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10 am

Dick didn't feel like going back into that room, he felt weak for his panic, yet he didn't try to train himself out of it on his own. As one of the few humans in the hero community he had never allowed himself to show weakness in front of them. He always felt like he needed to prove himself as worthy, but being weak in front of Slade? The man still cared about him, still wanted him didn't he? It gave him a feeling of safety, Slade gave him a feeling of safety. And what did this realisation mean for him? He wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer...

Slade watched as Dick slowly started to train and relax out of his scare. While the lesson wasn't a brilliant success it wasn't a total failure either. The boy didn't refuse the gun, as for the panic attack. Yes Dick saw a lot of blood, but being the one to draw it was a different matter all together. It was like an unspoken code of the heroes, heroes don't draw blood. Terrible close-minded? Yes. But he had to allow Dick a little freedom there, he couldn't be blamed for his guardian's teachings, that he was willing to reconsider was a huge step in itself. To escape the black and white mindset of a hero would build a wall between himself and the others which wouldn't be destroyed.

Now what should he do about Luthor? His pride demanded to show of Dick's new attitude towards the topic of killing, maybe a lecture while the boy was shooting empty tin cans? Yet, how would Luthor react? If his project seemed like a failure than the other man would be smug and wouldn't bother with Nightwing again, but if he showed the possibility of success? Than Luthor would make plans on hos own, the question was if it could be beneficial to his plans or destroy them. He couldn't let his pride be his downfall...

2 pm

Okay blue bird, anytime now thought Wally as he waited in Buldhaven for Dick to appear in the sky. It was a little early yes, but who knew maybe he had luck? Al the waiting was getting to him, yet he couldn't bring himself to think about anything but Dick. Would it have killed anybody to go and talk to Dick after the whole affair? The thought kept swirling sardonically through his mind. Not talking to Dick couldn't have been healthy for either of them could it? If they just talked or insulted each other the air would be cleared, but now? Now he was waiting for Dick to stop spreading his legs for some old guy. Wally didn't even know what to say to the other hero. 'Your family no matter what happens', 'act like yourself again, because right now you are scaring me', fuck he never meant to for Dick to feel abandoned. That's why he was fucking with the old guy wasn't it? He felt alone and needed company and the man looked he could have been a police officer, maybe an officer who had been kind to Nightwing? Yeah that was the answer wasn't it?

4 pm

Dick looked at his Nightwing suit, feeling oddly wrong to change into it. Wintergreen had served him a light meal and he felt ready to beat the crap out of some criminals. His hero name had been from a kryptonian legend, a show of respect to Clark. The respect had disappeared and now he found himself unwilling to wear it, it just wasn't really him anymore. He gracefully sunk down into a lotus sit and closed his eyes.

"Are you alright?", interrupted him a smooth voice and he looked up to see Slade looking intently at him. This wasn't expected and it unnerved the older male. That Dick hadn't gone back into that room was fine with him, to be honest he prefered to be with him in such a delicate situation, but now? What was the problem?

"It feels wrong", was all he answered and gestured towards his suit," this isn't me anymore", he trailed off unsure of himself and the world. Why didn't it feel right anymore? Was it just because of Clark? He still was a hero wasn't he? So it shouldn't matter what he wore should it?

"The suit?", asked the older male carefully and stepped closer to him. Okay, he could work with that, he welcomed it. What a better way to prove his claim than a change in name for the younger man? Yet how to sell it?

Dick nodded and looked back to the suit. As a child he had been Robin, becoming Nightwing had been his way of showing the world that he had become an adult. Yet he changed again didn't he? From a mindless follower to his person, no? Well he was following Slade, but not mindlessly was he?

"You changed so a change in costume seems only appropriate", said Slade after a short moment of silence. "The general structure is okay, but you need a new name, weapons and maybe a slight stylistic change." he paused and watched as Dick absorbed the words without showing any sign of resistance, good. "I have for changes on my suit, you are free to use it for yourself."

Dick nodded again and rose to his feet. He took the suit and followed Slade without a second thought.