left the apartment in search for their wayward bird.

This couldn't really have happened could it? Yet the information were clear Nightwing had left the safety and control of the other heroes. Lex Luthor looked at the report before him with a mix of shock and dark amusement. To him this action wore Slade's mark in neon bright letters. If he could get Nightwing away from his family...